Over twenty years ago, I wrote a novel depicting violent internal conflict within America regarding State’s Rights, Civil Disobedience and Water Rights. State of Emergency seems especially relevant today with all of our domestic strife and fear dominating our senses. Thanks to Stasia and a couple of my good friends, we have resurrected this book for 2020 and beyond.

The issue of Federal Control vs. State and local control will continue to bestride our life in America. Many citizens have awakened to the new reality and the danger of giving up control of their lives and those of their families. Other citizens simply refuse to believe the truth so they remain ignorant and compliant. Listen and ponder the situations that I lay out in my 1997 novel State of Emergency.


post script - After listening to the entire audio book brought to a new life by a small group of very talented friends; I recommend that you listen to this version and heed the lessons laid out in 2020’s State of Emergency.

For those of you who prefer a hard bound version of State of Emergency, I have a small cache of this out-of-print book. I will personally dedicate the copy as instructed by the buyer. Book will be mailed PRIORITY MAIL, domestic orders only. Quantities are limited, order soon.

This audiobook version of Steve Pieczenik's State of Emergency was created in house, outside the publishing establishment. Revised and updated in August through October of 2020, the audiobook is available in all major formats to play on virtually any device including smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

It is highly recommended that you create an account here on stevepieczenik.com during the purchase process. This account can be as anonymous as you wish, but creating and having access to this account will streamline the download process, enabling you to log in to the "My Account" section of the site upon purchase, or at any time, in order to download the audiobook file. If at any time you need assistance with your purchase or download, help is only an email away and will be answered promptly.

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The audiobook is in .m4b format, which can occasionally be problematic for Android users. Should any issues arise with the uploading or playback of the audiobook on your Android device, please send a message.




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