My Beloved Talleyrand (Hardcover)


A word from Dr. Pieczenik about this book:

I wrote My Beloved Talleyrand as a response to my exhausting work exposing 9/11 as a False Flag. Oh yes, I felt alone and somewhat defeated as I proclaimed on air and in print what our government did to us! I lost friends and family who thought I went off the deep end when I insisted that the media and our own government was lying about what actually happened on September 11, 2001.

Seeking some relief from the isolation that my expert knowledge put me into, I took a deep dive into the political history of France in the time during and after the French Revolution. This time period was between the years 1774 thru 1860.

I spent my youth with my French family in the area around Toulouse and was familiar with its history and culture. As a fiction writer and ex-spook, I love to create characters that have the skills, the passions and the temptations that I might have experienced with those I have met or perhaps some characteristics of my own personality.

Enjoy the tale of Talleyrand as told by his young mistress. Some things never change.

“By necessity, life is a game of endless betrayals, deceits, and manipulations. Only a grand manipulator can utilize these machinations to achieve his personal ambitions, be they in domestic politics or foreign affairs or, above all else, in the sublime pursuit of amorous conquests.”

—Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord, 1812

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I am first to admit that a woman, especially a young woman, does not attach herself to a brilliant, older, accomplished man without seeing some reward at the end. I may have been a master in the art of submission but I am not without self-respect. If Talleyrand were here with me now, he would agree that what began as a manipulation on both our parts, turned into a wonderful partnership.

Tallyrand’s mistresses, intrigues, betrayals, and deceits were legendary, but only one woman could capture his love: his niece and mistress Dorothea, who records his life in the enthralling masterpiece My Beloved Talleyrand.

A debauched French aristocrat bishop, Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord renounced the Church and his nobility in order to save France from self-destruction. He supported and then overthrew King Louis XVI, the leaders of the French Revolution, and finally Napoleon Bonaparte.

After the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, Talleyrand dominated the Congress of Vienna, determining the course of history for both Europe and America for the next one hundred years.




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