The Mind Palace


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The Mind Palace is a heart-stopping romantic thriller which takes the reader behind the Iron Curtain and into a world of psychological terror and political intrigue. Natalya Nikitchenko, the beautiful mistress of top Soviet leader Anatoly Sukhumi, is a witness to his murder at a secret Politburo function. She is immediately incarcerated at Moscow’s Kashchenko Psychiatric Hospital by the KGB to undergo radical and dangerous treatment for schizophrenia. The presiding doctor on her case is Alexsandr Borisov, a prominent and idealistic young psychiatrist. As Borisov begins to treat her, he uncovers the reason she’s been hospitalized: Natalya alone possesses information that could lead to the total upheaval of Soviet society. Soon, Borisov and Natalya find themselves desperately in love and fugitives from the law, forced into hiding while hunted by the Chief of Internal Security for the KGB. The Mind Palace is an extraordinary love story and a shocking look into the uses and abuses of Soviet psychiatry.




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