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Blood Heat, Steve Pieczenik’s 1989 cautionary tale of a “planned-demic”—including government overreach, collusion with America’s enemies, lies, deception, and corruption at all levels—reads like it was ripped from yesterday’s headlines.
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A word from Dr. Pieczenik:

Over thirty years ago, I wrote a novel titled Blood Heat. In this book, I depicted the creation and ongoing manufacturing of chemical biological weapons (CBW) in America. This horrific mad science continued despite being outlawed by both Congress and the executive branch of our federal government.

Blood Heat begins with the history of the Japanese use of lethal CBW against American/British POWs who were interned at Pingfan Institute in China. The storyline moves to American soil where the novel’s protagonist, Dr Orestes Bradley, is a dedicated physician working at National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Bradley uncovers a series of mysterious cases of a bubonic plague arising in three distinct areas of the U.S.

Despite personal injury, he locates the major sites where the plague, tularemia and other diseases are created in U.S. funded labs. Project: Blood Heat is underway at Ft Derrick, Maryland; Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah, and Pine Bluff Military Base, Arkansas. Dr Bradley learns the truth that these diseases are the intentional product of DARPA, big Pharma, and big banking.

As many of you who have supported me over the years know, I have written more than a dozen novels based on my experiences in the military, State Department, and other institutions. These novels are all out-of-print, but I have a personal inventory of each title.

Current events, including the corruption of major government entities and corporations, motivated me to bring the cautionary tale of Blood Heat back to life as an ebook. All the production was done locally and includes friends and family. Enjoy!

—Steve P.


For those of you who prefer a physical copy of Blood Heat, I have a small cache of this out-of-print book (paperback only). I will personally dedicate the copy as instructed by the buyer. Book will be mailed PRIORITY MAIL, domestic orders only. Quantities are limited, order soon.

Revised and updated in September–November of 2021, this ebook is available in the following formats: epub, mobi, azw3, and PDF.

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