OPUS 214 Trump cleanses America!

April 14, 2020

Hear me loud and clear! Trump2020 is cleaning out the disease of corruption, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and CCP funded institutions. He has the List and now its time to get #BacktoWork! There will be troublemakers but #America is strong. I know what I am talking about https://stevepieczenik.com/product/am…


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Opus 222 Liars and Bad Choices

Opus 222 Liars and Bad Choices

So I know sum stuff about #Obama #Clinton toady Susan Rice. Mika and Kellyanne have made sum very bad choices in men, just sayin. #ColdCaseScarborough How do I know this stuff? read me #America https://stevepieczenik.com/product/am... Related Articles

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Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD

DR. STEVE R. PIECZENIK, MD, PHD is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New York Times best-selling “Tom Clancy’s Op-Center” and “Tom Clancy’s Net Force” book series. He is also one of the world’s most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His novels are based on his twenty years experience in resolving international crises for five U.S. administrations.

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