Discrepancies and Illegal Activity at Bradford BOCC Mtg

Written by Stasia Pieczenik

Oct 23, 2019

October 23, 2019

Partial listing of discrepancies and illegal activity/actions by Bradford County FL concerning Chemours mining application and public hearing.

1. Legal notice ran in the Bradford Telegraph Newspaper for two consecutive weeks prior to the public hearing was deficient. It was not a typo as suggested by county attorney Will Sexton and chairman Frank Durrance. These idiots don’t know the difference between a typo and the wrong wording. The words ‘telecommunications tower’ was used and the correct wording should have been ‘Chemours Mining Application’. Our attorney sent them all emails explaining the error and provided the Florida Statute and County Policy that explained why the legal notice was incorrect, deficient and not legal and how the notice violated state law as well as Bradford County law. (Illegal activity, held
public hearing after legal discrepancies with deficient notice was brought to the counties attention by legal representation)

2. The official agenda released 3 days prior to the commission meeting and public hearing advertised the regular county commission meeting to begin at 6pm on Oct. 17th and the public hearing for Chemours application at 6:30pm, Oct. 17th. At the beginning of the county commission meeting and after the
pledge of allegiance and prayer Chairman Durrance announced that they were switching the meetings around and having the public hearing at 6pm instead of at advertised time of 6:30pm. ( Illegal Activity, violates Fl statute)
3. At the beginning of the public hearing Bradford County attorney Will Sexton explained that this was a quasi judicial hearing and any commissioner having written, oral, telephone, text, email, etc. etc. communication concerning the mining application should divulge that conversation or contact on the record.
They received the email 3 days prior to this meeting. There were also several people who had conversations or sent the commissioners emails concerning this application and NONE of those were mentioned or divulged for the record.
( unethical behavior, violation of Sunshine Law and Illegal activity by statute)

4. Paul Still who holds a PhD spoke as a Pro Se party representing himself and as his own expert witness and talked about and listed critical omissions in the Chemours application.
a) Application packet and letter filed with Bradford County from Connie Henderson Environmental Specialist at Chemours provided no letter of authorization from Chemours giving her the legal right to file the paperwork and/ or act on behalf of Chemours.
b) There is no documentation or letter from SRWM who owns the proposed mine property, giving Chemours or Connie Henderson authority to apply/act on behalf of the property owner (legal permission)
c) No lease agreement between Chemours and the Suwannee River WM was provided.
d) Connie Henderson (Chemours) applied for a permit that Brdaford County LDR’s do not even have or acknowledge. She applied for a Special Use Permit and under Use put mining of heavy minerals. This IS NOT an allowed use under Special Use permit’s in Bradfords LDR’s. She should have applied for a Special Exception to Mine permit. (public hearing was held on wrong type permit because application filing documents are for completely different permit & use)
e) Documents that were to be notarized, lacked the notaries signature and a date. One of those documents was the Valid Authorized Agent form letter. (violations of state & county law)
f) Daniel LeJune of Kleinfelder is mentioned as an agent for Chemours in the application and there is no required notarized documentation giving him that authority. (violation of county code)
g) The Master Mining Plan submitted with the application is missing several required documents. Just to mention a few: No map of highway’s or railroads. No map of NPDES discharge points and flow direction. No topographic map of watersheds. No map showing location of processing plant and waste water treatment plant. The relocation of restored wetlands in the plan submitted violates county policy that wetlands must be restored in the same location pre-
mining. Etc. Etc. (violation of county code)
Chemours has not been issued one state or federal permit for this proposed mine, so it’s had no oversight or review for this board to rely on or consider. Not one shred of scrutiny to base their decision on. They were so inept when they received a phosphate mine application in 2016, that they had to hire consultants to help them process the application, but yet they approved this mining application based on what ?? You tell me.. They are yet to hold a public hearing on the phosphate mine application they received in 2016 because the consultants are still working hand in hand with HPSII to make sure it fits perfectly into the county’s lousy LDRs before they bring it before the board. but yet they accept and approve Chemours application in 2 1⁄2 months? This hearing was bombarded with Chemours employees who numbered about 40-50 people. The meeting room was standing room only and people standing flowed out into the hallway and all the way down to the entrance doors with more people standing outside. Many people left because they could not get in much less hear what was being said. Many speakers ask for postponement until larger venue could be arranged for, but Chairman Durrance said “We here and we gone do this thang”! Many speakers mentioned the deficient and confusing legal notice. One commissioner even stated he had several phone calls inquiring about the confusing legal notice. Multiple speakers mentioned the Consent Order Chemours is under, told about how they have broken the law and continue to break the law. Speakers referenced reclamation areas that are 10 yrs overdue for the restoration process to even begin.

All of this, but yet the meeting went on and the board voted 3-2 to approve the application to mine. Riddick and Chandler were the two who voted no.

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