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36 thoughts on “Yesterday’s interview w/ Owen Shroyer War Room

  1. Chia Cha

    Software and hardware are getting more and more connected, therefore how you count something, is going to be more important. For winning WW2 industrial capacity was decisive, for winning WW3 information will be.

  2. Embrey

    I caught your interview yesterday Dr. Steve. I enjoyed it.

  3. I’ve heard nasty rumors that GOLD and SILVER are priced at way below their actual value.

    1. Embrey

      Excellent topic. Dr. Steve, what is your opinion on owning physical precious metal?
      I am not asking you as a financial advisor but only one guy sharing an opinion with another.

      1. I dont own any, not saying right or wrong….just not my thing.

      2. Chia Cha

        What if US puts 10 t of gold on market? Gold is the more volatile then bitcoin, especially in pushing it down. Gold is only good if you will never change it in money after you buy it. But problem is when you are giving gold to someone to pay something in gold, even without changing it in to money before, seller will again look at gold price on Comex. Also after any war or chaos, eveyone wants to extract gold. Those get tortured right away. No one was able to not tell where he holds his gold. On other hand one gold coin, unce, from time of roman empire was one cow. It is same today. So what is point of having gold?

      3. Chia Cha

        Also in time of war, gold have same price like flour.

      4. The problem with a GOLD bar is , maybe, that who are you going to convince that it isn’t filled with TUNGSTEN instead.

  4. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Trump deserves a Nobel peace prize for unifying North and South Korea and bringing that situation to a peaceful close. Many people will never know all of what has gone on behind the scenes between the Obama administration and North Korea. There is a genius in the White House who will be discussed by presidential historians and scholars many years from now as one of the greatest U.S. presidents ever to live, and one of the greatest leaders in the world to have ever lived, based on the enormity of what is going on behind the scenes. While there are many world leaders and other influential and wealthy people who are playing a role in this global cleansing of rot, I believe it is Donald J. Trump who is the central figure in this unprecedented effort. God bless him and his family.

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes but Nobel Price bureaucracy is still under control of Deep State (godless communists). Many countries in Europe stil are. For instance here (godless liberal serb controled communists) signed 10B $ bridge consturction with Chinese for them to control whole Balkan peninsula coast, from Athens to Triest (Alps) (silk route). While austrian company filled with Russian capital which was better (even they were not cheaper) went crazy (Strabag). Bridge must be going to be built with 85% of EU funds so there is hope it is going to be blocked but EU is under Chinese (Soros) control. We here wish we could kill every our communist serb (today yugo-capitalists) controlig here everything but all Soros media, national TV house, german (Merkel) private TV stations, masonic controlled media – all are pro-serb communist chinese… ok those masonic (are not pro chinese but are culturally pro deep state in pact with those others)… yes they are for US when US is confronting Russia but they are making idiots out of US. Good thing is that trends cannot be stopped even here. The most important thing is to end social-democracy in whole Europe and that is going very well even here.

      1. Jason

        For far too long, gang rape has been sold as a democratic process. What will it take for europe to stop applying razor blades to it’s own wrists?

        1. Chia Cha

          Here few days ago, they are now bypassed, but without taking their property and without Vladimir from Russia I do not see how this will stop. Without Vladimir capitalists are dead (they will take with GMO all land from peasants – same what communists did and destroyed them self), but we cannot have captialists dead yet. New model is not ready. YT, Facebook & Amazon is what is perfectly enough for every entrepreneour. But those communists are greatest obstacle. Right now communists/atheists is what is standing between people and Amazon and are keeping capitalists stupid. They just do not want west to win.

          1. Jason

            What happens next? I understand the nomenclature you use, but what do all of the trends point to? Where is the eu in five years?

          2. Chia Cha

            Someone must win, pagan/communists/atheists or christians. There cannot be two of us shaping culture any more. They are invaders and they must be disconnected from money (starved). European pagan/communist/atheists have very deep pokcets and all nazi/fascist gold. CNN Ted Cruz is problem in america, he is only reason why fascists are not cleaned yet in US and Europe. And he is son of communist from Cuba. I do not know why he is still tolerated by Beritbart, he is life support for fascists. For instance had Trump listened Cruz after election about healthcare Hillary would have been president by now. We must know that West Europe knows very well how to keep american barbarians away from own shores. And with Cruz around, Eastern Europe goes to Germany and China. Not to Russia and US. I mean having such usuable fool operating so openly means that US is just unable and unwilling to win. Such power cannot be respected nor it can be counted as political entity. It cannot set priorities in own ideology… US is not belivining in it self. That is unorthodox survival instict, that is crazines. Imagine power which does not want to win. Total idiocy. Imagine having capitalists which does not want more money. That is what we are having now.

          3. Chia Cha

            Stab Cruz and his father with knife and win. God damn. Then find some new Cruz, just win first.

          4. Chia Cha

            Or at laest Cruz must enter Trump’s cabinet like Bolton.

          5. Jason

            I understand current events very well. Ted Cruz has been transparent to my eyes for a long time. He will fade all by himself without the assistance of a knife. Keystrokes and video will continue to unwind his greed. He is irrelevant as the good doctor would say. Again, we are both reminiscing over the same photo album, but I prefer to see the future so that I can leave it behind. What is the future of the eu in five years?

          6. Chia Cha

            Well I will look history. In History: 1. When ever continental part of western Europe was occupied there were no any mutiny happening ever. 2. Occupation by invasion force was done very fast and easily. 3. Such united Europe always lost on sea. 4. No one ever went on Russia before occupying my city before and controling Rome in same time. Solution, who controls my city and Rome + sea, he wins. All conclusion were done by looking Napoleon and Hitler. Also for US Norway is important, and Czech Republic if you do not want to give false hope to Germany. So in 5 years, occupation of Western Europe will continue, unless there is some YT + Facebook + Amazon bridge not going toward Bruxelless in Europe, but directly to those 4 points in Europe.

          7. Jason

            What culture would dominate which parts of europe? Would your banking system be sharia compliant?

          8. Chia Cha

            Here there will be mutiny, but in western Europe there one gendered zombies would live. And muslims would cutting their heads off all day. There would much jobs for them because their share of population would be 10% ruling over zombies. SS Juncker would be only human but he would be on living and fed on pike and protected 24/7 from russian flying pigs eating his head. Bezos from China would be with drones trying to install GMO human brains to zombies (liberal-soci@lists) for ECB&FED to wash money with value, but flying pigs would be too strong choping their heads off. Flying pigs would be only hope of Western Europe. Macron would also remain human, but living in tower in Baghdad, he would be protected from russian flying pigs by living with 10 000 crows living in his small room.

          9. Jason

            Understood. If there is a mutiny, will it go so far as to rewrite your national constitutions? Why isn’t the US Constitution desired in europe? Is subjugation to a form of monarchy a genetic predisposition? Can europeans afford to outsource their local defense while being relatively disarmed and far outgunned? Local police in rural America have the benefit of communities that feature enough hard targets that certain illegal activities are mitigated through the fear of a victims deadly resistance. A home invader in my home is likely to have his head put on a pike in my front yard if his mission fails. Local pig farms provide an ecologically friendly way for otherwise friendly folks to dispose of intruders. Perhaps you should not look to the past for guidance when your greatest enemy will always emerge from within. If American soldiers have to die and suffer dismemberment for something that you should do for yourselves, then I say you should offer up all of your gold, silver, attractive women, to US shores and sell your land to us for one US dollar to be fair. Pet stores do change owners from time to time.

          10. Chia Cha

            You scenarion mentioned in those two last lines would be win win scenario, best day of Europe and USA were days of Marshall plan and occupation by america. Beside who you are going to shoot if you do not delay and wait for enemy to prepare and build up. Imagine if left would now stop importing muslims. Imagine that tragedy. They would win.

          11. Jason

            I am afraid my true colors are showing. I am an American imperialist.

          12. Chia Cha

            We have to find, how to start selling peace, people just do not want to pay peace. Because they think that is normal.

          13. Jason

            I agree with you. Self destructive behavior dramatically complicates the pursuit of peace. No internal peace, no external peace. Internal contradiction creates external contradiction. Communist energy has taken advantage of this at every opportunity. The introduction and eventual resolution of selves to each other in the movie “Fight Club” makes a valid point. We all have to manage and limit our internal fascist in proportion to the level of fascism in our neighborhoods. Our war is a spiritual war. “I only live to be born again” – Blue Oyster Cult. I enjoyed our discussion. I hope for acceptable and peaceful resolution for your neighborhood.

          14. Chia Cha

            Bah, they all are adult kids not being disciplined for so long. They always think mummy will not hit us even we want to rape and kill mummy. They know that mummy does want to look good. They know mummy cannot start bombing Paris with B52 s, they all think that is impossible. To bomb Rome is impossible but not Paris. Problem is that Berlin think they are now in category of Paris and that Paris cannot be bombed…

          15. Chia Cha

            Not mummy, but mommy. Problem is that people do not know what to do with freedoms. But there is hope, for instance my city was bombed in 1944 by mommy, and no one ever blamed mommy. 😀

          16. Chia Cha

            Duty of every rational human beign is to channel stupidity of others, of all active and passive pagans to one place, then you must give them indentity and make them feel of the hook. For people around, youth especially to watch and learn. For instance Erdogan, Erdogan deserves nobel price for refusing to attack russians, but with change of administration and with Trump in office, he thinks he can because he got that price before Trump not listen Trump… Erdogan is playing stupid, even he knows very well that by acticing that way he supports all those who are today against Trump, Erdogan is on side of those who tried to kill him. Typical behaviour of eastern pagans, Germans also play like they are stupid…

          17. Jason

            Some people want to be destroyed, or perhaps, put out of their misery. However, I have watched puppet shows long enough to tell when their is a new hand in the puppets a**. Comey is natural born degenerate who lies with ease as his entire persona is manufactured from scratch to cover up for the fear that consumes him. He will always have a gun to his head. He is comfortably uncomfortable at it. When some of the good guys lie, it is comical as it is unnatural to them. For 2900 years my bloodline acquired agents of tyranny who changed their ways and changed their lives to God and simplicity. My forebears wiped out the druids. Their have been karmic consequences to that which I fully accept. They left behind wealth and tyranny to be priests, farmers, soldiers, and builders. No sacrifice. No gain. In the new world, the sins of the past have continued to pursue. There is no place else to go but stand your ground at all costs. That which is given has no value. There is no afterlife for a place that began as Heaven. Careful what you break, as God knows that you own it and will be buried with it.

      2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        I am responding to you with a view at the 11,000 foot level. The EU-NWO-Rothschild-Soros-globalist-child killing-sex trafficking-pedophilia Pure Evil cabal is in its death throes. We know it and they know it. They have lost and nationalism/populism has won. Macron knows it, but he had to do his pony show in front of Congress. Now, Merkel is meeting with Trump today and I’m sure Trump is laying out what is going to happen next. Poor Merkel’s been blackmailed almost to death, so she will be off the hook now. May and the Royal family have been waiting with bated breath for the cabal to end so their blackmailing can stop, too. At some designated time, this mass immigration “horror show” (a phrase Trump used in his August 2016 famous “exis tential” speech that probably sealed his presidency) will be stopped. The common sense return to bi-lateral trade that is fair and reciprocal is spreading the globe. These globalist-EU-sociocommunists with their Agenda 21 agenda and their ultimate goal to replace humanity with Artificial Intelligence have, thank God, lost. Humanity has, literally, been saved by Trump-Xi-Putin and others allied with them. I am just hoping that Russia-US-China can now be the 3 major countries who serve as the major economic-military geopolitical balancers of global power. For it is dangerous when only 2 exist. It requires 3 and possibly 4, but a minimum of 3 to maintain that delicate balance for the good of the entire world.

      3. Chia Cha

        Hitler was best and most functional example of evil aliens evil aliens were able to put up. Enemy never sleeps. Half of nazi technology was alien, of course not sutiable to this planet… HA HA.

        1. Jason

          Funny you should mention aliens. I wonder if the next global financial bailout will be offered by alleged space bankers. They show up in grandiose armada style right after the next great crash, and everyone’s screen involuntarily flips to an image of little grey men with five thousand dollar suits and briefcases with a deal we can’t refuse. All wearing Trump ties of course. Are we just a gold mining colony after all? lol

          1. Chia Cha

            It would be refreshment to have aliens from space, this aliens living now with us on this planet (liberals) are not sustainable I never thought in my whole life half of population is able to be mentally ill, and totally unreasonable. And all what you need is few poeople writing script for MSM (100 people in america), for uneducated person without culture and morality, on whole planet to follow. You give liberal bannana and tell him it is apple. and then they say mmm, what nice apple. And he is happy. Aliens are back to normality.

          2. Jason

            Too funny and too true. With humor, hope has a pulse.

  5. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    As far as I can tell, at this time, there is a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION going on concerning me and my background–mostly illegally “fabricated;” and I believe this said FEDERAL INVESTIGATION is being conducted by primarily THE F.B.I. and other federal law enforcement agencies! I further believe that this said particular FEDERAL INVESTIGATION was initiated, because an individual (Caucasian male, 72 years old, about 5′ 11″ TALL, about 180 lbs., and white hair) decided to try and acquire a certified copy of my BIRTH CERTIFICATE from Kenosha County, Kenosha, Wisconsin; and said Caucasian male actually did NOT qualify to acquire a certified copy–only an uncertified copy, because said Caucasian male is NOT, in any capacity, my “legal representative”! However, said Caucasian male stated, in a legal form produced by Kenosha County, under penalty of perjury, that he (said Caucasian male) represents me, therefore, some sort of legal representative! Any illegal attempt to get a certified copy of any persons BIRTH CERTIFICATE across state lines is a FEDERAL CRIME!

    I did try and inform said Caucasian male that he (said Caucasian male) was “in hot water” (potential legal problems)! Said Caucasian male responded by stating: “I do not think I am in any trouble.”

    Said Caucasian male’s name is David E. Evans; and David E. Evans only amounts to a friendly acquaintance–that is it.

  6. Petra

    I really love the wisdom of Dr. Pieczenik.

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