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10 thoughts on “Yale is now a CLOWN School! Hear me RAW!

  1. Chia Cha

    Liberalism is dangerous economic model in which redistribution of material resources needed for survival of majority are alocated to economic minorities only (capitalists, pedophilles, pagans, atheists, other nationals…) legally. They are their needed tool for legitimiazation of economic genocide over majority. Liberalism is so evil that they are telling us that black american person is minority also, just so they can put some non evil people in their compot from hell because they know that for Christians, racism is wrong — That is why majority needs to be aware of tricks minorities are using and crush them economically and chemically, destroy all their nests they are using to breed and spread their lies and cancer.

  2. Iggy B

    There is talk on the patriot alternative sites (and the Q-Anon crowd) about Military Tribunals + Martial Law — talk in the Positive. — Something always discussed in the highly negative in the past…for decades…

    Martial Law is not something that has been remotely possible in our society before. Too many Patriots. Too many guns. Too big a nation. Democratic Principles too strongly held.

    But, what if you make the Right hoping mad? Could you position them into accepting Extraordinary Means outside the limits of our Republic/Representative Democracy…?

    Well, apparently, the answer to that question seems to be: Yes.

    Trump was elected on a Drain the Swamp (legally) platform.

    The actions of the Dems and Deep State have gotten so outrages, a real Walk Away movement against them has started to rise.

    And elements that would have taken up arms against the implementation of Martial Law in decades past —- are beginning to embrace the idea…

    ….And once extraordinary means have been enacted —- who can predict with certainty where they will go…? The French Revolution started out as a good idea at the time, didn’t it…? The Russian Czars weren’t exactly a bunch of defendable dictators up to 1917, were they…?

    Interesting Times to live in today….

    1. Janet DeMay

      Military tribunals? Martial Law See Mark Taylor at for info on that, Check out show called “Face toe Face” interview on CNN where John Kasich says to Jim Acosta , It’s only been 24 hours since John MaCain was put to death”. Astounding. See it right on CNN’s own YouTube site. It is strange.

  3. Christy

    Dr. P.
    Love you info and .insights!
    In the face of this farce, do me a favor and discuss the concept of constantly calling a 50 going on 15 year-old woman by the honorific “DOCTOR.” Yes, we have gone bats… mad constantly granting that title to a social studies graduate, no matter how many degrees she might have. Does it not devalue and demean legit doctors?

  4. R. Frank

    “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
    The Shadow knows!”
    Thank you.

  5. Iggy B

    I started rereading the first chapter of New World Order: Ancient Plan of Secret Societies….and I’m thinking about echoes…….

  6. Jason

    What would an “honest” FBI investigation into Yale CIA activities look like? How dumb to beg for an investigation that may tie Feinstein and company to China, human trafficking, and drugs. Children playing with hand grenades. The “Hunt for Red October” is a great movie.

  7. Ed Kirchner

    Hi Dr. Pieczenik,

    The title of your post should be, Yale to the Chief. I recently came across a you tube video
    by a Yale educated lawyer named Karen Hudes. Karen was a former senior legal council at the world bank. Karen became a whistle blower when she found improprieties at the bank. Karen said she works with a group of whistle blowers. Most of her presentation seemed logical until she mentioned there are super intelligent beings that rule the world financial system called Homo Capensis. Have you ever heard of this? I live in Bonita Springs Florida. It would be a honor to meet you sometime.


  8. Janet DeMay

    Please comment from your expertise. Blasey Ford CIA undergrad teacher (recruiter). Father CIA black ops money man. Brother CIA tied to Stroszok by marriage. Whole story purposely vague. Ms. Bombard, body language expert says Blasey Ford had no memory access behavior in her testimony. Was this a Psy-op to oust conservative court nominee? Perhaps planned by Obama administration (Brennan) when Trump made his first potential nominees list back in 2016?

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