Xi has Screwed Himself!

Xi has Screwed Himself!

Chinese President Xi Jinping: Self-Anointed Ruler for Life! On the Road to Self-Destruction!

Chinese President Xi has declared himself the true successor to the ignoble Chairman Mao. Such a foolish move of self-aggrandizement. Xi is a man of few significant talents other than his ability to ‘kow-tow’ to political superiors. Now He has determined that China needs him more than he needs China.

Big Mistake!

I know modern day China because of my extensive travels over the past thirty years. Trust me, it is nothing comparable to the chaotic 1960’s when Mao’s Cultural Revolution erupted like the swarm of vitriolic flesh-eaters. Mercurial Mao defied the advice of the sage Chou-En Lai [Read “Man’s Fate” by Andre Malraux] and decided that his politically stringent system of repression had to be destroyed from within. The teenagers who compromised the Revolutionary Guard went on a killing spree and decimated tens of millions of innocent Chinese.

Note: My novel, Pax Pacifica, written two decades ago describes many of the wanton acts of violence committed by these Cultural Revolution hooligans and predicts the impending war over the Spratly Islands.

Interestly, this present day leader of China endured the most agony from this chaotic period. President Xi Jinping was an entitled, bookish princeling of Xi Zhongxun, a Revolutionary Veteran of the Great March as well as the Vice-Premier under Mao. His father was denounced by the Revolutionary Guards. Similarly, President  Xi  suffered intensely for being part of his father’s Chinese ruling class under Mao.

“Violence was encouraged against Xi…. His step-sister was persecuted to death….Xi’s father was exiled to Central China by the Red Guards … they paraded him around on a truck, beat and interrogated him….” [NY Times, Chris Bucklye,Didi Tatlow, 9/24/2015].

Despite  Xi’s incredible humiliation,  he consciously decided to identify with the aggressor, Chairman Mao. Identification with the aggressor is a primitive but very potent psychological defense mechanism that allows a person to rationalize their physical/mental abuse. In Xi’s case, he accepted that he was worthy of Mao’s tortures in order to justify his existence as a true patriot of China. In fact, the following excerpt from the NY Times article [9/24/15] is most revealing:

“Xi suffered much under Mao,” Mr. Song said. “But I think that it actually increased his belief that those who are ‘born red’, those children of the party elite [i.e. princelings], earned the right to inherit Mao’s place in the center of power.”

Paradoxically, Xi has become the new Mao. In that role he has offered a more benevolent image of himself as a ‘caring authoritarian personality’, entitled, “Uncle Xi”. This reminds me of the artifice created by Stalin as ‘Uncle Joe’. Of course, the minute Stalin was dead, his subordinates denounced him in masse.

In the age of the internet, I believe that Xi will become irrelevant as millions of Chinese youth run circles around this 69 year old dictator. He has no chance of curbing these restive youths who have reaped the fruits of liberalization for the past twenty years. Millions of these honorable Chinese students have tasted the decadent treats of western democracy: the basic right to live the life one has chosen for oneself.

Respect for the elders or knowledge of the writings of Mao’s Red Book is nil. When I rode on the train to Nanjing several years ago, I asked a young man what he thought of Mao and his Red Book. His response was very revealing. He said, “Moa is nuts. And his book is a sick joke of foolish thoughts.”


At this very moment, I know from my previous experiences with different authoritarian regimes:

  • Former Soviet Union
  • Cambodia
  • Iran
  • Syria

There is always a nidus of discontent within the ranks of the intelligence community and military forces. Eventually, these defanged forces will become more powerful and overthrow the Xi’s with the help of the youth located in all the major cities.

Despite Xi’s vain attempts to control the internet, he has failed miserably. The internet perpetuates itself like a self-sustaining force beyond the purview of any leaders. The nation-state of China has become a virtual state, cobbled together within the interstices of the world, utilizing the simple integers of one and zero. There is very little that Xi can do about it.

Fernand Pessoa, the famous Portugese  poet,  wrote the following:
“In order to understand, I destroyed myself.”
So too with President Xi Jinping!



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27 thoughts on “Xi has Screwed Himself!

  1. Chia Cha

    Cultural revolution was done by Mao so he could get rid of opposition inside party. When youth was finished with enemies, he sent them to spread revolution to remote villages, to basically get rid of them. He was right about all opponents, they all were trying to legalize back capitalism for them self. You cannot outlaw capitalism, same how US is trying to outlaw soci@lism. It cannot be done. You will always have both popping on different levels in different aspects, in different ratios. We can say that Maoism was ultra capitalism because he was only capitalist. He was only one who was saying what capital was that morning in his attempt to stop forming any. It is like trying to squize huge water ballon with bare hands. Slavery and feudalism is also impossible to avoid especially their derivates and enorcment of them via one of other 3 forms. Only insane ideological society cannot recognize that. Gulag was typical capitalis entity using slave economy in service of bureaucracy. Area commissioner of NKVD collecting slaves was feudal overlord.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course, Stalin was used there as idelogue who would say that Gulag was there to built soci@lism, therefore all that was needed therefore for soci@lism. So than what was that? Capitalism, soci@lism, fedualism or slaver? It was all 4 again.


    Dr. Pieczeniks video OPUS 45 AGENDAS is available on Governmentslaves.info.

  3. Donna

    XI is an effeminate NWO puppet who can’t even shake hands properly. No doubt, he supports human trafficking. I bet you guys have lots of black and white film on him.

    Who really runs the NWO; the Royal Families in Europe. Get rid of them, the problem is solved. They are very sneaky, lurking in the shadows, pulling ALL of the puppet strings.

    By the way, Steve, have you ever looked up information on the ten missing native Indian children who were in one those Catholic-run sadistic orphanages in Canada. Queen Elizabeth II and her evil husband made a visit, took the ten children on a “picnic” and they were never seen again. There were ten little Indians and then there were none. These evil people running the world need to be stopped.

  4. Embrey

    Are you prepared for the Great Awakening?

  5. Windwipper

    On behalf of tens of thousands of persecuted underground Chinese Christians I would say that Xi is not destroying himself fast enough and anything you can do to hurry the process along would be greatly appreciated…

  6. Jason

    Thank you Dr. Steve. Can the cycle of abuse on such scales be stopped? It appear that the Chinese people have only known abuse and subjugation. Even Xi is a victim of the machine. The capturing of the five kingdoms has been a curse upon the people.

  7. Chia Cha

    Free horizontal association of workers (without company owners – therefore without civlian rich minority, and consumers (under wise and ecological guidance of military economic planners), without bureaucrats and with support of corporations. IS THE FREEDOM. THAT IS ONLY FREEDOM. Rand Paul is genious. I hope he will not get killed. Trump is also fantastic. Down with bureaucracy. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/01/report-3-2-million-americans-will-drop-obamacare-for-association-health-plans/

    1. Chia Cha

      Inflation is good. Inflation wipes out all debt producers have. I recommend inflation of 100% next year. It can be done very simply, you rise workers wages by 400% by minimum law, and you rise taxes on richest top 20% on 90% for all money above one limit, and give that money direclty to workers in vouchers, you are then on 0% inflation. But then to you are not done, you need to double again salaries of workers then inflation starts. Because you need inflation to start whipping debt finally. And you introduce -2% FED rate. Plus you start direct printing of money which you will transfer to selected industries according to demand demanded by consumer associations, before inflation kicks. What you do by that move, producers and corporations buy tools and equipment for needed new technological lever before infation kicks in, because inflation always needs some time to kick in. So for cheap money you get new factories, new techological lever, strong consumer base, money is circulating, and you wipe out debt, companies are free from debt. Rentier class is decimated. Those are basis of soci@list economy. Only what you need or you do not is to stop inflation.

  8. Mark Underwoood

    Dr Steve, Thank you for the Fernand Pessoa, Quote “In order to understand, I destroyed myself.”
    as we are all on our own personal journeys I found this truly memorable. Kind Regards Mark

  9. Chia Cha

    American new economic policies can start only because america did political change which did not happen anywhere else yet. No one can have political capacity to do needed change, therefore there is no fear anyone would copy new model because they are stuck with own parasite class unwilling to join new american chain. Therefore america will have to play alone some time while people around world start demanding death of own political elites as osbstacle to join new american model and chain.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ah I was wrong, it is againg employer based, owned and controlled, and employer will be able to collect as much as profit he likes in % from money he collects, it is even worse then obamacare, ending up again that owner of consumer pool (rich member of minority) will have better health care level then members of consumers pools he is “trying” to build up HA HA HA HA HA HA – therefore he will give your kids to eat s@it again because you will not again be democratically allowed to control your consumer pool. It is slavery again. Consumers will again have sponsor. Just this time he will little more darker and will speak worse off english. I was wrong, there is no hope. Only revolution and killing is possible. There must be blood until knees. Good thing is that poeple will learn what to do after they finally kill small capitalist entreprenurs. They are intentionally trying to kill off any economy of scale and split it among entreprenurs as foundation of their totalitarian capitalist ideology. Even under total lose of any influence over world. This is 100% anti-corporate bill and I hope Rand Paul will be killed by corporations. While Trump is too stupid to understand anything. Satan is in details as always. American economic model is cancer and it must die in pain. I am done. https://steveshorr.com/steveshorr/ab_1672_small_group_guaranteed_issue/Government/proposed.rule.trump.association.plans.2017-28103.pdf

      1. Chia Cha

        Or not, now I am reading more deeply. Nevertheless, words put in this law will determine future of USA. This law is new constitution of US practically. This law will determine how you will buy houses, cars, vacations, education… How you will wage colonial wars for needed resources for all that. Cutlure, EVERYTHING.

        1. Chia Cha

          Simply put free preorders democratically controlled are forrbiden by system. There is no hope. They would kill anyone who tries that. Because then products would not be decided by owner of media space used for commericals but by consumers (government). This way rulers can sell you poisonous s@it they do not use them self, and can get better items for them self, cheaper white they use less work to get them.

          1. Jason

            What is your solution?

          2. Chia Cha

            Facebook aplication for preorders of material goods and services. Controled not by private company but by military. Military would be there so those orders (data and contracts) cannot be privatised and that those orders happens only on one place so you keep economy of scale on one place. If you allow private company to privatised that info of consumers or allow competition to happen on more places, you are done. Communists wins because of economy of scale, plus they do not have drag of rentier class who must spend money on commercials, political influence, are buying yachts, hiding money on off shore accounts – Simply there would be no parasites. it would be simply chain, CORPORATION – MILITARY – CONSUMER. If you have 10 000 000 ordering Rolls Royce, on one place then price of Rolls Royce would be lower then german imported VW Rabbit. But if you allow privatisation of those datas then owner of those orders will buy yacht and will make Rolls Royces again higher because he as owner of data would offer VW Rabbit again for same lower price instead or Rolls Royce. And he would say that is how it must be and people would accept that. Even having two models VW Rabbit and Rolls Royce makes both being more expensive. There really is no need for both cars to exist as competition and be massed produced so that those two are competition. One of them can be only virtual drawn in 3d and that would be enough as competiton.

          3. Jason

            Once again, the central banksters get a free pass? No parasites eh? Are you reading the totality of the global marketplace, or grasping for some utopian formula that is not bound to the intrinsic value of anything. Clean water is worth how much in your model, tomorrow, 2 years, 5 years, 20 years? Perhaps soil that is rendered biologically inert by chemical bombardment isn’t worthy of tracking?

          4. Chia Cha

            Yes I agree, very smart, just what I was thinking of, very good points, I agree that US biologically got recovered from time of deindustralisation and that Bill Clinton stoped poisoning of USA on big scale. BUT, we do not have to return that. You can introduce eco points so people would democratically accept smaller houses and smaller cars, therefore they would feel more cool and happy. With this also I am sure people would rather order organic fruits then those where you use pesticides and GMO. Military would take care of that. Yes problem is that military planner in communist countries were saying, hmmm, this nuclear waste will polute river here, 300,000 people will be affected, but for shiney incoming communist future we will have to do it. Yes I agree that needs to be looked at. Beside that is not our problem, you just need to give new tools for ruling class for ruling class to accept it. I want to help central bankers. We love them. ASimply there must be control people and nature are going to be happy with so that no drug dealer or someone who does not work at all can have more money then honest worker. That is only problem of this model.

          5. Chia Cha

            I love central bankers in way that they should be automated by military, the more order you have, the more money printed (credit) you get automatcally. That way you get rid of discretional power bankersters have. Everyone are under same forumla, transparent and democratic. Of course if you are citizen of US or US vassal country.

          6. Jason

            Now you’re getting warmer!

          7. Chia Cha

            Do you have some view, how to solve their discretional right to not finance their own competition to protect their class poistion on expense of working class?

          8. Jason

            You gave me the answer and the question that I could never effectively articulate, which illustrates my struggle with the absurdity of the central banking system as it currently exists. Within certain parameters, I figured you’d solve that one for me. Thank you very much! This is the z-pinch that is the prime mover of the debt slave machine. This is likely the new plan, I hope. Giving such discretionary powers to such as we have is the equivalent of the Krell supercomputer, manifesting the worst monsters from our collective id. Monsters from the id cannot be defeated, but can be disempowered. Our national psychology must reflect our healthiest and strongest individual psychology. All things are distorted right now. Will it pass?

          9. Chia Cha

            Practically that way everyone is become issuer of credits.Which is perfectly normal. If you are allowed to take credit from bank that you should be allowed to issue one. Of course on one place, not via sponsor again. Also there are no more credit ratings because you would have all data on disposal from military so you can figure you own. That can function as long as military is acording to rank have static property. For instance colonel is allowed to have on smaller castle as static for ever property and dynamic one, but limited.

  10. Chia Cha

    If US does not adopt this my model of preorders I do not see way out. All US corporations will move to China. Chinese right now have Taobao fully integrated with philippine’s Lazada. Nike shoes are now coming from China via Chinese Tabao to Philippines. And lazada in no1 by far trading site there. Cultural Marxism (relativism), anti-racism, g@y-rights simply they are not important. Central planning will beat not central planning in economy because economy now equals warfare and for warfare you need central command and planning. Why would corporation listen some old white republicans with guns if such are supporting insane policy of small entrepreneours. Every market which supports small free market entrepereourship means that that market is destined to be euthanized by corporations. Corporations supports that model of small business because such people are not in competition to them as they are small and unorganized. USA is becoming drag on corporations because corporations see that americans wants to be euthanized as soft targets by their own american will and crazy ideology of small scale companies. Sad state of mind. Corporations will not lose time by trying to change that stance nor will lose time in trying to educate americans like I am trying. Corporations will just take big infrasturcure they need from those who will give them and those are communists in China. I am starting to worry very much because no one is listening me.

  11. LiteOn

    Historically china has been very centrally ruled. In fact their feudal system of governance is so embedded in their culture they still bow in supplicance at every occasion. The very act of bowing is indicative: that in general, the population believes one person is better than another by birth, strength or both. I don’t see them doing anything but replacing him for a time with a more lenient leader. It could be hundreds of years before china, adopts a roman-greco style government, if ever. And of course the “communist” government, which really isn’t even communist, isn’t going to make that easy. Severity and oppression make the pendulum swing back. All empires die. All dynasties die.

  12. Chia Cha

    Imagine knowing someone who is worker in some small private company, which is family owned. Streaming that live on some adult tube site would the most perv@rse content you would be able to find anywhere. We see in what kind of tyranny we are living now, because it is impossible to find such good quality content online. Capitalists would kill you right away if you would start spreading that niche.

  13. Natasha

    Oh my, the Chinese Elite are SOOOO arrogant.
    I was working with the Government of Indonesia a few years back when we began working with China. One of the men on the team was an “Overseas Chinese” in Indonesia.
    My dear friend, who was the Ambassador to China the time, brought him on and wanted us to work together. After a week on our first roadshow, I let my Ambassador know what a snake this man was.. he didn’t quite believe me… yet.

    About a year later, he called me and said…”You were right.”
    Yes, he was a snake.

    I bring this up because this “Overseas Chinese” from Indonesia, who owned many manufacturing plants in both China and Indonesia, was so arrogant.. he told me how much better the Chinese were than Americans, how America was going to die, etc. etc.
    I smiled, nodded my head and ignored him.

    After working with some Chinese companies, specifically automotive companies, I was able to witness their issues and deficiencies immediately. While the Chinese are good at many things, they still have a very difficult time understanding how to do business with the USA and market themselves.

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