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31 thoughts on “WTH? Youtube has a problem with OPUS 40 a year ago??

  1. Chia Cha

    Uh I cannot post regular anti-capitalist/rich comments I was able to before. I am so happy, that means I WON. Markets are losing their power. They know uncle Joe and GULAG’s are comming.

    1. Chia Cha

      I will just say fall of birthrates in one year in scandinavia from 2,1 to 1,49. No by government guaranteed jobs, and those who have more then one real estate are allowed to exist. It does not work. Capitalism cannot work at all, and if you allow him in any sector it will eat all others. We must go toward full abolishmen of all private profits.

      1. Jason

        The best part of the current game, is that as the elite accumulate all the dollars after they are washed through the masses, the masses get to pay the interest on the whole enchilada while that capital (debt) never comes back down to Earth. It’s like perpetual evaporation, while it never rains. The road to famine and desolation. Soon we will be empty shells for the dogs of war. “Depleted” of course. The resultant dessert must glow in the dark after all.

        1. Chia Cha

          You must have one of my new model banks.

    2. Chia Cha

      No compromise with any form of capitalism in any sector is possible. If you allow capitalism in one sector, for instance housing, price of that what is not needed by capitlists in sector of housing (they do not need real estate they are renting out), while needed for people to breed (those who do not have real estate at all), will be hiked by capitalists so much, to abolish all efforts by society to sustain it self in all other sectors which are regulated to not be on market. Hiked so much just how much is needed to abolish all effords by society in all other protected sectors.

  2. Chia Cha

    All profits must belong to banks, while all people must work just for salaries which can be spent only in that month. Any kind of capital accumulation must be banned, spreaded right away, all rents also must belong to banks. All Banks are fully automated and controled by ONE, by king – military leader. To what bank owned by king, you will belong to, you choose by your own free will. You can be member of how many banks you want. Banks are not connected all all. Central bank abolished.

  3. Jason

    Interesting timing of the ban. The anniversary is only a few weeks away. Once again, secrecy and censorship are the name of the game. It has served America so well in the past. After the Super Bowl, Trump needs to do a thorough cleansing. By hook or by crook. This planet has proven to be a penal colony for wayward souls. Without declassification, this whole ruse of a revolution is pointless if corporate fascism reigns supreme. Corporations within corporations within corporations, sanctioned as subsidiaries of the one corporation to rule them all. Communism in infinite subdivisions is still communism? Just add enough mirrors and logos and people will say, “capitalism”? We are addicted to creating entities of false “prophet” that act beyond their human constituency, and with liability protection as long as the IRS gives its blessing, and a judge on the high seas agrees, while your “prophet” is really another debt. Quite a sick little mouse trap.

    1. Chia Cha

      Just look how much freedom people had in real soci@lism (real one where rich are banned) on streets, not under this communism. So much life there was among people, and cars with fully filled tanks, and free flats. So much free time, ever second of soci@lism have more life then 20 years inside capitalism. In a way I am glad God gave me chance to live one decade in soci@lism. This is like looking future from space ship. Here is movie explaining how military officers have to behave in public. Something impossible today, just so criminals(criminas) can get richer every day while not having their money taken and ditched down in hole, ideology of deregulation.

      1. Chia Cha

        It was impossible for all families to not go on two month summer vacation, because all hotels like all other companies had to be run by workers. Reason for collapse was central bank run by bureaucrat-capitalist hierarchy as seed of capitalism and reason for collapse). As we can see in min 21:00. Only alcholics and crazy people did not go to vacation because such had more important things to do. Therefore only automated banks, just to count salaries and issue new credits automatically to companies, and more of them, and total abolishment of bureaucracy (their salaries must depend of will of workers to buy their services) with abolishments of profits. Can put us forward. That is only possible exist.

        1. Chia Cha

          We need terrorism. If I were rich, by now I would organize mortar attack on hoods were rich are living, 10 times already. I would use 120 mm mortars and attack from some hill, in same time police station protecting them, also would put bomb in school where their kids are going. But I cannot even go join yellow vests in france because they do not have workers hotels, so I would have to support system by becoming tourist (paying gasoline, private room to someone on airbnb etc…)… And even to get mortar you need money. I think we will all die in silence. I mean people do forget but Bangladesh and Haiti are fully funcational free market capitalist state and people are not rebeling. Simply because individuals living there have less dignity then animals (no class consciesnous). Not even dog will eat own vomit if vomit is too old. Pigs will eat own vomit, but for sure dogs and pigs are not able to eat own feaces like humans without class consciousness are able to.

  4. Camus

    Oscar Peterson — Hymn to Freedom

    Live in Denmark, 1964
    Oscar Peterson on piano
    Ray Brown on bass
    Ed Thigpen on drums

  5. Camus

    Freedom Writers
    Dance and Party Scene
    “This Is How We Do It”

  6. Camus

    –Correccion —

    Freedom Writers
    Dance and Party Scene
    “This Is How We Do It”

  7. Camus

    Pharaoh Sanders
    “You’ve Got To Have Freedom”

  8. I think Google needs a hard coup, FB too.

  9. Chia Cha

    America is once again showing how american two party system have legitimacy and how american constitution is able to live on. Maybe de facto one party system is not even going to be needed in US. If it is able to be functional as it is, not need for change.

    1. Chia Cha

      We see here that inside communist economies, there are two models: multi-corporate capitalism of US, and one party corporation capitalism of North Korea model. In North Korean model we have formal unity of parties, while in competitive US multi-corporate capitalism, there are no formal unity of parties (other then Obama trying once to form super-congress). We do forget that unlike PR of China, NK is also like US political democracy. North Korea is on higher level of development because NK is only country where capitalism on all lower levels other then highest (on highest it is impossible to abolish captialism) is totally abolished and in generational succession, which was not possible after Mao died in chinese model where there are no more parties. Thanks to multi-party system of NK and ability to have socil-democratic party. Therefore american and NK democratic models are supreme to Chinese. Problem is that US and NK are both not yet ready to start building soci@lism in economy even NK and US have more communist economies then PR China. We saw that Maoism cannot be answer, Mao was gasp of party trying to end capitalism because unlike in US and NK model, there was no democracy protecting people, at least formally. We see here that US and NK are both real democracies, just social democratic forces are not yet allowed to come on power formally and push for first time in hisotory of mankind toward functional workers soci@lism inside democracies, because is afriad of losing own multi-corporate model, and NK is afraid of not losing own one corporate model.

      1. Chia Cha

        With comrade Ocasio I believe that nice wall can be built in NK toward China, and In Ukraine toward Russia and Germany. But for that to happen this evil liberal-capitalist Hillary/Bush indentiy politics capitalism (killing workers so few g@ys can be feel nicer) must be ditched. Model fell in 2008, such anti-marixst = cultural marxist policies made us to lose Kazakhstan to Russia and China after not changing model fast, after captialist collapse in 2008. Sweeping has not be done fast enough. I have written letter to national-geospacial agency but they are not answering me yet. Obviously I am bad in writting letter. I mean, for me there is not differnce, if US goes down I am happy because I was right again.

  10. Chia Cha

    North Korea abolished exploatation of street cleaner by others (at least other members of working class) by giving bigger salaries to street cleaner then to teachers. Jobs which are more despised by majoirty or consider of lower social standing must be payed more, simply because by them doing such jobs workers feel exploited (wasting their life in eyes of others). Therefore we see that only abolishment of markets where accumulation and private profits are abolished we can establish real measure of market demand and offer inside society. For instance in capitalism work at McDonalds despised by society is paid less then what is paid job of bank owner,,, job for wich there are much more offers, thereofre for which real market value is lower, because offering is bigger if we measure free individual will without violence produced by private money accumulation (fascist violence). Yes we cannot allow someone is who is not educated to be astronaut to be one, but that is resposibility of automated central planning agency (bank) to produce enough of astronauts before, not of workers to suffer as individuals because markets will violently punish street cleaners by saying to street cleaners by lowering their salaries that sorry we needed more astronauts after there are more street cleaners produced as excuse to rob street claners. Heck even that would have have more sense then what we have today where not even such markets can work, markets distored by private capital accumulation as way for bank owners to by distorting markets protect their private interests from markets. Today markets are telling us that we need less astronauts and more owners of banks. This distored markets are giving huge money for jobs of bank owners to be open, even such cannot be oppened because those who accumated money are not alloweing that . That is evidence that any market accumuation is distorting market value as way to measure offer and demand. Only banks should be allowed to do accumulations. Not bankers. Same happened with lowering taxation on business which fired workers after they accumulated more money. If I had be given more money, of course I would work less and hire less people, I would remove my self more from markets. You lower your risk. And by not giving salaries you are making money you accumulated go up because real demand for money is bigger.

  11. Chia Cha

    best video ever, EVER… ALL WHITE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE IN AMERICA WILL JUST DIE OFF LIKE LITTLE STICKED PIECE OF TRODDEN CAT MEAT DRIED IN PIECE OF DRY MUD, DANGLING UNDER BOOTS OF SHAPIRO, LEVIN, ADELSON, NUGENT, JONES, HANNITY, PAUL, PRAGER, O SOUZA, PETERSON, MISES, ROTHBARTD, FRIEDMAN, LIMBAUGH,,, for daring to turn their back on soci@lism. Those who do not understends aspects of soci@lism on cognitive and empirical level, must die off and make place for others who do. WASP IS ZAPING WHITES LIKE WE ARE ON MUELLER’s BARBECUE. Trying to solve any personal problem as individual is worthy of pittance and destined to failure. Not being educated makes you easy to be easily lied and enslaved. Capitalists are coming for you land, you will give them for free. Communists were gone because they thought they were so strong and they will won war against land, capitalists are thinking same. No one ever won war against soil.

    1. Chia Cha

      Sorry we communists are taking land for free, but capitalists will not take your land for free, they will pay you 1$ for your land. I have to start looking better what I am writing. And transaction will be free, as always.

  12. Camus

    “Atlantic society is endowed with Civil Society, and on the whole, at any rate since 1945, it has enjoyed it without giving it much or any thought. Much contemporary social theory takes it for granted in an almost comical manner: it simply starts out with the assumption of an unconstrained and secular individual, unhampered by social or theological bonds, freely choosing his aims, and reaching some agreement concerning social order with his fellows. In this manner, Civil Society is simply presupposed as some kind of attribute of the human condition! It is the corollary of a certain vision of man. It is a naive universalization of one rather fortunate kind of man — the inhabitant of Civil Society. In reality, he is radically distinct from the members of other kinds of society. He is not man-as-such.
    It is only the rediscovery if this ideal in Eastern Europe in the course of the last two decades that has reminded the inhabitants of the liberal states on either shore of the northern Atlantic of just what it is that they possess and ought to hold dear.”

    “Conditions of Liberty: Civil Society and Its Rivals”, Ernest Gellner, New York, 1994, p. 13.

    Note: The term “Civil Society” as employed by Gellner should not be presumed to be entirely consistent with the popular and ideological use of the term in a `revolutionary’ sociopolitical context by G. Soros.
    Gellner is cited in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Anthropology and Archaeology as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. Whatever else Soros may be, he is not a thinker of this order.

  13. Chia Cha

    This is good, when this plan is enacted all those other evil countries which are not going to follow instructions from comrade Ocasio following glorious US interests which are nothing else other then interests of protecting whole planet, those countries will have to die in stink of their unadjusted capitalists. Only US capitalists have right, reason and moral obligation to survive in new age. New morality of individuals and their kids will be measured by google statistics measuring did we understand genius of ideas requested by comrade Ocasio on time.

    1. Chia Cha

      We are entering new age, where economic and military power of country will be idea about future, and informations people living on some territory are going to have in their heads. Without leadership there, in information age, all those resisting column leaders, not able to listen those in front of column, how to reach common goal, those will be excluded slaves no one will use for anything other then for example how those with consensually removed resources will look like. Nations following own leadership, not following Ocasio will just have to die off unless they start resistance toward own leadership. Ocasio is entering just how locomotive entered stone age of american indians.

      1. Chia Cha

        Of course for all this to not go wrong way we need this law. US is on path of becoming only consolidated nation after new adjustments are implemented. After this law passing, every nation and company not allowing their workers to enter US corporate chain will just have to have their wishes to die off in silence and fast, respected. Everything allowed to exist outside this chain would be human rights abuse.

  14. Mark Brown

    SPLC is a domestic terror organization and this is proof.

    No talking of alleged “false flags” or crisis actors or school shootings in Coward County! Shame shame shame!

    Blew tube can’t allow anti peeedooo talk.

    Might be time to switch to another video platform that allows free speech?

    1. Chia Cha

      Well youtube, because it is free for end user, therefore used how much you think you need (communist model) is no1 in world and no capitalist (competitive) business model can even lick their boots. All others are just to stingy and too poor to compete, simply because there are too many of them, so they all are totally useless. In model where users are producing content, only communist model can be victorious. Other are just there to try produce good working showcase model for communist business model to be adopted. (multi-corporate) competitive model, where those sleeping under bridge are actors for system pushing competition forward. Republicans wants actors to give real blood not fake. On other hand, I am attacking youtube only because it is still tool of rich, using capitalist logic off economic minority robbing working majority by attacking majority for minorities existing – Democrats model. That is perpetual profit model producing (inside multi party systems) constant profits. For capitalists only what is important is to always produce enough of minority groups so working majority can be blamed and then robbed by economic minority. Only end goal is to divert focus from chance of working majority one time starting to attacking ruling non working economic minority, you divert that by blaming majority for attacking other minority groups more. Satan is righty collecting profits by punishing people for believing in divisions he is producing, collecting those who believe him for hell. Problem of competitive model are republicans demanding that those under bridge must sleep under bridge and that those holding whip for slave owner should have more money then slave (which both is insane). Plus republicans are demanding every whipp hitter have right to become democrat slaveowner which is bad for stability and for well being of slaves (slaves are overworked ) and do not have right even to have roof over their head so slaves gets cold, on open free market, because little stingy republican must sell house of slave on free market for him to collect enough coins to one day become democrat slave owner. And democrat must allow republican to exist because republican is how he become democrat. For democrats them self
      to not end up with king abolishing them self by one of them becoming that king. On other hand evil Democrats wants abortions so little republicans they once were, cannot get new slaves for free, off the grid agreed by democrats (federal borders). Problem with this model is that US is refusing to win. And in Denmark there are no poor slaves, especially living on streets. Slaves must have roof over head, they had roof over their head on south before them becoming capitalist states.

      1. Chia Cha

        Practically republicans wants to ban government from competing with their private businesses, which is bad for innovation and competitiveness. That must stop. Maybe businesses could stay private if facilities were products adjusted in private competition can me multiplied in factories owned by government, therefore produced without rents (private owners would impose on production lines following non democratic therefore fascist demand were demand is not set democratically but by those who have money). I mean Cadillac Escalade is in bigger demand then 20 years old, used Toyota Corolla, but people are buying more of Corollas then new Cadillacs, that is fascism of markets. In those government owned production facilities there are should be democratic consumer tenders organized by government – military, not following demand set by markets but by politically proclaimed needs. Private sector just must be there to produce better idea and finished prototypes (to put product in nicer box ) for consumers to decide democratically it will go in to by government owned production line. That is only possible model which is not creating slaves out of consumers.

  15. Chia Cha

    I am afriad Dr. P that in this anti-Roosevelt innovative nazi production model, G5 or for that matter, any kind of production standardization and unification is impossible in USA. They would rather kill you, destroy US for ever, sold them self to Hindustan, while running from China, just to keep their autonomy for one day more. Reforms of 1996 done by Gingrich are permanent. Until 1996 some kind of FED existed in military production also. Let s just look chaos in software development, one lady teaching software on university told me that only moron will start learning software coding, it is intentional jungle, and every software can do less then one before, changes are so rapid that only fool can invest time and be professional in any of them. It is total chaos and standardization is impossible. They are intentionally destroying everyone and everything. They are hiding any knowledge from people by destroying any kind of standardization of anything anywhere. Everything started when Bill Gates abolished most popular program VB6. He destroyed all scientific apps created by scientific institution because he was allowed do it because it is more profitable for him and because it was his private ownership. Only pillar of US power remaining is YouTube, until it gets destroyed by capitalists next = right wing separatists. Google also abolished own version of VB6 for ANDROID (easy drag and drop coding) after one month when they saw too many people are creating apps too easy also. Only solution for NAZIS Dr. P is to kill them all, this time we must kill them all, all their genes must be radiated, nuclear holocaust is small price to pay if end them for ever. Gingrich is NAZI. I do not understand how Kissinger allowed Gingrich to do his reforms and abolish Detroit arsenal to disarm US people for Microsoft and Google in 1996. So 3d world pagan rats (indians) can get their leverage over US government scientific institutions using VB6. In VB6 scientist were able to make scientific graphs by adding simple lines, today you need to code one whole line just to get one line on screen. This is total genocide. NAZI s are extra terrestrial demons – aliens.,_Michigan)

    1. Chia Cha

      US is becoming one trick pony and that is YOUTUBE, and when that pony gets eaten by capitalists it is over. They all wants to break up YouTube, rather then regulate youtube. While every other “alternative” tube channel owned by some real private capitalist like Mike Adams, have communist propaganda and hammer and sickle banned while celebrating Hitler. That is evidence that google as private corporation is producing NAZISM in stealth mode by allowing hidden Ron Paul nazis to crawl on youtube openly. YouTube allowed nazi propaganda from start intentionally so now, when they are starting to ban NAZIS, all other private tubes (are going to just continue how youtube started) will be their “alternative” continuing same… This time nazis will not be product US will be able to control, because today production mode is nazi model, therefore nazi won, nazi took US and banned Roosevelt model of production, mode of productions and procurement is ideology and that is society. I mean Barbara Bush was frigid l@sbi@n, of course that that is product of that. Austerity and scarcity is nazis.

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