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17 thoughts on “Working for DNC is Dangerous!

  1. Furtive

    New Cartoon “Keep on Canklin'”
    Please POST
    We now live in a country with a government that is no longer responsible to ‘We The People.’ It is now owned by globalist oligarchs. They no longer care if we know. It’s ‘in our face.’

  2. Standard practice for Democrat Presidential Candidates. Obama’s Dead Pool:

  3. ChiaCha

    Glad to see political economy is becoming actual again on west. At least informally. Political economy is fact which cannot be hidden by some wishful administrative decision, even after victory in cold war. That would be like banning red color.

  4. Learn From History

    Is Edward Snowden DEAD? Coded tweet sparks fears CIA whistleblower EXECUTED in Russia

  5. Learn From History

    Sad story about a nuclear scientist who went back to Iran to see the son he loved…..

  6. Learn From History

    This was found on Twitter today

  7. Learn From History

    If the aforementioned is true, its going to get very interesting indeed.

    1. ChiaCha

      Who is then little Satan?

  8. Johnny B Good

    Do not threaten a serial killer with punishment and do not threaten a serial criminal with the laws and punishment for breaking them. Oh and like wise do not make friends with them either. These people have no friends just possible victims. Toe tags and body bags follow them around like the dark shadows of death that they employ Pray for America and pray for the victims survivors..

  9. Tissiemoe

    Dr P,



  10. Tissiemoe

    Our country is run by a Mob with a 3rd World Ava PERON with PARKINSONS Disease running for president!

  11. Furtive

    Julian ASSANGE & Seth Rich

    I knew it was an Inside job – the emails & the murder.j

    Shall we arrest her now or do we have to wait for more murders?

  12. Patricia

    This is off topic, but not sure where to enter this and it’s important. Julian Assange’s lawyer was hit by a train in April apparently and it’s termed suicide. I caught this in a comment on Infowars. This lawyer seems like highly unlikely type to do himself in. Here’s the article:

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