Woodward is a Old Tool of Deep State!

Woodward is a Old Tool of Deep State!

Bob Woodward Perennial Tool of Deep State AND a Sociopath!

Novelist Bob Woodward recent book entitled “Fear” is purported to be an accurate picture of President Trump’s “Crazy Town”.

I have no interest in addressing the contents of this or any other novel by Bob Woodward. This mysterious fiction writer presents himself as a faux journalist for the deteriorating Washington Post. I come forth not to praise Trump but to denounce the Bob Woodward whom I have known all too well.

Since the 1970’s I was aware of this gentleman who graduated from Yale University. He was in one of those puerile secret societies—the Book and Snake Club. This den of Iniquity has spewed out such senile representatives as:

  • Florida Senator Bill Nelson [D]
  • Incompetent duo of former DCI Porter J.Goss [R] and Les Aspin [D] former Secretary of DOD.

In contrast to Woodward’s disingenuous appearance, he was by all accounts a U.S. naval intelligence operative. As such, Woodward has always learned how to ingratiate himself to the highest level of power. Lest you think me too harsh, let me assure you that I knew about this hick back in the 1970’s when he was placed as a ‘stringer’ on the Montgomery County Sentinel. I was the drama critic for that paper at that time.

I was told by the boss and close friend that she had to provide a legitimate cover to this erstwhile Navy Intel Operative before Ben Bradlee would assign him to the Washington Post.

Woodward got himself and his rude sidekick, Carl Bernstein, a scoop on the Watergate scandal that no one else could ever verify. Unfortunately for journalism, Woodward and team created a factotum which they conveniently called, “Deep Throat”. It was a complete fabrication of an identity assigned to some FBI-loser like the Associate Director of the FBI, W. Mark Felt. This faux narrative led to the eventual downfall of POTUS Nixon. They forgot to mention that Woodward was a lackey for the ‘soft coup’ led by Admiral Robert O. Welander. Woodward had served  honorably on the USS Wright as NECPA [nuclear code handler]. BTW, part of this “Club Coup” included deplorables like Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig.

Woodward’s career as a pathological liar began in earnest when he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his ‘outstanding journalism’. The rest is history.

However, once indebted to the compulsion of prevarication, Woodward found a convenient accomplice in the POTUS George W. Bush Jr. Junior fooled the USA so effectively that Woodward’s credibility was completely destroyed. Like the once great NY Times Editor, Leslie Gelb,  Woodward employed his limited intellect to predict that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] in Iraq. Therefore, it was best that we kill a few thousand innocent American soldiers in Iraq.

Next, Woodward the raging sociopath, decided to engage in outing a talented covert CIA operative Victoria Plame. Unfortunately, the extremely talented Richard Armitage was the prime ‘leaker’.

Let me quote some of his journalistic colleagues from both sides of the aisles.

  • Joan Didion wrote the following in the NY Times Review of Books on September 1996: “Woodward is a widely trusted reporter, even an icon. But he assembles reams of irrelevant details from which he demonstrates….. “a measurable amount of cerebral activity which is virtually absent” ….. then she added,” He demonstrates autopilot reporting and LAZY THINKING!”
  • The prestigious NY Times journalist, Anthony Lewis, called Woodward’s writing: “a whore’s trade in which the great grant access in return for glory”.
  • The talented writer, Christopher Hitchens, accused Woodward of acting “as a STENOGRAPHER TO THE RICH AND POWERFUL!”[Wikipedia]

Thanks to his sociopathic ways, Woodward can now command speaking fees of up to $60,000. Woodward refutes his own paper’s prohibition from speaking fees as … ‘fuzzy and ambiguous’!
If nothing else you have to admire the chutzpah of this inveterate BULLSHITTER!!

Sophocles wrote:

“The only crime is PRIDE”.  Woodward is full of it!!

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34 thoughts on “Woodward is a Old Tool of Deep State!

  1. Chia Cha

    If we ask Mises institute then those 60,000 he gets as speaker is result of free will between two free and willing contractual freedom loving free individuals. If amazon workers would put aside capital he does not need to spend on expenses to survive, he could have put aside 2 000-3 000 per year (by eating lots of bacon while not working on kids), for him to one day (after 2-3 years of saving) show that his work also can have equal worth like when mentioned gentleman is opening his upper oppening. Worker may wish that if he choose…

  2. Chia Cha

    All that scum on TYT, on alcoholic Glen Beck, they all act same how low level family members of communists party members here did, in 1989, trying to stil pretend system was behind them, even all was over. Autistic flock of vampiric morons. Same will happen with rich also. https://www.infowars.com/livebig-tech-launches-operation-666-in-america/

    1. Chia Cha

      But on other hand maybe Trump is just needed shock absorber by fascists for libcon capitalits (fascists) to continue. While Corbyn, McDonnell, Sanders, Ocasio are just stunt actors for you to start believing in system even they will never get on power nor any of their ideas will ever pass… Lets look at facts, 1. stories about single payer last for last 70 years (for idiots to hope) 2. capitalism removed all obstacles it had even in own economic laws because we see that wages are falling even labour participation rate is lowest ever (people just give up). 3. religion is totally decimated by capitalists together with christian values and culture meaning protestant i.e. government McDonald sects are spreading like mushroms as religion among whites is falling. 4. on real video of that healh ranger, communist clips are banned but pro Hitler clips are promoted via editor s recommendation. 5. f@gs, imports, atheists and muslims are pro capitalists because capitalists are commiting genocide over native families by removing resources from them, but they are set to represent interests of working people (families) 6. it is perfectly normal to work to pay rent to someone who owns real estate, because you do not, and no one even questions that 7. it is normal to work for someone because you do not have property and he does. 8 City of London profit Zone, ZOO called USA controls even Putin (same policies)— Conclusion very soon whole human society will retard on level one big ZOO. Unless we committ genocide over whites and finish this experiment, it is time to let blacks to take over with help of China. China should remove that white dandruf from that failed s@ithole countries of south america also. Whites as whole are bigger problem then Jewish capitalists. https://www.real.video/5808212400001

      1. Chia Cha

        Whites are even too stupid for capitalists, because capitalists get scared how strong whites starts to believe their own capitalist lies. When capitalists want to sell you some s@it they produce, they use lie for profit to be bigger (for system to work), but whites starts to really believe those lies, so much that capitalsits must invest so much, sometime even in wars for stupid whites to believe it little less after some time, now, when new better lies must start. As we said only whites really believe in capitalism, communism, nazis, atheism, science, market laws, equating natural laws with how human societies operates… Is there any study of whites done, ever?

        1. Jason

          Is it difficult deciding who’s genes you will genocide first?

          1. Chia Cha

            Well, we can say that all those who are unwilling to adapt to my eye of the tiger, will have to leave place to those more adaptable. My eye is so strong, that I do not even have to talk, it will be like that. AI is impossible with brains programmed (upbrought) in society in which class formula is counted using lies. Meaning world of adults. Imagine having such AI controling warp ship. Impossible.

          2. Jason

            Who’s genes will you genocide first?

          3. Chia Cha

            Trump (just how Obama was) is supporting starve capitalism in East Europe, and that means that Trump agrees that Poland, and whole East Europe will stay enemies of USA de facto. We are here exporting all our youth to Germany, because our local communists (biggest capitalsits today) do not want to rise minimum wages, even prices would not go up because we are part of unifed market and prices are lower in Germany of food. Well if Trump continue that way, we will have to stand with our youth in Germany and Mrs. Merkel. Here minumum wage must go to 1000 euros right away, and in whole Europe if Trump does not want to fight united Germany, China, Russia and half of France without East Europe. Trump can chose to lose next 100 years trying to get both, starved eastern europeans on 500$ minumum wage laws, occupied and saveged by Russians, Chinese and Germans, or us independent and ready to not be occupied. Politicians like Orban are also right wing starve capitalsits, who would rather sell their own people to Merkel (like he do all the time) as pert of germany supply chain, then allow own people to survive. One law is needed, minimum wage to double. You can lose this game easily also. Trump have two weeks to decide. Btw. people here are so stupid, that they all are going to Germany even in Denmark and Sweden wokrers salaries are 4000 euros net. while in Germany 1300. Poeple are cattle to be whipped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o–FmUXHPKE

          4. Chia Cha

            *Sorry, in Denmark not Sweden … Either way. Trump will lose it. Russia will not support D-Day like Russia was supporting one in 1944. I know it is very hard for republicans to support minimum wage growth anywhere even that would mean you win, probably even Dr. Pieczenik supports lower salaries for Polish and bigger for turks in germany so polish people learn more about freedoms and have to learn more of german while working for turks in germany, so there can be more Turkish people in germany on expense of new born Polish people but sometime maybe it is time to say, let s stop being ideological. Lower salaries are not way how to have big salary. Maybe Dr. P is German nazi or communist who thinks that if some have low salary while some others bigger then then in shiney communist future having less means God of future will return all that…

          5. Jason

            You responded previously to me that one’s labor is not their own property. You support heavy taxation on said labor, and genocide of labor that becomes rich. Are you self-contradictory on purpose? Or is violent chaos your hope in support of banker class?

          6. Chia Cha

            Let s have this laws passed in east europe and then we can all celebrate american century. That is just one depeche to few abassadors (bosses of CIA for that country). We even renamed street of embassy to be named Thomas Jefferson street. I can be shadow prime minister. We can put minimum wage to be twice as bigger then in Germany. Listen, we do not have factories nor we are exporting anything, everything is in Germany, therefore our workers could not lose competitive advantage because we do not have competitive sectors at all, not even service sector, and prices are determined on world and EU market, therefore we would just be 4 time richer over night. I know that is something horrible to admit that really economy works that way, but because you would win for next 100 years, maybe youd could try. We would not tell anyone. And I will not call on killing of rich people any more. That is fair deal. Let s destroy german empire and EU right now, let s have german compnies having to pay our workers more then their german in one night. We can nationalize everything and give it free to your corporation (combined with law of Mrs. Warren).

          7. Chia Cha

            We can give to your corporations all our hotels on coast (every each of them), all bays, shipyards, islands, telecoms, all tolled free ways toward asia, all water sources, ports. tv channels, air ports, we will even pay you to take it, we can combine single payer with your private medical companies, (if laws of Mrs. Warren would pass everything is possible). Just please remove us from stinky german nazis supply chain and their BND f@g Rosa Luxembourg NGO institutes, and our domestic capitalists. We can starve whole anti-american capitalism and BRICS, with just those two minimum wage laws, here and in Poland, and they all are done, and that is even before law or Mrs. Warren. BRISCSTIIG (add indonesia, iran, turkey and Germany) + east europe and you are done. It is over.


    Woodward is typical of the Zionists who are found throughout the Zionist controlled media and who have a Zionist bias in every thing they write and say.

    It is my opinion that Nixon was framed and that he knew nothing of the Watergate break in and was betrayed by Kissinger and the Zionists in his administration.

    Zionists rule America and will be the destruction of America.

    1. Marbou

      Zionist’s motto: By way of deception.

  4. MicahStone

    “Woodward is a Old Tool of Deep State!”

  5. Chia Cha

    This is what I was talking about all the time, nothing will change, just rich would be richer and poor richer. Inequality is now so big and wide, that amount of workers salaries earn is not even important any more (making inequality maybe good thing), only those mexican empolyers would suffer for not being able to destroy time of some single mother having to work for mexican kebab stand owner. Personally I would never tax corporations (if they would adopt Mrs. Warren law) because if something is working and employing most, that must be taxed least, even subsidized. https://www.breitbart.com/california/2018/09/08/study-no-restaurant-job-losses-from-bay-area-15-minimum-wage/

  6. Chia Cha

    Can we get some Hitler so he can kill those capitalist fast food labour unions demanding open border for wages of labour unions to go down. Can we? Whole hyrachy does not work any more. Nazism was lowest form of hyrarchy, the most primitive form of hyrarchy, but it will happen if labour unions continue demanding genocide and lower wages. I will call that labour union today and warned them that someone could put bomb in their office some day. https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/09/fast-food-workers-union-demands-abolish-ice-pins/

    1. Chia Cha

      *for wages of workers, not labour unions… and not hyrachy but hierarchy… will report what they said

      1. Jason

        You are 100 % correct. Labor unions are lobbying to undermine their own membership. I speak from experience. They are immobile on the subject of supporting illegals and open borders. It’s a subject that gets members blacklisted from jobs if you make to much noise on the subject. Self-destructive to the core, much like publicly traded corporations. Mobile communist infantry units that exist only in the syntax of double speak.

        1. Chia Cha

          And when I was telling that I am planning to kill Paul Ryan, first 10 day after Trump was elected. Capitalists were telling me how I everything is going to be fine. No it will not be fine. Pelosi said she will stay all until Trump is on power also today. This is worse then fascism, because in fascism they will not tell you, that you voted for them. This is totally conserved aztec fascism, there is no air at all. Military must go on street on street of Washington and arrest all those them, put them in vans, every each of them, for nobody to be seen ever again. That is only way to stop this fascism of two paty leaders. Can someone take out that McConnell while I am strangeling Ryan with bare hands?https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/10/republicans-surrender-on-trumps-border-wall-to-push-paul-ryans-tax-reform-2-0/

          1. Jason

            I understand your feelings. However,I would advise allowing women to make emotional decisions. There are layers to this that you don’t seem to detect. Be patient and try not to be the poster child for angry far right white people. The enemy is being pumped to be dumped. WTO is about to evaporate. Same with the Vatican, Democrats, RINOS, and central banking. You want an increase in minimum wage without addressing all the other dynamics within the system. You can’t increase wages through law enforcement with an open border and using foreign currency. You have no patience. But if you must act, don’t type it, just do it all ready, and own it. Was McCain executed? Get a grip.

          2. Chia Cha

            Well it really give me hope to know that there is some centralized inteligence working. Because such centralization politcally is going to be less possible, more and more. But even when that happens, I said TINA, “there is no alternative” (Varousfakis said that that capitalists said that to him for capitalism, but in my case TINA means US even under capitalism, because even if under capitalism for me TINA is TINA). Therefore I will have to put out some worrisome facts from lowest levels of my inteligence, and that means real reforms will be needed if we want to win. Shape of some worrisome facts are discovered and could not be ignored.

          3. Jason

            I don’t suggest ignoring worrisome facts. However, one alleged fact does not exist in isolation, but is a puzzle piece. You can’t put a puzzle together without mentally modeling the final image of the puzzle. If you don’t understand accurately the final image, you are lost, period, then find a more suitable hobby. Reforms are meaningless if they are not oriented holistically to where you really are. Not where you think you are, but where you really are. Then model all the requisite changes that need to be made. The order of those changes is critical. The word reform by itself is meaningless. The result is what matters. Trump’s enemies are assisting their own demise by exposing their unlimited hubris, every nanosecond of the day. If you understand the holistic beauty of a Formula One drivetrain, you understand more than you may realize. Timing, synchronicity, optimal proportionality, reliability. If you look closely, there are no secrets anymore. Some people tell the truth by lying. Get it? Citizens must have maximum motivation to vote Trump supporters into office. The cabal is between a rock and a hard place. They have less than 60 days, then the skull will likely hit the tree.

          4. Chia Cha

            1. Kazakhstan will not enter NATO and that shows pendulum. Few years ago that even had some chance 2. If Russia ask China and China says OK, and India says, not our business. Then Putin is in 40 days in KIev. 3. No one will ask anything Europe. 4. US can only start WW3 then to try stop Putin. 5.Putin will not occupy Ukraine, he will just introduce autonomies, and tell ukrainians to hold election before he again leave them. 6. In 1968 Moscow, therefore all communist parties around world started policy of accepting religions. 7. In 1968. Lavra dome in Kiev was rebuilt using real gold. Much much of gold. Yes church was not back then filled with KGB actors, but with real people, yes opressed and ruined by party members, but that was when party reformes started. —- Therefore what reforms we need to win? There are several…

          5. Chia Cha

            Most worrisome that reforms of Mrs. Warren will not be enough. It was secret that in WW2, all ships which would get out NY port would be sunk by nazi U-boats all the time, that italian mafia was cathching nazis all around US. But main problem, THE BIGGEST AND RIGHT NOW ONLY PROBLEM for US to be abel to WIN is that corporation adopted fascist and nazi model of COMPETITION AMONG CORPORATION—–THAT MUST STOP… I will explain details everything, we will lose everything because of that.

          6. Jason

            Nations must redefine their borders not just in geography, but in culture, trade, language, and finance. Nations need range of remedies specific to themselves, not the least of which is control of their own domestic currencies. Calculating a defense of new system would then become less convoluted. We need borders. Money borders. Trade borders. Corporate borders. Banker borders. The carrying costs of global debt have crippled any linear reforms. Global debt reset is the super massive black hole at the center of our collective orbits. All games are played on that particular chess board at the moment. What would the ideal phalanx of reforms be that would reconstitute the integrity and future of your nation? On a side note about unions. They are for open borders as an investment in their future justification to exist at all. With air tight borders, election reform, debt relief, and restoration of US Constitutional law, domestic workers by definition have all the leverage they need without the aid of parasites.

          7. Chia Cha

            From your mouth to God s ears.

  7. Hard to believe he was so widely considered a bastion of journalism. A gullible and trusting time I suppose.

  8. I think trump either does not want to act, or can not act. Irrelevant. It is likely that there is intelligence active against the Deep State, but that is has not been as capable as it could be. Conservatives, Libertarians, whatever you want to call them are being censored, with no real opposition from people in positions of power. The Russia “investigation” continues. Nobody is moving to arrest the criminals. Trump decries the entire DoJ. There are other investigations going on, but they don’t seem to be accomplishing much. There are over 40,000 sealed indictments, when there are usually only around 1,000 or so. Much rumor has been that they are for prosecuting the criminals, but it is just as possible that they are to prosecute the “conservatives.” They are sealed after all, and in this government of leaks, these indictments spread over so many legal jurisdictions do not have any leaks by the Deep State in order to prepare their minions for “resistance.”

    Censorship before the election, sealed indictments, concerns as to voting machines, rumors of Russian interference. People are looking for a false flag of “Liberals” against themselves, “The Big Event,” but the big event may not be a false flag. It may be an outright power grab. Say the returns “officially” put Dems in control, and RINOs join them with enough votes to impeach (the left savaged Bush Jr. and threatened with impeachment, but he was their ally manipulating the other side). Pence gets in as President, the Dems are in control of a not drained Swamp, and arrests begin. Social Credit Score is instituted to manipulate the masses. AntiFa goes to the streets. Indictments are unsealed, people arrested, and no voice of opposition as the platforms have been shut down.

    This is a possibility. A certainty? No. But it is something to consider. Yes. What do authoritarians always do when they seize power? They arrest the opposition. 40,000 sealed indictments sounds their speed. And who would have the pull to get that many throughout such a corrupt legal system and have the ability to not have any leaks, zero leaks? The Swamp. Not a justice/legal system so at odds with anything that is not the “Left.” Trump has only recently been able to slow down the leaks of those he selected for his Administration. 40,000 indictments and no leaks. What does that sound like?

  9. Of course, if there were a false flag of Dems against themselves, could be a huge Republican win, enough to take control of the Senate and House with impeachment numbers. And with voting machine signatures that point to Russian Tampering, and intercepted “genuine” cables between Trump and Putin. You know, the Obama Birth certificate thing, questions about the layering, with the technological capability and knowhow, does anyone believe that a “genuine” fake, indistinguishable from an actual, could not be created? That the only reason for a questionable layering would be intentional? That “genuine” documents and communications could not be fabricated to implicate and impeach Trump? Implicate 40,000 people or indictable instances for those “conservatives,” “Libertarians,” whatever, who have been such a shorn in the paw of the Deep State? The most likely “Big Event” would not be before the election, but the election itself and the aftermath. That is Occam’s razor, least convoluted, fewest moving parts. Not the only possibility, but one to consider.

    1. A Republican Congressional “win” that would be enough to impeach “Liberal” Judges acting on bad behavior, impeach Democrat Congressional members. I.e., motive for a “big move” of election fraud by Trump, in order to provide grounds for Dems to overturn the election and for Dems to make their move in a takeover as they “save the Republic.”

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