Women’s March is BS so says my Smart Friend

Women’s March is BS so says my Smart Friend

My very good friend had this to say after today’s events

As a former executive manager who was fired or as they say in “corporate-speak” downsized more than once, I am offended and annoyed by these feminist protest marchers.  I am embarrassed that they are so ignorant and make all 21st century women look bad.  I think its especially cringeworthy that many of the so-called spokeswomen are has been or B-level celebrities in the entertainment business.  To me, they are acting as prostitutes for the elites.  So simple, stupid.  BTW, I am a FEMALE!  married, divorced and college educated.  Now, I spend most of my time helping to organize my local rural community and rescuing abandoned animals. My priorities: environment, education of our kids and animal rights.  I vote republican!  I am not identified as a Christian but I consider myself spiritual.  Plz wake up people, its a good time to be alive.  Just think about what your great grandmothers had to deal with!

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16 thoughts on “Women’s March is BS so says my Smart Friend

  1. Petra

    People that are given a gift and refuse the gift are the same as those that did not receive the gift…
    Trump is a gift to America. May we work to enlighten others to receive this gift. Wow. One man, truly saved the lives of millions of Americans. But, they never saw the clear and present danger in Hillary…
    The rejectors of this gift are acting like rabid animals. They will turn on each other eventually.
    God bless America. Land of the Free.

  2. Timothy J. Wulff

    Take a deep breath; its going to be ok.

    The truth has a life of its own, and we are gifted with empowered protectors.

    Just ask Steve.


  3. Lynetta

    Pardon, but you fight with what you have been given and they fight with what they have left after the corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle handed over and continue to hand over American rights and assets, personal and collective, to the psychopathic elite for campaign contributions over and under the table. The day we don’t protest wrongdoing is the day the fascism has become complete in America.

    1. Ddwight

      All the more reason to reject this stupid marching and accept the positive change that is coming!

    2. Chia Cha

      Just how i said, look graph, from 1986, we had fascism, abolished by Trump, it was military industrial complex promoted by neo-liberal, neo-conservative capitalists vs investment capitalism… http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-20/25-years-neocon-neoliberalism-great-top-5-disaster-everyone-else

  4. Ronald Winn

    If only this had been an anti-war movement before 19 March 2003 in addition to the anti-Iraq war movement that did take place it probably would not have happened. It will clearly cause divisions in the US which will have to be over come by President Trump before the majority of Americans wake up. There were plenty of demands women could have made under Obama presidency [particularly womans rights in the ME & even now in Yemen] but marches seem so trivial. Mass traction should have somewhere to go. It a waste of energy.

  5. Chia Cha

    . Trump said healthcare for all. Those liberal-capitalist scum should shut up, unless Trump delivers it. Then they are needed and good.

  6. Janine Frasher

    Hopefully, we “awakened” are all using our imaginations somehow to reach out to just one of these really clueless individuals who have been victims of mind control since birth. They have been denied HOW to think vs WHAT to think. Their education is fraught with propaganda. They have been taught that everything is about them. Helping another is so beyond their comprehension. Maybe start by sharing your transformation.

  7. saziobro

    Yes it is good for women to support our hard fought civil rights, but blaming President Trump for the abuses for the past eight years, or scolding him for lewd language and fake news during the election campaign is moronic and absurd. As a woman I am concerned with the rights and abuses of all women. The women at this weekend’s women’s march seem to care little about the treatment of women in other countries.
    . In America, women have it pretty good. We have choices our grandmothers never enjoyed. I am pro-life, but you’d think I am someone horrible. Not believing in legal infanticide is not a character flaw in my book. I was not invited to march due to this belief. I appreciate my sisters, I believe in the power and strength of women, but I think the accent is on the wrong person or issue to assign. blame.

  8. meg-peg

    I’m out on the west coast…my friends all marched…
    When this march was announced, right after Hillary’s defeat, I saw it as taking advantage of the collective anger and outrage (powerful energy there!) that was occurring because so many women were so SHOCKED that she didn’t win. Of course, they were SHOCKED because the MSM had set them up to expect Hillary’s win…..They were MORE disappointed than they would have been if the media hadn’t misled them…. Anyway, too bad there weren’t anti-war marches during Obama’s (constant war!!) administration. Where were my women friends then? This is not a question I can ask them. I would be stoned to death.

  9. Dood McMan

    ROFL @ the commenter saying: “they never saw the clear and present danger in Hillary” = FOOL! They know EXACTLY how evil & corrupt Billary is, just like O’Butthole, & that is precisely WHY they support her = as a WEAPON to DESTROY the world. The democrat party is a terrorist organization and should be banned for all eternity, along with any organization similar to it. It’s like the many parties in Europe that do nothing but flood the place with raw sewage from ISIS 2 ram the whole place down the toilet. The function of feminism & all the other ‘alphabet soup’ LGBT bla bla bla is 2 wreck things. They get off on it. They’re nihilists, like jews. Many jews openly talk about their own corruption. Visit these sites for example:

    Please everybody stop pretending “lib-tards” believe their own lies. It’s like that other terrorist group (funded by the jew George Sorros) called (ONLY) Black (CRIMINAL) Lives Matter. Everything a so-called ‘liberal’ ever says is always just code for “KILLWHITEY!”

  10. Dr. Pieczenik,

    Inagauration day

    On the most Power Full Day for our nation and world the leader of the greatest move of Liberty of recent times Alex jones made his historic celebration response!!!! With decades of praying and fighting with JESUS our LORD Alex has been used by FATHER to Restore order!!!! HOLY SPIRIT Led me to Release several Words from our FATHER YAH to him, one being that he would have a Power Ful Dream that night of 1-20-17!!!! FATHER Showed him much I Believe this night and as HE Blessed Alex HE is Blessing you even more for your years of fighting for Truth!!!!

    FATHER YAHWEH Will be Showing you a lot of things much insights of things going on on the earth and the future of our civilization!!!!

    We were there well done Amen what an amazing victory to see these enemies of humanity destroyed from their pedestals.
    Minute 27 I joined them on the ground!!!!

    Shalom Shalom Dr. Pieczenik
    What a new era we are in now with such Innovation and Prosperity now Being Released from FATHER YAHWEH GOD into the earth to Bless everyone!!!! HIS Kindness is here now to be shown to this world!!!!

  11. Vicky Matthews

    So glad to have found this page and read these comments! Writing from the UK. I didn’t know much about Hillary or Trump, but since Trump was elected, I did some reading around… there is SO MUCH about Hillary that is unbelievably bad, the arms sales, the war-mongering, the lies, the corruption – from so many sources, not least her own emails, and all Obama’s obvious wars…. I am totally baffled as to why anyone was doing this march. I am very much an environmentalist (would be great if Trump brushed up on his renewable energy), but a priority even above that is to stop bombing the hell out of other countries and stop having supportive links with countries that support ISIS… (this all applies to the UK just as much!!) From what I’ve read, Trump knows what’s been going on and he’s going to at least excise the worst of it. If I had a Facebook page, I daren’t express all these views…. all these women who think they’re so ‘right on’… their placards “love not hate”…. What exactly do they mean? Can they actually debate the policies that have the most devastating consequences for people beyond their own borders, in terms of bombing for no good reason…

  12. Judith Lawson

    The need for women to stand up for their most basic personal rights is large, but much much
    greater are the Rights of Nature. Being a climate researcher on the ground and at
    sea has convinced me that human ignorance and disrespect of Nature are doing us in, no matter
    last ditch efforts to keep the nation afloat. Nature bats last and she always bats 1,000.

  13. Sabine Sears

    I really enjoy the comments here since they don’t turn into foulmouthed, disgusting tirades.
    Thank you everyone!

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