Who IS this Jill Stein?

Who IS this Jill Stein?

Who is Jill Stein? And Why is She Spending Millions of taxpayer’s dollars on Voter Recount?

I don’t know this doctor. I have seen her a few times on TV. This Jill person has demanded a voter recount in the three major states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. I decided to take a few minutes to peruse her background on Wikipedia.

Here is what I uncovered:

  • She is from a Russian Jewish Chicago family background which afforded her the opportunity to state categorically that she is an agnostic.
  • She graduated from Harvard College in psychology, sociology, and anthropology with magna cum laude.
  • I presume that she had to take more rigorous science courses like Organic Chemistry, Zoology, Biochemistry, and Genetics in order to be admitted to Harvard Med. School. Yet, I could be wrong!
  • After Harvard Medical School she practiced internal medicine for 25 years.
  • She served on the board of Greater Boston chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility. She became active at all levels of community, city, county, state and national politics on exceedingly important health issues like toxic metal poisoning and securing a ‘green future’.

What is wrong with this impressive, liberal individual who feels that she should be spending several millions of taxpayers’ dollars in each state to recount the votes? Maybe nothing is wrong and she is well intended. However, several inconsistencies/ flashpoints in her biography grabbed my attention.


First, according to her March 2016 financial statement, she has a net worth of $8.5 million dollars. That amount of money is not a pittance, nor does it indicate that she has assumed a modest lifestyle commensurate with the ‘deplorable masses’ which earn a median income of less than 1% of her net worth. There is a bit of cognitive dissonance in her following statement:
“…. We, the people, have to take charge because the political parties that are serving 1% of the population are not going to solve the problems for the rest of us…”
Where exactly does she think she belongs? Among the 99% of blue collar workers or the privileged one percenters? Smells like a phony to me.

Jill likes to campaign in the less affluent parts of Boston like Dorchester, espousing her self-righteous sentiments; instead of moving out of her exceedingly, exclusive suburban community of Lexington, Mass. BTW, Jill has made her money in the stock market by investing in companies which she deplores including: defense, chemical, military, fossil fuel.

Her hypocrisy is rationalized as follows:

“Sadly, most of these broad investments are as compromised as the American economy… degraded as it is by fossil fuel, defense, and finance industries.”


To delineate Jill Ellen Stein as a hypocrite is simply a tautology. It would be more accurate to state that she is a political dilettante who has never served this country in anyway other than by her own choosing to promote her own self-image and attune her increasing narcissism accordingly.

Let it not be said that this polymath doctor is not serious in her pursuits. Her publications in the medical journals are far less significant than the fact that she has developed an interesting career in music business.

She has recorded musical albums with collaborator Ken Selcer in the folk rock band “Somebody’s Sister”. Apparently, she is more proficient on the conga/djembe drums and guitar than in delineating serious, practical political programs.

For reasons I cannot fathom, Jill has a problem realizing the political difference between Republican Mitt Romney and Liberal Democrat Barack Obama. When she considers the Republicans and the Clintons to be part of the resurgence of neo-fascism a la Nazi rise before WWII. I realized now that Jill is this silly little teenager who has not learned the lessons of history, medicine, nor the reality of a hardworking Americans who have to work two-three jobs to make ends meet.


It’s a bit scary/sad to see an overgrown adolescent trying to act out her unresolved self-identity issues in the body and mind of a decrepit 66 year old has-been hippy. Hopefully, she will someday realize that she represents less than 1% of American voters who had no other choice than to throw away their vote.

Getting old is a real bitch, Jill! Try to grow up before you take a dirt nap. Plz don’t waste our money and time!

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25 thoughts on “Who IS this Jill Stein?

  1. gwen

    I think anyone that thinks they have been cheated, should be able to have a voice. However having said that, I think there is something else at play here with her recount & it has nothing to do with getting the green party @5%. We shall see how this plays out. And Obama is not a liberal. He’s a bought & paid for corporatist.

    1. Chia Cha

      Obama licked Wall Street and he was against factory jobs, Jill Stein is class enemy, Sanders is going to be old and was cheated… They are all there, always so close, but to get something done, oh, no no, just not this time, try again. Even Roosevelt when he wanted to put in to constitution right to house, and healthcare he was killed. Poor americans, nothing will change. Imagaine, to pay estate tax on you only house, you own?? LOL

      1. artichoke

        Estate tax doesn’t kick in until $5 million, maybe it’s 10 but I don’t have enough to have to worry which it is.

        1. Chia Cha

          Sorry i meant property tax, when I come on power, real estate for living will have no property tax unless it is twice better then average… On second house, taxation is going to be punitive 25% per year, unless you are keeping them for kids. Or unless you rent them and pay someone to be inside who is not related to you have have worse off house. (everyone is going to have house)

  2. Ultimate Observer

    Her main mistake is not realizing how tenuous the USA political system is at the moment to push the recounts. But the threat to upset things is positive and she has cleverly wasted Soros money to make point that at the beginning couldn’t succeed. Trump complained about vote fraud, which was real and against him, but no mention of vote reform being an important objective of his administration. Now, that he is in charge of the system, and with Republicans in power, will vote fraud be OK because he and the Republicans are in a better position to do it. We didn’t have a fair election — we don’t know what the real vote was (probably much higher popular vote for Trump). What was really in play to determine the outcome was the coup and counter coup efforts. Without a reliable and honest voting system, the Republic is dead. Trump represents only a hope, whereas Clinton is evil incarnate. It is disappointing that the reaction to her action is personal attacks rather than advocacy of a voting system of such integrity that it is beyond reproach and highly protected against voting fraud. See BlackBoxVoting,com

    1. artichoke

      I think Trump is going to do vote reform but it’s impolitic to talk about it now, or maybe even at all. He should want to get it done by 2018 or certainly 2020. If he clears out the illegal voters and makes sanctuary cities come into compliance with US law, and gets some movement toward proper Voter ID, that will constitute major vote reform. But no need to have the leftists screaming racism about it at this time.

    2. fred freud

      My main objection to $tein’s recount is that she has only concentrated on state Trump won. And her consulting with Clinton’s campaign shows which side she is really on. Nope, sorry, she is a sell-out like Bernie – only there to lend a hand, where necessary, to Her Highness.

  3. John FitzPatrick Leisen

    Brilliant as always Dr. Pieczenik,.True Respect Sir,.!!!

  4. Jill has earned her face honestly. We all have choices.


    Jill is NOT entitled to a recount as she is NOT a injured party. Go back to playing the drums Jill!

    1. SqueezyWhizbang

      You are exactly right. Plus, the Michigan Supreme Court has five republican and two democratic judges. The Michigan’s AG’s office has filed suit directly to that court to stop the recount and it will probably be successful based on the law and the configuration of the court. I read PA’s election recount law and there is no language indicating that a federal court has jurisdiction. That said, I am not really familiar with this area of the law. The PA recount law language indicates that a recount petition should be filed within the state and is appealable to the PA Supreme Court. With Stein not being an aggrieved party and having questionable federal jurisdiction, a PA recount is not at all assured either. Stein also filed too late. As for Wisconsin, that state just certified their results recently so a recount will not likely change much.

      As for Jill Stein’s personal motivations, she seems to be loving the attention. Isn’t it interesting that all of the MSM that ignored her all during her election is suddenly so anxious to give her air time now? Dr. Stein doesn’t seem to mind the injustice and hypocrisy in that at all. And she’s not trying to get the media to change that now that she has the chance.

  6. Sheeple Spotter

    I suspect Jill now sees the opportunity in ‘taking over’ Hillary’s position as cheerleader for feminists and SJWs.
    The recount call was simply a method of garnering media attention and trying to bring the focus back onto her.
    “Hey, all you students, greenies, and other ‘progressives’, Hillary let you all down, but I am still here!”

  7. Learn from History

    Dear Jill, there is a saying in law school that i think applies to you: “Don’t let principles stand in the way of practicality”.

    For being so successful with your academic pursuits Jill, I am sorry to say, but I think you are an idiot. Perhaps you and Hillary, and Pelosi, and the other nut case politician that thinks she is an Indian, whose name escapes me at the moment, can do the world a favor and charter a boat sometime together, and find Gilligan’s Island, and stay there.

    Talk about a “fool’s errand”, you get the trophy Jill!

  8. Learn From History

    Or as one pundit has so aptly stated:

    “Think of the arrogance of their mindset – vote for our candidate because she is not good, but less bad than the other fellow, and once again you really have no other choice… They blame racism, the Russians, sexism, Bernie bros, hackers, the ‘deplorables’ in a bit of an ironic twist on the Romney moment, the electoral college, and even the roots of democratic process itself. They and their strategy failed. Spectacularly.”

  9. MS

    My concerns about Jill Stein are actually tertiary to what has been reported on December 4th, 2016. Yes, Jill Stein is obviously involved. But, it is the “gaming” of the system (in effect, a coup d etat), intended to force President-elect Trump from the office he hasn’t been sworn into yet, that is the problem. Since it was Dr. Pieczenik and his people within the intelligence community who kept Hillary from stealing the election a short time ago I am compelled to ask the following questions for which I completely expect answers either public or privately by email. Without his responses the only course of action left to the people is violence, and a lot of it. My hope is that the Hillary supporters engaged in this treasonous collection of acts will be both thwarted and arrested. If not, my fear is there will be another Civil War.

    1. Are you Dr. Pieczenik doing whatever is needed to stop the “Hillary Gang”?

    2. What are your perceived chances of success?

    3. Can success be used as the excuse for implementation of Martial Law by the blackhats?

    4. If Dr. Pieczenik fails to stop the Hillary Gang, what is the most prudent course of action for families? For individuals? For those who the Obama administration have made destitute with their corrupt ways?

    5. If Civil War erupts, whom should the people be fighting to eliminate in order to return the rule of law to America?

    I hope that Dr. Pieczenik will have the decency to respond to the most important questions of our day. You’ve got my email address. Please do use it.

    Thank you for your time and efforts, they matter to millions.

  10. Serena

    Everything I’m following points to this move being an attempt to stop Trump’s inauguration by making it so that the recounts are not done in time and it will nullify the states electoral votes taking votes away from Trump so that he does not have enough. Also Clinton and Soros are sending death threats to the electoral collage. Pennsylvania published their names to make it easier for Hillary supporters to threaten them. Well Steve, I sure hope your team has something planned to stop this coup attempt. If Hillary gets in we’re all in deep trouble.

  11. Serena

    As the MoFA warned about yesterday (and we reported on in our 3 December report Russia Warns America Is At The Abyss: Next 10 Days Will Shake The World), a “silent coup” is now occurring in America against President-elect Donald Trump by forces loyal to Hillary Clinton to deny him the presidency by causing the US States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to fail to meet the 13 December US federal law deadline to certify their Electors prior to their voting for the next president on 19 December.

    This Hillary Clinton “silent coup” against President-elect Trump was, also, accelerated in the past 12 hours, this report notes, with Clinton backer Jill Stein stating that she was dropping her lawsuit in a Pennsylvania State court to demand a recount and, instead, is planning on filing a US Federal lawsuit tomorrow—and that Trump’s lawyers warned the courts this case now threatens this State’s ability to certify its presidential electors by the 13 December US federal deadline.
    With the Clinton-Stein recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan devolving into chaos and multiple US federal lawsuits, this report further states, Clinton’s supporters are continuing to pour millions-of-dollars into Jill Stein’s “recount charade”, and that Stein initially said she only need $2.5 to do, then $7 million, and now, today, $9.5 million—and that with her so far raising over $7 million, she “stunningly/comically” told the Pennsylvania State court yesterday in withdrawing her recount lawsuit that “we are regular citizens of ordinary means” and cannot afford the $1 million bond ordered by the court by 5 p.m. Monday.

    And with all of these facts considered, this MoFA report grimly concludes, Ambassador Selfridge’s sending to the Federation yesterday the official inauguration documents naming Hillary Clinton as the next US president may not be an “unintentional mistake” at all, but a prelude of what is to come—and that will shock of the American people who will finally learn that their nations democratic due process has devolved into something like ‘The Hunger Games’ for the rich—and that their presidential election has been nothing more than a sensational televised spectacle to entertain their elite rulers every four years, while keeping the American people foolishly believing they can effect real change. Hopefully this is disinformation and everything is ok.


    I do not understand why Killery is not in jail with massive amounts of evidence on her.

  12. John Mindler

    Jill Stein is merely a front for Hillary’s sore losers. Obviously the funds footing the expenses covering the recount are coming from monies remaining from the Clinton campaign, whatever is left that will not make its way eventually to Chappaqua.

  13. Batia Gottman

    Helpful background on Hill Shill Klein. But tacky comment on her decrepitude, especially coming from one further advanced in that enterprise, Dr. Pieczenik.

  14. Kurt

    @Steve, Why do you say Stein’s recount money is from taxpayers? See comments by JimStone dot is [/baasepaged7.html] Nov 24 – 26:

    ZEROHEDGE: CONFIRMED: HILLARY HAD JILL STEIN DO THIS [zerohedge dot com/news/2016-11-26/clinton-attorney-announces-plan-participate-recounts-despite-no-actionable-evidence-]

    A bot is pulling cash from a central fund, and giving it out at a pre determined rate.
    Go to Jill Stein’s fundraiser page [jillstein dot nationbuilder dot com/recount] and watch the progress. You will see that her funding is coming in at a PERFECTLY CONSISTENT 160,000 an hour. I watched this yesterday and last night carefully, and noted that at night, when everyone is sleeping and right through the time when the whole world slows down, her donations for this came in like clockwork, with no deviation from the steady pace whatsoever.
    The only way that can happen is if a bot was set up to fake her getting donations from multiple people, and whoever set it up did not consider the fact that practically everything would come from America, and practically everyone is asleep at 3AM. LAST NIGHT IT SHOULD HAVE SLOWED DOWN. IT DID NOT. IT JUST MARCHED RIGHT TOWARD THE FINISH LIKE AN OBEDIENT SOLDIER. It went straight to 2.65 million by six AM. I can calculate: IT WILL GO TO 4.5 MILLION IN 28.125 HOURS. Oh, a few people will pitch in for real, so I’ll say 27 hours.
    EASY MATH. JILL STEIN WILL GET THE 4.5 MILLION SHE NEEDS BETWEEN 4 AND SIX PM TONIGHT, DEPENDING UPON HOW MUCH REAL PEOPLE PITCH IN. Actual math progression based on the steady rate lands squarely on 6:10 PM tonight, but I am guessing a few real people will pay in.
    Don’t be fooled by the slick language on the donation page, if those donations did not virtually stop at night they are not coming from the American people.
    [All emphasis above is in original.] My guess and (Jim Stone’s) is that the “central fund” is Clinton Foundation / Soros which are money laundries at least partially from foreign sources.

  15. Serena

    Don’t know if this is true, would not be surprised. Just bracing myself for another big false flag

    December 4, 2016

    US State Department Document Stating Hillary Clinton To Be Inaugurated As President Stuns Russia

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    A new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin says Federation diplomats were “shocked/stunned” yesterday after their receiving from the US State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol an official invitation document to attend, on 20 January 2017, The 58th Presidential Inauguration ceremony of Hillary Clinton being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

    According to this report, the US State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol organizes the participation of the Diplomatic Corps in special events and official public events such as Joint Sessions of Congress, inaugurations, funerals, and other ceremonies—and upon the election of new US president sends out an official inauguration invitation document to the Ministry (and other nations too) querying as to whom of the Federation’s diplomats (Foreign ministry officials, ambassadors, etc.) will be attending.

    With President-elect Donald Trump having won the US presidency instead of Hillary Clinton, this report continues, MoFA diplomats receiving this US inauguration invitation document contacted US Ambassador Peter Selfridge, who heads the Office of the Chief of Protocol, seeking an immediate clarification—to which Ambassador Selfridge replied that the heading of this official inauguration invitation document naming Hillary Clinton as the next US president was nothing more than an “unintentional mistake”.

  16. DW Allen

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    I am surprised that more attention has not been given to Jill Stein and her disruptive `recount’ effort within the broader context of the ongoing campaign to deny Trump the Presidency.

    In this connection, I would like to remind you of a World Economic Forum interview granted by George Soros , the philosophically-trained `financier-social engineer”. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2016-01-21/george-soros-talks-eu-china-fed-and-donald-trump/.

    Beginning at 37:12 in the interview Mr. Soros said: “I think there will be a landslide for HIllary Clinton in the popular vote. [Not] in the electoral vote because there paid political elemen[ts]… {pause}… announcements will have a big role and so the electoral thing will be closer.”

    Here, we are presented with a very interesting moment in the political and strategic thinking of Mr. Soros. I refer to Soros’ activist conception of the Electoral College and the electoral vote. More precisely, I would like to single out his taken-for-granted view that the College is open to influence by “paid political elemen[ts]…”.

    Soros’ thinking about the Electoral College is remarkably alien, unAmerican, foreign. His view runs contrary to American political thinking, cutting against the grain of our normative political traditions and historical experience. This is why so many are blind-sided by Soros. Many are unprepared and unable to `see’ clearly and distinctly what Soros is doing in the `dirty world of politics’. His tactics and general strategic approach is so fundamentally subversive and cognitively inverted that it is `unthinkable’ from a conventional American perspective.

    In a word, Soros does not play by `the rules of the game’.

    This gives Soros and his network considerable strategic advantage and brings to mind the tactical political advantages displayed by the world Communist movement when it so successfully infiltrated and influenced American civilization and American public policies during the 20th century. – most notably in our systems of education, the media, politics and the State Department.

    At any rate, Soros shows his hand in the above-mentioned interview. He expresses his largely incomprehensible approach when he insinuates or impliedly states that the Electoral College is perfectly subject to extra-legal political and economic manipulation.

    “…there [in the Electoral College] paid political elemen[ts]… {pause} announcements will have a big role.”

    To sum up: Soros inadvertently discloses that the Electoral College is perfectly subject to subversion by paid political elements. (The precise means are unspecified but certainly do not exclude the widely reported death threats to which electors are being subjected throughout the United States.)

    To my knowledge, the Electoral College has never before in the history of the United States been targeted and substantially manipulated in any appreciable way by appealing to the economic motives of the electors, or by other direct and indirect means using economic and political instruments. The political role of the so-called`faithless elector’ has always been negligible in historical terms, and certainly not a focal point for economic and political activism, including threats of violence. This has suddenly changed in the 2016 election, however. And the change can be traced to the political thought and `political philanthropy’ of Mr. Soros and his network.

    Based on a review of Stein’s biography and judging by her present conduct I believe that one can justifiably assume that Stein is one of the `paid political elements’ of which Soros spoke. At the very least, such a provisional hypothesis is not inconsistent with the details of the historical drama, the complicated play of observable facts and events. Factually speaking, there are many connections between Stein and `the world that Soros built’, not the least of which is her Green Party running mate in the 2016 campaign. Another such reported Soros connection is the lawyer taking a lead role in the disruptive `recount’ effort. I would like to add, en passant, that there are characteristic Soros-type agitprop activities such as the recent, logically absurd demonstration orchestrated by Stein at Trump Towers in New York in which Trump is being blamed for the electoral obstruction which has been created by Stein herself. This is classical Soros politics — the politics of cognitive inversion for purposes of occultation and subversion — also exhibited in a very clear and systematic fashion by the Clinton campaign and the thoroughly discredited D.N.C.

    A network analysis and an institutional analysis of Stein’s environmental policy involvements extending back into the mid-90’s and her failed (one might say `fake’) political career raises many questions in light of her recent conduct. Whatever the motivations of Jill Ellen Stein and the full facts of the matter she gives every indication of running a `front operation’ for George Soros. To paraphrase a great Russian author: If Jill Stein had not existed, Soros would have had reason to create her.

  17. TellTheTruth-2

    With no chance to win, why did Jill Stein run for President? She’s a SCAM … she wanted to collect Federal Government “taxpayer” funded SLUSH MONEY … http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/pubfund.shtml … Maybe CROOKED JILL should run the Clinton Foundation after she raises new SLUSH FUNDS for her recount scam?

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  19. Coprophile pope


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