Where was Hillary during the Rwanda Genocide? Syria?

Where was Hillary during the Rwanda Genocide? Syria?

Where is POTUS Obama and the UN as Syrians Get Slaughtered in Aleppo?

In a recent NYTimes Op Ed article Oct. 12, 2016, the foreign minister of Qatar underscores a major question: where is Obama? the UN? when thousands of innocent Syrians are being slaughtered by Vladimir Putin and Bashar al Assad?


As usual they are nowhere to be found.Talk of intention is a lot cheaper than effective action. Unfortunately, Democratic administrations have an abominable record when it comes to preventing genocide, e.g. FDR [Holocaust]; Bill/Hillary Clinton [Rwanda Genocide].

Despite the well-documented American predictive intelligence that foretold of the imminent deaths 800,000+ Tutsis, Bill Clinton and his inept coterie of WH advisors went AWOL. Perpetrators of the Rwanda Genocide came from the ranks of the Rwandan Army, the Gendarmerie, government-backed militias, including Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi as well as Catholic clergy [Where were you then Pope Francis as Director of the Argentine Jesuits?]

Not mentioned above, were the countless machetes supplied by China, as well as the large sale of grenades, machine guns, and bombs supplied by future UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros –Ghali when he was the Egyptian foreign minister.

At that time, American intelligence picked up the fact that a new radio station, Radio Television Libre des Milles Collines [RTLMC] would be used to propagate the impending genocide by broadcasting racist propaganda, obscene jokes, and incendiary material egging on the Hutu to slaughter the Tutsis.

On April 9,1991, UN observers watched helplessly as children at a Polish Church in Gikondo were executed without any interference. To make matters worse, both Belgian troops and French elite covert troops participated in the mass execution of Tutsis, machine-gunning them down at will. Add to this, the systemic rape of Tutsi women. Masterminded as a weapon of terror, Hutu men with HIV brutally assaulted thousands of helpless Tutsi women. Also included in this massive orgy of human perversions was the sexual mutilation of Tutsi women’s vaginas, with machetes, knives, sharpened sticks, boiling water, and acid which were then displayed as trophies in public [Wikipedia].

One may glimpse a small aspect of this unimaginable horror, by watching the movie:“Hotel Rwanda” starring the brilliant Don Cheadle, playing the part of a heroic Hutu, Paul Rusesabagna. There is one scene in this film in which it directly implicates Bill/Hillary Clinton. 

Throughout the months of this genocide preparation, President Bill Clinton, was busy sexually molesting intern Monica Lewinsky as well as ex-VP Mondale’s daughter. As we all know by now, Bill Clinton was enabled by his ineffectual national security director, Sandy Berger [Cornell University grad] and guess who else? None other than the woman who claims to help and empower women and children [especially minorities] throughout her 30 year political life: Hillary Clinton!!

From highly placed sources in the WH, UN, and IC, I discovered, after pleading for American intervention in Rwanda, I was categorically instructed not to interfere because it was Hillary Clinton herself who had personally dissuaded her ineffectual, emotionally retarded, sexually-scarred husband, POTUS Bill Clinton from intervening in this preventable Rwandan genocide.


In all fairness, there was one Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Susan Rice [a National Cathedral/Stanford alumnus] who had also failed to convince the Clinton administration to intervene and prevent the genocide. As a result of her past failed experience, Rice retorted:“I swore to myself that if I ever faced such a crisis again, I would come down on the side of dramatic action, going down in flames if that was required.”

Dear National Security Director, Susan Rice, once again you have been ineffective alongside your novitiate POTUS Obama, who foresaw and even helped to create this impending genocide in Syria. Obama refused to enforce the red line that he circumscribed in that once limited Syrian Civil War several years ago. Now, it is a genocidal mess, thanks to you: Obama and Hillary. In particular it was Sec. State Hillary Clinton who ordered the illegal shipment of weapons via private intermediaries to al Qaeda/ISIS fighters in both Iraq and Syria through Benghazi, Libya. The resulting chaos is now legendary.

The issue in this campaign is not about sexual peccadillos of neither Bill nor Donald. It is about  recognizing a past history where thousands of innocent people in Rwanda, Serbia, Bosnia, Libya have died because of the ignorance, indifference, and incompetency of a family, the Clintons, who have covered up their domestic/foreign policy failures with meaningless palaver intended to distract our millennials and voters from a history rife with death, torture, and corruption. 

As for Trump, I do not know of one genocide to which he was in anyway related, unlike both Hillary/Bill. Only Hillary can be directly labeled as the ‘Black Widow’ of past and present genocides.


What say you, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, our Lady Genocide freak? BTW, let us not forget the 10,000 innocent Haitian men, women and children who died as a direct result of the Clinton Foundation’s assisted UN intervention in Haiti. Ineptitude and greed created a septic epidemic in the water. Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was directly implicated in those Haitian deaths. As usual, nothing was done about that heinous crime.

It is true what Moliere wrote in his play, The Misanthrope:

“Those who love all of mankind love no one.”

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10 thoughts on “Where was Hillary during the Rwanda Genocide? Syria?

  1. Ron Sanderson

    Excellent ..relative important history lesson. Thank you Steve. Hillary to Bill. Oh Bill find a new girlfriend… We can not get involved in Africa again..do you want to deal with another Black Hawk Down situation ? How about that new sexy young intern ? I think you should go for it Bill she’s hot ! Bill.to Hillary….Hillary you are always right as usual . I will stay out of Africa and stay inside Monica. Have a cigar.

  2. Chia Cha

    Dr. P. you are forgetting genocide over american peasants under Roosevelt… Clinton stopped war in Bosnia which started by James Baker green light to Milosevic (main protagonist of entreprenerial reforms which resulted in greatest pillage of peoples of Yugoslavia). Same green light given to Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait. Bosses are same. Same one who controled food prices, for Arab spring also. https://sites.google.com/site/theamericandreammyth/7-million-americans-starved-to-death-during-the-great-depression/the-great-depression

  3. Petra

    God bless Steve Pieczenik. Why is it that those who run the day to day operations of the government are so much higher quality individuals than all of congress put together. Oh, I guess it is simple. Congress is purchased by those that buy their campaign. They are as Esau who sold his soul to eat. But, I want to know how many meals do these guys need to eat?

  4. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please see my recent comments at your former location. Last post at former location on September 11, 2016.

  5. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Russia and President Assad of Syria are not really at fault for this mess! It all began with the WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY forming ISIS (actually intelligence mercenaries); and training ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) in Turkey at secret bases! Therefore, Turkey is also a PROBLEM! In addition, Turkey was assisting THE WEST (controlled by THE BRITISH EMPIRE) in arming and financing the efforts of ISIS (intelligence mercenaries)!

  6. Furtive

    Jack Abramoff explains Clinton Corruption for DUMMIES:



  7. Niels Larsen

    Steve Pieczenik writes in detrimental terms about FDR’s ‘failure’ to intervene to stop the ‘holocaust’ in Europe. Steve MUST understand that FDR had THOUSANDS of other things to attend to, and that he was facing stiff domestic opposition to commit America to the war in Europe AT ALL. It was thanks to Winston Churcull’s discreete lobbying in the form of private correspondence, that the New World was persuaded to come to the Old’s rescue. Hitler had taken all of Europe, and as we all know it was very difficult for the allies to get a foothold on the continent at all. When the military leaders had this difficulty to get a foothold on the continent, how can he plausibly believe that they should be particularly concerned about the plight of a particular civilian group of people?

  8. Angela Bianca

    Dr. P…why aren’t you writing about what’s going on with Russia ??? We are all terrified !!!! Those of us who know what is really going on…the one’s who are listening to the REAL media ( Alex Jones, Michael Savage…etc ) Now with Wikileaks out there ..isn’t there enough information to IMPEACH OBAMA, before he starts WW3.??? Isn’t this the only way, ACT NOW…What do you think ????

  9. Nina

    Thank you Dr. When I hear you on infowars you are encouraging. Alex is the best but you have some analysis that is more hopeful.
    I tell as many as I can about infowars everyday and I give them cards I printed. Here in LaCrosse, WI he is not well known.
    After my research on you tube I became a patriot forever. I hope I can find ways to reach more people.
    We are so grateful for you work.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh my God. Ok then you should now vote again for that reactionary governor you have over there. That is your patriotic duty, also rich entrepreneur is you God but not above free market and dollar. Now you are in.

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