When “Conspiracy Theory” is the Truth

When “Conspiracy Theory” is the Truth

When Conspiracy Theories are the Truth!?!

Pictures of Hillary Clinton don’t lie as much as she and her caring Dr. Lisa R. Bardack! For some time now, a group of non-connected board certified physicians including Dr. Obama’s physician and I, have demanded an independent examination of Hillary Clinton’s health by a group of non-partisan doctors.Yet, she and her personal physician have repeatedly refused; claiming that she is in ‘excellent health’.

If Dr. Bardack had been in front of me as a Board Examiner in Neurology/Psychiatry [medicine] and she would have told me that her patient, Hillary, was coughing for two straight minutes but had only “allergies”, I would have flunked Dr. Bardack. Unfortunately, in this case there is no accounting for the “collusive nature” of the doctor-patient relationship.


If I had shown Dr. Bardack the video of Hillary falling down as she entered the SUV at the Sept. 11, 2016 commemorative ceremony, and the good doctor told me that Hillary only had “dehydration and pneumonia” and “that Hillary was fine after taking an antibiotic”, I would have flunked the good doctor, once again.

To be more specific, I would ask for some of the more standard diagnostic procedures:

  • What did the MRI, CAT Scan, and other pertinent x-rays show? 
  • Did she culture the sputum? Was it bacteria or viral?
  • Was a cranial x-ray done? Remember: Hillary had serious brain concussion which resulted in two months of hospitalization/recovery according to the good doctor.

I am somewhat taken aback by how cavalierly Dr. Bardack has treated a potential POTUS who has repeatedly shown medical symptoms/signs of prolonged,unabated coughing, as well as a history of constant concussions and syncope.Clinical medicine, if practiced appropriately, does not lie. It reveals all sorts of underlying causes for a woman as chronically ill as Hillary.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the exceedingly well-trained, Dr. Bardack is practicing an unusual form of medicine not witnessed since the JFK medical cover-up in the 1960’s. I am impressed that she did her internship and internal medicine residency at my former medical school, Cornell University Medical College [New York Hospital 1991]. Before that, she went to a good medical school in NYC—NYU. Presently, she is an Assistant Professor Mt. Sinai Medical School [three generations of my family worked/trained there as well].


Clearly, Hillary is far sicker than we are allowed to believe. If elected, she will not be able to function as required by the strenuous/stressful position of POTUS.

Dr Bardack! Welcome to the world of so-called, “conspiracy theories”. Even Board Certified physicians, like yourself, are not exempt from the truth. Hillary is your patient. More importantly, she is the inveterate pathological liar who wants to become the leader of this great nation.Dr. Bardack: remember your Hippocratic Oath. Please recall this part of that oath:

“I will not be ashamed to say, I do not know, nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery.” 

In this case, the patient is America.  Make America great, again.

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21 thoughts on “When “Conspiracy Theory” is the Truth

  1. Chia Cha

    16 years of rule under DNC would be very abnormal and is unlikely, but republicans are not any more part of human civilization… imagine having trump as president of usa, trump is totally unattractive in world, and no one talks about him in europe, he is totally uninteresting… having trump telling something on tv channel while switching them would be like seeing pudding with few hairs moving his fat finger, while his hole for releasing sound is shaped in square… Bush junior at least did not like beauty pageants, he was more normal, even he liked guys… Compared to Trump, Bush was intellectual, funny, and he knocked USA with few very very good low kicks. Trump is boring. Imagine talking to Melania while having dinner with Trump family. That is moon explorations, I would not tell them that because I like people and because I am perfect.

    1. Larry Rothfork


      1. Chia Cha

        You society mint is not of kind to have such high level capabilities.

        1. Your mom

          Lol. Your a moron Learn how to drive

    2. Reuel Smith

      i think you\’re trolling. i\’m in Europe, and they\’re liking Trump and worried about massive muslim unvetted.

    3. sherri

      you are boring
      glad pos like you is not running for president

  2. Pam

    Love your updates on Info wars,
    so comforting to hear your optimistic outlook on the country.

  3. Anonymous

    Great job on the show Dr P. Very informative and oddly comforting. Will be passing this one around to people who are freaking out about wtf is going to happen now.

    By the way, have you heard that people all over the world have been finding fake currency with “illuminati” symbols all over it? There’s even a website with a countdown clock – the countdown ends Sept 14, 4pm PST – the exact same moment the Canton, OH Trump rally begins three time zones away.

    People have been working on this since the “Beast Bills” started showing up well over a week ago now. Here’s all the info/pictures/translations on Reddit…


    Here’s the website with countdown clock…don’t worry, it’s safe to open (we haved vetted it thoroughly)…


    He calls himself “Mr Teeth” and has a Facebook…


    He posts on there approximately every three hours (which matches the survivalists’ “333” rule of communication in times of emergency).

    Upon studying the bills, you can see this “Mr Teeth” might be planning to do something with the Federal Reserve. Perhaps a leak?

    Anyway, just thought I’d pass this along in case you think it may be something pertinent.

    Thanks again for the awesome interview.

  4. Furtive

    Dr Oladotun Okunola & Dr. Lisa Bardack are mimicking Michael Jackson’s Doctor. He went to prison, & lost his license.

    Okunola serviced bill during his heart surgery recovery. He specializes in epilepsty & neurophysiology ( board certified). He went to Howard University medical school & has a practice in New Jersey.

    He’s part of the family.

    Bardack will regret “Servicing” Hillary for the rest of her life.


  5. Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s latest medical episode on 9-11-2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5mYx5oCxEg

  6. Duke Kodiak

    Follow-up vid to the David Seaman’s video – Google Plus shutting down “Hangouts on Air” – livestream format where journalists are able to broadcast and interact with users. So no more live news on google from independents. What is going to happen when the reigns are handed over to ICANN on October 1st? This is getting scary.


  7. Full Duke

    A great case for Parkinson’s disease (i.e.best Guess);

    *Head Boobing = Parkinson’s Induced levodopa dyskinesia (PDLID) 5-10 years post initiation
    Bernie Sanders endorsement, Bloomberg News counted 408 head “nods” – head nodding tremor common in Parkinson’s
    *Latest “pneumonia” claims = Aspiration Pneumonia (Parkinson’s related swallowing disorder). *Numerous coughing episodes = Can’t swallow properly without getting saliva on vocal chords, again, the Parkinson’s related swallowing disorder
    *Near Fainting episodes = Parkinson’s disease ‘Freeze’
    *Waxing and waning lower extremity weakness/collapsing = Parkinson’s disease, substantia nigra atrophy – typical presentation for moderate to advanced Parkinson’s
    *The famous picture with her SS agent holding what was initially thought to be “Diazepam Autoinjector” was possibly an ‘ApoMorphine Autoinjector’ – a non-selective Dopamine agonist


    1. Full Duke

      Sorry, Parkinson’s Disease Levodopa induced dyskinesia (PDLID).

  8. Embrey

    Comments not coming through. Is there a problem Dr. Steve?

  9. Full Duke

    My first couple of posts went to never-never land, not sure what it is I refreshed the page once of twice and tried again and got it to work but its spotty for some reason. At first I thought Dr. Sreve banned me or something. LOL Good to see I am not the only one having problems.

  10. Patriarch

    9-12-16 Charlie Rose interviews the King of the Con: “THERE’S A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE”

    You have to have been born yesterday to believe anything he utters.

    Watch his expressions & body language.
    “This happens in the past, frequently, I mean…rarely, but she’s anxious to get back to work. She’s a DEMON!”

    “Haiti, we are good at this. We need to do that…”We only can do it with international contributions.”

    Bill Clinton is using his estranged wife to revise history & give himself a mulligan on his impeachment.

    In fact, his forte is as an actor – academy award quality.
    Watch for yourselves:


  11. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Jerome Corsi is reporting at WND that, based on 3 sources, Hillary is in Stage 3 of Parkinson’s Disease. Check it out. What do you think?

  12. Watchmen

    @Patriarch talk about a professional liar Sniffs*…golly…. Sniffs*

  13. Durwood White

    Dr. Pieczenik: Hillary is not giving her true medical records. Is there something you can do to tell the media–if only Fox News. It is important that the people know the truth.

  14. Reuel Smith

    her parkinsons symptoms are rapidly increasing. latest 9/20/2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY5CqjmqWVI

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