What’s all the Fuss about the Vetting of Immigrants?

What’s all the Fuss about the Vetting of Immigrants?

What is All the Fuss about Vetting Immigrants?

I went through it.. so can anyone else!

The recent hysteria concerning President Trump’s imposition of a ban on seven countries which happen to be Muslim is laughable. With over forty Muslim countries around the world, Trump selected seven of them, five of which had been extensively bombed by former POTUS Obama. Remember: HRC and Obama supported and incentivized the wars in the following wars Muslim countries: Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia.

I didn’t hear of any protests concerning the gratuitous wars that HRC /Obama started and continued at the cost of $6 Trillion USD. The lachrymose farce of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer belies an underlying hypocrisy that strains credulity across all parts of the liberal/left/Democratic political/economic spectrum. Where were his tears as he watched and did nothing about the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims, Christians, Druze, Chaldeans, Assyrians, during the CIA/John Brennan/Obama illegal drone warfare throughout the Middle East?

Equally despicable is the statement by Goldman Sach’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein, another American Jew, who openly breaks with Trump because he is personally offended by the immigration ban. Has America forgotten how Blankfein raped and pillaged this country during the 2008 banking crisis? He, as well as his sycophants at Goldman Sachs [many are now in the Trump administration] created fake financial instruments [CDO, subprime mortgages] which were sold to Middle America knowing fully well that they were worthless. Blankfein then bet against his own fake products; screwing Americans again and again. While Americans went bankrupt and homeless as a result of Goldman Sach’s miscreant behavior, Blankfein received a bonus/salary of $54M USD.

Trump’s immigration ban has uncovered the festering cesspool of deceit, conceit, and  disingenuous concerns from those who never really served our country, either in the military or elsewhere; allowing these self-professed moralists [Tartuffe] to position themselves publicly on the side of apparent righteousness.

I came to this country as a refugee around 1950. I did not speak English, nor was I welcomed with open arms. The criteria for citizenship for me and my family were very clear. We had to wait six years in Havana, Cuba until we were vetted by the Consular Service of the US State Department. After the process was complete, we were given a visa on the condition that my father pass the American Medical Board. My father was a medical doctor in the french army but that did not guarantee our stay in America.  He had to pass the boards, and he did! He was the only one to pass out of 469 refugee medical doctors.  Unfortunately for the others, they were forced to leave the USA.

When I came of age, I was personally informed by the selective service that I would have to serve our military sometime in the future if I wanted to become a citizen of the USA. It wasn’t a suggestion; nor was it a flimsy consideration on the part of two Democratic POTUS: FDR, Harry Truman.

In case our liberal friends want to complain ever more, let me remind them that thanks to two more liberal Democratic presidents JFK and LBJ, I was the only one drafted at Cornell University Medical College [maybe one other out of a class of 88 students] during the Vietnam War.

I could have left to Canada, Cuba [my birthplace], or France. Instead, I chose the hardest and most deadly route for American citizenship—serving my country. No one should be guaranteed anything when it comes to becoming an American citizen.You serve this country … or not! The choice is yours. Stop complaining!

There will always be refugees coming to our shores.That is a given. How will they benefit our country’s welfare—that is the real question.

When a Blankfein or a Schumer feign outrage  for political purposes, it seems so laughable given their personal records of greed and skullduggery against American citizens. It’s time for America to rid itself of the poseurs and robbers who raped our country time and time again.

The great British writer, William Blake wrote:
“Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night”.

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18 thoughts on “What’s all the Fuss about the Vetting of Immigrants?

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Excellent and Powerful.

    Thank you.

  2. Glen Danelon

    Glad you are on our side, the side of GOOD. America owes you and your fellow patriots, a great debt of gratitude. You and your great members of the Intelligence community SAVED AMERICA, from great Evil. Americans with common sense, know this, and Thank You All.
    I hope in the near future your true roll is unveiled, for all to see.

  3. Chia Cha

    1 of 88… That means 87 others were all members of upper socio-economic class.

  4. Fivi Zogbi

    It’s ironic we came to Canada by choice once the partition of British Mandatory Palestine was proposed so my parents and their Jewish friends left and arrived at Ellis Island in June 1947. There we were undoubtedly vetted even though we were destined for Canada as British subjects with British issued Palestinian passports. Prior to that, those who resided in the Ottoman empire satrapy of Palestine had to use a Turkish passport. With most destined for Latin America they became known as Turkos. Despite coming as British subjects, already on track for Canadian citizenship, I’m told the scrutiny and vetting was extreme. Afterward, we were treated with the most intense animosity even though we were Caucasian and wore western clothing. I was just a baby but my parents had an accent so we endured a discrimination and economic hardships. It was OK aat that time when kids beat other kids and called them “dirty Jews” even though we were Christians, but the assumption was we were displaced Jews or Palestinian Jews and were taunted as “fleas” “dirty Jews” and “DPs”. Today’s generation of North Americans are so spoiled and pampered, to call them snowflakes is inadequate to describe their offensive, outrageous sense of entitlement. Their expectation that their wishes must be obeyed by one and all verges on a tyrannical form of presumptions that they’ve been spared. Pampered, spoiled children in adult form. It’s hard to imagine that universal education has produced such an anti-intellectual mini tyrants. Trump’s election has been a gift to us all within the American sphere – even the undeserving.

    1. Chia Cha

      In USA there is big chance that it is not going to be enough if you do not have 2-3 extra houses minimum, ready to sell, to secure healthcare for family. Plus 4-5 houses to rent out in some costal city to workers (as best and most secured source of income in capitalism, government bonds as only second). Alternative is to have private trans-oceanic jet and passport of some European country so you can, after getting sick in USA, get to hospital. You need fuel also.

  5. MRW

    “Op-Ed Canada’s sanctuary for migrants is built on a strict immigration policy,” by Paul May, lecturer in political science at Harvard University.

    Between November 2015 and November 2016, it resettled more than 35,000 Syrian refugees […]

    Refugees accepted in Canada have been selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They’ve had health and criminal background screenings; their identities have been permanently registered using biometric security methods such as iris scanning. Canada accepts only whole families, single women or children. Single men, considered a possible security threat, are turned away. […]

    Canadians are undoubtedly more tolerant of immigration than many of their Western peers. . . .because it has one of the strictest immigration systems in the Western world.

    1. MRW

      Canada also insists on proof of education and professional skills matched to the current economic interests of Canada so that job procurement and easier assimilation into Canadian culture is ameliorated.

      Canada needs immigration. It does not have the fertility rate to match economic needs by 2030 without it. Nonetheless, it established a strict points-based system and protocol in 1967 which it performs in the source country under UN High Commissioner for Refugees control that other countries have started to emulate.

      What’s wrong with us doing the same thing?

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        Canadians are non-productive, dependent on the few remaining taxpayers, and it’s a nation so deeply in debt with an incompetent airhead bibmo prime minister who got elected because of the pandering to ethnic votes. They’ve imported incompetent immigrants who know nothing of democracy and then they vote for the Liberal party to whom they think they owe loyalty in order to continue to get their tons of welfare benefits that are either draining the lifeblood of the few productive workers or from the insurmountable debt Canada has created.
        I can’t believe anyone who reads Pieczenik’s material could remain so delusional – unless you’re just spouting off the mantra emanating from the bowels of the U.N.
        I’m sorry for the repeat comment on our site, Dr. P, but these assertions of Canada as a desirable role model is pure utopian gaarbage!

        If I were uttering such inane falsehoods, I’d use a three letter fake alias too! The points based system is the p.r. The couintry of Canada is no more than a collection of groups of ethnicities who come from countries where bloodshed and hatred are and have been endemic for millennia. It is just a matter of time before the “mosaic” narrative explodes into regions of outright violence.

        1. Chia Cha

          Canada is sucked by rich, who needs to be abolished. People cannot sustain such parasites.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      Fanatasy! These are lies and propaganda that Canada feeds. Ask any rational Canadian. Canada is the terrorist breeding grounds where the terrorists settle in quietly in order to initiate attacks against the U.S. This has been the case for more than 40 years and I know that from personal experience!

  6. Embrey

    Good points. God forbid we transform our tax laws to promote productive people having children.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Where do you find this propaganda and then offer it out as though you know it to be fact. I suggest you provide some sort of citation for you idyllic illusions. Canada is – and always has been – the source from which communism launches many distortions that permeate the minds of Americans. Canada is filled with marxist-leninist ideologies and it destroys the entrepreneurial spirit. Provide proof of what you say
      for that is not the Canada I live in. In fact, I’m in the process of trying to return to the US because Canada is a parasitic entity that would never have been more than a north backwater were it not for our proximity to the US. Canada and Mexico are both serious liabilities to the U.S. which is the meat in the sandwich of two parasitic flanks!

      What delusions! Anything “vetted” and alleged by the United Natiaons is the first clue you should have that those claims are pure propaganda. To accept is gullibility – but to repeat as though it is fact is dangerous propaganda!

      1. Chia Cha

        Entrepreneurial spirit as long cash is not abolished, and while relation employer employee exist is code word, for crime.

      2. Embrey

        What the hell are you talking about?
        I was making a suggestion for the United States.
        I said nothing about Canada.

  7. Cathy Cardoni

    I am a fan. I love the truth; it will and does set us free.

  8. Dr. Pieczenik: I do not know if you monitor or review this site on occasion, or whether your webmaster acts on your behalf and you are not involved with its content. I have a question that I believe only you are capable of answering honestly, and that your answers will be based on first hand knowledge. I know of a person born in Palestine to plans to return. What are the risks of returning to the West Bank with a passport from a respected western country that played a major supporting role in the creation of Israel. Will this person be taking unwarranted risks or is there potential for that person to finally come in from the cold of a rootless exile? Can such a person even contribute to rational dialogue or will he/she be considered an outsider and be resented by both sides. If you see this and have the time – and would kind enough to contact me – my email is included as part on the i.d. required to post.

  9. Steven Levy

    With all due respect l, Dr. Pieczenik, I am a little perplexed by your “habit” of identifying various miscreants as “American Jews”, knowing that you yourself (and family)have been the victim of anti-semitism in significant ways. I know you are not an anti-Semite (or anti anything) but it sounds very anti-Semitic when you say these things. Maybe I’m hypersensitive. However I do percieve some animus on your part when you identify some of the bad guys as “Jews”.

  10. Learn From History

    I am happy your father “acted like a termite, and passed his boards” Dr P !

    He changed the course of history with that accomplishment.

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