What is Aleppo?

What is Aleppo?

The Incessant Bombing of Aleppo Constitutes a Major War Crime!

War crimes are deliberate acts of brutality that exceed the acceptable limits of force [if that makes any sense]. Usually, a war crime can be construed “as a serious violation of the law of war that gives rise to individual criminal responsibility” [Wikipedia].

In the case of Aleppo, Syria, incessant bombing and the use of chlorine bombs marks both Bashar Assad MD and Vladimir Putin as war criminals. For some time, Bashar and Putin have decided to destroy both the infrastructure and people of Syria in a constant hail of barrel bombs and gas warfare.



They intend to demoralize the population and wipe it clean of any so-called ‘Muslim Extremists’, or any other ethnic group other than Alawite [ruling minority].What constitutes an extremist in this civil war is open to debate.

Our incredibly novitiate Obama and his sycophant White House staff have developed a non-strategy of warfare that begs any element of rationality or intelligence. Such absence of strategy is filled in by none other than the dutiful DCI John Brennan of CIA, which has completely abandoned any semblance of decency and HUMINT in order to jockey their non-expertise alongside those of our highly trained military personnel [ who have been circumspect in their actions].

The USG has become collusive with Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad in destroying any semblance of Syria as both a functioning state; as well as a haven for those unfortunate Syrians who cannot escape into the EU. Russia and Bashar have made their intentions known to the world by suppressing any attempts to help those poor souls left in that once beautiful city in which diversity of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism thrived in the bazaars of trade.


Even Ms.Genocide herself, Ambassador Samantha Power, whose sole purpose in life was to decry ‘genocide’ in every habitat,village and farm, has been silent and wanting in her once highly perfected hysterical outcries.Where is this Irish misfit who comes to America and proclaims herself to be the newly sanctified “Joan of Arc”?  We cannot hear her practiced voice of outrage in this massacre of children, men, and women, cleverly entitled, “A Syrian Civil War”.

It’s sickening that Obama has been MIA in both our domestic/foreign policies.The least he can and should do is to go to Syria and have a sit down meeting with the good doctor, Bashar Assad, who finds the Hippocratic Oath a hindrance to his rapacious, tortured whims. We know that Obama is not a brave soul, nor a man of courage. Yet, it may be opportune, in these last few months of his interminably stagnant presidency, if he could manage to spend our tax dollars on saving some lives in Syria. It would better than flying around the world blabbing about everything and accomplishing nothing.

Hopefully, there will be a day of reckoning concerning the atrocities committed in Syria by all sides involved in this conflict.Until that day, I will delineate the massacre of innocent Syrian civilians in Aleppo as a “War Crime”!
Time has not favored the weak and helpless. Where are the moral leaders of this world? I hear no outcry from the Argentinian Pope Francis who once also practiced torture and suppression as the Director of the Jesuits in that country under the Colonels’ Junta. Has he no courage to defy the diktats of immorality in the Middle East?


Where are the Imams, Rabbis and Priests? The silence is deafening! The world will pay for its silent insolence.

Genocide abounds in Syria and yet not a word has been spoken about it. So let it be said that it is life as usual and mankind at its worse.

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37 thoughts on “What is Aleppo?

  1. del stead

    A thought provoking piece …what I would comment on is there obviously are no lessons learned as Libya and Iraq and the treatment of Palestine demonstrates..I wouldn’t necessarily agree that its just Putin and Assad are to blame also noted you don’t say they are just to blame and its interesting the point regarding the religious leaders stance…always find it strange the nearer these troubles are to the holy land the further away the holy leaders are…rather like a 4-5th generation immigrant extolling the virtues of their forefathers lands from a safe distance…its disappointing that nobody has really picked up the main issue regarding the Syrian crisis that you skilfully pointed out and that’s water!!! A point you’ve made several times and not just regarding Syria also!! This tasteless ..odourless and colourless liquid is far more valuable than any black gold…and people need to pick up on the emphasis you stressed regarding the topic…..meanwhile I’ve just seen two great YouTube videos of yourself giving your views on the phosphate mines in Florida..powerful delivery reminiscent of an iron fist in a velvet glove!!!!!

    1. Bill

      You want to talk WAR CRIMES ?

      Syria had a population of 2.2 million Christians [The most in the middles east] before the war and now the Christian population is reduced to less than 1 million, over 50% GENOCIDED !!

      This is a quote from a Christian in Syria: \”Life is horrible\’ Syria\’s Christians fear total genocide\”. Rebel forces fighting against Assad that are backed and aided by the US, have murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians.

      It is the USG and Its proxy armies in Syria that are not only guilty of war crimes [crucifying Christians, murdering babies on social media etc.] but of Genocide of the Christians in Syria.

      Where\’s the UN, Obama, Pope, Bibi etc………..I think you can figure this out. They are the ones that wanted to topple Assad, THEY are guilty of WAR CRIMES AND GENOCIDE !!

  2. Chia Cha

    War is war, when we communists partisans were fighting right wing christian conservatives in WW2 led by Mussolini, Adolf Hitler and Teddy Roosevelt (all financed by western capitalists) we were also entering villages, killing all children, females and elderly, and we would left just one oldest person… Of course it was done in uniforms of Wehrmacht, Chetniks or Ustashas, so that, that one who was left, when asked, would tell others from other villages that it crime was done by people who were wearing one of those conservative christian uniforms. That was best way how to get new people joining partisans. War is war, you have to do all destroy your enemy. It is going to be much easier if Trump wins. 😀

    1. Chia Cha

      And this is how Muslim villages of Balkan will look alike when we Croats, Serbs, Chinese and Russians start cleaning Balkan from american dreams of Ottoman Empire and good old memories of Lodge about Barbary pirates… First of all those dreams were destroyed by British who pushed French to take North Africa and destroy first those Barbary dreams.
      This nice Serbian songs goes: no one can do anything to us, we are bigger then destiny… 😀

      1. ” No one can do anything to us………” . Look up the meaning of the word ‘ hubris ‘.
        Your Slovene Friend

    2. Rid

      Wow !
      That was one of the very best word smith dialog I’ve EVER read from a Clinton supporter!

  3. Larry Rothfork

    Russia to blame?…another Langley lie…

    1. The Trurh

      I am at a loss in some of the more recent writings on this site. It’s almost as if someone else is writing them.

      1. Chia Cha

        Everything is same, do not worry… You like death of little children s? Imagine that right now in USA someone because he have money gets better medical treatment then someone who does not. Imagine some mexican old fat rich owner of fast food stand gets better saving life medicine (because he have son who have liquor store) then blonde german american child, because his parents are are working for that mexican owner. HA HA HA. That is what Dr. P. wants. Everyone who vote Trump now after I gave him these informations will go to HELL, for ever. https://www.donaldjtrump.com/policies/health-care/?/positions/healthcare-reform

        1. Embrey

          Rich people everywhere have advantages, always have and always will including where you live. Regardless of whether their economy is based on collectivism or markets, the rich will always have more. Don’t like it? Get rich.
          Your entire premise falls apart without the 1%. You would starve.

          1. Chia Cha

            Not true, in USSR rich were killed, and churches destroyed. It can be done.

          2. Embrey

            You make my point. The USSR was an abject failure as far as empires go. Capitalism didn’t kill them, they killed themselves. 75+/- years. Not so great

  4. dltravers

    That Genocide has been going on since Kerry, Obama , Hillary, Powers, Rice et. all began chanting Assad must go. Just like they laughed when the richest country in Africa was imploded by them because of what they said might happen.

    Legitimate governments should not undermine legitimate governments by arming terrorists. US will suffer a fate far worse than it has dished out to many undeserving countries and peoples over the years.

    I can imagine them in the conduction of their rituals in robes and laying in coffins proclaiming their allegiance to Lucifer their bearer of light.

    Good luck with that, Sheol awaits then eternal punishment follows. If you want to believe it, believe it all.

  5. Paul

    Why is it that the bankers who finance the war machines for specific gain and control are not tried as war criminals? Honestly….there is a sort of moral and intellectual dishonesty that surrounds banking….

    1. Learn From History

      Incentivized corruption

  6. Sarah Benichou

    You are exposîng yourself as a zioniste ! Those who comit war crimes are thé jihad proxies of Israël and his slave USA! And Soros another like you is financent the refugee flow to clinse Syria lîke you did in Palestine to serve Israel’s expansion! Your truth is déception and lie! Who destroyed all arab countries? !!! Who threatens the world with 800 military basis? Is it Russia?!! Why do you lie ? Just because of your tribal solidarity with genocidal fascists! Is That what HASHEM wants from you? Follow Naturei Karta in your old days and save your sole if it’s not too late!

  7. Learn From History

    Assad is King of the rubble, sad State of Affairs. SNAFU these days, but not to worry tho, cuz Hillary might just get worked up and press her “reset button” : /

  8. Niels Larsen

    One strike and you’re out, as they say in the States. Steve Priczenik has just crossed that line. We will have no denegating talk about the russians, when all they are doing is trying to clear Syira from the terrorists that the US has been supporting. Steve Pieczenic need to take a hard look in the mirror. This was one step too far. One strike and you’re out. You’re out if you do not eat humble pie and take those words back! Do you understand?

    1. Bill

      Amen to that, great post !!

      The Christians of Syria [Allied with Assad] have experienced GENOCIDE. Syria had the greatest Christian population in the middle east with 2.2 million and now they have been reduced to less than a million ! Dr. Pieczenik calls Bashar Assad and Putin war criminals !!

      The war in Iraq created a vacuum which created ISIS which has reduced the Christian population in Syria [the country with the most Christians in the middle east] from 2.2 million down to 1 million.
      This is a quote from a Christian in Syria: “Life is horrible’ Syria’s Christians fear total genocide”. Rebel forces fighting against Assad that are backed and aided by the US, have murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians.
      “Christians and Muslims lived in the same neighborhoods, we fasted together for different religious holidays,” said Malak Al Hussaini, a 24-year-old post-graduate student from near Raqqa, who now lives in Damascus. “But these terrorists are mutilating the minds of people.”
      Hussaini — a Muslim — served as a translator at a Christian Armenian Church before it was reduced to rubble in the fighting.
      “We lived in harmony,” she lamented. “And now, ISIS takes minorities at checkpoints, women are taken as sex slaves and men are killed or forced to convert to the Islamic version of ISIS… We don’t know when this will stop.”
      Amid the sectarian strife, signs of the peaceable past remain. After Nseir’s majestic Aleppo church was bombed in 2012, the first person to call him to express sympathy was the city’s “mufti,” or leader of the Muslim community.
      “He said, ‘Be assured, we will help you rebuild the church,’” Nseir recalled. “Muslims have long protected Christians and Christians have protected Muslims. This is our Syria.”
      Assad is the one PROTECTING ALL the Christians he can and the US and neo-cons like Ben Shapiro want to take him out !! They and anybody that supports the overthrow of Assad are guilty of Christian genocide !

      Trump wants to work with Putin to stabilize Syria and the middle east that’s why he met with Egyptian leader to discuss foreign policy.

  9. Niels Larsen

    Oh, Steve Pieczenic has become a softie in his seventies and can’t stomach to see graphic pictures of injured and killed Aleppo citizens, is that it? Then do as I do. simply refuse to look at them, and know that they are put out for propaganda purposes in order to smear the Russians. This is something we in the free world (Denmark) saw right away, and therefor erefused to look at it. How much injury and death hasn’t the US done in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, without any proof of it being blown up on Steve Pieczenic’s 50 inch LCD screen?

    1. Welpe

      Right. I don’t look at them too. Its an illegal war there in Syria and there is no UN mandate.

      The USA is violating international law in two instances here: its an attack and trying to influence inner politics.

      Its a shame countries like Germany who should know better are supporting this for years (it began with the attack on Jugoslavija. Chancellor Schroeder agreed to do it to have the electioneering founded by the USA (CIA?).

      Never felt so betrayed in my life as I voted for him (and “famous” Fischer who said nothing when sitting next to Powell presenting the Iraq “evidence”).

      This kind of foreign politics has come to an end. Hope that Trump will see that military spending isn’t helping anybody but the banks.

  10. The Truth

    I hope everyone is reading DEBKAfiles. It appears we are witnessing a soft coup. Is this but a means to deal with the Neocons, aka Hillary?

  11. Full Duke

    Like Richard Sceur remarked in an 2011 interview before they removed the U.S. Ambassador, “he was running around the country trying to encourage groups to overthrow the Syrian government. And that is not the role of ANY diplomat; United States or Russian or Chinese or British.”

    That kind of sums it up in totality.

    Furthermore, this “arming and training” of so-called “moderate rebels” who are just run-of-the-mill salafist extremists (aka ‘Al Qaeda’) designated to be proxy fighters is maligned and dangerous. Dangerous not only to the people of Syria, but also our Special operation’s forces who are tasked with training and fighting alongside them.

    I encourage you to view this Sept. 16, 2016 video which shows SOF leaving the northern Aleppo town of Al-Ra’i after the operators were told if they did not leave immediately, they would be killed by the much larger force of rebel fighters (FSA).


    The sentiment at the end of the description is spot-on, “Is there really a question about supporting the moderate rebels anymore? Do we need to continue putting our own ground troops and pilots into harms way to assist these extremists.”

    Time to get out. We have no business there. Let the Saudis, the Qataris, Soros (and Israelis) do their own bidding. Not in our national interest. Period.

    1. Full Duke

      Typo – Richard Scheur – Whistleblower, former head of ‘Alec Station,’ and former fellow at the CIA front group, the Jamestown Foundation.

  12. Bill


  13. Bill

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik, I have been one of your greatest fans, but you have just crossed a line with me as a fan of yours [respectfully]. You have deep hatred it seems for the Russians, one day you say we are working with them to take out the Rebel forces and ISIS now you say they are guilty of war crimes ?%%$^?????

    “Putin backs Bashar Assad. In my opinion, contrary to the naïve, simplistic constructs of our previous neocon factotums behind the Republicans, Putin is strong, shrewd, and extremely knowledgeable. He is an expert in geopolitical strategy and tactics. Putin knows that by supporting Bashar, Russia can protect Christians, Druze, Shi’ites and other minority groups from the wanton slaughter by Salafists and Sunnis and acquire a major foothold in the Middle East while American forces pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.”—-Dr. Steve Pieczenik

    These are your words and Christians fear complete genocide in Syria not because of Bashar Assad who they support before this war started but after it started also. —Who started the take down of Syria? Bashar Assad ? or USG/ISIS/Rebel SUNNI Forces ?

    Syria’s Christian population before the war was 2.2 million, now it has fallen to less then a million and they are allied with Bashar Assad, THIS IS GENOCIDE of Syrian Christians and you do not post anything on this Greatest of war crimes !!! Unbelievable !!

    I question your loyalties and judgement from this post of yours, highly questionable !!

    1. BrownieMI

      I’m confused as well. Didn’t Dempsey and Fallon resign over the administration’s policy of supporting the so-called Syrian rebels, who turned out to be Al-Qaeda redux? How does Dr. Pieczenik thinks they will treat the religious minorities in Aleppo if they’re allowed to consolidate power? Did Dr. Pieczenik get lobotomized during his week off? I’m very disappointed since his was one of the few voices I trusted.

      1. Embrey

        Dr. P is a realpolitikian. Apparently something that he was concerned about prior has changed to the extent that outwardly he appears to have done a 180. He is simply Macchiavellian. Super patriots do what must be done, unless you think he is just a crazy old man.

  14. Bill

    ” For some time, Bashar and Putin have decided to destroy both the infrastructure and people of Syria”—Dr. Steve Pieczenik

    With all due respect Dr. Pieczenik, from all I have read and the testimonies of Christians in Syria about the war in Syria. It was NOT started by Bashar Assad and Putin but the USG/ISIS/”Rebel Forces” who started this whole coup attempt and absolutely slaughtering Christians and other Muslims wantonly !!

  15. Steve, I like you and think you a very knowledgeable person. But where are you getting this TRIPE about Assad and Russia? Why are you telling these LIES about Russia and Syria, given you seem to be a man of integrity and good sense.

    This is pure and utter garbage – this belief that Assad – and Putin as well – can be RE-elected by their people by LANDSLIDE majorities and are actually butchering Syria, its people and its culture.

    You are mistaken, Sir! There is only one active butcher at this time in the Middle East – all around the world, in fact – and that BUTCHER is the United States government.

    1. Bill

      Amen and amen !!

  16. Full Duke

    Wow, I have never seen such an uprising on SP.com before! LOL Chill people!!

    To me Russia and its ersatz allies are the only ones resisting the very cliche’ sounding “N.W.O.”

    AJ once described the reason for the need to unseat Bashir Assad from power – and I am paraphrasing – is to install a Muslim Brotherhood-style government, from which to launch a constant tide of attacks from the “underbelly” of Russia with long term plans to harass and destabilize. Dr. Steve has chronicled all the different “operations” conducted by the CIA/MI6/+ “Global community” to try and create unrest and destabilize Putin. The latest was a BOSTONBRAKING type attack on his empty limo. This is consistent with the above.

    In addition who really has any credibility in this conflict? This is evidenced by the “phony” efforts of Kerry and Co. to “take the Fight to ISIS on the battlefield.” (LOL). Again, search LIveleaks and listen to the pilots themselves bitch about not being allowed to “pull the trigger” on ISIS convoys to Turkey. Russia starts its bombing campaign and has the FSA entourage on its heels in a matter of weeks. The only sober voice in the dialogue seems to be coming from Russia (e.g. Putin’s WW3 “I don’t even know how to get thru to you people anymore” speech.)

    Well, its the bottom of the 9th inning and with the Qatari’s and Saudi’s losing much ground, they are starting a new call-to-action for Jihadists to “harrass” Russia.. More proxy fights for a larger objective..


  17. Full Duke

    I don’t like or appreciate the weird censoring that is going on here. First Steve makes a 180 degree turn in what seems like a bad flashback to his days of work against the USSR during the ‘Cold War,’ and then it has always been difficult to publish a comment for some unknown reason which often requires an unseen act of God to publish a comment and NOW the NEW “Awaiting moderation” feature and blanking seemingly innocuous and non-accusatory posts into the abyss? WTF?

    1. Bill

      Mine are “Awaiting moderation” too. Why? Because this post of his I call utter BS ??

      This is a quote from a Christian in Syria: “Life is horrible’ Syria’s Christians fear total genocide”. Rebel forces fighting against Assad that are backed and aided by the US, have murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians.

      “We lived in harmony,” she lamented. “And now, ISIS takes minorities at checkpoints, women are taken as sex slaves and men are killed or forced to convert to the Islamic version of ISIS… We don’t know when this will stop.”

      Assad is NOT terrorizing these poor people, they are allied with Assad against the Sunni radicals the USG turned loose on them. ISIS and the so called “Moderate Rebels” has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians and other minorities in Syria.

      1. this is a fairly new website and while I value ALL comments (+/-), I get ALOT of SPAM. I am also a VERY small, SELF FUNDED operation, please understand this. I am working on moderating my “comments” to get rid of spam HOWEVER, not that easy. So take a breath and know that we will get there. None of the people that help me are paid, all volunteer. I try to give them time off so they can make some $$$ to pay for their life’s expenses. I understand that by putting myself “out there” I will be subject to criticism, yet I do feel compelled to educate my supporters on the true nature of a singleton’s operation. I am a lone wolf that will work with others when I feel that the time is critical. Hope this helps you understand the nature of future info.

    2. Embrey

      If this site continues to stray from free expression in the comment section it will lose its following.
      Furthermore, I have never appreciated that websites either make you have a Google, Twitter, Facebook or whatever kind of account. Now we must enter our e-mail address.
      What do these all have in common? They allow for the commenter to be collated as well as probably selling the ‘mailing list’ of e-mail addresses to others.

  18. Welpe

    Syria is about a gas pipeline either coming from Iran or Katar. Guess which option Assad choose and whats going on since… . That most Syria people share the same religion with Irak and Iran people doesn’t help either if Saudi Arabia and Katar have the “other” ones… That NATO is helping terrorist (“rebells”) there and Killary gave them sanctioned gas weapons to go for the strategy of “clash of religions” – please take that into consideration before asking for any action on any side.

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