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  1. You’re right, Dr. P. I would point out the similarities in modus operandi of Dallas shooting to the Maidan snipers’ massacre of Feb. 20, 2014 in the Ukraine.

    Likewise, there’s something significant about the death toll from that date in Kiev: 49. Exactly same number of (probably fake) dead in Orlando.

    Thought crossed my mind that Dallas could have been a Russian attack. Use the M.O. to send a message. Stop meddling in Ukraine, etc. But if I find it far more likely that it was another attack from within the state.

    Dallas Police chief mentioned “triangulation” of snipers killing cops in a televised interview. Triangulation in Dallas. Rifles. Snipers. Oliver Stone’s theory from Jim Marrs’ Crossfire…

    Nothing organic about this cop massacre.

    Thank you,


    1. Iggy A

      Correct, and it doesn’t have to be true professionals who did the working-level preparation.

      It is clear this level of attack did not begin preparation in the aftermath of the two recent shootings.

      I watched this in the microcosm of anti-US agitation in South Korea for years. It is like the War on Poverty — it never stops giving reason for war, because you’ll never end poverty. — There will always be a Trigger on hand to set people off when the time is ripe. In a nation of 319 million people taking up a continent, you will always have police actions somewhere to cherrypick. Period. Given the number of similar shootings last year, it is sensible to prepare groups across the country willing to assassinate cops then tell them to wait for a Trigger to occur sometime near the start of the Conventions.

      In South Korea, the professional Agitators (some paid by the North) relied on the never-ending supply of angry 20-somethings were out there 365 trying to turn every Trigger – even minute ones – into Explosions. Most went nowhere. — But when the Media and others thought the time was ripe — any sized Trigger could — Explode. — In 2000, it was breaking the US military’s environmental regulations, not Korea law, by pouring 50 gallons of formaldehyde down the USFK HQ base sewer that caused one of the biggest explosions of anti-US activity in Korea in history. It was insane…

      But it was possible because — there are mechanism at work every month every year that prep the society for it.

      This attack in Dallas is too sophisticated to have been a Hillary Benghazi excuse… They have been gearing up for it waiting for the right Trigger.

      Now, it’s on…

      They will probably keep the society on a boil until either Hillary gets elected or Trump gets Impeached…

  2. Chia Cha

    Obama 3rd term … smiling …

    Just one note for Mr. Alex, left wing of fascism is not communism 🙂

  3. James Moran

    How on Earth would these ‘snipers’ have had the time to plan this? How would they have known in advance that there would be a march in Dallas? Hmmm…

    1. Iggy A

      It’s a War on Cop Shootings.

      Like the War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Crime, and now War on Micro-Aggressions — it is the gift to the fascists that never keeps giving.


      It is about setting conditions in which any one Trigger stands a chance to Agitate the society for whatever political ends they players behind the scenes have in mind.

      The Agitation Groups maintain preparation and exploit whatever Trigger they are given the green light to exploit.

      1. Iggy A

        never stops giving

      2. James Moran

        Sadly, I have to agree 100% with you. Well stated.

  4. Iggy A

    In a typical election cycle, once the Democrat nominee is locked up, moving into the Convention or after, they are supposed to move to the Center — with pro-military, tough foreign policy, fiscal discipline — and so on.

    There are not supposed to be moving in the opposite direction – Polarizing the electorate – instead of wooing Swing Voters…

    Now, we have a War on Micro-Aggressions to go with the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs…


    Lots and lots of constant Triggers popping up regularly — which can be Professionally Agitated.

    We live in a Banana Republic —- with outside covert operatives and local fascists pulling the strings…

    The only institution of power they haven’t taken over is the Military — which is why Obama has worked so hard to Polarize it.

  5. Iggy A

    It just struck me rewatching this — Rahm Emanuel references — 1973… in this famous quote about Missing an Opportunity presented by a Crisis…

    I’ve noted before – it hit me that Trump doesn’t have 33 Senators to protect him from Impeachment and Conviction.

    Each time a President has been Impeached or close to it (except for Clinton), there has been a major fight over a huge economic issue — resulting in a hostile Congress.

    The Nixon Shock — August 1971 – takes the $ off the Gold Standard and established the Petro Dollar.

    Nov 1972 he wins a massive landslide re-election. — October of 73 – Vice President Agnew is forced to resign. November of 73 – Nixon is forced to resign or be Impeached…

    And here we have Rahm Emanuel in 2008 telling us —- back in the Oil Crisis of 73 – the world missed a great opportunity to do things —- they wouldn’t have even thought of doing — before the Chaos began…

    The Oil Crisis began in 71 and was influenced in part by Nixon’s $ Gold Standard move. Coincidentally enough – the Yom Kippur War kicked off in 73 too. Funny how these things work, no?

    How much did the huge economic meltdown in the global banking industry help elect America’s first black president who had more baggage on him than most other candidates (which you’d have known if the Press had not buried it)?

    And just as I try to think what might explain why the Establishment is doing so many things to Polarize the masses in an election year —– I now see Rahm Emanuel points – actually – to a time in which Congress, the Press, Hollywood, and Academia — got both Nixon and his VP out of office – and a global economic crisis + Middle Eastern War were added to the mix…

    But Rahm says that huge crisis in America was wasted —- because all we came away with was cheap oil… — At least in 2008, the global economic crisis + wars got us the first communist and black president along with power seats for other red diaper babies like Emanuel. The result was Obamacare. And now — after 8 years of powerful black people in big seats in government – we have – Micro-Aggressions + BLM — along with impending economic collapse and even more war in the Middle East…

    Dear Mr. Emanuel, please let us know what Victories you hope to shove down our throats when we sue for peace at the end of this current, generated Crisis…?

  6. Chia Cha

    each party member elected by county of 100,000 people, x 3000 members of party = representation of 300M adults

    every county of 100,000 elects one members, but with 10,000 each deciding their candidate by majorty of votes among those 10,000…

    In NATO summitt herr Obama is calling for gun control, that is fascist from him, people must be armed.

  7. kristie

    Two days before the attack in Dallas. I read on Drudgereport that in the past 2 months 30% of the police force in Dallas resigned. They knew something. Let’s interview them. Now don’t you think that this correlates?
    Really they used Dallas again. Bush/Clinton hands all over it. They have owned the Dallas police department since Kennedy.
    Enemy number 1. The media. Power in the goodness of Americans. The 1% can destroy the masses but, IT WONT HAPPEN THIS TIME.
    God be with us his justice and mercy upon the innocent people that are deceived. It is our job to inform not scare them. This is a fight worth putting our lives on the line for. We do not deserve freedom if we are not willing to do so.
    Our brilliant founding fathers saw this time. They lived it as well. The freedom in our hearts will awaken to the day when we can be found winning when all the odds are against us. Just like those that founded this nation. But, people need to be informed and awake. The old media is the most brainwashed and information suppressing organization in the universe. Those that suppress truth will be those that will be found swimming in it. And there will be no one that believes them.
    We have a grand fight ahead of us. – The innocent and uninformed are not so corrupt that they deserve this.
    God Bless and protect us.

  8. Watchmen

    What do you think about McAfee as a VP?

    1. hmm, more like a cabinet member….honestly politics is a different animal. McAfee needs to run for a local office, people will love him, then governor. He was a CEO so he can be an executive, he’s just from another planet so he needs to build a reputation. I like him but you got to understand what I am saying…reality. The MEDIA painted him a certain way and it wasn’t good.

      1. Watchmen

        Mmm… Yea I see your point the media/msm IS very powerful and inimical… but when you really look at it, they REALLY haven’t been that effective… Mary Fallin, not bad strong card, very strong card…if this was 2008….this is Cybernation baby <—Important….new game….new rules (Again we must remember the primary FUNCTION(s) of the outdated VP slot). Now as far as this talk about Flynn, he's the backup…he's the IF ALL ELSE FAILS, that's my personal view having NOW been reading more about him….MANAFORT…I mean do we really want to continue playing this game?… do we really need to? I care about competency, but I also care about getting the job done right at the same time. I thought there would be change….Welcome to Earth…

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