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9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

  1. Chia Cha

    “This plant was owned by US government until 1996”, not any more now such all non-competing Roosevelt facilies are all private. Innovative and competitive model of economy but not able to produce needed numbers nor organize consumer society. Problem is that even Russia and China are today following this African model. Trump without my solution is unable to solve those opposing concepts and win.,_Michigan)

    1. Chia Cha

      Problem is that whole world is going in to nazi innovative and competitive model, Putin, chinese all… Austerity measures, starving workers, this is total rape by rich and their ideological getting poorer soldiers – small enterpreneours… And after reforms are done, it will be even worse. All reforms from Regan elections are making situation worse and worse. And what they do, they posion any resistance with feminism, anti-ICE demands, g@y rights, atheists, pro-aborthion hysteria… Change is not possible without having workers army kill left wingers first.

  2. Chia Cha

    Multiculturalism cannot exist, because if you have market with more cultures, always only one culture is dominant or is in process of becoming dominant (centre of exploitation). Only melting pot can exist, but liberals say that melting pot is racism even it is anti-racism.

  3. Chia Cha

    Total liberal chaos, same one ike nazi corporate war machine. Not even one discovered innovation can be implemented or exploited. Hitler was able to put nuclear bomb before Jews (their capital) in America, but he wanted to create small nuke to put it on V2 missle to hit america right away. Wish for always more innovation and competition destroyed whole nation. There is no any central agency on whole west (Hitler corporate model), just fear from governemnt and any central agency, total breakdown of civlization. Privateers on all sides, unified in only one thing, you will work for less, and when you cannot work you will die as soon as possible, while water is leeking from 1000 holes popping out from always new direction. Imagine they think that our pensions and salaries are debt? Totally wrong science.

  4. Ed Kirchner

    In some of your earlier posts, you talk about the neocon thirst for war. The neocons don’t think in terms of war, They think of their actions as business opportunities. If their campaigns are a success, they reap the benefits. If their campaigns are not successful, the american tax payer foots the bill. If president Trump pulls our troupes out of Afghanistan, do you anticipate increased
    taxes for the american tax payer due to decreased revenue from the poppy fields?

  5. Ed Kirchner

    Dr. Pieczenik,

    With all due respect, most of us average citizens don’t have your intelligence, education. or experience but all this talk of coup and counter coup is totally irrelevant. Until the Federal Reserve is shut down, the bankers don’t care who makes the laws as long as they control the money supply. The Fed can cool or heat up the economy by pumping more money into the system or raising the interest rates.
    On an other subject, many people are concerned by increased government surveillance of
    the population. Many religious groups state that there is a higher power that is watching our every move and we will have to atone for our sins at judgement day. Will we all be judged for the many wars our government has gotten us into? During the Vietnam war , the US government dropped tons of napalm on the country. The famous picture of the naked Vietnamese girl whose skin is burning from napalm is etched on my mind. I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of those responsible when their judgement day comes.

  6. Iggy B

    Patriots are being stirred up for some reason…

    The show the Dems are putting on predictable Stirs up its Base + Energizes their Opposition —- as well as encourages the Walk Away Movement which is something fairly new or novel…

    This opening on the Supreme Court is not a big enough item to warrant — shooting themselves in the feet…

    So, why are they doing it…?

    1. Iggy B

      shooting themselves in the foot shortly before a Mid-Term Election.

      Something is going on behind the scenes…

      ….They have successfully temporarily buried focus on the FISA Disclosures and the Soft Coup Effort and the crimes of the Deep State players….

      but, again, that is not enough to explain why they are doing things destined to hurt them in the Mid-Term Elections.

      I do not believe they are ignorant enough or blind enough to believe the circus they have just drug the nation through — helps them with voters.

      Something is going on… Something that involves the Right Wing side of the Deep State…. I can feel it….

      1. Ed Kirchner

        Dr Pieczenik has provided us with a forum to vent our frustrations. I don.t use twitter or facebook as I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. If I am wrong in my beliefs please don’t hesitate to educate me. This is a difficult time for all of us. People are wound up tighter than a march hare. Dr Pieczenik has been consistent in his non violent approach to problem solving. To me, people on the left are illogical and emotional. On one hand they call President Trump a nazi but then they are against the second amendment. Why would you not want to protect yourself from a Nazis ? They are also in favor of a woman’s right to chose. They have terminated their own flesh and blood. Is it any wonder that they would want to terminate us who believe in right to life? Some of us on the right to life side of the argument have not told people who they can have sex with and weather or not
        to use birth control . If you engage in risky behavior such as driving while intoxicated or playing with fire and burning down your house, you have to pay for the consequences. While I don’t consider myself a religious person, I would hope we
        could say a prayer for those HUMAN embryos and fetuses that were terminated today.

        Good Luck and thank you for your time

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