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  1. Alaskan Patriot

    I love you so much Doctor P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it was not for you I would have had an ulcer this last four years. You are so adored by all of us Alaskan ladies. thank you so much sir, thank you.

  2. Petra

    I feel like the shackles have fallen off. I did not even realize how heavy they were. Welcome back to kiss the ground USofA.
    God Bless America and my fellow beloved patriots.

    1. Cindy Nobinger

      I wondered if I was the only one who felt that way. I could not believe the relief I felt when Donald Trump won. I got on my knees and thanked God.

  3. Embrey

    Day 1
    1. Nominate a Supreme Court justice that is a Constitutional originalist.
    2. Have Congress originate the bill to repeal Obamacare. Pass it and sign it on day 1. Have no alternative to immediately take its place. This time, let the American people have their say in if and how to tackle a national healthcare system.
    3. Eliminate all illegal, Obama executive orders. Further, publish all executive orders that the former President enacted.
    4. Appoint an attorney General that will be immediately confirmed and that has the highest regard for reinstating the rule of law, equally applied, across this country. Thereafter, the AG should immediately appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate (and if necessary, prosecute) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and all involved in the Clinton Foundation.
    5. Establish an audit system whereby all voters across the land can verify that their votes, in all elections, are counted properly.
    That gets us to 9:00 am on the first day. I could go on.

    1. Chia Cha

      I am sorry Embrey, but that is problem I have with this 10,000 people Wisconsin, PA, Michigan victory, and capitalism, they are never going to allow people to have their own NATIONAL healthcare system. That is forbidden. Good thing is that Nevada is in pocket now for ever. You will have to go on street with us and we are going to have to provoke police to spill some of our blood.

      1. Embrey

        We don’t want government provided national healthcare.
        If you don’t understand that then you truly don’t understand.
        FULL STOP

      2. Embrey

        I have been paying the tax (collected through my tax return by the IRS) for non-compliance in protest of the Affordable Care Act since it came into being. Yes, you are reading that correctly. I would rather pay what I consider to be an unconstitutional tax than accept the collectivist attempt to transform our economy into a more centralized model.

  4. Dan

    Thank you for your many years of service
    mr. pieczenik!
    Thank you for being a true American hero.

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  7. […] Docteur Steve Pieczenik sur son site :  nous livre les clefs de ce qui se passe en Amérique. Il semble qu’une révolution en […]


    I want to thank you Dr. P. for your calm demeanor in the midst of the storm, your insightfulness and your service to this country we call the U.S.A. I feel a heavy burden has been lifted off our country and that Trump truly wants America to keep being great. I know your work may go unnoticed or even unappreciated so i truly want to thank you once more. I AM THE U.S.A. and a MEXICAN TRUMP VOTER

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  10. Richd

    Dr Steve, thank you sir for all that you do.This is just the beginning we need to expose the FED and the Banking system for its fraud in 2008. We need to expose the CAFR and these fraud of taxation for the last 70 years. And I’ve heard you before say how 911 was an inside job and not Bin Laden. We just have to clean out the Zionist and Neo-con rats .

  11. Joy

    The revolution has only begun, and we have won a few battles, but we are still fighting uphill, and Americans of all stripes cannot go back to sleep. We still have to work together to enforce our Constitution, and indict those politicians who choose to ignore the will of We the People. Think I’m kidding? We have 22 reform laws to enact on behalf of the people that every American will want to embrace. Go to AmericaAgain! at and see what we’re about.

  12. Faye

    I am wondering about your statement about this not to be the time to indict, which seems to contradict earlier revolution videos. If the people you mentioned actually committed the crimes of which you accused them , now seems to be the time to indict. If you were lying in your accusations, that is inexcusable. Your whole thing is supposed to be about truth.

    1. Embrey

      This is only conjecture, Faye, and I noticed Dr. Steve’s change in attitude post election on this matter but I think it is possible that the forces who worked to make this 2nd Revolution a reality found it of the utmost importance to convince both Hillary and Obama, and by extension their henchmen, that they would be prosecuted if they did not stand down. I find it very possible that while Trump was excoriating Hillary, and to a lesser extent Obama, while on the campaign trail that the quiet army of intelligence officers, military officers and other groups of formidable people were explaining to the neocon establishment that they were going to be inflicted with a great and horrible judgement. They feared that Trump was going to do what he said, drain the swamp.
      Will Trump try to drain the swamp? If so, will his attempt be blocked? I don’t know. I simply think that the neocons believed he had the support to do it and they cut a deal
      Dr. Steve rarely responds to our comments and questions so I assume this theory will never be affirmed or denied.

  13. Dr John

    Your email is not playing for some reason

  14. Dr John

    Sorry your video is not playing for some reason

  15. Sally Jenkins

    I agree, it may not be the time to indict because of the current civil issues, but Hillary and gang should not be let off. Is there a plan to eventually get her, Bill, Chelsea, etc for the Foundation issues. Obama can pardon for anything except Treason. Which many in the military feel she committed. Thoughts? It is going to be a real blow if there is no accountability.

  16. tim paul

    incredible thank you for your honesty last week it helped me deal with a very complex time.

  17. Mesa WInd

    A battle has been won but it looks like the guilty parties are NOT standing down. Obama just signed an executive order to investigate the election results? A petition already reached over 4 million signatures to install Hellary despite the election results? Soros bused in paid protestors in various cities to pit trump supporters against his agent provocateurs?
    . Hellary has to be indicted for her crimes of treason which CANNOT be pardoned and sooner is better than when our country is torn apart by design. Think of the necessary comeuppance all these whiny can’t accept the blame or the consequence of their actions so called liberal Killary supporters would get if she were to be tried and convicted. They need to LEARN how off base their beliefs are. This would allow the next four years to go more easily than the fight its shaping up to be. Indicting her would shut them all up. And it would save Trumps life, he’s trolled his right wing base by going surprisingly more center and decent so he’s at risk from the unstable on that side. Factor in all the players that Clinton made huge promises to who would have no problem arranging for his demise before election day. So you still have work to do. It is the toughest most dangerous thing your people have to consider doing but its necessary. You know she is guilty and a traitor, something that grievous should get a pass, Get your team on this, please, asap.
    Thank you

  18. janet adams

    You look so exhausted; thank you so much for your service to our nation. I think we have just begun to fight; let’s get rid of Soros and his minions. Please keep Trump safe; everybody seems to be after him, and it is only the globalists who just can’t stand being defeated as you know. Wish we the people could do more.

    1. Mesa Wind

      We need to air the truth to as many as we can. What is allowed is also what will continue. I cannot fathom allowing a satanic pedophile ring to continue to operate in the upper echelons of our government. I realize people have died trying to investigate and expose them such as Ted Gunderson, former FBI and others. Look up the millenium report on the subject. If this is exposed and tried, the public will not stand for it and will back the Revolutionaries who wish to restore the Republic. Having a new president does not win this fight. Charging and arresting all the major players will clear the vipers nest out of politics where they can still be lethal

  19. Sheryl Arne

    Dr Pieczenik Will you please address the Anti Trump protesters/rioters? The people are getting very nervous. Rumors are that they plan on keeping it up until in crescendoed at Trumos inauguration. Obama hasn’t even addressed the mess! Nothing to calm the masses!

  20. Neal

    It’s NOT over!!! The left is going to try EVERYTHING they can think of to steal the presidency!!! What do you think all this rioting is about!? Obozo wants to call marshal law and stop Trump from entering the White House! And now the left is trying to initiate a bill that will abolish the Electoral College!!! They will stop at nothing to win! There has already been talk by several people about assassination!!! THEY WILL NOT GO QUIETLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Marija Ljubic

    Mr Pieczenik,

    thank you and all brave people for all your doing in changing America. It was last minute, indeed. You have brought the credence in America, again.
    I beg your pardon for my poor English.

    God bless all of you.

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