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22 thoughts on “Water is Precious and Florida Must be Protected

  1. The Court approach: brilliant. The preservation of nature probably should be amended to the Constitution

    1. Embrey

      Good luck with amending the Constitution.

      1. So true. Probably goes to the EPA interpretation of the Clean Water Act.

  2. Chia Cha

    I do not get those people. Alcoholics have booze, they have money… That is how it goes I guess.


    Agree on the water, and on the fires in California they were started by the deep state using directed energy weapons, various sites have pictures of this being done, see and and, etc.


      By the way the atmosphere and earth are being destroyed by the gov spraying the skies with chemtrails aka aerosol spraying of a mixture of oxides of aluminum and barium and strontium and these are toxic to our health and are going into the air we breathe and the water we drink and soil we grow our crops in.

      The gov has been spraying the skies for over 30 years by my own observation here in Montana, see GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG.

  4. Teri

    Let us know if there’s any way we can help you!

  5. Hi Steve….
    As a 20 year resident of Central Florida and 30+ year licensed practitioner in “bio-energetic medicine”, I absolutely concur with you thoughts about protecting the water in our great state!…Please view the findings of Dr. Michael Cargill, DC (Poisoning the Fountain of Youth, A&E) who has provided the fundamental research, proving the continued dumping, (over 60-years) of 7-toxic heavy-metals, as waste products from battery (Mars Rover) production and pressure-treated exterior wood production, (the Langdale family) introduced into the Florida aquifer from Valdosta, GA. Dr. Cargill’s findings, verified by the University of Georgia, Dept of Environmental Sciences and given to Mr. Steven Segal for the plot of the movie: “Fire Down Below”, corroborate the evidence found in 400 test holes drilled throughout the Valdosta area. This indisputable evidence, relates to the nation’s highest incidence of childhood “aphonia”, and the myriad of cancer related disorders in the greater Valdosta and border towns here in north Florida. The unspoken tragedy of this ongoing event culminates in the continued poisoning of the Florida aquifer and the entire natural fresh water system for out state!!!

    1. Chia Cha

      Australia is banning all electrical switches made of plastic because solvents for plastics are very very cancerogeneus, also all plastic in kitchen connected with food even more. They are going back to bakelite. Everything made of bakelite is going to be super expensive and important. Who wants to give me money for keyboard made of bakelite?

  6. Chia Cha

    Wall Street is right, only problem is that there are too many losers, because losers are all those who work (they must pay income tax) and do not live off rents. Rents are only way how effete person can surrive plus mass immigration. Rents are soci@lism for effete people. Government had to send notice letter under Reagan and inform citizens that they must stop working and start renting out. Trends you are not part off are very costly.

  7. Eoin

    Brilliant strategy Dr. Pieczenik !
    Whaddya say we ( all interested citizens) start a crowd-funded investment pool that will geometrically expand your idea, and financial reach ? Environmental terrorism is not legal, and for a good reason: but this ? It’s just too good, not to mention ethical. Let’s beat them with their own tactics.

    1. be my guest! need to protect what we have left of this planet. keep me posted on your progress.

  8. F. Bernard

    Yes, water is precious but it will not vanish if the landmass called Florida sinks – as it should have done long ago. It is a cesspool of the wannabe rich and wannabe anything that they’re not.

    If water is the true core issue – it will remain in one form or another.

    As for “saving the planet” this planet will shake off destructive humanity when it’s truly endangered, just as a dog shakes off fleas and other parasites.

  9. Chia Cha

    For first time in 640 years in history of western world, people aged 35 live worse off then their parents generation before. Downfall of western civilization started with destruction of rise of capitalism, namely, when capitalists became governing class, 201 years ago. In 1816. That was begining of their end. Capitalists cannot be aloved to be ruling class/caste that is bad for development of capitalism.

  10. totheswamps

    Interesting approach. Civil Complaints (lawsuits) are very expensive and time consuming. The average citizen or group of citizens cannot do them, successfully. Thousands of offenses to the environment go unchallenged …


      The chemtrail spraying is going on all over the world, have seen them spraying the skies in Europe as well as here in America, the gov is poisoning us.

  11. Chia Cha

    Dr. Shiva is profile of politician people can and must stand behind. If capitalism is unable to earn money out of own polluting contradictions it produced, then we need to kill all capitalists. Because they are bad capitalists.

  12. once the satanic fraudulent five leave California, then
    the land will once again thrive and the people will have money and opportunity!!!!

    the demons in these leaders below have little time left to kill, steal and destroy from the families of California!!!

    jerry brown
    maxine waters
    diane feinstein
    nancy pelosi
    janet napolitano

    who will stand against these froths, who will rise and get them out of office!!!! Who!!!

    all the curses they have brought from their demon gods to the people of California Will Lift one day, one day!!!!

  13. Raymond Howard Carlson


  14. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik please see recent comments that I posted at your prior BOLG!

  15. Chia Cha

    Paganism is dangerous, just look muslims. They bow to concept where you bow to things guy with biggest beard is saying you must not bow to. Total idiocy, anarchy. Islam is ultra modern system because everything is set up by trends, only difference from hollywood-CIA system is that trends are set by those who are least trendy that seassion.

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