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20 thoughts on “War Room interview w/ Owen Shroyer 3.15.18

  1. Rosman Patterson

    Looking to 2023/24 is quintessential.

    President Trump is doing what he said he would do. Much of it is already a done deal. America will be restored in multitudinous ways. However what matters most even now, is who/what will we hand America over to after President Trump’s second term?

    After 8 years of Reganomics, the Globalists inherited an America that was a super-super power, ripe for the picking, whose industry, technology and culture could be weaponized by clandestine means to usher in One World Government. America back then pales when compared to the economic prowess and technological muscularity America will be soaring upon after President Trump succeeds in making her great again. Serious minds know Globalists are prepared to “ride it out” until 2024 if they cannot topple 45 before then. Thus, our best and brightest Patriots, those defenders of the Republic, most assuredly must also look ahead to 2024 with discerning and strategically calibrated eyes. Some already are.

    There is still plenty of work to do now. Thank God for those who labor for the MAGA cause day in – and day out – unwavering and undaunted by what “Thus says THE MSM.”


    Agree with much of what you said, but disagree with the U.S. fighting ISIS in Syria, it is a fact that the U.S. is an invader of Syria and created ISIS aka AL CIADA along with Israel and Britain and has invaded Syria in support of ISIS to do regime change of the legitimate government of Syria.

    In fact the U.S. has spent trillions in support of the terrorists in the Mideast and that makes the U.S. a terrorist nation as they and Israel and Britain gave birth to ISIS aka AL CIADA.

  3. Chia Cha

    Situation is developing very good. If this pass great future is ahead of whole american nation. We can just hope when america recovers then liberal/ communist/atheist/muslim conspiracy will not get another chance to poision american youth with their perverse, sick and degerate left ideology.

    1. Rosman Patterson

      I agree.The culture war must soon be won hands down.

  4. Embrey

    Dr. Pieczenik knows the US is an invasion force in Syria.
    If he were to be candid he would tell you that there are bigger forces in play than Syria in that conflict.
    The only foreign forces which have been ‘invited’ by the sovereign Syrian government of Assad are the Russians, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.
    Turkey in the north, like the US, is also an illegal, uninvited invasion force in Syria.
    Can’t you see what is going on Desert Fox? The Israelis and the house of Saad are allies. Semites and Hamites united to counter the growing Iranian (Persian/Aryan) hegemony in the Middle East.
    One question: Where is Egypt? Their silence is deafening.


      I see it all very clearly, ie the U.S. is under Zionist control and has Americans dying in the slaughter house in the ME for Israel.

      It is all very clear.

      1. Embrey

        Israel & Saudi Arabia are our allies in the ME and they are now openly allied with each other.
        If you think the American public went nutty during the Vietnam Nam era just see how much stomach they have for defending Israel et al in the ME. We will not go to war with Russia. They are the only force they would absolutely not bat an eye if Trump tried his big stick approach with them. Slavs are a different animal than Western Europeans and everybody knows it.
        Ask Wesley Clark. He thought he would get us into a war with Russia. They readied the tactical nukes and told the Americans to disperse or prepare to die. They dispersed.
        Lighten up

        1. DESERT FOX

          Israel and the dual Israeli citizens in the U.S. Gov. control the gov completely , so in fact Israel is not an ally but our dictator which keeps America in perpetual wars for the benefit of Israel.

          You think that the Zionists will not push America into a war with Russia, I beg to differ, the Zionists in control of the U.S. have perpetuated every war since WWI right down to Syria and so Russia will be next and the Zionist draft dodging puppet in the white house will only too happy to carry out their orders.

          Read WALL STREET and THE RISE of HITER and WALL STREET and THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION by Anthony Sutton, can be had on to see what the Zionist bankers can do and have done.

          1. Chia Cha

            Well watch this, RDS is trying to explain difference between Jews and Zionists.

    2. Chia Cha

      Egypt is blocked by Israel. Egpyt does not have USSR and Syria like before to be able to do anything. Plus they are neutral from time of peace deal. If they try anything they will lose Sinay peninsula. US have insane policies, they allowed serbs to stay in half of bosnia, they stopped us to clean them all from bosnia once for ever, and now americans have greater serbia under control of russia. And US is still pushing insane gender theories and sick leftist free market capitalism. Plus US is stil supporting muslims unitarism in Bosnia while even Erdogan is against that because he wants to build relationship with Serbs and Russians. Russia have same policy like USSR in 1920es toward Turkey. USSR had 100% opposite foreign policies then Russia before revolution. World War 3 started on Balkans in 1991. China and Soviets vs USA, these are just episodes.

      1. Embrey

        I suspect Egypt is quietly allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel.
        The Serbs will eventually regain their stolen territory.
        Bosnia et al are phony constructs of the UN and backed by NATO.
        God bless the Bosnian people and all others who were GIVEN a state but they are not states. They are the westward expansion of NATO.
        I know you do not agree. You will see. Russia will reclaim every inch of ground lost. Period

        1. Chia Cha

          President of serbian state in Bosnia is not agent of KGB but directly personal agent of Putin. Ceremonialy he is person no 2 inside Russian Empire. Honestly we do not care what anyone think here about anything, we can always start WW3 here. Plus for us would be best to see direct confrotation between Russia and US head on. One serb is saying that war was started to repel Germany and Russia spliting Yugoslavia. Former JNA was american agent. Serbs refused to lose war right away, Taecher wanted to bomb Serbs to lose war right away, but “sane” heads decided to lose war with Russia and gave Russia 8 years to recover. Masonic relativism sealed fate of US. For ever. Now wait for 150 years again. Solution is to remove serbs and muslims together to from then, super small serbia which would exist only around Belgrade, beside Serbs are 70% genetical Turks, and let Gulen take over super small Serbia arond Belgrade, while airport in Nis can be occupied under mandate of NATO, beside they there are Bulgarians not Serbs at all. Masonic lodges does not want US to win. They see Russians equaly important tribe as any western. Idiots, heck they want border between wester and eastern roman empire to move west. To avoid US strategic defeat carving up Serbia between Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Gulen Turkey, Albania and Greece, would put all those countries directly in american camp 100%. US cannot play just offering, US should start giving. Who wants such player who wants everything for them self only. Every other power in Europe have own direct interests split up in parts. First one are UK, France, Germany, Italy… Everyone of them are looking own part, but only US think they can have all even under deal with Russia. Well Russia is having too much. Serbia must be carved. Russia can have only Belgrade, but not Nis. Now they have both, plus Vojvodina they occupied in 1989 after Serbs occupied Kosovo 1987 in military puch. America gave waaaaaay too much to Russia here.

          1. DESERT FOX

            Thanks for the tip, this was an excellent interview of Steele and in regards to pedophilia read the book the Franklin Cover Up by the late John DeCamp, can be had on amazon and The Transformation of America by Cathy Obrien.

  5. Embrey

    Serious question Chia, please explain who the new states that were formed out of the former Yugoslavia and who they are.
    Who is Croatia?
    Who are they and what is unique about them. What do they want?

    1. Chia Cha

      Too complex. Well lets start with Croatia… Croats were ruling class which were collecting people as they were moving from area of Aryan indeo-europan tribes on horses, possibly from somewhere in Iran but via Caucausus in to steppes to north. Then that came to Kiev, Ukraine as mongols and turks were pushing, and there they took Slavic lanuguage as they took Slavic people (another indo-europeans). Then they moved to southern Poland and with fall of Westen Roman Empire they took western roman provice of Dalmatia together with Avars (which were not indeo-europan but turkic ruling class but which took another Slavic tribe and made them to use their non slavic non indo-europan language even they were minority – and they are todays Hungarians. Then Avars were kicked out Dalmatia by Croats and Croats started to mix with Romans, Romanized and non-romanized Illryians (another indo-europeans aryans) which were populating that area from pre-historic area. There were some Goths also there which poisoned gene pool of today Croats but that is not important. Same way Serbs came little bit east. Croats came to former western part of roman empire while serbs came to eastern part of roman empire. So after 1024 Serbs took orthodox model where king is God (representative of God on earth) – model of Constantine, while Croats took Roman catholic version where God is God and King is King (as Jesus said). After pagan and godless Byzantine empire fell as God s punishment to ottoman turkco-mongol seldjucks serbia fell also as they were all weakned by crusaders while arabs were destroyed by Mongols also. After that serbs become main slaves of ottomans, and orthodox church become totallyy muslim and 100% pagan as muslims emperor become their new God, representative of God on Earth. That is why Serbia and Russia are East and are not West. Serbs become orthodox version of muslims turks by mixing with them also genetically. Same what happen with Russians under mongol muslims of Golden Horde… For instance serbian princess were dancing for Timur Tamerlane of Timurid Emire from Uzbekistan after Mogol Tamerlane destroyed both Golden Horde and Ottoman Turks in 1405. As he wanted to remove other Turkic monogl competitiors, take china and recreate Mongol Empire. He died before conquest of China. Serbs and Russians are all part of that story. Then Germans and French start helping Mongols and Ottoman Turks to destroy their compeition in Europe: Hungarians, Croats and Poles While we idiots Croats and Polish saved Vienna and Germany from being taken by Turks two times. We do not want stinky muslims and stinky serbs (turskish bastards) nor Russians occupying Catholic land… Nor we want stinky German Hunns starting their steppe paganism. Nor we want French soci@list pagans introducing Yugoslavia back in their pro-russian, monogl policies as way to stop Germans. Nor we want chaos and ottomans in europe as british wants. Bosnia exist become that is area taken by ottomans when Croats retreated in fight against Ottman Turks and their orthodox slaves Serbs. We fell to Austrians because Germans were helping Turks. Same how Germans and Austrians split Poland with Russians.

      1. Embrey

        Very interesting. Thank you

  6. Chia Cha

    Masonic lodges are economical 1%, they are not any more 1% by virtue. Plus they have females, g@ys, peoples from monkey and rat cultures and are enforcing atheism like USSR. That is totally against they rules. They must be reformed unless they do not want one nice NAZISM in USA (but this time one which is going to be defensive therefore sponsored by God)… People must start defend them self from foreign influences supporting parasite system where one car factory must operate while having 100,000 car dealerships even thet is 100% unneeded in todays economy, but exist just so owner of car dealership can buy his own yacht, as such can be local masonic lodge owner. Reforms must be done. In car and house purchases we must introduce soci@lism, that must go online. Just how public roads were needed. Too many rats are being fed.

    1. Chia Cha

      Let s just look comments down there… People are not buying any more nothing talk even from “right” “wing. And those people are not commies, those are our nice people with guns. After left and social-democracy is destroyed once for all we will maybe finally have clean workers supporting ideology without having sick g@y atheist mexicans geting mixed in to posion everything. Or maybe not, maybe this will just stay in comments. And conservatives will continue with nothing talks?


    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

  8. Chia Cha

    One serb is saying that Brevik was operation Gladio also. And we see that was good job also, it is obvious that similar operation Gladio had to be localized in Sweden also. Norway does not have so many muslim pagans because Brevik killed so many social-democrat pagans on position in Norway therefore making such vile scenario in Norway impossible. Obviously numbers are only what matters. Operation was so good that after cleaning was done member of social-democrats from Norway become chief of NATO.

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