Vote NO! Gina Haspel CIA

Vote NO! Gina Haspel CIA

Potential DCI Gina Haspel: Banality of Evil !
I am against the selection of Gina Haspel as the DCI. She was/is a dedicated apparatchik of the CIA for decades. Ms Haspel was in charge of the black sites in Thailand along with her obsequious boss, Jose Rodriguez. She and Jose oversaw the egregious practice of torture against a number of so-called  terrorists.

The fact is that we now know that 9/11 was a false flag created by the CIA [George Tenet, Robert Mueller, Bush Jr, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Powell, Condi,]. The notion that the CIA protected the USA or tried to elicit credible information concerning the auto-genocide of the Bush Jr administration…is patently absurd.

One can argue that these cowards/criminals involved in the attack against their own USG were part of the Eichmann Syndrome: Bureaucratic criminals who willingly participated in illegal tortures of ‘faux prisoners’. They were no better than the Nazis who had committed heinous atrocities against Jews, Christians, Gays and Gypsies.

One might even consider Bush Jr /Cheney/Tenet/Meyer/Powell/Hayden and even the wholesome appearing DCI Gina Haspel as bland, non-sadistic people, who acted in a formalized fashion like Adolf Eichmann. Eichmann was a Nazi  bureaucrat who ordered the torture and the deportation of countless of innocent people during WWII to their inevitable deaths [Hannah Arendt, “The Banality of Evil”].

When one reads the horrifying findings contained within the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture ordered by California Senator Diane Feinstein, one is completely shocked by all the variables involved in this heinous interrogation program.  This loyal-thirty-year CIA -deep-cover-operative, Gina Haspel,is the 21st Century female version of the Adolf Eichmann! Author Hannah Arendt found such human types to be ordinary and completely compliant to the corrupt Nazi amoral system.

Haspel is no different. She was like Eichmann just following orders. BTW, Haspel conveniently went out of her way to eliminate any evidence of her war crimes by destroying 92 video tapes.

Haspel supervised a U.S.‘black site’ in Thailand in 2002 where Abu Zubeidah and Abdul Rahm Nashirir were tortured incessantly by CIA personnel.

Some facts from Senate Intel Committee:

  • 26 of the 119 prisoner [22%] held by the CIA were subsequently found to have been ‘improperly detained’.
  • In 2008 John Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell, two severely incompetent contractors charged over $81M for their services to develop torture techniques despite the fact they knew nothing about interrogation.
  • John Rizzo, the CIA acting general counsel found these two men to be completely ‘sadistic’ and ‘terrifying’.
  • the entire useless torture program which produced no actionable intelligence cost the American taxpayer over $300M.
  • several prisoners almost drowned to death due to “waterboarding” which resulted in no valuable intelligence.
  • CIA officials, Scott Miller and James Pavitt, were warned that their ‘sadistic rectal exams’ were ‘excessive’.
  • Four prisoners had been beaten so hard that they were not able to stand because of their broken feet, sprained ankles, and amputated legs.
  • Abu Zubaydah’s eyes were so badly damaged during his beatings that he had to have his eye removed.

The CIA does not stop at the moment of torture. It entangles itself within a cobweb of lies and deceit.

CIA Directors: George Tenet, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, John Brennan lied to members of US Congress, White House, and to the American public about the program’s effectiveness and the number of prisoners held by the CIA. The CIA is an institution of little merit and major disgrace. During the years I was in the USG, I worked with the CIA, and often times, against them. Usually in my overseas assignments  I found the CIA to be completely incompetent [Cambodia], or highly collusive [General Noriega].

Gina Halsep is a dutiful officer of a heinous organization. The CIA like the FBI, Catholic Church, Labor Unions and other historic institutions have outlive their usefulness due to corruption beyond repair. Halsep lacks the necessary judgement, morality, and competency to become anything creative or useful to our great American society. She belongs to what President Ike called the CIA—“A Legacy of Ashes”.

Plato said:

“Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”

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57 thoughts on “Vote NO! Gina Haspel CIA

  1. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    On May 8, 2018 (between about 12:00 a.m. and about 6:30 a.m.), I was staying near the side of Target (3300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704); and there were video cameras located at the corners of the said Target (3300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704) building! At about 3:00 a.m. or so, a female transient working for “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIONS brought her (said female transient) shopping cart down the drive between said Target (3300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704) and the strip-mall that is adjacent to said Target (3300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704); and parked her (said female transient) shopping cart in the back behind said strip-mall that is adjacent to said Target (3300 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704)! When I awoke at about 6:00 a.m., there was a male transient (definitely a “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVE, most likely wearing an ear piece) that approached where I was camping; and he (said male transient working for “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIONS) saw there was two (2) boxes of wooden matches that were obviously planted there, while I was sleeping! Said male transient tried to initiate a conversation to obtain proof that he (said male transient) and I were at the same location! However, I remained silent the entire time! Said male transient pocketed the said two (2) boxes of wooden matches and left!

    There is absolutely “NO WAY” that I would ever use wooden matches for smoking “crack cocaine,” because the flame is not hot enough, therefore, only a lighter or a torch works! I have NOT had possession of a lighter in years; and there is NO EVIDENCE of me buying a lighter (store videos and/or bank records)!

    Since I have sugar problems, when I drink a large amount of fluids, I frequently urinate; and that is the reason for me using the bathroom more frequently than normal!

    Several “WEED AND SEED” OPERATORS were trying to “SET-ME-UP” at a strip mall between Callen’s Common and Sunflower Ave. on the West side of Bristol St.; and this was while I was panhandling said location all day! At one (1) point, they said “WEED AND SEED” OPERATORS tried to “SET-ME-UP” at Aloha Hawaiian BBQ (3814 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704); and this occurred while I was using the bathroom to primarily urinate at about 4:55 p.m. on May 8, 2018 (see video cameras at said Aloha Hawaiian BBQ)!

  2. Chia Cha

    Germany must repay debt to Russia, Greece, Poland, us here, Germany must beg forgivness also. And then we can think off accepting apology. American capitalists also must admitt they financied Hitler. They were very very lucky, to win war based on industrial capacity but in last moment, just before nuclear reactors started to work around world. Pure luck. History writes miracles. Labour unions must be automated in one web app/forum. Catholic Church should come out with new archeological facts to put scientific Darwinism as just of many other secondary tools not very connected with evolution, without any functional value, once for all. CIA and FBI under open mitary command…

    1. Embrey

      Military Inteiilgence has assumed control of the intelligence apparatus in the United States. CIA has been neutralized as to their access to electronic information (NSA). Now the rascals and rats who abused CIA from within are confusing their own death rattle for a lion’s roar.
      They are done

      1. Windwipper

        Embrey, I’ve been hearing just this week that the NSA has extensively expanded their domestic surveillance of Americans under POTUS Trump. Not good. Also, the US Military Industrial Complex is part of the deep state and guilty of a multitude of diabolical deeds/crimes over the past 70+ years, so there’s no way I would put my trust in them.

        1. Embrey

          That same military and military intelligence along with POTUS and numerous other patriots are fighting right now to restore your Constitutional Republic.
          I see the problems down the road. They will be moot if we don’t win this fight. Trump and the military have crossed the Rubicon. There is no turning back.
          One side will win and the other will lose.


    Haspel is a product of the Zionist control of the U.S. gov with the invasion and bombing of countries and the killing of men, women and children with the illegal bombing which shows a complete disregard for the loss of human life and suffering.

    This all stems from the Zionist control with its goal of a new world order ie a one world government and it MOSSAD diabolical, draconian, cruelty and sadly we Americans have been dragged into wars and military aid to Israel that supports this cruelty.

  4. Windwipper

    Steve is really on a roll this week! Calling out the criminal John McSHAME and his subversive co-conspirators John Kerry and Gen. Betrayeus and now Gina Haspel. What a breath of fresh air.

    What I like best are his two statements:
    1. The CIA is an institution of little merit and major disgrace.
    2. The CIA like the FBI, Catholic Church, Labor Unions and other historic institutions have outlive their usefulness due to corruption beyond repair.


    But what is to explain our POTUS choosing Gina Haspel for the position of CIA director? Yet ANOTHER swamp creature! So disappointing. And does her appointment remove all hope that POTUS Trump will take apart this wicked, corrupt organization?


      Trump is completely without morals and his actions as POTUS are a disgrace as he is beholden to Israel and the zionist bankers who hold the loans on his properties thus he is owned by the zionist deep state.

      Trump received 5 deferments during the Vietnam war and like all draft dodgers pushes war as long as other people do the fighting and dying.

  5. MrTuvok

    I hope you also can devote more time to speak out agains Trump’s aggression against Iran. For me it goes to show that Trump’s allegiance ultimately is not to the people. This is not part of the MAGA-platform, yet he has made known his ill will against this country from the outset. What motivates him, Dr. P?

    Leon Zagami said on Infowars: “Trump is not working for us.” He mentioned some money people behind the scenes, but offered no evidence of this.

      1. MrTuvok

        He said it in his first appearance on infowars in many years early 2017, I believe. I haven’t heard him retract it after that.

        1. Dora Dundee

          Did you hear him more recently?Like early May?
          Different tune?

    1. Dora Dundee

      But who is”us”?
      This is crucial.

  6. Jason

    In Gina’s job interview today, it appears that she has few moral qualms about much of anything. She looks like another landmine to me. General Mattis once stated that the duty he dreaded the most as a soldier was patrolling and neutralizing land mines. Has it occurred to anyone yet that all of this has largely been HD kabuki theatre? All actors wearing suicide vests? The dogs of war being fed poisoned meat? All the stray cats lapping up the anti-freeze? For those that resent the military taking over to preserve the country, I say you have absolutely no gratitude, nor any grasp of what would be required to rid our nation of the illuminati. I do get it. There is clown make up all around, but the leftist hyperbole is now working as an abrasive, not a lubricant. It’s a psychological pole shift that has been in the works for a while. It’s time to understand that the truth will always be a road, not a destination. The enemies of America are surrounded by psychological land mines. Most of the people say they want the truth, but I doubt it sometimes. If you’re waiting for the second coming to help us out, you should first ask the question from Jesus’ perspective. Why should I? What do they manifest that makes them worthy? Why not clear the map, and start anew?

  7. MrTuvok

    Also, I would like to hear your take on this “Q” individual. He has gathered a quite large following of Trump supporters.

    According to him, there always seems to be a grandiose scheme behind everything Trump does, now also with Iran.

    1. Embrey

      Trust the PLAN

  8. Donna

    The CIA like the ((state department)) the AskeNAZI’s and all the dual citizens in our government have overstayed their welcome NONE of these tools work for America but instead for the highest bidder and since the subversive AIPAC..Israel!

  9. Jason

    Such beauty is emerging now that POTUS has trashed the Iran deal. Everyone’s true colors are showing. Junker has admitted today that this whole game has been about replacing the US with the EU as the reigning global superpower. Their plans are fully foiled, and they have begun to be honest. Implosion is imminent. There will be no petro-euro deal with a nuclear Iran. Nice try though. Instead of the migrants being the new military for the EU puppet masters, how will they employ them now? Bye. EU would emerge in 20 years as the true Islamic caliphate, and be the leader of 3 billion muslims? In league with China, one belt, one road? The pipeline going from Iran, through Syria, into EU? No longer relying on Russian gas? Interesting plan, perhaps? Plus, control of the opium?

    1. Chia Cha

      Not if we kill Merkel bomb Germany and burn one half of masonic lodges based on Jacobins (those atheist one). My formula is razed Germany to ground, split among Poland, UK, France and US, 3 sea intiatiave and push of negro Christians to colonize middle east. There are only two paths. But for that we need to start killing atheists.

      1. Jason

        No need to kill those who will kill themselves. That’s the trick. The migrants will do the razing that europeans won’t do. They have a time frame to install them into police and military, but their clock has been stopped. Migrants will kill, but in the geometry of anarchy now. Watching the enemies of my ancestors die by their own hands will feel great. As for killing atheists, by all means, lead the way. Show me how it’s done. Everyone is just dyeing to watch an American kill someone they despise. Besides, there are no atheists. Those who claim to be one lie to themselves. Everyone marches to a dogma. If I am to turn fascist, I can assure you that you won’t prefer my brand to yours. We would be at cross-purposes. I suffer from acute megalomania.

        1. Chia Cha

          I cannot believe my eyes what those lunatics are doing, their goal is really to create out of whole Europe one free market capitalism rust belt city, but not that with people aware of situation who would vote Trump, but one full of anti-melting pot immigrants, liberal rentier capitalism, going atheist, voting for electro-Borg, and their death. Of course that all before civil war starts. Ok Houston, Houston is not part of this world, he is parallel universe (have you ever heard some news something happening in Houston?), but real hell hole would be Chicago. No one wants Chicago. In Houston Satan is at least keeping facades not decaying. Does anyone knows anyone living in Chicago? Chicago is to Houston what was was Tripitz to Bismarck. You need parallel player on opposite distance to jump is space. You wonder how HMS Hood and Bismarck got so suddenly looking each other alone in fog, And what is most they know it.

        2. Chia Cha

          Here is brother of grandma from mother side getting shoot by the nazi-fascists occupiers for leading partisan army and resistance with comrades, of course serb among them become famous and got name of one big cooperation. I mean he was communist but he was not atheist. Later one other brothers become stupid atheists, especially one who was party secretary and factory agitator. That one is stil alive and he really thinks that one party system is good, that communist party solved national questions, control over multinational army (even there can be only one de facto army leader) etc etc and all other little never “solved” details multi inationalism can ever solve unless under King. I hope I will get to live something so similar and heroic. Party is party.čara_i_drugova_%283%29.jpg

          1. Chia Cha

            I meant to say party like fun event. And he really thinks that EU is good for us. That nationalism is bad, that Church cannot say those are not ours, although he was only one wanting to allow religious freedoms I guess as way to expand communism. And I told him, yes, of course you were thinking good, revolution must stop NOT. But everything was controlled I guess. He is responsible for only Church built from 1945-1989 in city even city expanded from 50 000 to 250 000 in that period. Then Serbs tried to destroy all roman churches from destroyers in town in attack in 1991. they, but they very repulsed in one morning. For instance Ron Paul always is praising Serbs and liberal capitalism. He is nazi-wing and real national-soc@list. he wants to socialize and nationalize FED, and give FED to bureaucracy. Imagine that. We are lucky Bill Clinton was our agent. That wing of Ron Paul must be destroyed. He is nazi enemy.,16.4568433,3a,75y,271.53h,94.29t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYI4hMwzD3vwceH2O2wPN2A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

          2. Chia Cha

            Alex Jones is via Ron Paul very close to that Nazi wing, Nazis cannot stand that with Alex Jones they would get everything, he is only barrier for democrats to get in games via nazis again, that is why I guess AJ also prize serbs to show he understands peace efforts by nazis, and Ron Paul, even i guess alex is aware that both serbs and nazis hates west. For instance main fascist propaganda was that russians were destroying own churches. And controlled communists never tried to remove that propaganda. Imagine that, even that was main reason for their defeat in Spain. Some just like to lose all the time.

        3. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, I appreciate that you have a firm grasp of basic human nature. Either the EU-globalists don’t and things have gone awry for them with Trump in power, or the EU-globalists actually do understand human nature and their plan was to manipulate that human nature via infesting Europe and America with Black African and Middle Eastern muslims who would, first, kill off the Whites and White Christians, then the ultimate goal was to replace all the remaining muslims with Artificial Intelligence. It’s a way to use the oppressed to kill of your enemies, then killing the killers. It’s done all the time in CIA Black ops, only this strategy was being employed with segment of humanity.

          1. Chia Cha

            I agree with you 99%, but you cannot use word infest, I like black african females. I would have them in my harem. I believe that me as responsible person would be able to reeducated them very nicely. Do you believe in reeducation?

          2. Jason

            Nice to hear from you again Wanda. The EU-globalists lost sight of the fact that there is a deeper state. People enter into areas and structures, using tools weapons and other equipment, that are built by others. They don’t fully understand that technology is not the Holy Grail they think it is. It is a double edged sword. The cabal would have been able to sustain themselves if they would have used restraint. They can only exist as a counterpoint to better intentions. By trying to undermine ALL that is good, they undermined themselves totally. A society of depravity, dishonor, and carnage invites the counterforce. I have studied deeply my own mistakes in life, and I deeply understand selfishness, wrath, and spite as a result. I think I understand it when I see it. The shadow dreamt of being human, only to be overtaken by it’s own shadow. Or so it appears. When I was a youth in Catholic school, I had always felt that I was here to bear witness to something, but I didn’t know what. All that is unfolding now however, I can feel it. We need the truth and each other. One without the other is true tragedy. I think your geometry of the EU situation is on point. Moslems are tailor made fascists. A Nazi’s dream when it comes to biological warfare. A dangerous contagion with human rights and the ability to use weapons. A formidable weapon they are.

          3. Dora Dundee

            That view is as clear as day. Alex Jones clarified that years ago.
            The ‘migration’ plan was talked about openly between world governments, as a necessity because of falling birth rates in Europe and non-replacement of population.
            I remember attending a small conference with a soon to be elected MP who was talking about it as if it were a good idea.
            Holy hell. Little did she realise what she was doing.

    2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, I, too, am delighted that Trump has backed out of the diabolical, ineffective Iran deal. This is, I believe, a profoundly huge step towards killing the EU-Juncker-Globalist-Soros-Rothschild dynasty-Satanist cabal that has BLACKMAILED certain countries’ leaders so that the diabolical plan to exterminate Western culture and civilization would be achieved, and, more specifically, Whites and White Christians. I believe that the combination of Satanists, atheists, communists, muslims, Jews on the Left, and Blacks on the Left pose the greatest existential threat to democracy, Western civilization, Whites and White Christians. Taqqiya is an aspect of Sharia law which tells the muslim to intentionally deceive a non-muslim in any way that is necessary as a method to achieve the ultimate goal of establishing a global Caliphate and implementing Sharia Law. Satanists, by the fact that they are Satanists, deceive.

      I suspect that Trump is working behind the scenes with France (Macron), Germany (Merkel), and May (UK) to actually undo the diabolical horror of uncivilized horrors oc allowing all these low IQ, savage, barbaric, primitive, criminal, raping, murdering Black Africans and Middle Easterners into Europe who are placed on welfare and given free housing, thus, forcing the Europeans—-without their consent—-to have their taxes support the very people who hate them, wish their civilization to be abolished, and are raping and murdering them. It’s analogous to paying rapists and murderers to live among you with the knowledge that they will exterminate you. How much more insane can this be? Yet this is what the EU-globalists are forcing on Europeans. Remember Merkel in Oct 2010 gave a speech saying that “mutliculturalism has utterly failed,” then David Cameron gave a speech in February 2011 saying “state mutliculturalism has failed,” and then a week after Cameron’s speech, Nicolas Sarkozy gave a televised interview in February 2011 stating that “multiculturalism has failed.” Yet, what happened? Germany, France, and the UK kept accepting all these Black Africans and Middle Easterners. Why the turnabout? France, Germany, the UK, and I suspect Sweden are being blackmailed.

      Also, recall Gaddafi said about 2 months prior to this death that he would “turn Europe Black” if the EU did not pay Libya $5 billion Euros to stop Black Africans from migrating to Europe. BLACKMAIL.

      1. Jason

        I agree. It is not only blackmail however. It is also central bank extortion. The 2008 crash tightened the nooses around everyones throat. Do you want zero% interest, here is our list of demands. You want us to tighten rates again until something important breaks, then resist us and be crushed. The proverbial hammer and anvil approach to global financial dominance. Low interest is how they water the fields. Then they raise rates when it is time to harvest.

    3. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, to make my point, here are some quotes by Jews on the LEFT about their strategies which have been playing out for decades, and have now been exposed for the world to see: “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Jew Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

      “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed.” – Jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev – Harvard Magazine September-October 2002

      “It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanities interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorised; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.” – Jew Ishmael Levitts

      A quote from Rabbi Rabinovitch in Budapest in 1952: “The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave. We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our control Commissions will, in the interest of peace and wiping out our interracial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with white. The white woman must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark people.”

      1. Jason

        They are a young Icarus, preparing for their final flight.

      2. Jason

        It’s ironic that they are creating a system that will be hijacked at some point. Hubris is a big problem.

      3. Chia Cha

        But let s be factual, fear from commuism stopped racial extermination of blacks and american indians. And fear from communism stopped continuation of american genocide conducted by WASP capitalists when 6M americans were killed after hunger of 1929. Also fear from communism created middle class and gave jobs to small towns simply because central planning by capitalist had be conducted. Every force must have counter force and it will have it, and it will be more wile and even more evil.

  10. Mike Wiehl

    The CIA and a few other institutions/organizations need to be killed off, but such action cannot be taken easily or immediately. What better person to head the CIA then someone who is apart of the CIA when it’s end indeed comes about. Why subject an innocent outsider to this. Gina Haspel is a nice place holder for head of the CIA. When the heads finally roll for this agency its a nice touch that the one at the top also has CIA blood on her hands. I support her nomination.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Mike Wiel, that is an interesting perspective. I also think we all need to remember that Trump is playing 4D chess to achieve his goals. Ruses and sting operations and ploys to trap the enemy by getting the enemy to step on their own booby trap are strategies used by Trump. The man is a genius. Flawed? Sure. But a genius and an effective, productive, and efficient one too.

      1. Dora Dundee

        I had a momentary grasp of whatever number chess is being played. It was a fleeting awareness and unless I immediately write things down, the go. But this aha moment could not be explained in words. It was a “get it ” moment. I tend to agree with you, and not from a merely wishful thinking position

  11. Chia Cha

    Free market liberal capitalist EU was telling Slovenian (land of Melania) government how government is bad owner of companies. And now factory which produces apliances in Slovenia is going to bought by state run Chinese company under preassure by Germans and communist social-democrats. German nazis, Chinese communists, old euro KGB infrastucture, soical-democrats and liberals are doing very good job these days. Nazis wants Arabs and Chinese to come closer and connected them with warm sea and Suez canal. Soros supports that all the time, no wonder, because Soros is working for Germans from WW2, Germans wants Arabs and Chinese to push Russians from south to cooperate with them on german terms from position of power. And we stil are waiting for apology from Germans and to pay war reparations. Halloooo. Chicago as capital of Sorosstan should adapt Willis tower to become minaret from which Soros would throw Jews down the well. Having Jake Tapper up there on megaphone would be assurance that the most beautiful prayer calling melodies are going to make Soros woryless and more focused, without stresses war activies last time were producing.

    1. Jason

      …and then?

      1. Chia Cha

        As experiment have many different layers, you first need scientific evidences and some sacrifices by having liberal tolerance over few happy mexicans with kids, as way to prove Chicago is success. For instance real indicator that Chicago is working success is that invaders who comes to SF and LA do not know Chicago is suitable for human habitation or that even that is place. No one from them went ever to Chicago. Experiments work until they starts to understand Jack Tapper speaking English on CNN by which proces of zombification is over. Soros knows very well that using zombie from SF or LA to prove anything about humans is not possible. Chicago is final and ultimate stage of zombification of space and matter, not just of humans as it was done in SF and LA but you need evidences. Heck they think Houston exist.

        1. Chia Cha

          Soros knows very well that you cannot destroy civlization by using replacement technique, and because he needs total destruction of western civilization without any chance for any kind of revival, you need to kill off those who are doing replacement also and you can do it only via total genocide. Western Roman Empire was revived by Christianity after Germanic tribes destroyed west, he knows that he cannot allow that. Soros thinks that open society is when money does not have any obstacle in culture. Then he feels secured.

          1. Jason

            Chicago is microcosm of EU. …and then?

          2. Chia Cha

            They need genetic security that THE CULTURE will not exist ever again.They need to merge soy boys of bay area with Chicago economic model to get victorious, of course in combination with Aztec and Muslim police force as way to suck in all others.

          3. Jason

            You see it true I think. Entropy always wins. Piracy and hijacking are being applied in innovative ways right now. The deep state technique of always hijacking or pirating movements that are authentic is being used against them. As more and more truth trickles out, the faster and more recklessly they engage in burning their own fields in the hope of corralling and redirecting the mob. The speed is too much for them. The pool of actors is being used up fast. Corporations are being used as planes to crash into the Freedom Tower that is our possible awakening. Getting cannibals to eat each other, and themselves, is the current game. A cautionary tale of hubris if there ever was one. The hydra eats itself. The end of “The Godfather” was about settling all family business in one fell swoop. The Teflon Don is gonna settle it the right way. It will be on time and under budget too. PS Dr. Steve needs to write more. The videos are great, but the writing is even better.

          4. Chia Cha

            Yes but I like static system hiding it self, even more, let s look at Houston. Houston is perfect cosmos of non-existent human activities, without any meaning
            and culture. Evil one feigns all human activity down there as way to hide that all activty down there does not have any meaning and value at all. Any flair of culture is non existent in any “news” “out of there”. Let s just look those news out of Houston Chronicle. I think that reading newspapers in game Sims 4 have more connection with human caused entropy and are less synthetic then whole “activity” described to happen “out of Houston”. Houston is what communists tried but never achieved. Amateurs.

          5. Chia Cha

            Non human system is trying to tell us that Houston is real while Chicago is not. Even Houston is just Myst and when you get in Myst you become Chicago. It is same like Hitler’s economic miracle.

          6. Jason

            …and then?

          7. Chia Cha

            Liberation and pillage of enemy goods and property.

  12. Chia Cha

    Obama bought villa in Chicago, as fast as he has been called back to explain, how he gets flies around him all the time even they thought all flies were destroyed by GMO pesticides long time ago, people in Chicago are afraid Sulphur he produces makes flies come back.

    1. Jason

      Obama, the harbinger of pestilence. He is a character out of “Rosemary’s Baby”. Hillary especially. Or perhaps they are the vampires of old. They perpetuate the cycle of abuse, hence their victims become infected, and become vampires themselves, exponential stratification of genuine vampires that consume innocence. All those damaged lefties marching to Nosferatu’s castle. I mean Rothschild. That dude looks just like the original Nosferatu.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Jason, I could not agree with you more. Our former president, Barack Hussein Obama, the Kenyan born, gay, communist, former CIA analyst who is married to a transgender, Michael Lavaughn—–that HUSSEIN is the Anti-Christ which is to say he embodies Satanic energy, the energy of diabolical evil and deception—a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Just a few of the Satanic behaviors of Barack Hussein Obama

        Obama The CIA Made Man: Black Pastor, Dr. James Manning, staunch opponent of Barack Obama, says that Jeremiah Wright and Obama ran a down low operation out of Jeremiah Wright’s church and both men were gay

        Larry Sinclair gave a very detailed testimony about his sexual affair with Barack Hussein Obama in 1999 in which Sinclair states he gave oral sex to Obama. In September 2007, Sinclair contacted Obama.
        Three of the gay men who had sexual relations with Obama were murdered within a 60 day period of time in Nov-Dec 2007—–just before Obama’s presidential campaign really heated up. Two of the men were shot—no investigation occurred. The 3rd man died of a mysterious death. One of these men, Mr. Young, was the Youth Director of the church where Jeremiah Wright was pastor. Remember that name?

        Black preacher, Dr. James Manning:
        Obama And Larry Sinclair Song

        I suspect there is not only a pedophile ring, a child torture and child killing ring, a network of selling human body parts, but there is also a connection to a network of Black pimps who primarily target White females as prostitutes as yet another of many intentional methods to exterminate White Culture. When I view the actions of the Black Africans and Middle Eastern migrants in Europe and the fact that many of the people who are targeted are White, I cannot help but connect dots. There is a systemic attack on Whites and White Christians and it is not new nor is it random.

      2. Jason

        “The Strain” is an analogue to our current status. We are to be on hooks and bled dry.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, I agree. The question that I ask over and over and over is this: Is there a force, a group of people with sufficient power, to turn the tide of Diabolical Evil that has been working for decades to exterminate humanity; first, by exterminating Whites, then by exterminating non-Whites? I do not believe that the Elites will stop at exterminating just Whites. Blacks and muslims are the high breeders so they are being used in the first phases to exterminate Whites, the higher IQ race, by the strategy that the Jew Israel Cohen stated in 1912 (see my above post). Then, as Rabbi Rabinovitch stated in 1952, since the dark races of people have inferior IQs, it will be much easier for the remaining Elites to exterminate the inferior IQ races/ethnicities next. I believe the ultimate goal is to exterminate 98% of humanity, then replace them with Artificial Intelligence. There is ample evidence of this if a person will read and connect dots. Refer to Elon Musk’s many, many comments over the past 5-7 years where he has said that humanity will be forced to hook up their brains to computers in order to compete with Artificial Intelligence. Well, any non-gullible person knows that is code language for: “When humanity is stupid and gullible enough to allow their brains to be hooked up to computers, then we, the Elites, will finally be able to control their every thought, emotion, and behavior, then exterminate them by that manipulation.” Below is relevant, and refers to America, but the same is being planned for Europe.

          At 16 minutes, 53 seconds: “I was talking to a venture capitalist who is very successful and he looked me dead in the eye and he said ‘Look, we can use Artificial Intelligence, software and robotics to replace every job in America and that’s what we are going to do and that’s just the way it is and we don’t care.’
          We have a leadership group that has gotten new Technology and they, literally, think, as predator, they can move in, ignore the law, whether it’s the Constitution or state and local laws and, basically, take over everything.”
          Catherine Austin Fitts – Enormous Level of Ignorance & Lawlessness in America

          1. Jason

            These people are completely self-destructive. Even if they win, they lose.

          2. Sally Sure Think

            They are seriously demented, satanic-force-driven nut jobs. Nutty because craving this power for a few elites is pretty damned boring really. Power for power’s sake. Only a possessed entity would bother to get out of bed for this. Most of us are looking for more fun, human things to do. Rampant ego and brainwashing evil.

    2. Sally Sure Think

      oooh. What a comment

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