USG Monitors Everyone! Get Over it!

USG Monitors Everyone! Get Over it!

Two Crucial Questions:

  • Are we monitored by the USG?
  • Was Russia Involved in Trump’s Electoral Victory?

For some time now, our country has been distracted by these two questions that the #fakenews has hounded on since the surprise? election results.

Guess What??! I know that I am being monitored on a 24/7 basis. How do I know that? I was asked by those who do such things if it was alright for them to monitor me and my internet/phone/TV activities? I politely said “sure” you are going to do it anyway, nice of you to ask. Quid pro Quo: I asked if those monitoring me could help to keep my AOL account [Assholes on Line] pretty much intact and clear of spams.

If I, a nobody in comparison to Trump and his family, can be monitored under the Bush Jr/Obama/Trump administrations, then it is quite facile to presume that Trump himself would also be monitored. The reason is the need for the republic to maintain a constant surveillance over its citizens. I hate to break this to you but Americans have been under NSA monitoring since 1949. Yes, it goes back to the time of FDR!

From the Stanford Law Review:… “when FDR made an end-run and wiretapped US citizens against the wiretapping prohibition of the Congress and the US Supreme Court”… [Neal Katyal and Richard Caplan;Stanford Law Review, P. 102 Vol.60]

What was good enough for FDR back then, believe me that every POTUS since then has also made his own end-run against all the seemingly tight civil/criminal prohibitions from congress and the Supreme Court [including FISA].

Remember: FDR also ordered the massive detention of the American-borne: Japanese, Italians and Germans. Not bad for a bleeding heart Liberal! Don’t get fooled by the all of our POTUSs, both Democrats and Republicans, who might deny knowing anything about the USG’s surveillance of our American citizens. It just a canard! The Republic must be kept safe at all cost even when it is attacking its own people [9/11].
Now onto the second question… whether the Russians influenced Trump’s electoral victory?

The answer is NO!
There is no clear evidence that Russia had anything to do with Trump’s electoral-college win.
For the Russians, it is/was immaterial who becomes POTUS. Putin and his predecessors knew that the USG is far more than the specific occupant in the WH or the State Dept.

Russia’s basic motivation is to trade effectively. So when Russia needed wheat under the Reagan administration, the Iowa farmers earned a lot of money from selling their excess grain to Russia—and to even Cuba. Let us all remember that the “business of America and its foreign policy is BUSINESS!”  The American dollar and the Russian Ruble are wed at all times by national business interests, not ideology.

If Russia wants to sell its oil/gas, we can tamper or not tamper with it at will. Similarly, Russia can use economic warfare to lower the price of gas/oil or wheat/grain, creating a major deficit on our overall trade balance.

Requesting that the FBI investigate presumed Russian interference into our 2016 election is both a waste of money and precious time. It could possibly be a way to funnel illegal funds to some bribable entity.  The FBI relies on a Counter-Intelligence Network that spans over our 17 different intelligence organizations. None of the 17 intelligence organizations will find anything worthwhile or even criminal.

Trump’s legitimacy is ex post facto. It was already determined all the way back in November 2016. All of the aforementioned diversions are nothing but distractions from the far more important task of downsizing a bloated bureaucracy. Over time, millions of USG employees, veterans or not, will have to find a real job, not one where the nanny state pays him/her/trannie conversion. Many are being paid to be lab rats or are in an apparatchik mode of being paid to be an obstruction.

We must demand more serious considerations from our dysfunctional legislative representatives and our highly compromised FBI. Americans have a manifest destiny! We want to become great again! #MAGA


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20 thoughts on “USG Monitors Everyone! Get Over it!

  1. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please check-out my recent comments that I posted at your BOLG! There is some very import information contained within said comments!

  2. Chia Cha

    America is republic, where people are electing their representatives to represent interests of capitalists before bureaucracy. Sometime capitalists are not united like they are not now, because some invested more money abroad, others, would be richer by having such, loose. Every financial product on Wall Street needs bureaucracy to say: yes this paper really says you are that much richer then person without that paper. That is only function of bureaucrats. Also, what for tongues are used? To lie…

    1. Chia Cha

      If they are following respected Dr. P. that means they need also to read my dhierea. Or they by now learned how to skip it without reading. Well then I hope it smells at least. There are not also petro dollar, there is also financial dollar, bonds, and investment dollar. Trump is now trying to put investment dollar in to play, with resulting inflation which will then again need to be put in financial dollar. Petro dollar I hope will end, Trump seems like giving whole Panonian basain in Europe to Russian capital for wheat/grain. Or that is just propaganda accept by both.

  3. Pedro Perez

    I don’t know what to say. I am shocked. AOL still exists? And you still have an account with them? Maybe they are safer?

    I have always figured there was the potential for 1984-type surveillance. I figured the movie “Enemy of the State” could happen but they didn’t have the technology or money to do this to everybody. Then Snowden made his revelations.

    I am glad they are keeping an eye on you, especially since they asked. You need to be protected. But, they have not asked me. I am just a guy. Can you see the objection there? From the age of 7-10 I lived in Cuba and my parents had to watch out what any of us said because every block had a family assigned to spy on everybody else. Hence my paranoia. Now here it is happening all over.

    1. Chia Cha

      They would stop spying right away if you would buy from them some 500$ “magic” soap, Tom Cruze recommeded, making you so happy and proud and beliving you were so lucky. Or some water bed, for 5000$ in Las Vegas pink, thinking, gee, what a good deal. But you are not, you traitor, where was your love.

  4. Doug

    Like the late great George Carlin said,”Power does what it wants”. They will monitor if you can’t tell you are being monitored.

  5. The Prescient Minority

    “The reason is the need for the republic to maintain a constant surveillance over its citizens.”

    Same behavior as the monarchy back in 1762 when the King’s representatives would break into colonist’s homes and businesses and search through their belongs. Yep the same exact human behavior in both instances.

    And another similar human behavior from 1760’s. Government officials committing murder and getting away with it. Yes this is happening today just like it did back in the 1760’s. Our founding fathers even put a line in about it in our country’s Declaration Of Independence.
    “For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:”

    We all know what happened in 1776. The people revolted and a revolution was born from the very behaviors that we are currently experiencing by our government today. Do you think the people’s response will be any different today? In 20 years the United States will not exist in it’s current form. The corruption in government and the debt piled up by our government is just to great to overcome by anything but a crash and burn.

  6. Fivi.Zogbi

    STEVE PIECZENIK. Just watched you on Alex Jones (whose interruptions are immensely annoying) but you persisted.
    Sir, I admire you intensely. You are a man of passion in your insistence on honor and humanity.

    It’s unlikely the neo-cons will be defeated as they’re so numerous and their tentacles widely spread. Nonetheless, I deeply admire and respect your rare qualities.

    1. Chia Cha

      They will be defeated… They are want war. They want war, we must put them in FEMA camp in St. Louis, and they must get in that green plastic coffin… It is interesting how they are never getting old. Like they are kept in refrigerator.

      1. arly wilkonson

        Yes eet iz…chia cha. Your command of eng-gleesh is as powerful as your comments…hopefully I make as mucho sense as you do.

        1. Chia Cha

          I use democratic english, for you to be able to freely choose what I have said. Reader is always right.

    2. Embrey

      If you listened to the interview you would understand that Steve is speaking to one audience which hemismattemptingmto,influence and Alex is speaking to another.
      You notice that Steve employs the tactic after he has answered Alex’ question by asking himself the next question, such as ‘Why do I say that?’ and then Steve continues speaking.
      If you want to speak to Alex’ audience, Alex controls the interview.
      If you want One way communication then post all your thoughts hers Steve and 1000 people will see it.
      Or speak to millions and don’t cry when Alex is Alex.

      1. Chia Cha

        Or maybe we can tell Alex to be shut up and learn… Private business is not private if you talk to millions…

        1. Embrey

          I do believe Alex learns from Steve. It is Steve who believes he has nothing to learn from Alex.

          1. Chia Cha

            How much Alex talks, and how much Steve talks… Alex talks every day for 3 hours.

  7. Iggy A

    The Republic must constantly have surveillance over its citizens to maintain itself and yet organized pedophile rings and multinational exploitation of children moves along unimpeded decade after decade……

    My first reaction to the quote about the need for government to keep a watch on the citizenry was of the “what if” variety… About how checks-and-balances and a Bill of Rights were designed to — crippled government power to control “the mob” whose blood, sweat, and taxes made a republic possible….

    But then I thought of Boys Town of the 90s in light of recent power-pedophile revelations — and I thought — why try to “imagine” what could happen if these tools are abused by powerful, corrupt men….?

  8. Embrey

    The Democrats are losing their mind because they have a choice:
    Admit Obama was corrupt and that he enabled people to commit a felony OR accept,that Trump now has the right to use this country’s intelligence for his, and his party’s, benefit LEGALLY.
    You guys really didn’t think this thing through, did you?

  9. Shelby80

    Dr. Pieczenik
    Your last interview with Alex Jones was unwatchable because of Alex’s continuous interruptions. Would it be possible for you to just make your own videos telling us the points you want to get across that Alex did not let you finish? I know thousands of people would prefer this. I really want to hear what you have to say. It is very interesting and you give info I never hear anywhere else. Thanks.

  10. aa

    Re Shelby80: Ditto for me. Background and current info with future projections would be great.

  11. Guy

    why aren’t we abiding by the constitution? I’m not giving consent to be monitored. I haven’t done anything to give cause for a warrant. I shouldn’t be monitored. It’s unconstitutional.

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