The United States may experience a transition of power however this transition will not be abrupt, nor cataclysmic, nor unprecedented. As a matter of fact, in a republic such as ours power shifts quite often.

In this Talk, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shares his unique experience as a political insider and offers his advice on how to handle the upcoming transition without compromising the strength and autonomy of our great nation.


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130 thoughts on “US TAKEOVER MAY BE NEAR

  1. Brenda

    Thank you for your courage and words! I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    1. Slh

      Seriously, what is this shit?

  2. Brenda

    Thank you for your courage and words!

  3. Brenda

    Thank you for your courage!

  4. kek

    Dr. Steve Piecework is full of shit. Do not believe him for one second. He wants you to become docile and accept the overthrow of America. He needs to eat lead pellets like all traitors just like him. xfuckyoux Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

    Want to know your give away? Won’t tell you. I see you are old, good the faster you and your ilk die the faster we get our country back.

    1. WandaKO

      Are you angry, kek, because you seem angry?

    2. Klaus

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik is right on one count — the Founders of this country did not want the military to be in charge. They had a distrust of the military and prohibited a standing Army or any other ground force. Four sides of the Pentagon are unconstitutional — only a standing Navy is permitted, because the Navy is relegated to floating islands called ships, never to set foot on land, where We the People live. This is why they gave us the Second Amendment, because guns belong in the hands of the People, not the military. If Trump loses this election, it is because he foolishly placed his trust in the military and law enforcement of this country instead of the Founding Fathers.

      1. Swede 46

        Absolutely correct Klaus. I believe that if more people would take the time to familiarize themselves with what is really in the Constitution and become more astute politically, we would have a much more knowledgeable base of support in this country. Thank you for your observation and thank you Dr. Steve Pieczenik for your courage.

    3. N. R. Murray

      Proof? We know there is a cover up for Clinton.

    4. Thomas Carretta

      And you are saying this based on your intuition? Give me a reason to consider what you said, I’m open.

    5. Craig Furlong

      You don’t know a thing about Dr. P.
      You sound like a globalist, with nary a clue.
      This verse came to me when I read all your words.

      John 8:42-45
      Jesus said to them, ‘If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on my own; God sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!’

    6. Pepe

      What would have happened if Mr/Mrs America found out on March 31st that Bush tried to kill Reagan? Or Johnson killed Kennedy? What happens when the people find out the entire government is being led towards evil by an occult pedophile ring?
      These shadow government controllers think they are wiser than us. “You can’t handle the truth” But the real problem is the ongoing consolidation of power. Steve doesn’t get that part, but he should. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hillary et al corruption is merely a symptom of consolidated power. The root cause is our move towards globalized central planning. The pyramid grows, we must smash it to survive.

  5. Chris

    Would like an update/understanding of if you believe this counter coup is working!

    1. Jente

      Yo Furtive. Long time no see since BR’s demise.

  6. Donna Marie Montgomery

    You are sweating… Stressed? Keep up the great work. Thank you for the updates.

  7. Yeah, peaceful revolution sounds great, yet I suspect you haven’t necessarily given the same advice to the peoples of the countries where you were trying effect a change of government. Regardless, the small arms and ammunition factories have been working basically flat-out for the past eight years, police are popular with the people yet the rulers and media are unpopular with the police, local organization could crystallize at a moment’s notice, and all that was incorporated into plans. But you’re placating your audience, which isn’t at all your usual style. At least some clues on timing and magnitude of events would be helpful. Any interruptions in utilities or deliveries expected? There is so much information, misinformation, disinformation and sheer craziness that nobody on any side knows what’s really happening on anything. I doubt the Clinton’s faction is going to be tipped off by anything any one person might say, and if they are, that they’d be able to do anything about it at this stage.

    I’m disappointed there’s no mention of:
    the latest rumors of Hillary taking six trips to Epstein’s underage orgy island,
    trafficking Haitian children and satanic ritual abuse (the “spirit cooking” ‘”art”being allegedly the tip of the iceberg),
    alleged coded child abuse talk in emails.
    the feud between DOJ and NYPD, DOJ threatening NYPD if it brings charges or makes data public,
    the FBI seeming to be preparing for mass high-level arrests. (what’s happening with the grand juries, anyway?)
    escalating troop movements on the Russian border,
    Russians brought all government employees’ relatives back from abroad on an immediate basis weeks ago
    DNS attacks
    2/3 star missile defense general suicided, no details, Army sat on it for 2 months
    Anonymous’s messages No.95833740 and No.95833807 on coming arrests, murdered gov’t source
    Trump tapping a Goldman-Sachs weasel for Treasury Secretary
    Chris Christie in charge of the Trump transition team
    mainstream media blackout on these stories that have set the alt-right blogs afire

    1. Furtive

      Christie is history…

  8. Anonymous

    Great vid again Dr P, with an even greater message. In all things, peace.

    1. Klaus

      Violence should not be undertaken until the enemy is identified. Even then, an alternative system must be formulated for the victory. Most Trump voters have no idea who their enemy is, only vague suspicions, and they have a poor plan to replace the current system with some sort of “survival of the fittest” anarchy.

    2. Cyrellys Geibhendach
      2 mins ·

      Ladies and Gentlemen voting. Please explain to me the substantive difference between a 4th Reich led by the Bush-Kissinger Cabal (see ) vs a 4th Reich led by the CFR-Soros-Clinton cabal? I’m not joking. Justify this please.
      US TAKEOVER MAY BE NEAR November 4, 2016November 4, 2016 Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD The United States may experience a transition of power…

  9. Embrey

    I bid you peace Dr. Steve.
    Let us hope the margin is too big to cheat.
    Can you speak to the THREATS the people in the NYPD are facing from our government?
    Are all the Wikileaks being revealed?
    When are people going to tie this coverup to AG Lynch and her boss, President Obama?
    Take care

    1. Margaret lee Combs

      He speaks to the matters of Loretta Lynch, the FBI, and Obama..I think that’s in the 11/4 video.

  10. A. Rogue Spook

    Some Americans, at least in my conversations with those I know, mostly agree the oath takers who have sworn an oath to protect America from this type of treason have thus far, failed US. Apparently many in the numerous agencies making up our nations intelligent, law enforcement, and military, (both active and inactive), or at least the command structures controlling these entities, either from fear, ignorance, or complaisance have forgotten the crucial content of their oaths. They are all very willing and capable of protecting our nation and it’s Constitution from any and all foreign enemies. However, when it is very evident there exist a DOMESTIC threat to our nation and it’s Constitution, they have failed tremendously. They (the oath takers) have allowed domestic enemies to infiltrate our government on all levels without any protest or resistance. The idea of duly elected electoral immunity, giving a legal precedence for treasonous actions or policies that are detrimental to our nations security, economic, and autonomous sovereigns by surrendering these to any foreign power or entity, will not be allowed to stand. Such policies include, national debt at 20 trillion dollars to a foreign entity, numerous attacks on our Constitution and the interpretation of it’s founding intent, specifically the 2nd Amendment completely ignoring “shall not infringe”. The refusal of authority to protect and secure the nations borders, allowing millions of invaders to overwhelm our nations social structure to the detriment of all US citizens. Policies and regulations giving advantage to foreign workers over those of American workers. Overbearing taxes, designed to crush all of America into economic doom. These are just a few. The oath takers should have intervened long ago when such actions are taken by domestic enemies in our government against America, it citizenry, and it’s Constitution. YOU!! as an oath taker, in your responsibility, should be able to identify a domestic enemy. Your first clue is, they will not know how to interpret the Constitution, or they see it as a living document to be interpreted at the whelms of political expedience. If also, our electoral process has only been a false sense of control the nation’s citizens have been allowed to believe they have, and is now about to be revealed as such. Then expect what is the great fear, the citizens to rise up, and not softly. The American citizens have not been arming themselves up since Bill Clinton’s administration, because they believe the government will pass laws taking firearms away, no, they are buying up the arms and ammunition because they believe the domestic enemies in our government will attempt to enslave them by confiscation of their firearms to disarm them, removing the citizens offensive capability to tell these domestic enemies, NO!! I know many of us understand if the oath takers fail to remove these domestic enemies peacefully with plan A, they had better be ready to implement plan B. It’s your choice. But know this,… there will come a time for you as an oath taker to make a decision, and that decision will be to lead, to follow, or just get the hell out of the way.

    1. Frank Gibbons

      I totally agree with you.
      Why has it come to this point where someone steps in? On the brink of destruction?

  11. Rob Lewis

    Steve I have a question, how can you guantee those of us who are not for Hillary, voted against Hillary will be left in peace if she steals the election? She has already done what Hitler and many others have done dehumanize the enemy deplorable/irredeemable. We did that in the Military, its so people go along with the game plan regardless. Its a way of dehumanizing the enemy to kill them. Other coups take Russia for example, they told the military and war veterans of their communities they would leave them alone if they sat it out, after they finished their take over at the top butchering all political opposition, they replaced generals with yes men, then they turned on the battle hardened veteran community and slaughtered every single one. That seems to always happen in history then they move on to the little people not with the agenda.

    1. Learn From History

      Sorry to tell you this Rob, but there are no guarantees in life.

  12. Tod Ganzer

    My main concern is this dr? The system and word you keep using is the word republic? The United States has not been or acted like a republic in many , many years:( that’s why they call us a democracy, we are voting for others to vote for us, but you know this:) the current system is corrupt by nature:( thank you so much for your dedication and hard work, but it’s the whole system and the nwo that needs to be dismantled so that America and the rest of the world can be truly free;) people like David icke, and many others have been pointing out the pedophiles for 30 and some 50 years now,,, we seem to be a little late on this, but thanks again for exposing it this time, the rest of the world’s leaders are also involved, so I expect we will all begin the hard work of removing them as well???

    1. Anna banana

      ….and to the republic, for which it stands…… one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty. And justice. For all.

      “Frequently, politicians, and many ordinary Americans, refer to the United States as a democracy. Others find this aggravating because, unlike in a democracy where citizens vote directly on laws, in the United States, elected representatives do – and, therefore, the U.S. is a republic.”

    2. Petra

      That is part of the deception. The fact you call it a democracy shows that they were successful in having you believe it was not a republic.
      God Bless all involved in the take down. God is key to saving the innocent.

    3. thomas-peter

      @Tod Ganzer first of all I would like beg your pardon on behalf of my knowledge to express myself in english thoung, because I´am not a native speaker! I´am totally agree about your meanings and your expressions. Please let me go more detailled, you as americans must be proud about your people and your nation, but your administrations since the begin of WWI are the worst´s in the history of humanity exept the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. All had be begun with the buyed election of President Wodrow Wilson and it´s order and reconfirmation to the so called Fed Act in 1913. At this time the founding of the Federal Reserve which seems to be an government entitie but it isn´t! In fact you are using a kind of “money” which isn´t a real money in the oposite it is just declared as legal tender! Now money always is beeing covered by real treasures even in gold or silver. Now take a look to your “Dollar Fakes” it hasn´t any real worth. This was a little later the so called “Bretton Woods” when the binding of Dollars on behalf of gold was cancelled. The older people of your brave nation will remember that when they where forced to bring their gold to the Federal Reserve Bank and on change of that receiving worthless printed papers called “Federal Reserve Notes” by an private Banker Association even called FED! Your Constitution of 1776 is very similar to the constitiution of the german empire and their members as 25+ 1 Memberstates of the german folks and tribes! Now in fact you got a very similar situation as we have here actually in germany! The most of the here born germans aren´t not citizens! Why, because this has to be with the falsified history (please search on YT Benjamin H. Freedman – Speech at Willard Hotel 1991!). The famous General Dwight D. Eisenhower had declared the warprisoners of the Wehrmacht as DEF= Disarmed Enemy Forces and on behalf of this they wheren´t protected by international laws and agreements. The british point of view at the time between 1918- 1945 is called the 2nd 30 years during war! At the unconditioned surrender of the Wehrmacht at the 8th of may 1945 a lot of these german soldiers where killed at the so called “Rheinwiesenlager” until today it is forbidden by law to dig in these areas!!! Uncountless are even the warcrimes from Bomber Harris and its ruth,- and shameless bombings to civilians at Dresden and many other german cities by phosphor bombs! Now take a look to your nation, they´ll had now prepared about 8.000 FEMA Camps by the Homeland Security! What do you think for whom these Camps where build? Exactly for you folks the brave people of the United States which still continueing proclaiming their right´s based on the constitution and even the second amendment. And by the way another good question and fact! Why Washington D.C. is even not part of the so called US Soils? We the real democratic people in the world has the obligation to transmit our todays world into a better place and making freedom and prosperity for all people around the globe but this even means to neutralize the todays so called “Leaders” effectivly for ever from power! Greetings from the until todays enemy occupied country and nation from an real prussian.

  13. Francesca

    I will pray for you and hope that you and your family stay safe because you are taking very big risks.

  14. Mr majix

    Just come out with the info and give a press conference. Obama and the justice department are blocking this info from being released and these guys are caving in. Two days now and Fox News is still talking about “polls” while these guys are sitting on pics of children being abused in satanic rituals.

  15. Mesa Wind

    Point of Order! Bernie Sanders did not concede at the Democratic National Convention. He did not give up his delegates. In a brilliant move , he called for the suspension of the rules and nominated Hillary for President at the same time and called for it to be seconded. In the heat of the moment it was seconded and passed as he walked out which ayed both motions. If she is not the nominee in the next 5 days. It is in the rules now that he can step up as the Democratic Nominee!

    We know how the deck was stacked , the game was rigged. He won the primary! Allow the will of the people to be honored. choose him as our candidate. Give the right to actually choose back to the people and see that their will Lies with Bernie Sanders. Jill Stein should be his Vice President and the #GreenNewDeal the sustainable way to go forward into a FUTURE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

    Thank you for your service and your wisdom #BeLikeIceland

  16. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. …”

  17. Fact Check?

    Bill Clinton stealing the election in 1992?
    That’s a new one. Do you mean from Paul Tsongas?

  18. Dear Dr. Pieczenik,
    I have been a conservative Republican for most of my life and even in my late teens. My formative years were filled with books my dad gave me about politics. In those days I was less of a thinker and more of a sponge soaking up information. My father was the president of the local Republican Central Committee for a number of years and also very involved in the John Birch Society. As the years have passed I have become a student of the political process. I have been deeply affected by reading the writings of the founding fathers and framers of the Constitution. That and events in my own nation with our current president gutting this nation as well as polarizing the races deliberately and cynically. To put it in perspective, I left the Republican party to become an Independent because Obama couldn’t have done what he did without the consent of the Republicans on the hill.
    The problems we are experiencing is, simplistically speaking, we have gotten away from what has really made America great, and what sets the Republic apart from the rest of the world: “We the people in order to form a more perfect union…”
    The two party system (as I believe you said something like this) is irrelevant. It has failed us miserably. One party thinks it’s okay to give a candidate a pass on obvious criminal behavior, not to mention coining the U. S. into a personal fortune by selling access to her influence. Then the entrenched Republicans don’t want to support Trump. I believe many of them have been corrupted by wealth and power.
    Trump is a populist running on the GOP ticket. That’s why people are excited about him. He doesn’t owe anybody. His “drain the swamp” is music to our ears. God bless you. I hope you are correct that this coup IS bloodless, but somehow I don’t think it will work out that way.
    I know this is long, but one last comment. We haven’t heard much about Huma Abedin’s connections to radical Juhadism. How, in the name of God, did she get into the State Dept. with access to potentially top secret information. Why isn’t anyone really broaching the subject? I know there are a couple of Youtube videos, but very little is out there for public consumption.

  19. K. Martin

    I just wish this had occurred prior to 30+ million illegal aliens allowed to invade our country. Talk about “ripping apart the fabric of our Republic”!

  20. Furtive

    Bill Maher had a nervous breakdown live on HBO tonite over your ‘ right wing coup’.
    “Trump is a fascist who will take over one Hitler.”
    Substitute Trump with hil-liar-y.


  21. Connie Wyland

    If Hillary wins this race, it will only be by them rigging the election. This country will be taken down and will be no more.


    Ready for Protests. Please arrange date and times.

  23. nicholas condon

    No tyrannical regime has ever disassembled.

  24. Klaus

    The Founding Fathers did not create this country without violence. The Second Bank of the United States was not chartered without violence. Abraham Lincoln did not unite this country without violence. The land of America was not secured from the American Indians without violence. We do not have a Republic if the elections are fraudulent and the vote counts are fictional. And they are.

  25. Tom Pain

    As Promised when you posted your first video I have kept your information rolling out as it has been released and many people on the internet have been redirected to the forum where it has been compiled. BREAKING: COUP IN USA at this link…

  26. Lady Laura from YOUTUBE

    I wold like to retract my statement as I mixed my opinions with facts and was, if even true, wrong to do that. I do not believe it was right to encouraging others the way I did. I can understand the wisdom of Dr. Pieczenik wanting The Republic to wait a few more days as well as peaceful demonstrations from the American People to show what they want; However, a peaceful protest does not always equal all parties are going to be peaceful. I have learned that doing nothing sometimes, is if even temporarily, the correct course of action. I never meant to truly infer I have any correct answers for our U.S. family. That is what’s suppose to be a beautiful thing about being an American, to be able to weigh it out as individuals and if the majority comes to a decision, act as one. I would appreciate you withdrawling my comments.


    Lady Laura

  27. Tom Pain

    Dear Steve,
    What should do if Assange is saying is true. He just said Trump will not be permitted to become the president in this video?

  28. charles and teresa

    Thank you so much, but are we really going to allow this? They will kill people? I am so in shot that people have let this country go to communist. It is so wrong

  29. TrollHunter

    Thank you for your service and support in this trying time. The American Patriot movement has been told to stand down for 20 years or more, we’ve been told to vote and allow the system to work. We’ve been told that we can effect change through the system, just give those in power a chance. We have been extremely patient, we have held our temper and our fire. The time for talk and patience is rapidly coming to an end. We have endured endless promises, the loss of every shred of privacy, the loss of due process, and the near loss of our sovereignty. We have watched our government and police gear up to fight us, endured the relentless propaganda and psychological warfare directed squarely at us, designed to demoralized and pacify us into inaction. Many of us held our anger and agreed to give peaceful means one last chance with Mr Trump. As you are aware, he holds a distinct lead in the presidential race, there is a groundswell of support that is not present in his opponents campaign. We will not tolerate any more stolen elections, we will not tolerate being dictated to any longer. We have been patient, we have played within the law, we have stood down and allowed the Oath takers to produce results. What we have received for our patience is more corruption, more loss of liberty, more intrusions into our privacy, more lies, and it has allowed our enemy to enslave us in a technological cage. We are now in a corner, we cannot back up or escape. We are left with two choices, get on our knees and submit, or lash out against a formidable opponent and die for our cause. Neither of our choices are good. We have been placed in this situation by the people in the intelligence community, the government and their subordinates. If Mr Trump wins and is able to turn it around, we will stand down again. If the election is stolen or invalidated and given to a leader not of our choosing, we will burn this motherf*cker down. We will dismantle those who have oppressed us, brick by brick. I understand, by my words, that I’m probably signing my death warrant. I was raised to stand up like a man, never back down, and fight for what you believe in, I was raised as an American. I fear no man, I will never submit. I prefer peace, but if there is to be war, let it happen in my time so my children can live in peace. The clock is ticking, your opportunity to turn it around peacefully is quickly coming to a close, our patience has reached the end.

  30. Pixel

    Still talks about maintaining your supremacy etc.. It’s all built on lies man! All of it! if you don’t give up your silly pride willingly, then you will experience the loss through a hard lesson. How about letting native americans rule america? Give up your fake authority or watch american men and women destroy each other… Learn to be humble and acknowledge the failure of the american state, or fight reality till your old soul crumbles.. Choose wisely.

    1. Patrick Jackson

      I think you miss the point entirely. that Trollhunter was trying to make. The Constitution states quqite bluntly that if tyrants foreign or domestic try to inhibit our liberty, we are ALL dutibound to rise up and change it.Rising up is not a one man proposition, it is incumbent upon ALL citizens of this country. If one goes through life without morality, fortitude, and the conviction to uphold what what they hold dear, them what is left but a life Of servitude.
      Samuel Adam’s said ” if you prefer the peace and tranquility of servitude over the animated contest of liberty, then may your chains rest on you lightly. We seek not your counsel or arms and may posterity not count you among our brothers” I did that from memory so I may be off a word or two but the gist is true to form?

  31. Kenneth W Robertson

    Hi Steve,
    My comment or rather question regards the NWO and martial law by the UN.
    Is this still on the horizon.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Ken R.

  32. Rob Stark

    Would a National Voter ID system put a stop to this nonsense?

    I mean I know the Globalist do not want it but what is to keep Trump or someone else from instituting it to stop this voter fraud?

  33. DESC

    I think most people want a peaceful resolution but also I think the pacification , which you are eluding, of the American people needs to stop. At what point do citizens of America (or the world for that matter) abandon common-sense and reason for madness? Its hard to know who to believe with nothing in main stream media not touching this and other internet news stations reporting the end of the world is nigh. Why should Mr. and Mrs. America believe that you know best?

    Obama has signed an Executive Order yesterday:

    What’s up with this if you’re so in the know?

  34. Nance

    You have been my go to guy for years to
    Find out what is “really ” going on in this crazy corrupt system. And I realize you
    Cannot divulge everything to us , but at this point the American people deserve
    We can no longer be manipulated by
    The elitist mentality that discloses partial
    Truths and lies. Please address those that are calling this a Psy-Op. I believe you love
    This country and are working hard to help
    Preserve it. More of your colleagues need to
    Come forward and have a press conference.
    I voted yesterday and with all this coming
    Out, the polling attendant said the lady holding up the Clinton sign was getting several thumbs up from people passing by.
    God bless and protect you!

  35. Mitchell munday

    Dr. Pieczenik, sir, I have the upmost respect and admiration for you, sir. I would like to ask, though, with the possibility of Hillary steeling the election, will there not be civil unrest in the country? I believe, and agree with your extensive experience and wisdom on the notion of a peaceful transition, although, I fear that the masses will hunger for an absolute physical revolt. I fear that there will be much bloodshed, when considering the belief that these corrupt officials desire to keep control and not end up in prison. Sir, is there no way, as a people, can we request for assistance from another peaceful nation? Thank you sir, for your time and efforts towards the prevention of and correction of this travesty.

  36. N. R. Murray

    Suspect that Obama and his “Justice” Dept are obstructing justice to support Clinton. We need transparency. Now.

    Let the FBI do their job, openly, accountable to the public first, politicians last.

  37. “If all Americans understood the following we could drain the DC swamp of seditionists and traitors in a week. Please unlearn and share this Note: AMERICA Coup’d by ROTHSCHILD’s through traitor Lincoln. AMERICAN B.A.R. UNIONS = ROTHSCHILDS EUROPEAN B.A.R. UNDER CROWN= BANNED IN AMERICA IN 1819 (Lincoln = BAR agent and was therefore ineligible for office) … under the TITLES OF NOBILITY ACT (T.O.N.A.) … which is the law of the land TO THIS DAY. TONA has NEVER been overturned! It was merely hidden by the BAR agents! All in office with foreign affiliations, taking bribes (lobbyists, pay to play politicians) are in office illegally (BAR, Lobbyists) in de facto and de sure government… There was a reason the founders DID NOT ALLOW Crown (Corporation of London) BAR-stitute attorneys or government officers to be in league with a foreign power or to take bribes like Killary and others that have been recently exposed… Such affiliations leads to selling America/ns down the river for foreign interests… i.e. pay to play! TONA IS STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND and the DC SWAMP (and its State equivalent sub corps) MUST BE DRAINED by its enforcement! Its not rocket science – you can not serve two masters!

  38. […] apparent calm that greets me every time I wake up in the morning, Steve Pieczenik’s possible Countercoup to the Clinton Coup is apparently proceeding on […]

  39. Jente

    Why doesn’t someone hack the MSM and get the message out?

  40. I am advertising your videos on my website — from Nov 2 – Nov 4 in sequential order — please check it out at http://ArmyOfGod.US

    I have promoted you to my secular General, in charge of the 2nd American Revolution. We are with you Steve, please keep us posted. How about a status page with selected viewers only (passworded) — sign me up please.


  41. Learn From History

    Sorry to tell you this Rob, but there are no guarantees in life, except that Hillary will try to steal this election with her black box electronic fraudulent voting machines that add decimal points to recalculate the percentages in her favor.
    Dr P isn’t a Retail Outlet that you can return your wares with a receipt if you don’t like the outcome, he is sticking his neck out with the aforementioned Intelligence Agencies hoping to save out great Nation from unbridled corruption, with the belief that Americans will do the right thing in regards to American’s pursuit of; life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.
    That is called; putting your big boy pants on and manning up. That is called standing up for American values and Freedom Rob.

  42. lisa wurster

    I was on State Dept, Foia releases (11/3)… Virtual Reading Room…

    On pg. 5 is email “Staffer Ashley Turton found dead”, FROM Yuri Beckel man TO “cheftawn86 TO Huma…

    On 1/10/2011, Turton (lobbyist for Progress Energy), who was “accutely alcohol intoxicated”, left for work very early…

    On that day Duke Energy announced it was purchasing Progress for #13 billion in stock…

    She accidentally rolled back into her driveway and had a “low-impact crash” that burned her to death (can’t make this stuff up!!!)

    Yuri Beckelman was working for Anthony Weiner at the time (later for AFL-CIO, then Sen. Mark Takano (on Energy subcommittee??)…

    Regarding CHEFTWAN86: Obama’s high school pot dealer was an “unemployed CHEF” (see dailycaller 1/13/14) who was killed in 1986…

    TWAN is (urbandictionay) a “king of kings”; a “god among men”

    Maybe this helps !!!

    In Love With This Country,
    Lisa Wurster (Grandma, Music teacher, Polish too!)

  43. Laura Ann

    I wish you could elaborate.

  44. Michele Hamer

    Dear Steve, please accept my deepest appreciation for your lifetime of service to our country.

    In this video I feel like you are talking in the past tense in regards to Trump and Sanders efforts like you believe he will not be elected and asking us to be peaceful once we hear Hillary is our President. Very hard to not be angry after watching your video on the Clinton Pedifile ring and Infowars having people close to the investigation saying the information found on Anthony Weiner’s lap about the Clinton’s is so sickening, mainly towards children, even to the point of Jeffrey Dahmer type behaviour.

    I will continue to watch and listen and help the only way I can by spreading the word.

    Thank you and all your colleagues for keeping us safe.

  45. Lane

    GodSpeed to The Counter Coup to save our Republic. We have lived in Occupied America since the 1990’s. It is time to oust the Treasonous Globalist puppets that have sold out America. Be aware of the exit strategies that these evil people employ.

  46. Rose

    Nothing is going to happen. This is all so disappointing. She will win, either fairly or unfairly, and she will take over. She has all the people in place to keep her from being responsible for any of her crimes. If no one goes against her before she wins the election, and it appears that no one will, it will be too late. She is on track to destroy the country and it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen. After days and days of promises of exposure, nothing happens. Wikileaks is at least trying, but when all the information is either not reported or reported as “nothing to see here”, it makes it seem all so futile. The main stream media is obviously part of her empire, and since so many people are in the dark because of this, we are screwed. This is all so sad and depressing. I’m afraid our great country is lost with no real hope for return. If Trump loses on Tuesday, we are done.

  47. GARY




    God bless and keep you and all the Brave warriors at task. I’ve been sharing your videos far and wide. Hope is reborn to the American people. God bless America. United we stand!

  49. Full Duke

    Man, I was starting to thing this was a well-orchestrated PSY-OP. But OPERATION GOLDEN ROOSTER over at Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigations seem to confirm a OPERATION SCORPION that was supposed to be executed last evening @1711 and conclude @0711 this AM. Something went wrong or there is an information blackout.

    Google: 46th Precinct + NY FBI + Hillary + delay Arrest + 1711/ 04 November + Operation SCORPION + Smoke Hillary Cuffed

    … 46th Precinct NYPD and NY FBI have been asked to delay arrest of Thunder Thighs until 1711/04Nov16 G: … SMOKE Sets Operation SCORPION 1711/04Nov16 G: Nodak 02 + F16 + 9/11 + Quit 25 + Venus 77 Nodak 02 = military callsign for SMOKE

  50. Scandinavian

    Dear Sir!
    Thank you for a sincere posting. I have followed the Clintons for some 25 years and it’s evident that they are crooks..

    However, I don’t believe in a coup.. (Defined as a discrete and paradigm shift in power.) Further, it is not a shadow Government.. rather an cluster of people incl some republicans who want to protect their business interests.

    I sincerely hope that your health will be as good as possible. Considering certain rumours that things may not be to good.

  51. Adam Kelm

    Sounds like our boys are dealing with the Imperialist/Ogliarchic elements in our government at last. Its about time.

  52. L. Took

    What happens to the peaceful transition if Clinton steals the election? Massive election and voter fraud has already been proven with early voting, and it will only get worse. You make it sound as if your people have already put mechanisms in place that will assure a Trump win so long as people vote for him. Everything should go smoothly, you seem to be saying. I on the other hand, cannot imagine Clinton ever giving up this election. Her very life may depend on it. Our institutions have been so let go that at this point the corruption is literally baked in. The Clintons and their associates have slowly, over the years placed levers everywhere, at all levels and reaches. I have been wondering where the sane people in this system are — and how they could have let things get so near a state of complete ruination. I do not think the Clinton machine is indestructible and all-powerful, but they will fight like junkyard rats to the bitter end and it never, ever had to be this way. But that is where we are. Thank you for all you have done to attempt to pull us back from the abyss.

    1. Mesa WInd

      I agree but the way I’ve been phrasing it is that its Harry Potter with only muggles to help him root out the DeathEaters. THese are sociopaths with no scruples or hesitation to visciously quell any threats to their rule. For there still to be an election means they fought back harder than the good guys could bring justice, scary times ahead if we have her in office. Perhaps delaying so its a Trump win does the people no service when Sanders would have won by a landslide if allowed to.
      At this point, releasing vids or pics of the clintons pedophile parties would be the only thing to take them down. DO IT

      May you live and prosper and the white hats be victorious

  53. The ultimate duty of governments must be this:
    Scientists propose a laser cosmic shield to protect Earth from deadly space threats!
    Dr J. Pelton, former Dean at the International Space University.
    Professor D. Alexander, Director of the Rice Space Institute at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
    Dr I. Ashurbeyli, Chairman of UNESCOs Science of Space committee.
    The team is planning a state-of-the-art protective shield for all humankind from cosmic threats to life on Earth such as space debris, coronal mass ejections and asteroid collisions.
    30 superlasers ALREADY EXIST! We MUST RAISE them UP NOW!

  54. Bob Strom

    When will the indictment s start? Please tell me it will be today. The facts need to be layed out by the NYPD, FBI etc. Soon. Today!

  55. Mesa Wind

    As you clean house , you have our sincere gratitude for your courage and service

    Point of Order!
    Bernie Sanders did not concede at the Democratic National Convention. He did not give up his delegates. In a brilliant move , he called for the suspension of the rules and nominated Hillary for President at the same time and had it seconded. In the heat of the moment, it was seconded and passed as he walked out which ayed both motions. It is in the rules now that should anything happen to the frontrunner, he is legally the Democratic Nominee and the DNC cannot replace him as the rules were suspended!

    We know how the deck was stacked , the game was rigged. He won the primary! Allow the will of the people to be honored to choose him as our candidate. Give the right to actually choose back to the people and see that all those whose vote was stolen and locked out of a narrow closed primary WANT Bernie Sanders. This was evident by the overflowing crowds and the passionate dedication of millions of people! 

    This does not mean install him. This means a REAL election between Trump and Sanders. A real vote.  This will also Keep the Peace. Smooth transition with no riots.

    Thank you for your service and your wisdom  #BeLikeIceland

  56. Chia Cha

    Evil hiding under those right wing Christians is much much more dangerous… WW3 is better option then having workers paying for healthcare, also possibility for rich to get better healthcare service then worker should also be forbidden. Private health care must be banned. Solution is swedish medicine plus ban on private healthcare… Unless we do that, rich will never invest in to public health care, but only i to their healthcare like they are doing with VA today.

  57. Robin MacAhan

    Steve I hope you are reading these comments. There is a gentleman who researched Bill Clinton and his family background back in the 90’s. He uncovered information that no one else had up to that date. The gentleman is dead now but please try and get a copy of the book/cd ‘Tickling The Tail of the Dragon’ by J.R. Church. You need this information as it’s critical in bringing them down and saving our country! Thank you for all you do!


    On 9/11, Terrorism, Solution, Absolution and Re-Constitution

  59. Full Duke

    Very strange. This is starting to feel wrong “gut wise.” Dr. Steve we need more guidance if you are not doing a COINTELPRO thing for some unknown reason – another video, article something. I know the problem with the “Civil War” possibilities and the bottomless pit that is – but sitting by waiting for all this to occur “Behind the scenes” is starting to look like a bad strategy.

    Hillary gets the nod Tuesday by hook-or-by-crook – and they are already talking about (e.g. Sen. Al Franken) holding hearings on the “Rogue FBI” which will be vilified and silenced one way or another after Tuesday. And who in the hell is going to prosecute if the DOJ is stonewalling?

  60. Watchmen

    An interesting Dr. PCR article regarding the deep state and a Trump victory cyber 9/11

  61. Smb

    Where are you guys? Dems are stealing our country right now… half of Florida has voted already. She can not get in if she does the media will cover up everything and Obama will pardon her whole crew. What are you guys waiting for?

  62. Dedra Battenfield

    I truly hope we and our children can be saved from the corruption and evil in our government including the Clintons.
    When you spoke to us Dr. Pieczenik we felt hope for our future. We are doomed if we cant get rid of the corruption and Clintons. Such disgusting psychopaths. Please keep fighting for us….God help us

  63. BillUK

    Dr P you are the real Captain America!

  64. Paul

    I Have waited for this for many years, thank you Dr. Steve, what about the crooked Judges still doing unlawful foreclosures, in the ” Sea Jurisdiction” to those of us who are American State Nationals< will the military arrest those judges and return our property back to us? In my County the corrupt BAR attorneys are still stealing properties, through fraud in probate and foreclosure, making false unconstitutional arrest , with the help of corporations calling themselves "The State of……….." "The County of ……" all legal fictional Corporations masquerading as Governments.

  65. Okie71

    Comey just cleared her AGAIN! Step up your counter coup, release the emails. Otherwise, the counter poup may not turn out so peaceful.

  66. Mike Neely

    Dr. Pieczenik,

    No charges against Hillary – again! Where the fuck is all the incriminating evidence against her regarding her pedophiilia, child trafficking, and satanism that the NYPD and/or the FBI was supposed to make public? What the hell is going on?

  67. Anonymous

    Comey just cleared her again.

    Enter NYPD?


  68. Craig Furlong

    Hi, Steve.
    Thanks for all your magnanimous help during this crisis.
    I imagine you already know about this election rigging SOLUTION, but if not, here it is.
    (Please pass on to Mr. Trump should he win. This is of highest priority.)

    “Fraction Magic”: [short version] [detail version]

  69. T Berker

    Comey has just announced his recommendation and nothing has changed to his original statement. Your videos representing the counter-coup, offered them a quiet non-violent option. Seems that with HRC’s current announcement, that near future Wikis will not be considered authentic plus Comey’s recent announcement, that her, Obama and the Democrats are willing to challenge whatever the counter-coup’s next move is. Seems to me they are going to continue claiming that the Russians are behind the Wikis and any pedophile angle is false. Bill Maher, who had a previously taped interview with Obama mentioned the Russians a couple times. Mr. Libertarian seems to have went strong left with those comments in trying to secure his $1m wager on Clinton. Seems to me that’s the setting…the Russians falsified all emails, pics and videos then sent them to Wikileaks. So what is next Steve? Comey’s remarks just put votes in for HRC. I think Comey’s comments opens up the nuclear option, online, for all those in the active and retired military (that can come fwd) that have worked informally to gather and distribute the truth that has been forwarded thru Wikileaks to come together in a united stand and officially release the pics and videos. It is my belief the public’s reaction, upon hearing the allegations (supported by emails/pics/vids) as put forward by the quantity/quality of highly credentialed citizens who are vouching for the legitimacy of the released media, will neutralize and more Comey’s statement. It will, I believe, (plus anything I’m not aware of) devastate her campaign in the final two days. We, the American people have your back, whatever the next move is. I can’t imagine a husband and wife pedophile/rapist back in the White House. It’s surreal and sad.

  70. Concerned Citizen

    What is going on, Comey declares no change in findings since July? It is so effing obvious in the Wikileaks…. you need to give us an update. We can not have an element of blatant corruption in the White House.

  71. S Tiet

    I don’t understand all the conflicting information. Why did the FBI clear Hillary? According to you and Wikileaks, she should have been taken down. What’s going on? Why did Wikileaks and Anonymous report such awful information about the Clintons and yet she is safe??

    I am soooooo disappointed.

  72. Par Gunter

    Time.for some moral uplifting. We were expecting warrants and indictments…we are shocked at Comey’s announcement today!

  73. Judy Brock

    When will we hear from you again, Dr. Pieczenik? ????????

  74. Andy

    Just threw in the towel after all that bullshit tough talk.

  75. Paul

    I Have waited for this for many years, thank you Dr. Steve, what about the crooked Judges still doing unlawful foreclosures, in the ” Sea Jurisdiction” to those of us who are American State Nationals< on the land jurisdiction, will the military arrest those judges and return our property back to us? In my County (Hawaii County) Rogue Judges the corrupt BAR attorneys are still stealing properties, through fraud in probate and foreclosure, making false unconstitutional arrest , with the help of corporations calling themselves "The State of……….." "The County of ……" all legal fictional Corporations masquerading as Governments. When will those Judges and BAR members be put out of business. According to the Liber Code, the Army was in charge to protect American State Nationals property, instead it was stolen. Do we bill the Army for this? Is there a procedure for that? In any case I thank you and all those loyal Constitutional Patriots for the house cleaning so necessary for or prodigy and Republic.

  76. Joe

    Thank you Mr. Pieczenik. I have a few questions:

    1. How can a system which is rigged and generated overwhelming corruption be repaired by keeping its “fabric” in place? If I have an oven without thermostat it will run hotter and hotter and the only solution for not burning the house down is pulling the plug and try it with another oven with another “fabric” (Thermostat this time, anyone?).

    2. If the good guys within the intelligence community are so great and successful, how could it be that Europe was infiltrated by this group of pedophilia cabal to let the invader crisis of Muslims happen? Not to speak about Middle East which is a mess now.

    2a. I saw it coming and I am not the only one, when Barrack Obama went into office in 2008. Because the fanatic behavior of his followers was very revealing. I’ve also lived in Europe and know that all he came with is bigger government. Why did the intel community let it happen in 2008?

    3. If the system is rigged, how can an almost fair candidate like Trump ever win? Not the votes count, but the people who count the votes. That’s what I heard somewhere and it has some appeal to me.

    4. If the election is stolen on Nov. 8, how could a revolution be peaceful if we can already see that big brother is ramming down our throats the new tyrannical rule that the law is just for the little people and the pedophiles in the government can say and do what they want?

    I must say. While I know many brave people are in there, I do not trust the intelligence community as a whole, and I think it has failed miserably like all the other government branches.

    Of course riots are counter productive. It needs a forceful, well planned revolution, lead by somebody who is smart enough to detect where the issues are and has solutions for it.

    I hope Mr. Trump wins, but the same time I know hope is a bad advisor in tough times. Be prepared! If the election is stolen from him, then I can only see two options: Enslavement of the people or a (with high chance violent) revolution.

    I also want to mention that the binding key element between the socialism-fascism cabal in power right now and Islam is very likely pedophilia and satanism. Regarding what these people are into. So it comes to no surprise that open borders and importing huge amounts of Muslim invaders is their goal.

    Peace and a free society at the same time is obviously not the norm for all times.

    God bless America!

  77. Victoria Blanchard

    Comey the fixer. It’s shameful!!!!!!

  78. Steven,

    If I may call you by your first name… Sir, your words are strong and sound good but the American People are growing really tired of false hopes and promise… Talk as become, just that, talk. We stand in a time that makes or breaks this country, ones like me that are not ready to give it up to a group of people that show no morals at all… We have Children and Grandchildren growing up and we can only see bad coming for them right now… We see little hope if any, for a change, for the better…

    We have lost faith in everyone in the government offices of any kind cause they all said one thing and either do nothing at all or became part of the problem… We have 2 short days left and from the looks of it Hillary will be in office no matter what we vote… You want us to wait for what… To sign our own Dead Certificate on Nov. 8th, when the person that will fill Hillary’s shoes even if you arrest her then. Will Tim Kaine, that’s like jump out of the pan into the fire… We need this stopped my friend, otherwise, we are looking at the same old crap just a different face and you know it… So if you’re on the side of the American people, you need to act and stop talking or I’m afraid the day after election day may turn real bad for the whole nation. I really don’t think the people will stand for much more…

    I know there is more than enough to put Hillary in jail but I guess Obama has you all by the balls because the America people sure are not seeing any… Looks more like an attempt to waste time on our end so Hillary gets her seat and we get screwed again… Your buddy already cleared Hillary on the emails again another waste of time… Do you not think the public don’t see right through this, well your wrong my friend we know and know well how the game is played. Remember we been on the receiving end for over 60 years or more…

    I suggest if you guys are truly thinking of doing something you get it done. Cause the American public is sick and tired of waiting for something that never coming…


    Hi Steve…..please iinvestigate this….voting machines are manipulated ….hillary wins no matter how people votes…


  80. Paul

    Dr. Steve thank you again to all patriots supporting the constitution,(where have all the military protectors of America been/ co opted perhaps?) why now are the protectors coming forward? ; If the United States of America inc. is a legally Bankrupt Entity now a leagally dead corporate entity, and Jacob Rothschild having formed the successor Corp. The New republic, with Marine Gen. Dunford on board, Jacob, having paid the military’s salary with funding, and those of the intel community, those agencies therefore no longer working for or on behalf of the American People, how can the American people trust one word of this, you speak, how can we know its not a psyops, to lead us into NWO? We know there are many good patriots in the various agencies, but unless NWO heads/ and bankers are arrested for treason, the story is flawed. “He who has the gold makes the rules”, true? From the “Silent weapons for Quiet Wars” “Kill the Creditors” correct? We the American States Nationals are the Primary Creditors and are owed all what was stolen. Jacob Rothschild, still holds Perce strings so he can tell everyone to stand down, and most likely does for his own interest in NWO agenda. Please address these issues to your readers. Otherwise we can know this is more Psyops on us.
    If you want to go after the dog that that bites, you go after the owner of the dog/ bankers Rothschild and cronies and perhaps the pope. Hillary can only get away with what she is allowed to get away with.Then the people may believe otherwise behind every blade of grass…….

  81. Cameron Freeman

    It sounds to me that no one within the US government – including Steve and those running this internal soft coup, wants the truth to come out, simply because the revelation of institutional pedophile networks and child sex trafficking rings at the heart of the political establishment in Washington would decimate the reputation of the US in the eyes of the rest of the world. It would cause the entire US government to lose face and die of shame, because it implicates everyone on both sides of the aisle in acts of unspeakable evil. I suspect that Steve (and his co-conspirators) wanted Hillary to stand down under the threat of exposing the biggest political scandal in US history if she resisted, however the Clinton machine has called his bluff, knowing that if those running this “soft coup” went ahead with their plans to go public with what they know, the scandal would take down everyone and do the standing of the USA in the world irreparable damage. If I’m wrong the NYPD will call a press conference tomorrow and share with the rest of the world what they know. Steve has stated that “… NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.” But don’t be fooled, there have been far too many false alarms for me to be holding my breathe about anything like that happening now. Far more likely, is that even those running this soft coup have probably accepted that letting Hillary off the hook is the lesser evil here. The alternative of coming clean about the unspeakable evil at the heart of the political power structure in Washington is just too diabolical to imagine, it would be the end of the American Empire as we know it. The truth is just too treasonous to ever come out when you are living in an Empire of lies…

  82. Valerie Hood

    I wish I could believe you. I was hoping that agencies within the intelligence of our country would not allow the criminal to become president of our nation and that Obama, Lynch and Comey would (not face) do jail time. America is so tired of waiting for justice. It’s obvious our justice system is not going to allow justice to prevail. I can only hope the NYPD WILL come forth and despite the resistance they may face, carry it out. I’m afraid the intelligence agencies are not going to do anything and we will lose our country. I don’t see a peaceful anything if Hillary takes the presidency. I don’t want to see her get any thing resembling a pardon. Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in government period doing anything for its people. I will know for sure on election day whether your so called coup worked or was just BS. I really respected, and still do, you unless you and your agencies fail to keep your word. I wish I had more confidence in our intelligence. You can spy on the little people and manage to put them away for so very little, expeditiously even. But you manage to let the very garbage of this country continue to operate and kill this country and shred its very fabric. I hate to say this, but I am ashamed of my country and what they have done to us and other nations around the world. We use to be a beacon of light to look up to for we were a God fearing country. Now every nation hates us and I don’t blame them

  83. Valerie Hood

    This nation will rise up, and not peacefully and the day is approaching. We have had ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I’m sick of it and all the bull shit. Civil disobedience is inevitable. Patriots everywhere will lay their lives down once again. Don’t make them do this. Let’s see whats left, if anything, of our intelligence agencies, to drain the swamp. Shouldn’t help start at home? I think they are way too late in reacting. Like Benghazi….no action to help fellow Americans. Shameful.

  84. Susan

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights and your tempered and level-headed approach to dealing with this situation. Your cautionary message is profound and uplifting and leaves me feeling hopeful. I pray that the corruption that seems to have pervaded the halls of governance in the United States will be revealed and expelled in totality. Thank you for your service and your courage, and that of all those individuals who are committed to a just and flourishing America.

  85. Ed

    Great coup, Jack Ryan. Thanks for the soul-killing, end-game psyop.

  86. hans weites

    Dear Steve,

    A lot of us are wondering why you did not react today after closing the investigation from the FBI.
    Could you please update us. Thanks.

    With best regards,

  87. Ken

    We really need the big guns … where is the data that will finally bring the Clintons down? We can’t wait any longer!

  88. Michelle KaKatz

    My husband and I invite you for Shabbat dinner in Judea!!! Please feel welcome

  89. Cindy M.

    Thank you for these videos. I’m sharing on fb. And thank you for ending with the wisdom of expressing our dissent in a peaceful way. As angry as I feel of what I think is a betrayal by our government and judicial system for not prosecuting the crimes of these leaders… I don’t believe violence is going to produce anything better.

  90. Heidi

    Did you talk to us about the next five days, or the last five days of the Republic?

  91. I wish to correct some very flawed aforementioned verbiage as it relates to law and the history of law. 1. The constitution of the united States created a trust called, in style, The united States of America. This is not a country. 2. The original state constitutions created countries, and as per the original trust agreement that We the people created for the states, this required that every state in said union SHALL have a government that is republican in form. The UNITED STATES is a federal corporation and is different from the united States of America. The proof of this can be found in USC under the section that talkes of bankruptcy. This entity operates as a democracy, not as a Republic, and its only power over the sovereign people is what the people enter into contract with it for. Licences, pledges and the like. A fiction of law (corporations) only have power over other fictions under them. So how did this corporation acquire jurisdiction over we the people? It didn’t. It has jurisdiction over persons. Other fictions of law. These fictions of law are created by the abandonment of a child at a foundling hospital. The mother abandons the child by filling out a berth certificate contract, the state (being a fiction of law it’s self) (I.E. THE STATE OF WISCONSIN, a wholy owned subsidiary of the UNITED STATES inc) ,picks up the child as a maritime admiralty salvage, gives it a name,(JHON DOE) and administers the property (your body) until its owner places a claim upon it. Ever wonder why that judges will tell you flat out in court “the constitution has no standing in this court”? It is because you are not in a court. You are in an administrative hearing dealing with a trust (JHON DOE) and all matters before it are matters of contract in equity. Now just because one enters into a contract dose not mean one waves one’s unalienable rights. Nor dose one wave their sovereignty. However to exercise ones full power one must bring suit, as a plaitiff/claimant, as one of the people, in a court of record, (a court AT LAW, that proceeds according to the common law, not statutes, acts, ordinaces, or codes) not a court in equity. In addition if the people wish to prosecute a public official for treason and hang them on the front steps of the capital building all they need do is convene a grand jury, that’s 25 or more members of the peerage (members of the sovereignty) and subpoena any docs they want, order the us marshal service to go get them, then create a indictment, then appoint a special prosecutor (who should not be a member of the British accreditation registry, B.A.R.) and create a valid warrant of commitment, have your marshal go get them, prosecute and hang. Problem solved. BTW no , so called, grand jury in any of the republics has more than 24 members in them. Ever wonder why nothing gets done? A grand jury must have 25 or more members of the peerage this fact can be found in the magna carta. 1215. The statutory grand juries have no power and they are all controlled by the BAR. Everyone had better learn who your true fucking enemy is! It is the attorney. It always has been., the Avalon project, and Blackstone’s commentaries are all a must before you ever think about fighting in the real war. And that war is waged against your mind everyday for what is and what is not a fact. Read the real organic 13th amendment and tell me that I’m wrong. BTW the first 13th amendment was ratified, SO USE IT!

  92. Suzanne Hield

    Dr. Steve, I have been listening to you this week when you happened to “pop” up on my facebook as I watch Mark Kaye, Scott Bansick (March for America) and others. I am a Trump supporter because I am tired of the corruption displayed by the Clintons. I have watched everything related to this election for the past 18 mos. I was shocked to read about the carelessness of Hillary and her classified material. Shocked to read about Huma Abedin’s family who appear to have terrorist connections, yet, Huma is working in such a high security position. I don’t think that is right. I am shocked at the e-mails, the FBI and NYPD doing nothing and the total corruption of the DOJ and Loretta Lynch. Pres. Obama is such a disappointment, too. Allowing the illegal aliens to vote because he wants to assure a win for Hillary, why, so she can appoint him a Superior Court Justice? We need help, people like you. The American people are sickened over all this. The lies, cheating, attacks on Trump to discredit him. It is making me physically ill. I am 65 yo and have NEVER been so affected by an election. I know, that if Hillary wins, it is rigged. She and the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders in the primary, there is no reason she will not cheat tomorrow. He friend, George Soros, has publicly bragged how Hillary will win. He said, Trump will win popular vote, Hillary the electoral. You know he has his devilish, dirty hands in rigging this election. We, the people, don’t want Hillary. Trump has crowds at his rallies, and Hillary has never reached, in one rally, what Trump has in everyone of his. Kaine had rallies in Florida that were cancelled due to lack of attendance. Chelsea had a rally w/125 people. We need you and your connections. We the people have a right to know what she is doing. A friend was in Japan and the people of Japan were booing her. She is evil and her evil, corrupt political and private life can’t continue. The people will march, we will donate, just get out there on social media and let us know what can be done. Please, we don’t want her as our President. The people don’t want her, and again, if she wins, it is through the help of George Soros. Stop her. Please. She will ruin the US as we know it. Where does this poser come from? Where? That all law enforcement is afraid? She is evil and has killed people who have gotten in her way. She has to be stopped. I prayed all day that Julian Assange would put out a big leak today that would stop her from even running. Can’t the NYPD or FBI send those e-mails that were found on a pedophile’s laptop to Wilileaks? She won’t know who sent them. Then have them send the e-mails out.

  93. Full Duke

    David Goldberg? Carmen Katz? FBI anon? Hector Morenco (Tim Samples? Should have reversed the image LOL)? Are you imp’ing all these guys in this so-called “coup” Dr.Steve? The only attributable sources(Real people) to the “WhiteKnights at the NYPD” who were “Sickened” by what they saw on the Weiner laptop are some blogger that reported alleged SVR press release; Jerome Corsi; and Erik Prince. Far from “Solid” sources and very suspect posting around the net to try and bolster the cred of the avatars. (Hector Morenco was the funniest however…Tim Samples..LOL)

  94. Not We the Sheeple

    Election eve night, I pray what you have said is true. We the People are here and awake and a little scared right now. Please use whatever information you have to stop the evil. God help America…

  95. Patriot

    Cant wait for the latest update from the Doctor in lieu of recent events with that s.o.b. comey.

  96. Vic

    So, what’s happening now? US citizens are anxious and frightened. Give us an update.

  97. Dennis Mays

    Hi Steve,
    Please us whats going to happen If trump wins. I mean whats The plan to stop obama and the players that are for hillary. Im so mad but I understand that we need to keep a calmness But its very hard . I guess Im more afriad than anything. Please do a new video asap Fhanks for your service and all that is helping you. Having you out here helps us sleep at night. Im just hoping its enough. Thanks DRM

  98. Joan Fisher

    Abraham Lincoln stated: “We the people of these United States are the rightful masters of the Constitution and the Courts; not to overthrow both, but to overthrow those that would pervert both.” The time has come where we have a Elitist System, Foreign entities and a Democratic Candidate which is basking in it’s perversion. With each new revelation per the Clinton Foundation, Jon Podesta, Huma Abedin, etc. it becomes clear that they lack respect for the Political/Election Process which they have totally corrupted via collusion with the Media, and Elites like George Soros and his Open Society. An article came out the other day which demonstrates clearly that what we truly learned more than anything else from Wikileaks was the way Mafia and Criminal tactics are now utilized by the so-called Democratic Party. The ship has sailed per that Term when in reality it has become Socialist and Marxist in nature. I thank those within our government for stating a silent coup via Wikileaks. Those of us who took the time to read the releases, politics will never be the same and we’ve realized just how corrupted our government truly is. Courageous effort on the part of all those involved to tell the American people what our American Media would not as they are now just bought and sold entities of the DNC. So, silent coup’s are the way to go vs. violence. Violence always allows those who benefit from it to win and gain even more power. This is how I view Hillary’s campaign and those involved: “Only the Mob and the Elite can be attracted by the momentum of Totalitarianism. The Masses must be convinced.”-The Third Reich. We know who the Mob are via the Clintons, Obama’s and Bush’s along with leftist supporters of the Mob. The Elites are those such as George Soros, the Podesta Brothers, Rothchild’s, Goldman Sachs, Wall St. and even Foreign entities such as Saudi Arabia. The Media has been collaborating with the DNC to convince the masses. They’ve kept many Americans in the Dark focused on the destruction of Donald J. Trump. I am voting Trump and I hope others will stage their own coup by casting their ballots for Trump. We can use our pens, our voices to create the real hope and change we need in our nation vs. the false and evil type of change given to us per the Obama Administration.

  99. What’s going on in the US? Now, it’s November 8. Any news?

  100. Jackie Jordan

    Thank you and your associates so much for your courage and diligence. One thing, wouldn’t it have been easier to just police every voting booth in the country. I’m sure the courts would have approved such a broad move. Surely, if it was a fair election, Trump would win hands down.

  101. Dear colleague,
    thank you for your initiative.
    We found a totalitarian Scientology/CIAntology mindset in Merkel and many other collaborators of the civilian coup we see in Europe too.
    What do you know about the relationship of the Clintons, Obama and “Scientology”/OSA/ABLE/CCHR/WISE/IAS…?
    Sincerely yours
    Dipl. med. Wilfried Meißner

  102. Chia Cha

    Clinton was to prolong existence of US, but it ain’t happening… You got your fascist, congratulation…

  103. Susan Mckinney

    Where is the video about the Clintons being pedophiles? Why did you take it down? Are you going to pursue charges on the Clintons and Obama?

  104. Silvia Plank

    I am just thankful.
    I am one of these Europeans who would have gotten Putin´s nukes, if it had come to a war, as US nukes are stationated in Germany, Belgum and North Italy.
    I am relieved, I could cry. Thank you.

    1. Dr. Pieczenik,

      I’ve listened to all the things you’ve said about this election and the “bloodless coup” you discussed on your website and on the Alex Jones program. You insisted that you and all your comrades in the intelligence community have our backs and would keep us safe.

      Well, George Soros, in collusion with many others, including, apparently, the Clintons and Obama, have launched what is being called “The Purple Revolution.” Thugs are being bused into major cities all over this nation. It’s ugly. Like many informed citizens, I’m deeply disturbed. I’m aware of Soros and his myriad “color revolutions.” The man is dangerous and has been involved in many “regime changes” all over the world. He clearly intends to drive our president-elect into a swift demise. I’ve never seen anything like this in my 69 years. Soros needs to go.

      If you guys aren’t all talk and intend to do something, now is the time. NOW.

      If you mean what you’ve said, leading up until now, we’re in the early stages of a revolution, fomented by Soros and This must be shut down.

      To repeat, sir, NOW is the time. It may not be possible to push back non-violently.

      If you are willing to talk, call me at the number provided for websites below.

      I am a patriot, and I have children and grandchildren.

      Action is required; probably covert action.

      I would appreciate hearing from you.

  105. […] to alleged cyber attacks. Julian Assange said Russia was not the source of informations, and Steve Pieczenik exposed what really […]

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