US Elections are Rigged!

US Elections are Rigged!

USG Elections Are Rigged!

Donald and Bernie Sanders were right! Once again, Trump makes another clarion call asking many of us to volunteer as ‘observers’ for possible election fraud.

Great idea!

It’s time that the citizenry understood what POTUS Obama seems to find quaint i.e. the subject of election fraud.


As a Democratic candidate from the heavenly righteous city of Chicago, Obama had never been aware of the standard miscreant practices of Mayor Richard J Daley. In case some of you forgot who this little, rotund Irishman was, let me provide with you with some of my favorite “Daleyisms”, not quite as poignant as Yogi Berri’s theory and practice tautologies.

Here is the one I like best by Obama’s mentor, ruthless, corrupt Mayor Richard J. Daley:

“The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.”

Got it?

Now, Daley would make these types of pronouncements while his cops beat the crap out of every African/American woman,man,teenager on the south side of that beautiful city where the Pritzker family, Capone’s henchmen, rose to respectability .

Peggy Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce under no rigged elections Obama, is one of the scions of this infamous Jewish Mob Family which vacationed in a little unknown town in Arkansas, a place called Hope [Clinton’s birth place].

Get the picture? about our disingenuous Obama for whom our illustrious Secret Service agents are willing to stake their lives?

Wait, wait there’s more….

Allow me to record Mayor Daley’s more memorable quotes.

In November 1990,after Democrat Neil Hartigan lost to Republican,Jim Edgar in the Illinois gubernatorial race. Obama’s mentor said the following:

“I worked for him. I raised money for him. What I supposed to do, take my pants off?”

Then, when Daley had to deal with restaurant health issues:

“I thought the health of people is very important. If a rat is on your sandwich, you hope to know it before. If a mouse is on your salad, it’s common sense.”

Now talking about Obama’s favorite false flag topic—gun control. This is what his Daley had to say:

“It’s been very effective [the handgun ban]. He holds up a rifle. I put this rifle up your butt, you’ll find out how effective it is. Let me put a round up your… you know.”

I think that I should get back to the topic about corruption in the election process which Trump/Sanders warned about.In effect, both have asked for us to scrutinize the election process in every state.

Yet, the sarcastic/corrupt Obama has to contend with his mentor’s following words:

“Scrutiny? What else do you want? Do you want me to take my shorts? Give me a break! How much more scrutiny do you want to have? Go scrutinize yourself. I get scrutiny [sic] every day. Don’t worry from each and every one of you… It doesn’t bother me.”

Wait, before I forget, let me remind you all about Daley’s famous actions at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.Daley used over 12,000 police officers plus another 15,000 state and federal officers to “beat the shit out of thousands and thousands for anti-Vietnam War protestors” and then tear-gassed them..

Daley allowed events to get out of control and the ensuing chaos become known as the infamous- ‘ Battle of Michigan Avenue’. It was at this point that Americans who fought in Vietnam and those who had not joined Kissinger’s war, came together to constrain the unrestricted federal, state, and local powers of an increasingly corrupt government.


From Daley to Clinton to Obama back to Clinton…

Is this really what we want again?

Ask the “Chicago Seven Conspiracy Protestors” who went on trial because they were not allowed the necessary permits to protest in the streets of Chicago about the sanctity of our rights, beliefs and actions?

Obama was and is a disaster. We don’t have to repeat him again and again in the guise of another Clinton.

Like my favorite philosopher, Yogi Berra, once said:

“It’s like déjà vu all over again.” images-35

So Obama, what other nonsense are you going to tell us today?

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4 thoughts on “US Elections are Rigged!

  1. Chia Cha

    From the biggest interview after 1989…

    “Is it possible to save liberal democracy?
    I don’t think so. Liberal democracy was an extremely complicated system. The ruling classes in liberal democracy were limited from the left by the workers’ movement and, from the right, by the forces of the past – by the remnants of the aristocracy, of the church and of monarchy. Liberal democracy on its own is unlikely to survive. In spite of what the liberals think, the far right is no danger for capitalism.”

  2. Patriarch

    The mob was in hot springs , not Hope. The ostensible “Ascension” from the Arkansas dustbowl of hill-Bill-Y CLINTON was that bill is the illegitimate child of a Rockefeller.

    How else could he metamorphosize from nowhere + aN expelled entitled Rhodes scholar???

    Lineage for Dummies.

  3. A concerned global citizen

    Steve, the Clintonista media appear to be setting up for a failed stolen election.
    When Trump recently shared his fears of Hillary stealing the election like she stole the nomination her media instantly jumped into spin mode by setting up a story showing how easy it is for the voting machines to be hacked, not by Americans, but by a “foreign power” (read Putin).
    I believe this is because they know they cannot steal the election if it is a landslide.
    They can, however, steal enough votes to make what should be a landslide a close win for Trump.
    The pump has been primed with slanted ‘polls’ demonstrating Hillary is going to win so that when Trump wins, the Clintonistas can claim Putin hacked the elections to get “his puppet, Trump” into the white house.
    I was hoping Alex Jones would point this out when he aired the mainstream news show talking about how easy it is for the machines to be hacked, but instead he mistakenly praised them for airing the story.
    Watch as the pump is further primed with ads making out Trump is a Russian agent over the coming weeks and months.

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