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32 thoughts on “Turkey has Issues! Hear Me, Not Pretty!

  1. Chia Cha

    No one is talking about that, but nazi army was only army where soldier for refusing to kill children would be shoot right away.

  2. Jason

    After the weekend “sky event” that seems to literally have gone over everyone’s heads, I sense that 9/11 truth is soon to follow. The rationalizations surrounding a one hour event whose audio and video cannot be reconciled with logic are truly sad. However, I did laugh hardily at the game being perpetrated. Beebo was funny as hell while “flying” like a blue angel. Too funny.

  3. Iggy B

    Off Topic: Info Wars is down most days now. Deplatformed off the most popular apps. And that is part of Big Tech being pushed to bury other non-Deep State Approved sites — ahead of the Mid-Term Elections and hearings for reshaping the Supreme Court.

    Now — the former career detective helping George Webb research Child Trafficking — is found dead in her DC hotel — a couple of weeks after handing over evidence from an alleged victim who claims Bill Clinton and DC Elites engaged in underage yacht sex parties. She gave the evidence to the DHS four weeks ago — and now dead from “a seizure”…

    Looks like another Boys Town Exposure opportunity will go down the memory hole, because there are “bigger” things going on like trouble in Turkey….

    We get the government we allow…

    Thomas Paine of True Pundit was helping Task Force track down leads on the Bill Clinton Victim story…

    I think our real troubles are more local….


    Erdogan is a supporter of ISIS aka AL CIADA as are the creators of ISIS ie the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN and NATO and SAUDI ARABIA and FRANCE, and so behind the curtain these are the creators and supporters of ISIS, so which is worse, I say they are all terrorists and the war on terror is a ziocon lie.

    By the way HAMAS is a mossad front.

    1. Chia Cha

      Erdogan is DONMEH, old cripto-jewish organization created inside Ottoman Empire by Shabbatai Zevi. Erdogan was just given too much of steroides to attack Russians in Syria. He refused, but he is stil full of steroides so now there are some problems.

  5. R. Frank

    Posit the existence of a “Turing complete” Global General AI …What would the evidence be that it existed?

  6. Chia Cha

    Aha! Here we have evidence. For US to become power equal to other powers in Trump world order we have to look at 4 points. 1. as I predicted India will look only India therefore India will not slide with US especially on Iran. 2. fact that Germany and Russia will NOT go to do something toghter, even as way to go against US together is off table, because they do not have good history of cooperation, they do not trust each other any more after 1932. IS NOT REASON for america to think Germany and Russia will not split East Europe and kick US together out off East Europe from their own parts in coordination. 3. As obvious as it is, ITALY as now only country right now supporting US offensivly IS NOT ENOUGH, because I said that controling Rome is not engouh without control of my city. My city is now NOT controled by Trump. Because I do not see any secret service coming to help me and invest in soci@list webshop / bank, even here only soci@list measures can tilt this area away capitalism of euroasia. But soci@lism organized by me. Who controls Rome AND my city controls world. Everything else cannot work. Sorry, right now US IS NOT CONTROLING future, only half of future.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh, and because future is one, half of future is no future, because there is only one future.

      1. Jason

        …and then?

        1. Chia Cha

          Well after that everyone will be happy.

        2. Chia Cha

          And I would open my institute for political economy. But without US government (or some CIA venture company) giving me money Russians and Chinese will be able to copy idea and start their world order while I am on begging of my path toward my first million. And I do not want to explain all to capitalists because then they would know everything and I would not be needed any more. System is set that slave must stay slave. US is total copy of Babylonian capitalism. Just read Hummurabi laws, everything is there.

          1. Jason

            Chia, you might need to improve your sales pitch. I still don’t know what you are trying to sell. Have you read Trump’s books? They might help you bridge the divide. Look at Alex Jones. In a year or two, he may be worth billions. Proving onspiracy is worth triple damages.

          2. Chia Cha

            Yes that is good recommendation. Trump knows how to make deal with person who is more stupid then you, who is morally worse then you, who knows you are slave, and you hate him, but you need him to get deal done because he have money. Thank you, now I understand that to create deal (outcome) you would like, you must know what is THAT you would like to see come true. Trump book is recomendation for all lost people, who lost because they do not know what kind of deal is they want for them self.

          3. Jason

            When you try to make a sale or trade, I recommend leaving out the part where you hate them and want their genes destroyed. Have you considered finding a customer that is not a government force structure?

          4. Chia Cha

            Do you know that, after WW1 capitalists decided that war reparation germans would have to repay would have to nominated in german marks only. So Germans after starting inflation, they repayed all debts with one soup plate of copper coins. To kill all Jews, attack communist USSR and exterminate all non bule eyed non blonde whites of goth type :)… It was very close for Washington to not get hit with V-2 with nuke and for Hitler pilers to clasp USA and capitalsits them self. It was very very close.

          5. Chia Cha

            After WW1, all orders of goods which were produced for war (ships, canned food, granates…) were slashed intentionally in peace time by capitalsits so crisis could hit again, for workers to not be able to get rich. As best way to get bigger profits by them working less (smaller workers salaries bigger profits with less work). They are very very dangerous sick bastards which needs to be all killed.

          6. Chia Cha

            We can say that market economies are directly controlled by Satan him self.

          7. Jason

            Which satan are you referring too?

          8. Chia Cha

            There was one Satan in my primary school, he was teacher of history, and he was explaining to us kids in 1994 that our soci@lism went down because that model could not work, he was old gentleman, but he was old, he had g@y haircut and was stinky (would never pass pre-existing conditions in US) because everyone was able to take tools from factory and bring them home. So factory would lose some small tools. But that f@g under infulence of Satan did not understand that some of those former workers in capitalism took whole factories away. Having such state bureaucrats advocating capitalism, means that vampires are ready to think they will be in plus from workers blood, even they them self will be poorer. Same what is happening in US today. Such by capitalist employed vampires would rather be poorer then have workers having same salaries, because vampires know real wealth is relative. Capitalist always leaves labour unions of such intact. Btw. I do not see wall, I do not see infrastructure bill, nor I see labour participation rate or wages, going up. Only action I see is around return of pre-existing conditions and junk healthcare policies (death pannels) introduced by some dark gray s@it skin coloured indian lady Seema Verma. I am not racial because I think that Ocasio-Cortez have beautiful olive tone of skin and she is very nice lady.

          9. Jason

            You will likely feel differently tomorrow.

          10. Chia Cha

            I feel sorry for people thinking that anything Sanders or Ocasio wants will ever come true. Pro-capitalist Pelosi and Maxine Watters are getting supported by infowars and Ben Shapiro every day vs Ocasio. David Hogg wants that stinky capitalist bat bit@h to move away, and for bit@h to die finally. But system is in panic mode because no capitalist wants to fill some new Pelosi with 500M for democrats to stay pro-capitalist, so job of infowars and breitbart is to keep Pelosi to stay for ever. Hillary is also there for fridge to keep running. Alex Jones should call Pelosi as guest on show.

          11. Chia Cha

            I like David Hogg because obviously he is not sick liberal capitalist. He wants something to be done in any direction possible, and that is what we must support how ever we can. Otherwise Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, Stephen Molyneaux, Don Lemon, Stephen Crowder, Ron Paul, that moron Peterson they all win – if he is rich or on position he is your enemy, end of story. Military personel, secret service, they all are enemies of people. They all have protected jobs and positions and they know if you are poorer their relative wealth is bigger, because they get more of cheap labour from workers. They all live in soci@lism paid by former workers. They are there to lie for system. Only workers people can have are police officers, because they are only workers with guns but they are intentionally demonized by system. Police force united with David Hogg and Ocasio-Cortez, and dock workers killing cowboy enterepreneours, federal military personal, mexican imports and republican politicians is ONLY way how something can be done.

          12. Jason

            Can you be more specific? I still don’t know what you are selling. My read is communism under threat of death. Your contradictions do match the relative self-destructive psychology of EU. Are you pro GMO today? Tomorrow?

          13. Chia Cha

            Trump have 5 star foreign policy, but one star domestic policies. We need police state, violence by left wing (right wingers are too flag kissing to start anything) for hammer to fall. So state can finally stop laiseez faire economic policies. Something were many rich guys will get killed. We need fear among rich people.

          14. Chia Cha

            Here is one good example of good new economic domestic measures Trump will have to copy from Maduro. Maduro is right, you have to subsidize people directly, with this new Petro, not private companies and corporations.

          15. Jason

            How is it the POTUS looks like he is getting younger, while all the previous ones aged badly while in office?

  7. Chia Cha

    It is obvious that in US we now have clash of two concepts of slavery. One on power, Babylonian where when slave would lost eye then owner of slave (private corporation – capitalist) would get paid for lost damage by the government, and Egyptian where when slave owned by private person would lost eye, pharaoh would get money from private perso, owner of slave, for damaging of property of pharaoh. Egyptian communist model was better because free peasants working on land, every one of them would have own lot of land and house of same size like others peasants and pharaoh would keep central reserves of food in case of hunger. Incas were also communist, there were no hunger, and chief who would steal common food in village would get killed or if there would not enough food in granary. It is obvious which system is better for workers. But democrats will not make in two months because they are posioned by capitalist money and identy politics (liberation of females, minorities, cheap labour)… Most totalitarian notion is that everyone should be legally allowed to be rich even that is impossible, which makes those who are not rich some as those who are to be blamed as such. That is only reason why capitalsits created workers out of slaves, to create new slaves because it is cheaper to keep slaves who are slaves by their own choice.

    1. Jason

      If you fail to achieve new customer, killing them usually prevents them from being future customer. Have you considered nuke proof funeral homes? I think it’s a winner. If they don’t buy product number one, then their kin will pay where they did not. I believe however, that space banking “aliens”, real or fake, will be the next great credit expansion. We could perhaps mortgage the planet to little green men with briefcases and 10 thousand dollar suits.

  8. Chia Cha

    Ben Shapiro says that healthcare is luxury. And muslim doctor Tarik Sammour working in Australia on Tedx says that one 92 years old white christian person, showing pic of him, should not have right to treat cancer for free, becasue we cannot pay it, recieving standing ovations from australian people (because they paid ticket for Tedx). But he did not say that as long as there are richer people then us, of course that we can pay it in capitalism, you take from rich, you have money as long as there is unequality. Maybe it is question of religion at end. Maybe orthodox Jews, free masonory, atheists, and all muslims are simply incompatible with us. For instance here even in real communism and fake soci@lism, we never had waiting lines in hospitals, because all doctors were only allowed to work in free system and there we no market incentive to create lines as way to subsidize politically private sector like how it is happening today in mixed systems. Medical system in communism was part of people’s defense. This was military medical institute in Belgrade and you would be sent there by system if procedure was complicated, there we no discrimination because rich were not allowed.,20.4683869,3a,75y,205.32h,103.08t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1s-UzzTNHCDEjAPsbBrWjqiw!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

    1. Chia Cha

      System under Joseph Stalin, respected innnovation much more. In Gulag if someone would be smart, then he would be promoted to lead that section of Gulag. One Gulag rehabilitation user was engineer, and he found that in mines they were digging out, there should be radioactive materials near. He was promoted right away as chief of all Gulag mining operations. In capitalism, mine operator would just give you double shift for you to stop thinking you are not slave and would keep that information for him self to destroy competition and his class position with capital he posses (his position in hierarchy).

  9. Chia Cha

    Bigger accumulated wealth inequality = less consumer goods for majority = more fascism to keep that working = less consumer goods for majority (workers) = less military goods for military in war… = DEFEAT, DEFEAT… For fascist society to fell, you just have to knock that rotten structure full of termites from outside. Only chance of
    capitalsits (fascists) is to conserve whole world together (using YT and Ben Shapiro’s) in cooperation with free market Merkel/AfD (total nazi party) germany so there cannot be anyone to knock from outside (aztec model). Well they are wrong, Russia will knock knock all german population centers with nukes for germans to be decimated indescriminately this time and germany WILL have drastically highest relative population reduction on world in next showdown. Capitlist and rich scum are forgeting that whole occupied Europe under Hitler was not able to produce number tanks like Russian were EVEN AFTER russians lost 40% of population west from moscow. Simply any fascist economy is unable to produce enough goods.

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