Turkey and U.S. Friends Help Friends!

Turkey and U.S. Friends Help Friends!

When Friends Help Friends: Turkish President Tayip Erdogan Travels to Sunni States to Resolve Conflicts!
Very rarely do we see an ally pick up and leave his/her home base and help American foreign policy. Turkish President,Tayip Erdogan,is traveling to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar to resolve a very sticky problem.

As we know, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Kuwait placed an embargo on the tiny country of Qatar. The ostensible reason was that Qatar opened their country to the likes of terrorists, bandits, and outcasts. On Trump’s last visit to Saudi Arabia, he asked them to assist USA in stopping all types of terrorism in the Middle East. The result was this imbroglio with Qatar!

The Al Thani family which founded Qatar believed that all types of Muslim outcasts/terrorists should be welcomed into their country. On any given day, one could find a member of Hezbollah or Hamas strolling down the elegant streets of Doha, one of the wealthiest capitals in this oil-rich middle eastern country.

The present ruler, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, took over power from his father in a peaceful transition. Like his father, he was educated at Sherborne School in Dorset,England. He then trained at the Sandhurst military academy which is England’s West Point.

We are talking about a small wealthy group of elites [300,000] exporting oil, gas, and helium [used for cooling semi-conductors]. They also own the famous or infamous, Al-Jazeera TV/media.
Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni nations surrounding Qatar embargoed all imports (food) and exports (gas/oil) to try to modify Qatar’s behavior of accepting Middle East sunni/shi’ite terrorists within its borders.

Despite Sec State Rex Tillerson’s valiant attempts at negotiating a peace treaty among these Sunni nations, he was told by the Arabs to go home and mind his own business. More importantly, Qatar and Kuwait announced that this conundrum was a Muslim problem that must be resolved within the conclave of Muslim nations without any outside interference.

Erdogan, a Sunni Muslim, is making a bold effort to resolve this Middle East embarrassment before it spins completely out of control. In all fairness to Tillerson, whose previous employment as CEO of Mobil/Exxon Oil afforded him more than an ample opportunity to resolve any of these ‘minor disputes’, Rex was literally blindsided by his boss’s encouragement of Saudi Arabia’s so-called, counter terrorist initiatives.

For the record, Turkey has always been in the forefront of Middle East history for over 800 years. The Ottoman Empire lasted from the 13th century until November 1, 1922 when it was dissolved by Britain. Today, Erdogan has assumed the historical imperative of the Turks to mediate major conflicts involving Sunni and Shi’ite disputes.

Both Turkey and Qatar have excellent relations with Iran and Israel.  I wish to thank Erdogan on behalf of America for the fine work that he is doing in foreign policy. Hopefully, he will be less restrictive back at home.

The famous secular Turkish leader, Mustafa, Kemal Ataturk, wrote the following:

“After having lost your sons’ lives [Britain] on this land [Turkey] they have become our sons as well.” 

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40 thoughts on “Turkey and U.S. Friends Help Friends!

  1. Chia Cha

    Ottomans wants to show to Saudis that they are who will rule, they all are Turks. They all have become Turks earlier. From Mongol conquest of Baghdad. Everything else is joke of euro imperialism.

  2. Chia Cha

    Britain would always leave behind them (in decolonisation process conducted by USA, USSR and Tito), borderd between tribes which are going to be source of unstability and wars in future (Pakistan-India, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Africa). Whole Africa have str8 lines as bornder, spliting most of tribes between new “countries”. Same Syria, same Iraq, only pro soviet “secular” dictator were able to hold those tribe under terror together.

  3. Furtive

    ERDOGEN is a leaker!

    Prosecute the thug who had his gangsters beat up American protesters in DC


      1. Chia Cha

        Who knows why Erdogan is leaker… See, maybe we can thank him.


    Erdogan is a backer and promoter of ISIS aka AL CIADA along with the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN and FRANCE and thus is a war criminal as are the aforementioned countries and they are all in violation of international law and human decency.

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes, but I did not hear from you who are good guys. And what kind of solution is sustainable.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Russia has the moral high ground and is the savior of SYRIA and the guardian of CHRISTIANS.

        1. Chia Cha

          Turkey is better protector of orthodox (half-christian) people. Under ottomans orthodox priests will be able understand that it is better to listen Pope then Ottoman sultan. Maybe. So we should give them chance. Serbs and Russians under Ottomans and Mongols liked ther muslim controlled orthodox priests very much. And very very deeply. Blood is not water.

  5. Chia Cha

    Capitalism is even unable to adopt Rand Paul proposal about consumer leverage. Only real profit today for capitalists is privatising such associations, making them deaf and blind (controled by someone who have oppossite interest then pool – capitalist), but they are scared even of that. Capitalism is incompatible with future. I think via religion they will be able to stop such my solution.

  6. Patriarch

    Isolating Warmonger McMaster


    “Trump’s ‘Axis of Adults’ Is Breaking Apart”

  7. Dr. Pieczenik, in an attempt to order your book, Terror Counter Terror, the amazon website states this:
    Item Under Review
    This book is currently unavailable because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher.
    The publisher has been notified and we will make the book available as soon as we receive a corrected file. As always, we value customer feedback.

    Are there plans to make your book available in the future?

  8. Merkel, with the backing of the EU, have now been at odds with Erdogan for some months. This conflict was stoked in March when Erdogan urged all Muslim Turks to go to Europe and have 5 to 7 babies so that Europe would turn into a Muslim nation. He stated this would be “revenge” for how Muslims have been treated.

    In 2010, Merkel stated in a speech that “multiculturalism has failed utterly” and in 2011, both Cameron and Sarkozy stated the same.

    It is an inconvenient, harsh, unwelcome, and undesirable fact for some people to hear, and something that some people consider “politically incorrect” to say, but it is a fact nonetheless and Truth, both with a little “t” and a big “T” must be stated: a collective barbaric, backward, primitive consciousness with a barbaric, backward, primitive ideology combined with a barbaric, primitive reptilian and limbic system behavior will forever be wholly incompatible with a sophisticated, cultured, refined consciousness whose ideologies and behavior are consonant with its consciousness. The world is suffocating from political correctness by not stating harsh, unwelcome truths.

    1. Chia Cha

      They said multiculturalism failed. What that means is “We all must now become Muslims”. That is it.

  9. I find this odious and repugnant. On March 17, 2017, Erdogan, the Muslim President of Turkey, with a 99% Muslim population, revealed the Muslim agenda. He urged Muslim Turks in Europe to be fertile, to populate Europe with Muslims, stating to Turkish Muslims, “you are the future of Europe.” He stated: “Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

  10. In Catalonia, Spain, where Muslims have immigrated for the past three decades, there is a pro-Muslim population seeking to build the third largest mosque in the world and also seeking independence from Spain. Here is an example of the deception which Muslims utilize as a means of infiltrating into Western cultural institutions as a way to take over, dominate, and establish an Islamic Caliphate with Sharia Law: “Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties … and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented.” — Abdelwahab Houzi, an Islamic Salafi jihadist preacher in Catalonia, Spain.

  11. I would like for someone to explain why, in 2011, former President Obama and his administration supported the radical Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, as part of the Obama White House foreign policy considering that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization in 2014. Obama’s policy of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood is outlined in a classified document called Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11. The document was produced in 2011 and outlines administration support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Saudi Arabia has one of the most repressive societies in the world and serious human rights abuses, so for Saudi Arabia to denounce the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, while Obama supported them suggests staggering incompetence, if not far worse.
    Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy, extensively documented Muslim Brotherhood subversion efforts, both in the United States and abroad. Mr. Gaffney has said the Muslim Brotherhood is the most dangerous group promoting the totalitarian and Islamist supremacist doctrine of Sharia. Several Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been identified as key advisers to Mr. Obama, according to Mr. Gaffney.

    Egyptian press reports after the ouster of Mr. Morsi have revealed extensive cooperation between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood during Mr. Morsi’s presidency.

    Many U.S. Muslim organizations such as ISNA and CAIR serve as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood.

    President Obama began giving orders to the Department of Homeland Security to stop labelling the Muslim Brotherhood and other known terrorist groups as terrorists. Haney spent years gathering valuable intelligence on the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations. However, in 2009 his superiors ordered him to “modify” critical “linking information” from about 820 records he had entered into CBP’s internal database. They told him they were no longer allowed to have any information in their database that connected Muslim Brotherhood members or affiliates to terrorism.

    President Trump and Congress need to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group so their funding can be drained dry.

    I am relieved that President Trump has cancelled the Obama-Kerry 2012/2013 covert CIA program giving weapons to ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.

    1. Petra

      Wanda, This was Hillary’s doing… And it has to do with illegal arms trade, currency, oil and who is the highest bidder for this – Muslim Brotherhood won. It is rummered that Hillary was paid 100 million for this disaster that they created. My calculations it is in the billions with all the fall out of what they got their hands into… meaning oil, gold and arms…. FYI… Clintons, Obama are both CIA…

      1. Petra, so Hillary was the point person for the Muslim Brotherhood? I guess since Huma Abadin’s parents, both of whom have Ph.D.s, are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, I shouldn’t be surprised at your statement. Abadin’s father was affiliated with it and then her mother was affiliated with an organization considered the sister organization the Muslim Brotherhood.
        Are you aware of how many Muslims infiltrated the U.S. intelligence agencies during the Obama administration? Michelle Bachman tried to talk about this in 2012 and got only guffaws and ridicule, only for the truth to come out the following year. Did you ever hear of the Muslim, Mohamed Elibiary, who was in the DHS and who initially lied about his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, but this was all later exposed and Bachman was proven correct.

        The interview below exposes this. Ryan Mauro, The Institute for Religion and Democracy, interviewed Mohamed Elibiary.
        A Window on the Muslim Brotherhood in America
        An Annotated Interview with DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary
        Obama had many Muslims and many Muslim Communists as personal advisers and cabinet appointments in the White House and his administration.

        • John Brennan, former CIA Director under Obama, is a Muslim who converted while in Saudi Arabia. When taking his oath, he refused to use the Christian Bible and, instead, took it on the U.S. Constitution. One can imagine what his intention was in terms of the American Constitution, as a Muslim.
        • Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s top advisor, is a Muslim. She is the daughter-in-law of Vernon Jarrett, a U.S. Communist Party member, from Chicago who has mentored and supported Obama throughout Obama’s political career. Valerie Jarrett’s father, grandfather and father-in-law were members of the U.S. Communist Party.
        • Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, is a Muslim, whose mother and brother are involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood
        in Egypt. Huma’s mother and father both have doctorates, both are Muslims. The father is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and the mother is a member of a sister organization to the Muslim Brotherhood.
        • Arif Aikhan, who was Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, is a Muslim.
        • Mohammed Alibiary, U.S. Homeland Security Advisor under Obama, is a Muslim.
        • Salam al-Marayati, Obama’s personal adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.
        • Imam Mohamed Magid, Obama’s Sharia Czar, the Islamic Society of North America which is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, is a Muslim.
        • Eboo Patel, Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, is a Muslim.


      America is controlled by Israel and the Zionist dual citizens in the U.S. gov and therefore all actions by the U.S. gov are pro Israel and Israel will be the destruction of America.

      All potus are puppets of Zionist Israel.

  12. One of the thousands of reasons that I say “good riddance to bad rubbish” for Obama no longer being president and for Hillary Clinton, who would have extended his policies, not being elected. I do not know who is more dangerous—-internal or external enemies—-but certainly when those two are in collusion, it is an existential threat.

    In 2011, both President Obama and his Department of Justice Attorney General, Eric Holder, intentionally squashed indictments of known terrorists in multiple front organizations for the Muslim Brotherhood, specifically Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). These organizations had been designated by federal prosecutors as “unindicted coconspirators” in the 2008 conviction of the Holy Land Foundation, in which Dallas federal prosecutors proved that the Muslim Brotherhood funded the terrorist group, Hamas, during an intifada against Israel. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) was a non-profit charity organization which funneled tens of millions of dollars to Hamas jihadists overseas.

  13. A speech titled, Europe is Careening over the Multicultural Cliff, given by Elisabeth Sabadtisch-Wolff in Dallas, Texas on April 21, 2016, is instructive. The website is below:


  14. The Red Green Alliance
    Posted on February 17, 2016 by RED GREEN ALLIANCE
    “I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”
    George Orwell, “1984”

    1. Chia Cha

      Left is against western judeo-christian civilization. And that is only allowed left by capitalists so it can never come on power. Only problem right now is that united with globalist capitalists, chinese, satanists, atheists and pagans, left could come on power.

      1. Chia Cha

        Plus of course we have low fertility, (we need to make fertility of muslims low also as soon as possible, not rise ours). Plus there is capitalism of rich (without control), high unequality, all that making revolution plausable again. But not workers revolution, but revolution of sick and degenerate. 😀

  15. While idealism has its virtues and advantages, there is a price to pay for blind idealism, which ignores pragmatic realities that are perceived as inconvenient, unpleasant, and unwelcome. Islam’s ideology is such that its doctrines and dogma seek the dissolution and destruction of much of modern-day, civilized Western political, legal, religious, and sociocultural values and customs. In its more radical form, Islam is a pathological cult with religious admonishments of physical violence and death for disobedience, but masked as a “religion of peace.” Even its more “moderate” forms, due to its slavish demands for absolute control over the mind and body of the adherent, are incompatible with Western values, whether religious or secular.
    After 2050, according to the Pew Research Center, the Muslim religion overtakes Christianity as the dominant religion in America, Muslims will exceed the number of atheists and agnostics by significant numbers, and Muslims will overtake the number of Jews, both religious and non-religious, by an extraordinary amount. What will America be when it is a de facto “Muslim nation” and no longer a Christian nation? What will America become when Islamic Sharia Law infiltrate American laws, when Muslims are dominant in American politics? What will America be when Muslims take over the religious landscape of America and Muslims permeate the education system as teachers and in administrative positions, teaching and influencing our children, developing educational curricula for American children? To be certain, it will no longer be America. This remaking of the cultural landscape has already begun in Western Europe, which is usually about 15 years ahead of America in terms of trends.

    If a sufficient number of Americans fail to begin an honest examination, investigation, and acceptance of the very unwelcome and harsh truths about Islam and Muslims, there will be a heavier price to pay in a few decades when Muslims become the major religious group in America and Europe.

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalists only with communism and islam can stop Rand Paul proposal and my solution for consumer leverage. They need stupid, fascist and degenerate society.

  16. Chia Cha

    All western media are hiding that he have villas in USA, and that he is really much much richer. How many american kids was victim, but he will never be aressted on west because he is rich. And soon pedophilia will be legal. Like with OJ and Bill Cosby. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40663522

  17. Watchmen

    kool very kool

  18. BLESSED are the peacemakers 🙂

    1. Aw, Joseph, I believe in peace. Truly, I do with all my heart. With such pervasive evil in the world, sometimes war becomes another necessary evil. I do not wish this and I pray that it can be avoided. But the more I read about certain factors, the less sanguine I become about peace. I do believe that Trump knows the perils facing Western civilization and that is a major reason I will stand behind that man. The risks are enormous. Perhaps it can be avoided. Time will tell.

      1. Women are strongest: but above all things Truth beareth away the VICTORY. 🙂


        We have our trained female brigade ready to take out any FALSE PROPHETS!

  19. Chia Cha

    This guy said it all. Soviet system is state capitalist (crony capitalist) system. Just open and fromal one. USA is on same path. Left fascism. That is why he was killed in 1993. Let s not forget that USA also have: bureocracy, state, capitalism and capitalsits. Everything was set up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLwGyKVLmaEtDcqxwgqcXnt35Cp3g_uUDJ&v=Cnf0I2dQ0i0

  20. Chia Cha

    Left wants us all to be muslim so we can throw acid on women, but after we give them male middle organ via operation. .

  21. Chia Cha

    I am planning to join new very right wing nationalist political party. They also are not about money. Only via nationalism you can help workers. Nation is fact and base for solidarity among group members. Everything else in manipulation by elite. Nation even can overcome problem of race and religion if nation is not manipulated via cultural marxism (central planning by elite – and left fascism).

  22. Furtive

    Another klinton krime:

    34 yr old WSJ EDITORIAL,BOARD MEMBER & Pulitzer Prize winner murdered Joseph Rago informed RussIan Federation consular officials that he had documents linking Hillary Clinton to both Abbott labs & SHELL COMPANY, Kew Garden Hills, which purchased 98% of Veropharm, of Russia —a 12-12-14 Hilliary Clinton transaction with Renaiaance Capital (which paid BILL $500k to “speak”) as the middle man.

    Rago had a planned 7-20-17 consul general meeting in nyc, but he mysteriously died just before iy,, less than 2 weeks after the suiciding of another Hillary Clinton linked person named Renwick Haddow—a top former Haitian government official who ended up with a bullet in his head just a week prior to his testifying against Hillary Clinton in Miami.

    A mafia racketeering Krime klan will continue their hitlerian groupthink until they are caught.

    1. I think the body count is well over 115 now. There is one website that lists all of them to date. One of these people committed suicide and, yet, amazingly, the bullet entered the back of his head. Imagine that.

      I believe that Clinton walking away with impunity is one of the great travesties of justice. The entire Obama administration was a cauldron of incompetence and corruption, staggering in scope and depth.

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