Trump’s Transition Team

Trump’s Transition Team

Trump’s Transition Team: New Start for a New Republic!
By now, Trump’s unexpected presidential upset has been analyzed and dissected. For the most part, his win was inevitable because the country was ready for change. Clearly, HRC and her coterie of corrupt sycophants were not acceptable in this new Age of Info-Enlightment. Now, Trump’s transition team, initially handled by the highly compromised NJ Governor Chris Christie, has been turned over to a far more credible person, VP Mike Pence.

However, Mike might not know all the relevant players because he was not in the Executive Branch of USG. He must beware of the former players who destroyed our country. No doubt, many of them will try to slither their way back into a power position in this new administration. There is clear evidence for those of us who are the “Keepers of the Second American Revolution” that a few appointees are completely unacceptable.


Many of us have made it very clear through blogs and radio that “no prominent Neo-Conservatives [Neocons] who had worked for the Bush Jr administration are acceptable under any and all condition”. So far, several names from the Bush Jr administration have floated up to the surface as potential contenders for a major role in the Trump cabinet.

  • Ambassador John Bolton
  • Ambassador Zalmay Khalizad
  • Stephen J. Hadley.

I will reiterate the position I and millions of Americans have made very clearly: There is no way that Zalmay or Hadley can assume any prominent, or even minor role, in a new Trump administration. The reasons are obvious. Both men, whom I have worked with in the past, were intimately involved in the 9/11 False Flag / Stand down. Zalmay Khalizad was the Deputy to the criminal Paul Wolfowitz, former Deputy Secretary of Defense under Rumsfeld. Zal was Wolfowitz’s lap dog.

Zal and I worked together on the West Bank. I can assure my fellow Americans that Zal is treasonous, self-serving and completely corrupt. He was born in Afghanistan and attended the American University in Lebanon where he was recruited by our CIA. From then onward, he used his contrived knowledge of Afghanistan/Iraq to insure that our brave warriors would die there for absolutely nothing. BTW, he got away with it, making millions of dollars in kickbacks from the corrupt Afghan politicians he placed in office during his tenure as Ambassador [a complete joke] to both Iraq/Afghanistan.


Zal’s treasonous companion, Stephen Hadley, is a graduate of Cornell University [breeding colony for neocons Sandy Berger, Wolfowitz, Fukuyama].  More importantly, he was National Security advisor to the warmonger, VP Dick Cheney. Hadley was also instrumental in creating the 9/11 false flag/stand down–eventually initiating the failed Iraq War.

Stephen Hadley is completely stunted, both intellectually and emotionally. He is downright incompetent! He, like Zal, as well as the other neocons, are completely self-serving. Like the Clintons, they care more about self-aggrandizing than our military, or the republic.

Also on my list of “stay away from these guys” is N.J.’s Chris Christie.  The state of N.J. is notoriously corrupt and has been for years.  Let’s remember bridge-gate, junk bond rating and crappy roads.  Yes, Christie was loyal to Trump during a brutal campaign BUT we do not want him in the U.S.G. Send him back to N.J.! Pronto!

Now for my recommendations: 

I know Rudolph Guiliani has some strong negatives BUT he is the best choice as Attorney General. He is a “cleaner” and we know Justice needs some serious sweeping. He has demonstrated over time that he is smart, a fighter and intrepid.  Trump needs a strong man in this position and Guiliani fits the bill. Remember: He is a very tough prosecutor.

I do not personally know NH Senator Kelly Ayotte. Yet, I have spent enough time in New Hampshire to understand that she is a serious lawyer and prosecutor. She makes a good compliment to Guiliani.


Here’s more of “Steve’s picks” for the Trump Administration:

  • Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn should be Sec.Def., or more appropriately, the Director of National Intelligence [DNI] as well as Director of CIA [DCI].
    There should be a major contraction of several of the 16 intelligence services in order to avoid redundancy and minimize expenditures. There is no question that the CIA has to be downsized and return to collecting HUMINT and not participate in Drone Warfare! That is the province of our military.
  • Dr. Ben Carson should be appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services as well as the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service [PHS]. That is a natural fit for a physician/neurosurgeon. He can clearly hold both important positions without having to hire more unnecessary personnel.
  • Gen. Stanley A. McCrystal might do an excellent job of reorganizing the VA. He is swift, bold and willing to make certain that our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans will be properly treated without having to wait unnecessarily.
  • Treasury Secretary- Steven Mnuchen, a former  Goldman Sachs executive and Trump’s campaign finance chairman.
  • Chief of Staff-Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. More importantly, he has been the closest advisor to Trump besides the immediate family. He can work directly with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon [Breitbart].  Jared appears to be discreet, intelligent, and highly effective in steering Donald toward the right direction. If he wishes, he may switch off this position with his extremely talented wife, Ivanka.
  • US Trade Representative-Carl Icahn. He is a  formidable businessman with a stellar career in different types of cross-cultural business negotiations.
  • Supreme Court Justice Nominee-Jerry Falwell Jr. He is an intelligent lawyer who also happens to be the President of Liberty University, a Christian University. He has both a B.A. in religious studies from Liberty University as well as a JD from the prestigious University of Virginia School of Law. He is articulate, intelligent and exceedingly temperate/judicious in his approach to articulating real American values [Judeo-Christian].
  • Secretary of State should go to Newt Gingrich.  Yes, like Guiliani, he is controversial BUT he has always had the reputation, among the military/IC, as a very smart guy.images-1

As for other appointments, I will make more suggestions as I read further on as to who will be placed in future positions. May I remind the Trump Team that this revolution does not stop at the doorsteps of the White House. It is a constant variable which arises in times of voter discontent and alienation.

Remember: this particular revolution was not about musical chairs—allowing the same miscreants another chance to ruin the Republic! There must be major changes of both personnel and direction from the past thirty years of failures!
Don’t be fooled by the acquiescence of a quiet man or an obedient citizenry! Actions speak much louder than words!

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46 thoughts on “Trump’s Transition Team

  1. Emmanouil

    What’s your opinion about Ron or Rand Paul?

    1. Chia Cha

      Their ideology is essential for Tump health care plan… Christian churches are going to be hospitals for new worker class without factories. Therefore we cannot, not to promote christian values and unity of state and church… Poor people (80% of population) are not economical… Debt toward rich people must be repayed because they could be less rich.

    2. annette143

      Trey Gowdy for Attorney General is a much better choice
      we need a new head at CIA & FBI!

      1. Judy

        I am in total agreement with you.
        I am a HUGE fan of Trey Gowdy

  2. Carmen Maria Borrego - Linne

    Thank you Steve Pieczenik. Those of us who saw your videos early were able to share the message online diligently to try to assist in the critical work needing to be done quickly. Though it was quite a ‘battle’; after much consideration, I think that we must utilize the next 4 years to creating a vast network of conservatives who can help to articulate and reach many more listeners. The more people can comprehend the truths; the more likely some will realize what has occurred in this 2016 election. Many are still clueless.

    On Facebook; each user can create ‘Groups’ and there we would have channels of communication that could reach more people. The drawback is that Facebook has been consistently harassing conservative users; unable to click and view videos, getting error mesages and kicking you off, etc. Youtube has more freedom; but less ability for quick dialogue or mass distribution of single messges. If you think of any ‘communication network’ that we could begin to work on to build a more powerful impact….there are many of us who would like to help. I wish each of us could individually thank you, all US Intel and Law Enforcement and Julian Assange and his team. Saving America was a huge assignment; but together you all succeeded in giving us all a new beginning. Thank you .

    1. lol

      I am concerned about the current PROFESSIONAL RIOTERS, thanks to GEORGE SOROS and his puppets OBAMA and CLINTON. What can we do, via FACEBOOK and social media, to alleviate this nonsense?

  3. Diane

    Always appreciate your insights and recommendation. We all need to take heed, and factor your analysis into the overall decision making. God help us on every level of this revolution, and most importantly, the safety of DJT, his entire family, and those assisting him in this major effort to MAGA! A BIG thank you to you, Steve Pieczenik .

  4. Mara

    Ayotte is a #NeverTrump and lost to Hassan in her reelection bid to the Senate.

    I think Gowdy is the best fit to complement Guiliani in the office of AG.

    1. cherry Evans

      I agree, Trey Gowdy

  5. Judge Napolitano for Supreme Court. No one for department of education which should be closed. Steve Pieczenik for Director of National Intelligence.

    1. Chia Cha

      Judge is wonderful person, he is not gremlin! He is person full of compasion. something like whole Fox bussines network, including John Stosell, Lou Dobbs and that another one, that British butler over there… I do not know his name, but he also wonderful person. Heaven is for such. Just look their smile.

    2. Anne

      where does Napolitano stand on Guns? in Pieczenik we trust
      Now.. when will the media tell the truth about the pedophiles Podesta?
      they both are into that spirit cooking and kidnap of a 3 yr old girl
      Ping Pong Pizza has Michele Obama’s picture -she was there!
      Show the world the truth about the sex cult!!!

  6. Mark Mc

    Ron Paul for Sec. of State!

    Trey Gowdy for the Attorney General

    Ted Cruz for Supreme Court

    Newt Gingrich Sec. of the Treasury

    Herman Cain for U.N. representative

    Steve Pieczenik as head of the FBI (clean it up!)

    1. Chia Cha

      And I can work as new ideologue for class equality under new american AGULAG. Soviet GULAG was only profitable part of Soviet economy. It was real capitalist corporation, Stalin was just ideologue, but dumb one who did not understand GULAG was capitalist enterprise. I would expand it and take care no profit, ever, is made there.

  7. Lisette

    Our family is with you, and thanks you, Dr.P.

  8. Bryant A. Dixon Sr.

    Mr. Pieczenik,

    I would like to personally thank you for sharing your insight, encouragement and words of wisdom throughout this historic election/revolution in which we were victorious. I appreciate your viewpoints and thorough explanations on the circumstances we are faced with. I am seeking your opinion on the possibility of President-Elect Trump having Lt. Col. Allen B. West serve in any role under his administration. Thank you in advance for your feedback and GOD bless you.

  9. Embrey

    I nominate Chia Cha for dog catcher in Washington D.C.

  10. Hello Dr. I am curious as to your thoughts on Dr. Ron Paul and what type of role he might best fill in a Trump administration.

  11. M. Derouard

    You know, it is amazing: less than a week after the election, there are great and quite changes occurring – all for the better:
    – TTP and TTIP have been dropped.
    – US stopped supplying arms to ISIS.
    – NATO’s winter meeting has been posponed until next summer (they were afraid that Trump would not show up :;).
    – Several European parties against the EU are now seeing that Trump’s revolution can be a blue print for change also in Europe. Marine Le pen has 30% of the vote…

    1. Chia Cha

      We will get idiots all over, (do not get me wrong, idiots are now also all over)… But this new idiots will pretend they are doing something against globalisation even globalisation is over now, flow of capital is free as bird. Now they need now some loud idiots to pretend they are against something, they must be right wing so rich can continue to rule and that is it. Localization of globalisation. Heck they can even start some new little war and open few camps if someone gets suspicious. You are forgetting Peppe Grillo, he is right wing gypsy with guitar.

  12. David R

    2 cents-
    Mostly agree.
    Rudolph Guiliani previously had ties in various directions, which makes him questionable.
    Actually love Flynn as DCI & DNI.
    Steven Mnuchen is questionable in a primary position.
    Newt Gingrich is far to rash. I highly question his ability under pressure.

    1. David R

      and thank you for your work, previous and current

  13. Jay

    Steve, while I agree especially with not allowing any Neocons in the cabinet. I respectfully have to disagree about appointing Jerry Falwell Jr.. If we are attempting to restore the constitution one should remember the importance of separation of church and state.

    1. Embrey

      Respectfully, that is not what separation of church and state means.
      If one is an atheist on the Supreme Court, they have their religion and they base their decisions on that religion.
      Not allowing there to be a state-sponsored religion, at the expense of others, is the point of separation of church and state.
      I am refreshed by the thought of installing people who have at the core of their principled decision making Christianity. Regardless of whether we are adherents or not it would suit us all well if we were able to instill the values this country was founded upon into our legal judgement.

      1. cj

        If you truly believe in the values our founding fathers had, you cannot mix church and state.
        I have Judeo Christian values but the Supreme Court should be ruling only from the Constitution. Any other issues should be devolved back to the states.

        Besides, Trump has published a list of the 20 judges HE HAS PROMISED TO PICK FROM THIS LIST ONLY. Why is everybody on the getgo now trying to pick someone else not on this list? That would break a promise, at the start. No one will be able to trust him after that.

        1. Embrey

          Where do you think the fundamentals of the Constitution and the Magna Cartacame from? Without the good book the world would have neither.
          Further, separation of church and state is not in the Constitution.

          1. cj

            many of the principles of the constitution and the separation of the powers came from precedent of British law and from principles of the enlightenment.
            Appointing an evangelical who is not even in the judiciary would be a divisive measure that would not inspire confidence in Trump’s judgment.

            And how can you be a Christian and ask Trump to break his promise?

          2. Embrey

            It wouldn’t inspire your confidence, obviously. Let’s agree that you don’t speak for everyone else.
            What are the religious persuasions of the other justices? For the most part, we don’t know. Meaning, as far as you know more than half of them could be evangelical Christians already. What you apparently don’t like is for people to declare what they believe. That is fine. We’ll agree to disagree.

      2. jay

        So looking forward to full disclosure but not only from our government but also full disclosure by the Roman Catholic Church and the truth of what they did to the Bible to control the masses. I pray to Jesus and Mother Mary but I’ve researched enough to know the corruption that took place in the past with people blindly following. This will be my last reply on this topic.
        God Bless and Victory to the light!

  14. Fivi Zogbi

    You got my message anyway. And you know it’s accurate.

  15. cj

    Steve, is Giuliani also compromised by 9/11 false flag? or do you think he was not aware what was going on?

  16. E.H.

    No mention of neocon ex-CIA director R. James Woolsey Jr. becoming President-elect Trump’s senior national security advisor? [Apologies if multiple posts, but the last ones didn’t show.]

  17. E.H.

    [I’m going to try leaving out the HTML, maybe that was the problem]
    Just from what’s public, Woolsey got some baggage – enough to fill a Maersk cotainer-ship or two. One particularly troubling thing:
    ” [Lieutenant Fireman and former Auxiliary Police Officer, Paul Isaac Jr.] explained to me [Lavello] that, ‘many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they’re afraid for their jobs to admit it because the ‘higher-ups’ forbid discussion of this fact.” Paul further elaborated that former CIA director Robert Woolsey, as the Fire Department’s Anti-terrorism Consultant, is sending a gag order down the ranks. ‘There were definitely bombs in those buildings,’ he told me.” ”
    [from Infowars, 10/2009, top search result on “woolsey firefighter”]

    Also former chairman of the Freedom House, which conspired in the color revolutions, IIRC, and current Senior Vice President at sinister uber-contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. PNAC member, natch.

    That he’s coming on so soon indicates that he was likely connected to the campaign earlier. He may be a good bridge to some parts of the IC. Getting support from intelligence is important for getting control of the media and getting compromising material for leverage over people in Washington and elsewhere. But he’s a very dangerous guy to listen to.

  18. Fivi Zogbi

    You who respond here, adoringly and gullibly, are part of the eternal problem. The boundaries of your thoughts and actions are controlled as was/is Alex Jones. Those who surreptitiously lead the ill-informed are now being adored and praised, even as they are cover double agents. Any true enemy of globalist Zion, such as Soros, and even Dr. Genius would have been killed by MOSSAD long ago were they not useful to Zion’s globalist agenda. There are still too many infiltrated on both sides who are double agents playing to us from the liberal balcony and make fools of the zealots who feel vindicated but are merely fools again. This is the balcony. Look up and admire your mind-manipulator.

    1. David R

      Fivi Zogbi, while your point is and will remain a valid possible concern, the verified even quasi verified information leads to backing what Dr. Pieczenik has shared. That being said, no one with any clearance I am aware of, has or would have voted any different. Meaning, that those in the know of more than the average bear and whom are aware of the situation but still believe in American vs Global interests, are following this plan of action. We are not throwing caution to the wind and mindlessly following. The question is not if there are more negative powers, but how we intend to remove those interests from power. Certainly we are all aware that there have been infiltrations into all branches of Govt. The point is to change that and as of right now, Dr. Pieczenik is a vital asset to that change along with many others. It really serves to be less positive to express your point as you have done but such is your right.

  19. OHHbumah

    Dr. P,

    How does Trump deal with the NGO Financier globalist tyrant? Are all these actions treasonous?

  20. David Yuhas

    Steve…In next Week’s Issue of my Newsletter..(with 800 Readers), I’m going to mention how much you remind me of my late dear Friend, Dr. Bruno Kreisky. It should be a Hoot…but these Boxes don’t work for me…so I’ll need an Email Address. Regards, DY

  21. Dorothy

    Saw your YouTube video on transition team. Are you out of your damn mind?? David Petraus was at Bildergers (Illuminati special). Gingrich for Sec.Dec- He has always been a globalist, worked for the Rockefellows, who dumbed down our schools/country. Guilliani for AG, hell he was in on 911 or did you just miss his comments on bringing down Bldg 7. Any idiot knows it would take months to wire a bldg that size for demolition. It was all part of the plan! We want the Illuminati & CIA(Communist Intelligence Agency or Catholics in Action) out of our government, not more of them surrounding our president. However, I was told before leaving D.C. in early 2012 that Trump would be our next President. He only spent 2 years in a Jessuit School, so I’m not surprized. America has always known Gov. Officials are not elected, but selected by the Papacy. It has always been their goal to run the world, so the Pope can be our dictator!

  22. […] STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS — By now, Trump’s unexpected presidential upset has been analyzed and dissected. For the most part, his win was inevitable because the country was ready for change. Clearly, HRC and her coterie of corrupt sycophants were not acceptable in this new Age of Info-Enlightment. Now, Trump’s transition team, initially handled by the highly compromised NJ Governor Chris Christie, has been turned over to a far more credible person, VP Mike Pence. […]

  23. Harmodius & Aristogeiton

    You have asked for input:


    Aegis Ashore in Deveselu-no
    Baker-Shevardnadze Agreement-yes

  24. gorman

    Whatever his transition team, how will Trump stand up to Paul Ryan’s plan to ‘privatize’ Medicare and Social Security?

    These programs self-funded and are solvent for decades to come, as we’ve all payed FICA our entire working lives — and yet are consistently propagandized against as being some kind of major cause for the national debt (tens of trillions missing at pentagon, cough, wars of choice).

    We all know thanks to WikiLeaks that Clinton was planning to destroy both Medicare and Social Security by stealth (and would have gotten away with it) but we really need a Trump to stand up and say out loud that if there is any move to ‘privatize’ or ‘modernize’ Medicare and Social Security that he will veto it. And he needs a highly competent HHS secretary to advise him on this.

  25. MRad

    At this point it seems the real elephant in the room is #pizzagate. If we’re truly talking about “draining the swamp” PE Trump will need every hand on deck to root this pervasive criminality out of our Government.

    And though I agree that Dr Steve Pieczenik should be brought back into a Governmental Role, I can’t see Newt as having that kind of backbone. Smart, yes, but would he be willing to potentially sacrifice his
    Family and himself to standup to high level paedophilia and child sacrifice/trafficking?

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