Trump’s Big Boo-boo!

Trump’s Big Boo-boo!

Trump Fails to Repeal and Replace! 

Stabbed in the Back by Incompetent GOP Leadership.

This past week highlighted the incongruity between Trump’s vociferous pronouncements and his inability to obtain a strategic objective. In particular, I am referring to Paul Ryan’s inability to muster a legislative majority to once and for all defeat Obamacare.

No surprise there!

Since 1999, when Ryan was elected to congress, he has accomplished nothing at all. He is not alone. For the most part, the misnamed “Freedom Caucus” is replete with verbiage and negativity. These boobs achieved their zenith of nihilism by condemning Obamacare. Yet, they were unable to make any meaningful suggestions for replacement.

The Republican Party in both the Senate and the House is replete with lazy naysayers who have done nothing for the past seven years except go on tax-sponsored boondoggles. This last Republican legislative fiasco demonstrated the underlying thesis that I have postulated for over thirty years [since treating both Senators and Congressmen],  they really do nothing on the Hill except preen themselves for TV/Town Hall Showtime.

There are only a few real workhorses. None of the members of the nonsensical “Freedom Caucus” are accomplished legislators. Now, Paul Ryan must bear the responsibility for his failure to muster a majority. I will continue to decry the laziness and stupidity of these Republican Congressmen. However, the major brunt of the blame has to go to Donald Trump and his deconstructive team.

Where was His Excellency Gary Cohn, former President of Goldman Sachs and the Chief Economic Advisor and Director of the National Economic Council? My suspicion is that very early on in the administration, Cohn perceived that Reince Priebus and his Wisconsin cohort Paul Ryan could never develop an effective strategy to overcome the “Freedom Caucus’s” complete ignorant obstinacy.

I would say the same thing about Jared Kushner, who backed away from the health bill once he realized that the crucial issue for his father-in-law was the economy and not health. The initiative to start the Trump administration with the repeal of the Obamacare bill was both inept and quite ignorant. Trump was and will always continue to be a creature of numbers and not policy.

Whoever decided that the Trump administration should start off with Repeal/Replace and not the economy was completely bereft of strategic capability or tactical foresight. Stephen Bannon’s implementation of a political narrative that begins with ‘administrative deconstruction’ must have his pedantic verbiage redirected to more simpler statements. “It’s the economy, stupid!”
From the very beginning of Trump’s administration, I have warned that there is no critical strategy/tactic for the reorganization of the federal bureaucracy overlaying both the civilian and military/intelligence components. Simply eliminating previous legislation and departments without a clear alternative is not going to work.

It would behoove this administration to bring in those individuals who have been in both the business of reorganizing large entities as well as understanding Washington politics. Trump has demonstrated he is a “fast learner” so he needs to course correct immediately.

Allow me to close with a historic saying [phrased by me in one of my novels]:

“A frantic man is one who consciously over-compensates for a secret self-doubt.” 

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43 thoughts on “Trump’s Big Boo-boo!

  1. carlos bravo

    You did not seem troubled by Dyncorp being part of the administration. Now you get your panties in a bunch?

  2. Furtive

    The reasoning to commence policy with Obamacare, reader’s digest version, was to improve the outcome of tax reform, item #2 on Trump’s legislative agenda, which I predict, will fail also.

    Many taxes through reconciliation would be cut in Obamacare.

    Reconciliation only can be undertaken once a year, even without a budget.

    The NY Times is not your best reference any longer.

    & Trump made a yuge mistake by conjoining Shallow Priebus (u Miami law school) & lyin’ jock Ryan.

    The FREEDOM CAUCUS made many economical recommendations. They are pragmatic & due diligent. You are confusing them with the dim Dems.

    Better find more deep facts on the fiasco.

    Bottom line, Trump knows what Ryan’s is, if he hadn’t by now…a ZERO beholden only to the Chamber of Commerce.

    Trump has the wrong advisors around him. His children lack wisdom, especially about politics, & Pence is a follower, not a leader.

  3. Steve… Is there ANY WAY that you can get to Trump and give him the advice he needs? He really has to have seasoned advisors ( as you are!) to help him in this most crucial period! Thank-you!

    1. Petra

      Karin, Dr. Pieczenik’s advice gets to the President. This website is to educate the revolutionaries… Dr. Pieczenik has worked for 5 presidents. He know how to reach the president. It is up to the advisors to do their job correctly.

      1. Fivi.Zogbi

        Maybe Pieczenik USED TO HAVE access to the president’s ears. Evidence would now suggest that is no longer the case. SP seems to have no more influence than you or I or any other keyboard chatter online.

        1. Embrey

          Or maybe Pieczenik’s claim at successfully conducting a soft coup were a bit overblown, premature or totally full of crapola.
          I have seen several of his enlightened opinions contradict earlier opinions he had. Maybe Pieczenik too has an agenda and maybe it is not what you think it is.

          1. Chia Cha

            You guys really does not understand capitalism. If you do not have agreement of all members of capitalist oligarchy what you can do. You can only give some proposal good for all of them, and then president will listen, but without agreement among them you can talk what ever you like. And there is now split among them.

          2. Rethinking

            I agree with your assessment. Maybe all the novels were exactly that – novels with info he may have derived from patients during treatment and not really based on his own successful regime changes. The whole idea of regime change is obscene no matter how it is done – even if it is not blood soaked, regime change of another nation is still colonialism or imperialism dressed up as good intentions heading to the same place on the same road.

          3. Chia Cha

            Now everyone is becoming lefty here, gee, there is group thinking, always some group wants to enslave your group… People like when they slaves working for them. They feel nice then. And your only chance to not be slave if to form group which wants to enslave other group.

          4. Chia Cha

            Or you are buch of republicans hating that Trump and Rand Paul will now go to democrats tp fix what have to be done. Well I am so sorry for that.

          5. Embrey

            Nice try Chia. Maybe I am just a guy that said what he said. You can masturbate all you want, it doesn’t change my reality.

          6. Chia Cha

            You are not guy? Impossible, no guy can talk like that about workers.

  4. Joseph Chiara

    It is distressing that Trump has gotten so off course in such a short time, and those who warned him against Priebus and Ryan and the rest of these neo-cons incompetents were correct. How a smart guy like Trump has screwed-up so frequently in his choices is a head scratcher to me. Ryan has been stabbing him in the back for well over a year, yet he has supported Ryan. Why isn’t that nuts?

    Gingrich and Huckabee have provided good practical advice, but Trump is not listening to them but to people like Priebus, a real weak sister who relies on being an insider for his authority because he does not seem to have the brain power or character to do much else and “succeed”.

    1. Rosie

      Why would anyone think Gingrich and Huckabee are skilled advisors? Gingrich is a Bush lap dog and Huckabee is a Zionist lap dog ..both are disqualified as moral AMERICA first advisors for this President . There are much better picks then these 2 useless fake news contributions !

      1. Lee80

        If there are better picks please name them….I am interested to know as an Australian I don’t know all the players but I do like what I’ve heard from Huckabee. Am I wrong?

        1. Lee80

          Of course my best bestest pick would be Rand Paul . Who else do you think?

    2. Rethinking

      Maybe Trump is not so smart as we thought. Who proved he was smart? Anyone who starts off with millions in inheritance and has all the contacts he got from his father could only fail if he was a total idiot. Trump may have simply been lucky – until now.

  5. Kathryn Hunt

    Did you really expect for him to keep his word? I look at how a man behaves towards women, in particular their wife(wives), to whom they have usually taken a vow to.

    Try to stay healthy. Floss often. Say your prayers.

  6. Chia Cha

    Well I hope freedom republicans will be able to put Rand Paul proposal to democrats. I think that is goal.

  7. anon

    could it be that the obamacare attempt was used to identify and/or flush out the “do nothings” from the “get’ er dones” ??

    1. Chia Cha

      I think that is it, this is getting fabulous, Rand Paul technical solution about one negotiator, is very interesting and workable, but i have even better more democratic “app” algorithm for negation. Only problem is who will control network, meaning who will count all collected prices… Also government option in sense of medicaid for all should be there as option if negation goes nowhere.

    2. Rethinking

      There was no need for an elaborate scheme to “flush out” the obvious, especially not in such a public way that would irrevocably wound Trump’s image and thus his power. No. it was just that Trump is being manipulated and he relies too much on his plasticized daughter and her equally plasticized husband. Neither Ivanka nor Jared are competent advisors or political strategists. Both of them are the products of rich daddies and not their own hard work done from scratch. They’re Ken and Barbie – like poodles who are pissin’ with the big dogs.

  8. Embrey

    All opinion or agenda. What happened last week? There was no vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare.
    Nobody knows what the effect of that non-vote will have on Trump’s presidency. Pure speculation.
    Have you like the Executive Orders?
    Have you liked the reinvestment and expansion by many major corporations since Inauguration?
    If you are a Trump supporter – stand strong. Nobody said it would be easy.
    If you are a Never Trumper – enjoy that.

  9. Watchmen

    Its all about the bounce back baby!

  10. Embrey

    Only Paul Ryan can ask Congressman Nunes to step down.
    If Ryan does this he might be insuring that he will be removed as Speaker.
    Maybe Trump is not as dumb as you think he is.

  11. Ron Sanderson

    I agree. That is some straight shooting common sense. Will anyone listen that can help. I hope so. People are hurting in the public sector while the bloated silk sock wearing crowd have their snouts in the slop. I am listening to my moral center and being a decent person with a purpose driven life. I wish I could help more than I currently am able to. Thank you Mr. P. Your a voice of reason in a World of confusion .

  12. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please read my recent comments that I posted at your BOLG! I just posted a couple of very important comments!

    By the way, I concur with your analysis of the actions taken by THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS over OBAMACARE!

  13. Jason Knight

    Can Dr. Pieczenik do a radio interview for an hour or two with Michael Savage’s Savage Nation? I feel both shared similar opinion on the repeal and replace issue.

    I really think that Michale Savage’s audiences will appreciate to listen to Dr. Pieczenik analysis and opinions. That radio interview if ever happened could probably reach out to and knock some senses at President Trump.

    My opinion is that both great minds are needed to bring some clarity to the current dilemma of the Trump administration especially to some Trump supporters who are unable to realize that the blunder that had happened with the repeal and replace of Obamacare was really a big failure to Trump administration.

    Feel disappointed because by now President Trump should take the necessary steps to fire current administration staffs that are useless and disloyal.

  14. Lois

    Meh! I’m happy that RyanCare failed. It was a crap bill developed in secret without the needed airing through debate to flush out what was bad, good or otherwise. The way it’s supposed to be done. It can still be worked on and it will. If ACA implodes then the Ds get stuck with that failure.

    And I don’t like the targeting of the FC, which a Ryan SuperPac is doing to one Republican member from Iowa. His bosses are his constituents —not Trump or Ryan.

    My bigger worry is what Trump is doing escalating wars in the ME and Africa along Russian detent. That was my first reason for voting for him. I am sick to death of endless war.

  15. Fivi.Zogbi

    Trump is floundering.

  16. Chia Cha

    Revolution will rise if Trump is “resigned”.

  17. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please read my recent comments that I posted at your BOLG! I just posted a couple of very important comments!

  18. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please read my recent comments that I posted at your BOLG! I just posted a couple more very important comments!

    1. Chia Cha

      Do you have some news regarding Rand Paul, does he still have cows drawn on his webpage, because every american conservative (non-nazi, normal one) cares only about cows. Like any normal human being.

      1. Raymond Howard Carlson

        Chia Cha SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: “Full Show – WikiLeaks Vault 7 Dump Blows CIA Wide Open – 03/07/2017” (at 1:39:25 to 1:52:50) [Alex Jones interviewed UNITED STATES SENATOR Dr. Rand Paul M.D.!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on March 7, 2017!

  19. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    J. Miller Canvas might have video surveillance that may have covered said couple’s campsite on March 25, 2017!

  20. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I posted additional important comments at your BOLG!

  21. Chia Cha

    Bannon is genius. Drawn down Ryan, (Ryan and not freedom republicans learned very well how looks hierarchy of temporal bureaucracy looks like and who he must listen), is neutralized, fascist republicans are neutralized, fascist democrat are neutralized. Now Gingrich rightly tells to go on infrastructure and jobs. Then people healthcare will come.

  22. Chia Cha

    Roger Stone vs Bill Maher… Hierarchy is established… No neocon communists any more. Story will end soon. Communist is super capitalism, where there is only one corporation inside economy, without any competition, it is classless society where working class is abolished and supplanted by rule of “politburo bureaucrats”, in reality capitalist oligarchy in formalised relationship.

  23. Rosman V. M. Patterson

    Damming indictment of congressional failure. Sobering attention getter for our president. Some of the responses to this unabashed and concise analysis are quite interesting – some fascinating.

    All things considered, and I do mean all things known, the uprooting of factions within the federal bureaucracy that are anti-constitutional is indeed required. There is no substitute for it if the 2nd American Revolution is to be won decisively by the American people. There simply is no other way. That being said…God is with us.

  24. Vin


    “Yet, they were unable to make any meaningful suggestions for replacement.”

    Why would you want to replace an unconstitutional law with another unconstitutional law? If the people truly want national healthcare, then let’s submit an amendment proposal asking the States for that authority. That’s how the system is suppose to work.

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