Trump will accept results, IF HE WINS!

Trump will accept results, IF HE WINS!

Trump Won’t Accept the Results of the Election: Right On!

When any system is corrupted, one has to evaluate what is specifically wrong with it.That’s only reasonable.

In the third debate, Trump responded appropriately when Chris Wallace asked him whether he would accept the outcome of the election: “I will tell you at the time.. I will keep you in suspense.”


Hillary appeared taken aback by this defiant answer. She immediately embraced her self-righteous hypocrisy within the folds of our American flag:

“He is denigrating our democracy…”
Let me count the ways that you, HRC, have debased our republic:

  • obstruction of justice
  • criminal violation of national security laws
  • lying to FBI, DOJ prosecutors, and our citizens
  • corruption of the State Department, CIA, military, Clinton Foundation

A little electoral history…..

Over fifty years ago, a young inexperienced Senator, JFK, went on this new media called TV to defeat a well-entrenched Republican, Richard Nixon. The subsequent voter turn-out placed maximum strain on the nation’s electoral apparatus. The fact that Kennedy [whose family were part of the Irish/Jewish/Italian Mafia] won by one-half of one percent per precinct raising serious questions as to whether he had really won the election [49.72% vs.49.55%].

Even today there are political science professors who question whether Kennedy really won through ‘honest or corrupt means’ .

On November 7, 2000, VP Al Gore won the national popular vote and George W. Bush Jr. presumably won the electoral votes. However, after an extended, major legal battle revolving around shads in Florida [brother Jeb Bush was the governor], W. miraculously won. That election was one of the most controversial in the history of the USA. In fact, many of us considered the Bush family so corrupt that they would stop at nothing to steal the election process.


Donald Trump is a shrewd businessman and smart observer. Trump has been consistent in calling out the depth of corruption in the Clinton and Bush families. Why is it strange for Trump to insist that he personally must evaluate the outcome of his race with HRC ?

We all expect HRC and the Clinton Foundation to initiate all types of chicanery in order to make certain that she wins the November election [if she is still alive]. We know that the Republican party has done little to support their nominee. Just look at Bush-Boy Paul Ryan’s despicable public behavior regarding his party’s nominee.

Our system of election is completely rigged. It has no bearing whatsoever on the antiquated notion that one vote translates into a corresponding representative in Washington D.C. Instead that one vote goes through a complicated matrix of computation where electoral representatives emerge from that particular state.

In another words, we do not have a true democracy. Instead, we have representatives who may or may not vote for one’s candidate, lending ourselves to an outcome far more consistent with the nature of a republic, much like the debauched, ancient Rome.

For HRC to huff and puff and blow some nonsensical platitudes through the media is both disingenuous and highly misleading.The outcome of a corrupt system is always up for examination, either by Trump, or someone else.

The Bush/Cinton machinery/media rigged the message to make it appear that HRC overwhelmed Trump by appealing to the disenfranchised minority voters. If you don’t believe me, just ask Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders. Bernie received a $3M pay-off from HRC in order to concede defeat. BTW, he and his charming wife, have just bought a new, very expensive seaside country home as further consolation for losing.Not bad for a diehard Jewish Socialist from Brooklyn!

As for former VP Al Gore [who could not tolerate POTUS Bill Clinton], he mysteriously received several hundred million dollars just after his devastating loss to GWB.Then Al went on to start an internet company [remember he discovered the internet] He became fat, lazy, and rich!

America: Who says crime does not pay?

One problem: they cannot “pay” Trump enough money to make him back down. Oh yeah, the people like him, alot.  Look at his rallies.  I tried to get into one, forget it: too long of lines, too big of crowds.  Wait until election day, you will see SURGE.


As for our corrupt politicians, they will continue to try to make fools of us along with their lobbyist [ex-politicians] partners, giggling like school children all the way to the treasury. I am going to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, who said:

“All politicians [professions] are a conspiracy against our country”.

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25 thoughts on “Trump will accept results, IF HE WINS!

  1. Carolyn

    Wonderfully articulated Steve I hope all who have the pleasure to soak in the cold hard truth of how things really work in a democracy, not a Republic will someday realize this is our last chance for a true Leader to finally Make America Great Again for everybody, not just the privileged.

  2. Learn From History

    Podesta (thank you Wikileaks) wants illegal immigrants to use their Drivers licenses issued in 12 states to “claim they are citizens” he says, so they can “use them to vote,”

    I hear of the G20, USA is the only country that allows voting even without an ID.

    But go to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or open a checking account, you’ll be asked for an ID, go figure.

    There can easily be voter fraud perpetrated, when the Gov’t makes it so easy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Party which needs to loose does not wage media campaign last 5 and half days of campaign, and that goes same in any of NATO democracies, same with Romney, same here… People vote for option which have more flags waving around them… They needed 50 years to get it, now seems that is rule how to “steel”… One who decide when and where to spend money is main operative and they both decide everything.

      1. Chia Cha

        And capitalists does not care, because one who invested most money in to election, he won election. For instance you are capitalist, and you decide you will be the biggest investor in political campaign, and you decided to invest all in to loosing candidate. You won, not winning candidate, not candidate who lost. Because winning candidate knows what are most important issues, and what and who is needed to be represented. It is always one with bag.

  3. Chia Cha

    Dr. P said: he mysteriously received several hundred million dollars … ok now let s read this line again, or let s put that line on board and see what kids would say on that …
    as long as poor and hungry respect and holds his only dollar he have, dear, one who have 300 trillions is rich guy…

  4. Furtive

    A message to Trump from one who knows by FIRST HAND experience:

  5. Pam

    I think Trump may have already won!
    At the “ROAST” Trump jokes that Hillary asked him to pardon her, Hillary jokes about the stained glass ceiling.
    Also with the latest revelations in the James O’Keefe tapes, it may be a done deal.
    Thank God if it is! and thank all the brave people that made it happen, we know who they are.
    Thank you Steve

  6. Watchmen

    “All politicians [professions] are a conspiracy against our country”. Amen to that…

  7. Lisette

    Thank you Dr. P, you give us hope that all is not lost!

  8. Paul

    I appreciate the clarity found in the logic you use to underpin your perceptions…Thank you!!!!

  9. BillUK

    I think and hope that the media and The Cabal that really run things make what I call the Brexit mistake. I had assumed that we would lose Brexit due to voter fraud by the EU. They wheeled out 100,s of top Economists, The Bank of England, several x Prime Ministers, Billionaires (including Branson who has weighed in against Trump), celebrities, Sports stars and said we would be racist and stupid to vote out. Because of the mass of controlled media I believe they did not bother to fix it hence the win, by landslide discounting Londistan and Scotland. Hopefully the Cabal think they have done enough to put puppet Hillary in and do not twerk the voting machines etc. Then Trump will take it by landslide and I will not need my cellar as a Nuclear Bunker.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh cmon what is wrong with Londonistan, remember how UK capitalists were buying (under price they set like always) land from peasants to have their kids working in their coal mines and factories. Londonistan would be air refreshment.

  10. Learn From History

    Judge Napolitano says NSA hacked Hillary and DNC to save America from her! BOMBSHELL!

  11. Pam

    To: Learn From History

    I cut and pasted your message to many! 🙂

  12. Chia Cha

    I love how it is not funny any more. 😀
    … i guess they were supposed to work in the factory but didn’t feel like it so then they went to get some free food and later they were fighting because they were lazy and bored and didn’t have anything better to do – only in communism (how i miss it)

  13. Pam

    Chia Cha
    your not very clever!

    1. Chia Cha

      Worker and parasite is not serious cartoon today, where do you live? I guess in Denmark or in Sweden, because over there parasites are taxed most on world, so they are richest countries on world by far, which would make this cartoon funny for you… Even they do not have oil or even they do not hold stolen money from all workers around world like Swiss do… Parasites (rich) are reason why you are poor today Pam.

  14. BillUK

    Just put £50 on Trump to win at 5 to 1, looking forward to my £300…Kerching!

  15. Patricia

    This is a really nice piece by Jon Rappoport and it’s titled: Will Hillary’s body double be the next President? (fiction). I hope you have a chance to read this too, Dr. Steve. It will make you smile I’m sure.

  16. Patriarch

    “Patrick Kennedy is a corrupted ( by the CLINTONS) civil servant”.

  17. Anonymous

    Dr P? Have you seen this video from the US Peace Council? It was tweeted by Michael Savage earlier today. It is a must-see for Trump – this information can be used against Hillary.

    These people lay out exactly what US sanctions are doing to the Syrian people and tells the truth about Obama’s and Hillary’s foreign policy. This video should be edited for the dumbed-down masses and then go viral. Perhaps Paul Joseph Watson or Trump’s people can do something with it?

    And who is that woman at the end? She interrupts the Q&A at 40:15 – the panel comes back to her at 41:25. She is a truly loathsome individual and clearly brain-washed. The panel treats her like the human garbage she is – good.

  18. Chia Cha

    It is tilting toward Trump. No more attacks, and attacks are weak, attacking him as playboy… Idiocy…

  19. BillUK

    The new mobile Satan 2 missile would be quite invigorating if it landed on you, it can destroy all of England (or Texas) at once!

    1. Chia Cha

      Sound pretty democratic, but sadly and realistically, again, it again not 100% classless… I guess old war ministry on Thames have atomic shelter now. Building communism (classless society) is pretty hard, someone would have better shelter and would live longer. One who died sooner, he is longer dead.

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