Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer!

Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer!

Comey’s Testimony vs.Trump’s Infrastructure Speech:

Process vs. Concrete Outcomes!

We live in an imperfect universe. From my perspective, the people I know are divided into two basic groups: those who enjoy process and those who prefer to create/construct tangible outcomes.

Are these two differences irreconcilable?

Usually not!

I forced myself to watch yesterday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. I realized that Comey & Co including Robert S. Mueller [Former FBI Director and now Special Prosecutor] as well as the new FBI Director Christopher A. Wray are all intertwined in their unique association of legal high-achievers and political shrewdness.

In contrast, Donald Trump, a novitiate to the wily ways of Washington DC, was eager to introduce two formidable contractors/builders who would oversee a Trillion Dollar Infrastructure project. Very few people have ever heard of Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth. Both are New York-based real estate developers and builders. These experts will oversee the council of 15 to 20 builders/engineers who will be the team to construct this massive infrastructure project to Make America Great Again.

I don’t personally know either man. However, I grew up beneath the penumbra of their huge developments/buildings in NYC. Richard LeFrak is one of America’s wealthiest real estate developers. He built the Newport, a 400-acre project on the New Jersey waterfront opposite Manhattan’s west side where I grew up. Currently, his projects include a mixed-use development in North Miami along with the Soffer family of Florida [Fountainbleau Hotel Miami]. Richard’s father, Samuel LeFrak, often clashed with Trump over several projects. He was President of LeFrak Organization which developed such major projects as Battery Park City, LeFrak City in Queens and Newport, New Jersey.

The other gentleman whom Trump introduced is Stephen Roth. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Tuck School of Business.  He is the founder of Vornado Realty Trust. This is a multibillion dollar entity of strip malls, bankrupt companies [Alexander’s] and midtown office buildings.

What we have is a contrast between the once elite WASPS of Yale and Princeton pitted against Jewish boys who grew up in the Bronx or Brooklyn. All of these men are successful by any standards. However, Comey and company invested their time, talent and energies into the legal profession and politics, both heavily embedded in process and paperwork. No building or creative work of art/music will arise out of their collective endeavors. All three lawyers are the product of the Bush Crime Family juggernaut.

Trump and company are the scions and players in a drama that entails massive construction of buildings, parks and other entities which allowed the middle class of America to enjoy a reasonably priced habitat. As time went on, each of these men became extremely wealthy and began to cater to the entitled denizens of the wealthy class.

Is one more moral than the other? Is one group better for the rest of us?

Comey’s cross questioning is truly a classical performance of an individual whose true calling should have been the theater rather than the law. Comey has made sure that he literally stood out in each administration in which he had served.Both LeFrak and Roth are quiet men whose bark is apparent if a development project is behind schedule or above cost. They, like Trump, are only interested in concrete results.

Criminal law is a field where palaver and persuasion meet at the Happy Corner of the jury or congressional hearings. Real estate development either succeeds or it falls apart from its own internal problems, just like the Trump Casinos in NJ.

I am by nature, product oriented. Be it a novel, a TV movie, or a nutraceutical; I have to know that something will arise after a concerted effort to sit alone and think, create, and implement. That is my bias in life. It happens that like LeFrak and Roth, I enjoyed a certain involvement in real estate but not at their level of accomplishment nor intensity.

On the other hand, I had to rely on my lawyers [different types] for any outcome that I wanted to attain. In the book and movie industry, the lawyers became the adjunct financial instrument in order to create the final product.

So citizens can watch the Comey interrogations as a process which will culminate in much discussion signifying very little, a distraction. Or, you can write to your legislative representatives to encourage them to support an intelligent, creative, efficient infrastructure bill which will not bankrupt this country.

The choice is yours!

POTUS Donald Trump said the following:
“The golf facet of my life doesn’t go with the rest of my life which is a rough-and-tumble life. I work in real estate development which is the toughest business, and I do it in the toughest city. I deal with ruthless people.”

That’s MY POTUS! 

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25 thoughts on “Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer!

  1. Petra

    “…I deal with Ruthless people.” Donald Trump…. That is exactly why he is the ONLY man to take down DC BUSH/CLINTON crowd. No other man in the universe could have taken down the Clintons. The Clintons – murder their way up the ladder crowd was in power for 40 years. No one took them down. ONLY DONALD TRUMP could to it. Those that support him expect him to do the same in DC. Though he better stop appointing the NEOCONS or he is done.

  2. Joseph Chiara

    The Trump quote is terrific. Thanks.

  3. Ron Sanderson

    I like some of the words you used. I had to look them up.
    Let’s hope when they get everything written down and agreed on that our new infra-structure will look as good when it’s built as it does on paper. Let’s get our lunch pales and our hard hats and get to work. MAGA. I feel the same way but I haven’t yet developed my writing skills well enough to explain my deeper inner feeling on complex subjects like this one and you do such a wonderful job. Being a director of anything makes you personally responsible for everything. So Trump is correct in his decision to replace Jimmy C. I just hope he chooses a new director that has a clear direction of what it takes and means to be loyal honest likable and also wants to make the FBI and America great again. Great as always Steve. Thank you and God Bless. Looking forward to next weeks Steve talks session.

    1. melanie miller

      Ditto…thank you Ron…thank you Dr. P.

  4. Ron Sanderson

    Here are some current LeFrak quotes
    Americans should not be concerned about how the president is running the White House, says Trump friend Richard LeFrak.
    President Trump has a firm grasp on his administration and personnel, says the chairman and CEO of The LeFrak Organization. Organization.
    Trump’s management style fosters some chaos but not a ‘three ring circus,’ billionaire LeFrak says

  5. Chia Cha

    One of ruling capitalist does not have to be one of richest neccecerly. Ruling is one who have decide where and when market will move.

  6. Firefly

    Here’s a video clip of CNBC interview of LeFrak. Wouldn’t it be great to gave congress, senate, news talking about and agonizing over which neat ideas we should be building first? So much more interesting than lawyer word and political games.

  7. Chia Cha

    This is developing very good. Tory party would have to go with DUP, and they have good stance on women and rights and of those others, from traditional protestant perspective. It is good to watch reactions of newspapers owned by 1% how they are going crazy because someone have common sense. And this is from “conservative” telegraph. There are no order when you have human rights.

  8. Molon Lavee

    The Dr’s perspective is always interesting and informative, with an amazing vocabulary…but I am sure that in the back of his mind, he has other things going on…
    Always remembering “The art of the deal”, I do not believe anything I heard, as being what they want us to believe that it is, much like the magicians hand to distract for the time being…Trump and Comey are in “kahoots” on something, and I think I know what it is, the time alone with the two of them in the W.H, was by no means an accident as there are no accidents with Trump, it was nothing more than a well thought out and executed plan, to dig a grave for the ones that are going to be pushed in sooner or later as the plot thickens, and we all know who they are, the question is how far are we going to go, I am willing to guess 9-11 which was what broke the camel’s back…The apparent hesitation on many answers from Comey, shows that they were not genuine, they were lines that had to be read out mechanically for all to hear, as the grave was being dug, this whole charade, was nothing more than that, the digging of a grave, the opening of a can of worms, that would see many heads roll as the swamp is being drained…last but not least, anyone who can make a Billion like Trump did, cannot possibly be stupid, no matter what their outside behaviour is.

  9. Chia Cha

    No matter you are right or left, but only way to sabotage system is to not work. If you do not like system. Like Ghandi. One joke from past times here goes, no one can pay me so little how little I can work. And, boss came with new Jaguar and told workers, well if you are going to work hard next year I will buy Rolls Royce.

  10. Chia Cha

    Left is feminine, I cannot be left. Even Hitler was feminine. He had nice round hips. Stalin had cosmetical problems, and Napoleon was short. Is there any solution for anything.

    1. Chia Cha

      This will not work. There must be order.

  11. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Did not former F.B.I. DIRECTOR James Comey and former UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL Loretta Lynch belong to the same LAW FIRM that did THE CLINONS (William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton) taxes?????? What a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST”!!!!!

    1. Raymond Howard Carlson

      I got some of this mentioned information from THE ALEX JONES SHOW!

      1. Raymond Howard Carlson

        Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. you need to get back on THE ALEX JONES SHOW A.S.A.P. to discuss the mentioned relevant issues!

  12. Comey’s testimony would be better if he was drinking a 40oz as he TESTIFIED!

  13. Chia Cha

    Ha I said it, devil him self is CEO, sitting on board. He just think he will make it better with capitalists then with communists. Of course it is one.

  14. Chia Cha

    Wow one serbian, Dejan Lucic, said that Merkel is daughter of Hitler. Hmmm.

  15. sagebrush

    Comey and Trump have the same controllers ie the Zionists who control America.

  16. Furtive

    This legal examination only scratches the surface of what appears to be a multi-decade criminal conspiracy to deceive and defraud the American people by James B. Comey. For a much more detailed treatment of the James B. Comey criminal investigation, please see the following definitive exposé.

  17. Pete

    @POTUS should have someone other than Mueller conduct this delay tactic with Russia. Mueller came to the FBI a week before 9/11 and his integrity obviously failed him then, so there’s a chance it will fail him again. President Trump should remove Mueller asap. Thank you, Dr. Pieczenik

  18. John

    Simply said……If it is known that Mueller has lined himself up with prior Clinton Lawyers, known that crimes have been committed by Rice, Clinton and several others why…..In Gods name are they walking around?? Instead they grab Reality Winner (whose name alone is suspect). Why is Sessions/Trump sitting on there hands? If all the “Good Guys were able to prevent Clinton from getting elected…..why are they letting this BS happen??

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