Trump Subjugates RNC, Eviscerates Republican Poseurs!

Trump Subjugates RNC, Eviscerates Republican Poseurs!
Trump Subjugates the RNC and Eviscerates Republican Poseurs!
Bernie Sanders will now Trump the Democratic Convention and Dislodge Hillary Clinton!

As I have predicted from the very beginning,  Trump would singlehandedly eviscerate all seventeen Republican presidential candidates including the chosen few; as well as, subjugate/control the RNC. Similarly, I predicted that Bernie Sanders, a comparable political outsider would eventually “Trump” Billary, the designated presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

What I want now is to create a contested Democratic Convention which had been originally intended for Trump. I strongly believe that Hillary, a creature of deception and corruption, has always had a huge negative perception throughout her forty year political career as being ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘unscrupulous’.

Oh, what a pity!
That flesh devouring perfidiousness that she harbors throughout her personae is not sufficient to counteract that impending force of young Democratic activists who feel that the single criteria of her being a woman, rates very little merit.Her history of gross miscalculations, poor judgement, and ineptness transcends any consideration that she can be a viable opponent against Trump.

The polls and pundits have been consistently wrong about Trump and his nascent revolutionary movement. Similarly, I take comfort from the fact that the official narrative concerning Bernie’s impending  loss to Hillary is both premature and incorrect. Having questioned numerous young and old Democrats who,like we Republicans, are completely sick of the establishment, especially one denoted by the Clinton name.

The 2016 Democratic Convention which will be held in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, should be rife with consternation, if not strife between the Democratic establishment  projected by its flimsily constructed avatar, the “Super Delegates,” and Bernie’s young hot bloods.Nothing riles the political novitiate more than the notion that their youthful enthusiasm will be automatically negated by a presumptive collection of Democratic deadbeats: former congressmen; senators; governors; city officials [superdelegates]— as well as the names of every person who had died in Chicago, NYC—over the past fifty years.

The pundits declare that it will be close to impossible for Bernie to stop the onslaught of important Democratic party personages who support Hillary unconditionally.


Do they think that anyone, especially college students, really care about Obama, Michelle, Bill Clinton, Chelsea, or even African/American/Hispanic surrogates?

My answer is categorially, NO!
These millennials have been socialized to compete with nonsensical verbiage by negating those inane words with a simple press of the ‘delete’ button. Similarly, the alternative media on the Democratic side has become active and vociferous about the fact that Bernie, like Trump, represents a political revolution, albeit on the socialist democratic side.

  Trump has said on numerous occasions that he admires Bernie Sanders for being an ‘outsider’, trying to dissolve the ‘rigged political system of the Democratic Party’.I think it would behoove Bernie to reciprocate this mutual admiration without having to denigrate him in anyway.

In my own counter-intuitive reasoning, I am happy to see Trump stream to victory after a very hard fought fight against the ossified,moribund Republican establishment [which had created 66,000 anti-Trump TV ads].
However, the political revolution is not over.
We have to wait till Trump starts to pick both his domestic and foreign policy teams.
A warning is in place!

Trump: Please don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, avoid associating with the neocons and former Bush Jr acolytes. Trump, you have already been seen extending the peace branch to Zalmay  Khalizad [former Ambassador to Iraq/Afghanistan], one of the most despicable CIA operatives who helped initiate the 9/1 “stand down” as well as the Iraq War along with his W’s cohorts.
Now, Mr. Trump, you must show those of us who have supported you that you know how to choose a uniquely different type of team. It would be wise to follow the words of Napoleon Bonaparte:
“The heart of a statesman should be in his head.”

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