Trump Speaks Truth and Real America is Cheering

Trump Speaks Truth and Real America is Cheering

The Cross Currents of Political Turbulence in the Trump Campaign!

Why is he so obstreperous?

Within the past few weeks, Trump’s campaign has been barraged by all types of attacks commensurate with his boisterous, grandiloquent personality.

From the very beginning of his race, I had written blogs and spoke on the radio to pronounce a simple truth: Trump is the voice of a new type of political revolution within our great country. By nature, political revolutions are extremely messy, if not violent. No action or reaction follows a prescribed path. Serendipity and cacophony usurp this raucous time of transformation in our country.

During the French Revolution in the late 1700’s, Jacobin extremists executed the royal family. Next, a young Corsican artillery officer took advantage of the ensuing turmoil in France. General Napoleon Bonaparte, at the insistence of the machiavellian Talleyrand, finally came in with French troops to quell the restless citizens. Then unexpectedly, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of the realm.


The American Revolution took over eight brutal years to decapitate the English royal families’ influence in the new world. Loyalists and revolutionaries had to fight over their respective rights according to some flimsy piece of paper entitled, “The Constitution”. Soon afterward, by 1812, the young colonies were in another war with England.

The civil war ignited because the north had imperial designs over the south’s agricultural economy splayed over highly desired strategic geopolitical rivers and ports.Three quarters of American boys died for Lincoln’s manifest destiny without any apology other than the Republic would remain intact for his former clients: the railroad executives.Freedom of black slaves was a historical after thought.

Now, we are confronted by a rambunctious individual who made and lost his fortunes in real estate.Whether he is, or is not a billionaire, is completely irrelevant to the reality of today’s popular concerns.Trump is an atavistic representation of massive discontent in a citizenry which has been robbed of its civil rights– decades upon decades.

We have been attacked by our own political leaders in 9/11. Then we were sent into a fantasy war which macerated thousands upon thousands of our brave warriors and countless numbers of innocent Iraqi citizens. Next, our corrupt Wall Street bankers played Russian roulette with our taxpayer dollars only to end up in a zombie state of inert financial activity and rewarded for their malfeasance by the three past POTUSs.

The Clintons were emboldened to form a massive mafia machinery intertwined with our political system in such a corrosive way that all POTUSs, Attorney Generals and FBI Directors, were literally afraid of them and their Frankenstein creation.


Now, we reformers, have a candidate, defiant of all traditional norms inherent in a politician. Trump speaks his mind when and where he wants. He tweets his thoughts in order to share them with 11M followers.

His words are less calculated than impulsive. Yet he speaks the truth with a resounding volume that shatters all previous conventions of decorum. Trump speaks with the mantle of authority of someone who understands the frustrations of a cowed citizenry seeking change without the need for violence or death.

Trump has no need to affect an attitude of modesty or shyness. He learned that neither virtues were appropriate to sustain a counter offensive against an opponent/political battle replete with dirty tricks, rigged elections and unforeseen falsehoods.Trump’s political ascendancy was not part of the staid Republican Party. Despite the less than valiant efforts of his Republican kinsmen to denigrate his candidacy, Trump pays neither respect nor deference to their arcane customs.

Trump makes it clear that you are with him.. or not.He apologizes for nothing.

He simply counter-attacks when necessary. Example: Kahn Con family decided to enter the political arena espousing the merits of the loyal Muslim family who had sacrificed a son for his adopted homeland, America.However, after some deliberate probing of this disingenuous family, uncovered a poignant point that every sincere testimony of sacrifice has a very real fungible value. The father worked for a law firm that donated heavily to HC.

We are beset by interesting times. It’s not about one person or one party. It is about change …. Massive change…. And accountability!


The choice is ours! Can we defeat a system replete with esoterica like delegates, super delegates, and now, electoral delegates.

One vote does not mean anything anymore.It has become a symbol of political solipsism.Let’s make certain that we bring this revolution to a constructive, peaceful ending… once and for all.

If not Trump, then who? Eight more years of Obama?

Dr. W. Somerset Maugham M.D., physician/playwright/novelist wrote the following :

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.”

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4 thoughts on “Trump Speaks Truth and Real America is Cheering

  1. Embrey

    Very nice Dr. Steve.

    I notice all the people at the Trump rallies but very few signs in neighborhoods.

    Are people closeted Trump supporters ashamed to be categorized as such among their neighbors?

    How can we convince these closeted Trump supporters to wear it with pride?

    Start that fire and I believe the facade holding up the entire phony globalist hold on our domestic politics crumbles quickly.

    1. Cha Chia

      I have same problems in my party. People do not want to join, just to not admit openly they are not glad with situation around them. It is big step to say: “Yes I am screwed”, openly. And to go against temporal cultural hegemony. But it must be done, otherwise it is not healthy. If you are screwed, you are screwed, if you do not admit you cannot help your self, not other can help you… Only association can pull you up. And it is good to develop social skills. After being in political party, you learn how to manipulate people, meaning you can earn later hot to sell cheap s@it, for big price. You can be great success and people will cherish you.

      1. Embrey

        Funny. However there is a grain of truth in your sarcasm. Specifically the ‘temporary cultural hegemony’ or as we say, political correctness. I think the ‘temporary cultural hegemony’ is the result of decades of Stasi activity in the US. The slow erosion of free association that leads to the absence of free thought which leads to tyranny.

        That is how half the people believe that a vote for Trump, flaws and all, is standing up to tyranny. The other half, ruled by that Stasi-like temporary hegemony, are utterly convinced that a vote for Trump is either anarchism or a cultural deal breaker.

        Crazy situation

  2. Watchmen

    Bravo! I agree!

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