Trump should pick a serious woman as VP!

Trump should pick a serious woman as VP!

Time for Trump to Pick a Quiet Experienced Female Governor from Oklahoma: Mary Fallin!

As Trump comes into the final stretch, this billionaire thoroughbred has to decide who will be his running mate.

  • Governor Chris Christie [R-NJ] is lost leader from the very start. Without having to rehash his imperious political behavior during the BridgeGate episode, he should never have been in charge of your transition committee. He knows nothing about running a state, nor about a federal government.
  • Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich [R-Georgia] is a religious/political chameleon claiming to have found religious solace first as a Lutheran,then as a Southern Baptist [most of his life] and then finally to appease his third wife, Callista, he converted to Roman Catholicism [he missed being Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, etc.]

More importantly, like most chicken hawks, Newt had recently admitted to have purposefully avoided the military draft by earning a series of useless academic degrees so that he would not have to confront any form of combat. He now regrets not having served [easy to say now].He is, at best, a slick, self-aggrandizing, self-serving typical political insider.  We want you, Trump, to clean house!!!

Memo to Trump: You do not need Christie or Newt– despite what the unctuous Manafort tells you.


So what do you have left?

Oklahoman Republican Governor, Mary Fallin.

She was elected governor in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.I don’t know her and I had to look up her credentials in Wikipedia.The truth of the matter is that you, Trump, do not have a wide array of choices.Your boisterous personality and impetuous style demands someone who, by temperament, is more calm than you; as well as experienced in state and federal government. Ms Fallin has a impressive background at the state and national level of government.

She was in the Oklahoma House of Representative serving two terms. Next, she went on to become the 14th Lieutenant Governor under two different governors. As if that were not enough, she was elected for two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving 2007 to 2011.

Whatever minor blemishes Ms.Fallin might have [extra-marital affair, divorce, called human] is nothing in comparison to the massive blemishes both the aforementioned men would bring along side of you as your presumed VP.

Clearly, I am simply reading a profile from Wikipedia. However, I do know that Manafort, as usual, is wrong. Picking a successful woman like Fallin or even someone else [if you can find that person in time] is not pandering to the electorate, simply because she is a woman. Its the only way to beat HC.  A smart, serious woman who has served the public in a breath of state/federal offices makes sense.


Btw, what is politics? but elaborate kabuki of systemic pandering!

Right now, I am exceedingly unimpressed with those so-called professional politicians surrounding you.The choice of course is yours.However, my past experience, working on two campaigns [ as a profiler] tells me that now that Hillary is in the clear, you,Trump, will have a major challenge in front of you. May the best man win!

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12 thoughts on “Trump should pick a serious woman as VP!

  1. Kamrunner

    Nicely put, Mr. piezcenik!

  2. Chia Cha

    For moment i thought how they both (she and Trumpf) looked like they were from same tribe.
    But it is simply, not true, silly me. Everyone knows that her tribe offically split up from Trumpf’s tribe in 387 BC over hunting rights in southern Shelezia.

    Ok, now lets be serious, I would love one state visit by her and her daughter especially when i become supreme satrap of central state commission for peoples chairmanships over the presidium of united socialist party commissariats. I woud welcome them both.
    It could work.

    1. Chia Cha

      It is just sad that even in tribes, where you have much elements of communism and socialism (just look north american tribes), no private property, democracy, males always enslave women, that is first. All societies (exlcluding those enters socialism 100%) do that. Then some idiot who hunts little better starts to get little more power, because that is example to follow, then hierarchy (and that is of satan always) starts to emerge…
      I am right now working on putting terms we all use in order, to be able to write new manifesto.
      Solution is always of course democracy.

      1. Embrey

        Yep. Damn the idiot that brings progress to your hypothetical, shit kicking tribe that doesn’t know how to hunt properly.
        You want to live in squalor forever?
        Yet non-human animals are playing by survival of the fittest rules every day and always have been. But no bird or yak ever had to convince them that capitalism was more productive. It turns out, all the socialist non-human animals die of starvation or they are eaten. End of lesson.

        1. Chia Cha

          Why are you so one dimensional, gee, there is time involved, here, when that hunter which is good, becomes bad and he start to stink that he have to be removed…
          I would love to see you remove you capitalist winner, when he stinks like now…
          And what, you lasted not like USSR till 1991, but till 2008. Wow big deal.

          1. Embrey

            False argument.
            Removed by who. Since you weak little tribe members are so weak, where do you get off ‘removing’ anybody.
            Also, it was a group of those same, weak theoretical egalitarians who decided that the great hunter needed to be put above the others because it increased everybody’s chance at survival. Except for the tyrannical egalitarians, which is a friggin joke in its own right. No, my friend, you are a believer in tyranny. And better than that, it is the tyranny of the pussies. Your way will never prevail. The natural order of the universe will not allow it.

          2. Embrey

            And your misleading statement comparing the USA to the USSR is intentional. When exactly did the USSR begin? When exactly did the USA begin? Of the two systems, it is apparent which one is superior.
            Again, you are attempting to equate apples to oranges.

            Now, do I think that the USA is having a hard time trying to absorb socialism into the capitalist system that existed? Yes, I do.
            Do I think politics is the weak underbelly of our system? Yes, I do. An unfortunate double-edged sword that we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

            But there is that thing called liberty which you are conceptually not able to get your head around. How could you? You don’t even have a clue. You don’t even have a facsimile of a copy of a clue because it is something that hasn’t existed for you in centuries.

            Do I think Americans enjoy liberty at the moment? No, I do not. But we do have a damn idea what it is and we have our guns. All the pussies in the history of the world haven’t figured out how to take those without getting shot in the process.

  3. Learn From History

    Hillary came out into the sunlight today amidst the mini civil war/chaos in Texas, (I’m wearing garlic around my neck) to say she “wasn’t reckless” Impeccable timing for her public appearance on TV.

  4. Embrey

    I saw that someone was pushing Jodi Ernst this week.
    I remember her giving a Republican response or something like that after one of the President’s speeches. It was horrible. She was horrible. I do not know her and so I won’t disparage her unfairly but she reminded me of every other bought and paid for bs artist I had ever heard.
    I will look into this Oklahoma woman. I hope she is for real.
    Rule #1: If you have a pnarrative about yourself that obviously has been pre polled and pre tested on a bunch of political toadies who want to push your legitimacy because they know they control you, the public picks up on that crap in a NY minute.

    Cut the narrative and tell us how you are going to achieve what we deem progress and expose the competitor as the phonies that they are. Period.

  5. Iggy A

    Nixon took the $ off the Gold Standard in August 71.

    Won re-election by a massive landslide in November 72.

    Forced to resign in August 73.

    Agnew was forced to resign in October 73.

    I’m not claiming a high depth of knowledge on the politics behind all of this.

    I’m just thinking — if you don’t have 33 Senators guarding your back, remaining in the White House is impossible without a Military or masses of citizens willing to push civil war… The hurdle of “high crimes and misdemeanors” isn’t remotely as high as people seem to believe – not in a government like ours…

    I hate to be a Realist — but it seems to me — the Establishment behind the scenes – can’t lose this election…. and they have already laid the groundwork for preparing the society for removing Trump if he wins — and we just witnessed the Triggers that they were waiting for to kick the plan into high gear…

    1. Iggy A

      I screwed up the dates: Nixon resigned in Aug 74.
      Ford became VP when Agnew was forced to resign in 73.

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