Trump Nixes PDB! Another Smart Move!

Trump Nixes PDB! Another Smart Move!

Donald Nixes P.D.B! Smart Move!

The NYTimes article entitled “What Is the President’s Daily Brief?” by Charlie Savage [Dec.12, 2016] correctly points out that POTUS Trump will not read/listen to his President’s Daily Brief [PDB].

Trump claims the following:

“You know, I’m like a smart person.” Mr. Trump said. “I don’t have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years. It could be eight years—but eight years. I don’t need that. But I do say if something should change let us know.”
Right on!
Once again, Trump has broken with an antiquated intelligence tradition where the WH occupants and their toadies receive a daily assessment of the status of world events as the intelligence community assesses it. Yet, Trump knows all too well that this PDB is nothing more than the CIA trying to suck up to every POTUS since Harry Truman.

CIA is being marginalized by Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn because he knows, like myself and many other intelligence practitioners, that the CIA is highly politicized and ineffective. The agency will provide a view point of the world that reaffirms its own sense of importance. The PDB is really not worth the money nor the time required to produce it on a daily basis.


The fifteen different military intelligence agencies which do not directly prepare the PDB are far more relevant to the WH situation room and combatants in the kinetic field of battle than anything that the CIA can ever produce. For the most part, the PDB is quite boring to read. Like most civilian intelligence, it suffers from being static, repetitive, and inconsistent.

As Andrew Liepman, a former CIA official, who prepared the PDB said:
“I think that over time, the intelligence community has overcorrected and become almost boring and robotic in language,” he said. “The community takes great pride in that predictability and consistency.”
What is missing in the narrative about Trump’s nixing of the PDB is the simple fact that Donald can rely on a variety of seasoned military generals who are far more conversant with counter-terrorism, China, and the Middle East than anybody in the CIA.

For the most part, the CIA has been its own instrument of self-destruction. It has engaged an obscene numbers of covert activities overseas that have led to the creation of the following problems:  Al Qaeda, ISIS, Benghazi tragedy, Afghanistan war, Sunni vs Shi’ite wars, Iraq dissolution, Syria civil war,

With four US military generals in key positions of the USG, they should be the only ones to determine when and if American taxpayers will foot the bill for another unnecessary war. I have always assumed a basic truth about the military. No general wants to create a war which he/she cannot not win.

It’s time that we reorganize the 16 different branches of the bloated intelligence community and rid ourselves of redundancy, laggard analyses, and the artificial divide between a covert operative and analysts.Those are antiquated concepts that came out of a Cold War era that in which we prevailed despite a faltering CIA that could not/would not think out-of-the-box.


Trump is breath of fresh air. He will blow away the engorged bureaucracies streaming out of our over-inflated military-industrial complex. Example:
The F-35 fighter jet may be good for the IDF. Yet for Americans, those planes are totally useless when we have all the kill power required in our nuclear subs, cyber-command, and Electronic Warfare capabilities. We have wasted $400 billion on these useless fighter jets when the internet binary numbers cost us almost nothing and can devastate a society in fractions of a second.

Former POTUS Gerald Ford said the following:

“I’ve had a lot of experience with people smarter than I am.” 

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17 thoughts on “Trump Nixes PDB! Another Smart Move!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Here is a question of concern to me and I expect every person who want to see Trump inaugurated on Jan 20th. Do you think this electoral college scam intended to steal the election from Trump will work? If not, who will stop it if it gains traction?

    The F-35 is not a very good plane, like everything else it cannot defy the laws of physics, in this case the physics of flight. To paraphrase the Rand Corp’s review, “it can’t climb, it can’t turn, it can’t run” I think it has lost every actual and simulated combat engagement with much older fighters like the F-16, except for those that have been rigged in its favor.

    1. Chia Che

      Arleigh Burke class, destroyer, also cannot climb, and in turning is also bad compared to F-16… Electronics is important today… But that does not mean F-22 does not have all. Also Psychological weapons are most dangerous weapons there are.

      1. Joseph Chiara

        I did not know that Burke class destroyers flew against air fighter aircraft. And apparently this destroyer class can think and engage in psych-ops.Very interesting observations, something you definitely should report to Jane’s.

        And by the way, I was talking about the F-35, not F-22.

      2. E.H.

        Chia flunks Turing test.

  2. Embrey

    The Electoral College ploy is real but not for the purposes some might think. True, the election could be overturned but think of the political blowback if that occurs. Nevertheless, I am certain Hillary would tell us possession of the White House is 9/10ths of the law.
    On the other hand, the achieveable goal in this fiasco is to delegitimize Trump’s mandate and deny him of a honeymoon period or 100 days.
    The beneficiaries of this delegitimization are the establishment Republicans who dare not speak up at this moment. Those are the real bastards to watch.

  3. Coup in Process

    I’m concerned that Julian Assange has been compromised by elements within CIA. Many books out there showing connection between Clintons and CIA (look at Mena, Arkansas drug flights). Who is now backing the Russians influenced the election fake story in an effort to install Hillary via the Electoral College steal? CIA. Who wants to talk to every Elector to convince them to elect Hillary because of Russian? CIA. Julian could release the remaining Podesta emails and Clinton emails showing HER Uranium deal with Russia, etc… and end this attempted Democrat coup today! Yet Wikileaks stopped leaking the damaging info on the HRC crew and CIA uncloaked to push the new coup.

    1. Julian Assange has not been seen for over a month. The globalists likely have gotten him.

      1. Furtive

        He’s on Hannity tonite.

  4. Barb

    IF, Dr. Steve Pieczenik and his cohorts were behind the Wikileaks, why doesn’t he/they come out again explain who & why the emails were leaked.

    1. Petra

      He has explained it. You need to go back and read all his posts and interviews of the last 6 months. He has explained it clearly.

    1. E.H.

      I find more interesting the speculation that the secrecy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate was due to it listing Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. as his father. The changes between the first and second editions of Obama’s autobiography seem telling, as does his reference in a speech to his father having fought in WWII. (Davis did, Obama Sr. didn’t.) The photos shot by Davis of Obama’s mom are just icing.

      1. Cay

        Birth certificates are not always truthful. An adult adopted at birth may be unable to obtain or show their original birth certificate. The information on the document they do have may be incomplete or reflect non blood related caretakers.

  5. Although Trump would not have been my ideal pick for the President, I am positively impressed by his rejection of the “Powers-That-Were”. In addition, I have profound respect for anyone who had the Cojones to defeat the most corrupt presidential candidate in the history of America – despite the blind adulation of many of my ‘intelligent’ friends and family, and all-too-many duped Americans. Thanks to Dr. Steve Pieczenik for tipping the pre-election scales in favor of Truth, Common Sense, and Freedom!

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