Trump Meets Putin at last!

Trump Meets Putin at last!

Congrats to Both Putin and Trump: Equal Partners at Last!
It’s unfortunate that MSM knows so little about the nature of foreign policy and personality types. In addition, MSM has no basic intellectual underpinning as to how real American foreign policy is made. Instead, they enter into a phantasy land of speculation, inference, and highly distorted conclusions.

Ignorance is prevalent in the media. It’s part and parcel of their zeitgeist. Unlike the famous reporters of yesteryear: Scottie Reston, David Binder, Walter Cronkite etc today’s editors schooled in journalism have absolutely no basis to evaluate a meeting between two major leaders [read personalities] like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Instead they resort to rumors and implied distortions, specifically fabricated for the mainstream media.

How do I know?

Back in the day, I was an expert at manipulating the mainstream media! Senior reporters would interview me after a major event like the Aldo Moro Kidnapping, implying a certain outcome. I would then feed that particular disingenuous reporter [NY Times] all the nonsense he had wanted to hear. Only years later was his story completely nullified by my own final admission that “I had purposefully misled the press” to serve my [USG] at that time. This type of dual encounter would occur often. Each time, I would spend some time studying the reporter’s hidden agenda and then I played into it as much as I needed in order accede to his initial demands, setting him up for a final embarrassment.

Both Putin and Trump are masters of manipulating the lay media. They play along and then they ‘honey trap’ the reporters. Eventually, both the newspaper and the reporter appear both foolish and incompetent.

In the world of intelligence, the American media is an artifact of highly contrived narratives often described as ‘professional journalism’ [Academia]. Nothing could be further from the truth! Let’s examine a few choice examples.

  • In the case of 9/11, we know very well that the media was purposefully co-opted by the unique American juggernaut: military/civilian/intelligence agencies.
  • Ongoing we have the draft-dodging-neocons who linger in the morass of discontent and ignominy, screamed about the barbarity of Putin/Russia when it annexed it’s natural contiguous land mass –Crimea. Still now, the press has no knowledge about the fact that we, American officials, had promised Russia it’s natural port in the Crimea when we had taken down the Soviet Union.

Now Trump will do what he has always done well. He will assess the merits of Putin and embrace him as an equal colleague on the international stage. This grants Russia, a gigantic land mass of eleven times zones, the status and recognition she has long deserved.


As for the class picture of the G-20 countries arranged by the brilliant Angela Merkel, she and her colleagues will long be forgotten while America maintains its resurgence in the financial, military, and civilian arenas of the world. Meanwhile the EU will devolve from centralized power as quickly as possible. France and Germany will regret the fact that they had made an unholy alliance through the fragile ether entitled ‘the Euro-Market’.

Waiting on the EU dismal horizon are the following inevitabilities:

  • Brexit
  • Independence of Catalonia from Spain
  • Four bankruptcies of Greece
  • Italian and Portugal’s eventual bank failures
  • The dismemberment of other nation states.

As for America, we will continue to be the dominant financial and military power in the world for a few more decades. China will have to wait its turn until the Belt and Road Initiative is built, if at all. Russia will become a major military/trading partner of the USA. And the G20 Summit photo will dissolve into oblivion.

The famous German writer/poet Heinrich Heine wrote the following:

“When the heroes go off stage, the clowns come on.”
Please applaud Merkel and the G-20!!

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32 thoughts on “Trump Meets Putin at last!

  1. MRW

    “Still now, the press has no knowledge about the fact that we, American officials, had promised Russia it’s natural port in the Crimea when we had taken down the Soviet Union.”

    Nor are they aware of the contents of the 1992 Ukrainian Constitution–written by Ukrainians, not Russians–that gave Crimea the legal and constitutional right to decide whether it wanted to remain inside the Ukraine or return to Russia. The Constitution stated that the decision was to be made by referendum. Crimea never exercised that legal right until Sunday March 16, 2014, with over 90% of Crimeans participating. Reuters and USA Today were the only news outlets to report this in their first reports of the vote.

    Crimea presented their referendum results the following day to the Russian Duma, and once accepted by parliamentary vote, Putin sent in troops to secure his base and protect the new Russians from the warlike leaders in Kiev. The world was shocked because they hadn’t been paying attention, were misinformed about Ukrainian history, and, in the case of the US, had allowed the neocons to strip the State Department of experienced, knowledgeable Arabist and Russian analysts. Obama called Putin’s actions an illegal invasion–can’t remember his exact term–and slapped sanctions on Russia. For basically acting legally.

    1. Rose

      Same as the vote in Syria..they speak OF Assad as an evil dictator..he was elected by 80%…instead our Zionist media feels he should be outed and a Zionist US puppet put in his place so more people can be murdered, more refugees on the run, more land for Israhell and the theft of Syrias antiquities and natural resources…same old crap!

      1. Chia Cha

        Zionists are manufactured rulers who does not rule. And nazis and communists are only allowed oppossition to capitalists, by capitalists. How you will control white christian working class. You give them as opposition in nazis (those anti-christian anti-zionist like you) who are pagan degeneric, and in communists (those anti-christian anti-zionist like you) so they will never put them on power. Communists and nazis and fascists are all products of capitalism.

        1. Rose

          Yea right …your source is infowars(clueless people like you) can believe what you want. Your Zionist lap dog source states that Hollywood is owned by the Chinese and the Arabs run the Federal Reserve! Check the names of all those who run things and you will find Zionist Jews and their lap dogs …like Jones!! Who do you think the ((deep state)) is? Maybe you should ask DrP who runs the show? I am not defending the crony capitalist system we have either! Maybe your thoughts are manufactured? Seriously I don’t know what your talking about!

          1. Embrey

            Cite your quote from Infowars that states what Chia says.
            I am going to go out on a limb and call your attempt to smear baseless.
            Maybe you should ask Dr. P why he frequents Infowars.

          2. Patriarch

            Anti Semite ignoramus.

        1. Rose

          Communism is a Jewish creation ..look it up!

          1. Chia Cha

            Communism was installed by German imperial secret service in to Russia, so Russia would leave war. They said, look this Jew he will be good, let s invest in him. Lenin was saloon lefty in Paris. Stalin later on killed Jews to extract money from them, and to get drawings for atomic and hydrogen bomb. Soviet anti-zionism was also super strong, supporting PLO etc… Communists and nazis are only allowed opposition to capitalism because no one sane would have that. No white christian worker would ever allow some pagan nazi bum to abolish his religion. Same with trangerder and beta male commies.

      2. MRW

        You’re right, Rose. It was a multi-candidate election, the first in decades.

        Bashar al-Assad 88.7%
        Hassan al-Nouri 4.3%

        Wikipedia’s account of it is interesting. Look at the outside factions working to dispel him.,_2014

  2. Chia Cha

    Russians would be even maybe left Crimea had they had enough time to blow up whole Sevastopole port in air. As i said, Europe based on Germany is not functional (maybe that is why we have such)… Peoples inside EU should have their own national states as every nation of world should and everything would be fine had US had healthcare solution without capitalist middlemans… I guess USA wants to have loosing defect so people of USA would accept NWO after WW3, rather then having USA as ruler of western civilisation and world now, with proper collective bargaining solution.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only workers able to be protected in USA are workers able to protect them self in collective manner. Those are those working on docks of US sea ports. When ever capitalsits try to bring some Mexican imports to destroy them, shootings starts, plus all ports are closed. Workers (without commies, nazis, gender and minority rights, not anti-theist) will be only one able to give resistance in future.

  3. Rose

    Love the picture of Melania and Putin …they look like they have been friends all along!

  4. IT was a joyous event to see POTUS finally meet Russian President Putin. What was up with the handshake??? it was to say ” Putin, I give respect and initiative to you. You are not my dog”. AND serving the dual purpose of checking the time to see when is lunch.

    1. Embrey

      Agree. In part, all of the phony Trump/Russia false narrative served as an attempt to stop their meeting. A lot of crooked people in this world would lose a lot of money/power/prestige if the US and Russia find a way to work together where there interest is mutual.

      1. Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to be very charmed by First Lady Melania Trump. He was gushing.

        They are TOKENS of a symbolic future. Each having the assurance that this can possibly be a bright future yet knowing that underneath are dark forces whose lamp is quickly fading.

        1. POTUS TRUMP and Russian President Vladimir PUTIN that is!

  5. Chia Cha

    Love this coin, there is no more trans-atlantic reality. 😀


    Putin should have no illusions about Trump as he is under total Zionist control as is the U.S. gov, therefor the war in Syria will go on until Russia puts and end to the Israeli and U.S. and Britains creation of ISIS aka AL CIADA.

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Yesterday (Saturday, July 8, 2017), I was staying at Bluebird Office Supply (2337 S. Broadway St. Santa Ana, CA 92707); and today (Sunday, July 9, 2017), I was staying at said Bluebird Office Supply.

    Yesterday (Saturday, July 8, 2017, early afternoon), the “WEED AND SEED” OPERTIVES located next door to said Bluebird Office Supply took a black backpack that looked like the one (1) that was stolen on May 26, 2017; and this was behind G.G. Check Cashing (230 W. Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California), with a video camera pointed down at the my campsite at all times that I was located there (said G.G. Check Cashing)! WHY would they (said “WEED AND SEED” OPERTIVES) take a backpack that looked like mine to the “WEED AND SEED” substation located a couple of doors down from said G.G. Check Cashing???? Because, they (said “WEED AND SEED” OPERTIVES) might be trying to put together a “stunt” using mentioned ORANGE COUNTY CASE 11CF0028 to “END ME” (possibly Monday (July 10, 2017) morning)!

  8. Chia Cha

    This is when representatives which are not workers rule in the name of workers. You cannot remove them, you cannot. People of different class position (capitalist) or caste members in thier vertical service (military, bureaucracy, clergy or aristocracy) live of workers. Their only goal is that you work more for less, for them of course.

    1. Embrey

      Don’t worry Chia. There is a solution to the working class. It is not communism. It is robots.
      Notice that Zuckerberg et al are speaking of an Universal Basic Income for the day that the robots take over as the labor force. That is a false choice meant to quell the obvious rebellion of the jobless masses. If he really wanted to provide dignity, he would suggest Universal Basic Ownership of the automated factories.
      Do robots believe in communism?

      1. Chia Cha

        Good point. But without software how for instance 1M people are going to control their ownership without bureaucrats workers would agan get conned. Of course that facebook will never allow something like that to be integrated in facebook.

        1. If you go into robot realm, will it become an ultimate game of slot machines ruling over politics? Whoever creates the greatest hack wins???

  9. Are you aware that some of your site links to stories are being blacklisted. Most notably, Death at 87 Elie Wiesel the fakir! What shows up on my scree when I attempt to list to story is “Your public IP address is blacklisted in”

  10. Chia Cha

    Trumpcare will grab land from white farmers and give it to pagan mexicans and communist party of china. US capitalists will then be able to globalize land and put all land on wall street to fluctuate. Forcing everyone in to religious belif in markets and market forces.

  11. Furtive

    Antisemite Esterhazy 2.0 (Klinton Krime Klan) v. Capt.Alfred Dreyfus 2.0 (The Trumps)

    Connect the dots:

    “…Meeting with President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, initiated by Natalia Veselnitskaya (without Kremlin knowledge) enabled her to detail this Clinton-DNC-Russia plot—and that President Trump assured President Putin the details of would shortly “become reality” in the US press.

    Knowing that Natalia Veselnitskaya had informed the Trump campaign of Hillary Clinton’s criminal collusion with certain powerful Russian entities,,the wanted fugitive William Browder struck back by claiming that Rinat Akhmetshin was a Russian counterintelligence officer working with a former Wall Street Journal reporter named Glenn Simpson—who is most infamously known as the founder of the shadowy organization known as Fusion GPS.”

  12. Chia Cha

    Serbs are saying that Tillerson wants to dig Arctic together with russians for oil. That is good.

  13. Patriarch

    Google: “Seymour Hersh Trump’s Red Line
    (Cannot post the link here)


    If Trump cntinues this pattern, he will bring us to nuclea war.

    Up next: north korea pr diversion.

    1. BillUK

      I hope he knows what he is doing Patriarch I rallied against Hillary because I thought she would turn us all to toast. Also glad you are still in fine fettle! Also Dr P I remember the fine writer and humorist Clive James mentioned there was something significant about the location of Aldo’s body what was he alluding to? Or is it bollocks.

  14. Chia Cha

    Serbs are also saying that they are still under control of Clinton administration. Empire is complex matter. Right now we have whole MSM on side of Cliton, half capitalists also, bureocracy, US empire… While Trump have military, clergy, half capitalists. Aristocracy is split, and military industrial complex. He needs to get whole military industrial complex. Trump have huge luck Newt Gingrich is on his side.

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