Trump Meets Macron in Paris!

Trump Meets Macron in Paris!

POTUS Trump and Melania Celebrate Bastille Day [July 14] with President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte!

Congratulations to both leaders of their two great nations! Trump cleverly made a fortuitous decision to accept France President Macron’s kind yet shrewd invitation to revisit Paris to reconfigure what initially appeared to be an awkward beginning between the 71-year-old Trump and the 35-year-old Macron.

From a more personal point of view, I have written a novel about the ruthless French Revolution which occurred on Bastille Day:  “My Beloved Talleyrand: The Life of a Scoundrel by His Last Mistress.” This book was published on November 10, 2005. It depicts the life of a debauched Cardinal/French Foreign Minister who betrayed his mistresses; as well as deceiving his fellow countryman, Napoleon Bonaparte. It was Talleyrand who restored the glory of France after the ruthless Jacobean French Revolution.
Today France has evolved into a successful nation of hi-tech companies; trains traveling over two hundred mph [TGV] and a plethora of refugee problems arriving from the Maghreb [North Africa]. Contrary to Maggie Haberman’s NYT July13 ‘17 article insinuating that our superficial POTUS came for the pomp and circumstance of the military parades and the fancy dinners, I maintain that nothing could be further from the truth!

Completely unaware of the significance of what she had written, let me quote the following:
“At the US ambassador’s residence… POTUS joined a lunch that was also attended by MIKE POMPEO [DCI]; Lt Gen H. R. McMaster [NSC], and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. [Chairman of the JCS].”


Let me assure you, that these prestigious intelligence/military officers/operatives are not there to watch French planes fly around in the sky or watch soldiers march through the Arc de Triomphe. I would suspect that they have a full agenda that they want to share with Macron and his own chief of the army, the highly decorated General Jean-Pierre Bossier [CEMAT], regarding one very important issue: counter-terrorism!

By now, we have witnessed several atrocities that occurred in Paris, Nice, Toulouse [my home town], and other places in France. The original counter-insurgency strategies were developed by the French in their fight against Algerian Freedom Fighter terrorists. Later, the French passed on their failing strategy to our CIA which incorporated them to start the Vietnam War. Whatever the past histories are of each country, Macron realized thanks to his time as an investment banker at Rothschild& CIE Banque [closely affiliated with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase] that alienating any American POTUS was neither feasible nor productive. This is especially true when one is dealing with the creation of a hi-tech society and a robust military/industrial complex [Aerobus].

U.S. generals will meet in secret with their counterparts in the following French intelligence agencies:

  • DGSE: Directorate-General for External Security. It’s the French foreign military intelligence unit.
  • DGSI: General Directorate for internal security.  It is involved in counter-espionage and counter-terrorism and the surveillance of potential threats on French territory.
  • DPSD Directorate for Defense Protection and Security. It’s a military intelligence agency involved solely with counter-espionage.
  • BRGE: Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Brigade.
  • ANSSI: French Network and Information Security Agency.
  • DCPJ: Judicial Police.
  • CNCIS; National Commission for the Control of Security Interceptions.
  • SCRT: Central Service of Territorial Surveillance. [Wikipedia]

In the old days, we operatives would call the Deuxieme Bureau the ‘La Piscine’—the Swimming Pool –which is still located on the French IC properties. Trump’s trip has less to do with parades, fancy dinners, or even bonhomie. This entente between these two longstanding allies will revolve around the issue of how well will our 17 American intelligence units work with their respective French intel/security bureaus.

From what little I already know is that our IC/military community is quite enthralled to work with their French counterparts, most of whom were trained partially or totally in United States and vice versa. Another big issue for discussion relates to the North African immigration/terrorism influx into France, Belgium, and Libya

I am certain that critical strategic/tactical issues regarding present American occupation in the former French colony in Djibouti [Horn Of Africa] at Camp Lemonnier will become a salient issue. France is far more effective in counteracting the tribal/ethnic battles raging in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Central African Republic, et. al. than the novitiate Americans. Instead of sending more American troops, the key issue will be the nature of alternative aid to these impoverished African colonies in order to pre-empt the possible rise of terrorist cells.

I personally am acquainted with one French fighting force: The French Foreign Legion. One of my family members was from Corsica and fought in the FFL. They are perhaps the most lethal fighting force in the French arsenal of kinetic warfare. Their mottos are as follows:

  • Lego Patria Nostra: The Legion Is our Fatherland.
  • Honneur et Fidelite: Honor and Fidelity.
  • Marche ou creve: March or die!

This fighting unit does not swear allegiance to France. Instead it fights and dies for only the Foreign Legion.

The great French writer/philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, wrote the following about the French Army/War:

“It is true that the atrocities in Algeria shows the tragedy of our times is that any one of us can be interchangeably victim or torturer”
For a better understanding of this paradoxical dynamic please read: “Terror Counter Terror”!

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42 thoughts on “Trump Meets Macron in Paris!

  1. Chia Cha

    You can colonize, or you can get colonized. When you are being colonized you see that colonization is getting faster all the time. Than colonization suddenly stops, and then you can decide will you now colonize or you will continue to be colonized by someone else. Author forgot to show colonization of Mexico in continuation of video. Tip: Not even one colonization is natural, just how markets are not natural, but human made.

    1. I had a colonoscopy recently, does that count as colonization??? I think it proves your theory correct!!!

      1. Chia Cha

        I am not native in english but I guess, words are similar. But for sure, as long it is not enjoyable, it is normal.


    The Zionists have the U.S. gov under complete control and this includes Trump and their agent in France Macron, so look for the continuing wars for Zionist Israel in the Mideast .

    The Zionist CIA has the U.S. military under total control just as the Nazis had the german army under their control, the CIA must be abolished.

  3. Petra

    Desert Fox, I understand their influence but, it is not total control. And if it is I want to know your sources and your evidence. There are many forces in play here.


      Freedom was lost in America with the Zionist installed IRS and the FED in 1913 and froms that point on we were and are under Zionist control.

      The PROTOCOLS OF ZION and what our America has become prove that the Zionists have us in death grip.

      Check and and , and

      1. Petra

        Desert Fox, than you for sharing. I also go back to my previous statement. It is not everything. Remember… ALL nations shall fight against Zion as it says in Revelations… All meaning ALL. The Zionist groves and such have corrupted to the point that nations are turning against them…. We live in that time. Zion is many things but, true Zion, Enoch Zion – represents the Pure in Heart. It is not the same as the Zionist agenda. But, this will not happen with out a fight… a big fight. The grove agenda will fight to the death.
        Trump is stomping out the human trafficking and pedophilia. That is a huge step in bringing down the Zionist grove agenda.

        1. DESERT FOX

          I wish you were right about Trump , but his actions since being elected POTUS show that he like the Clintons and Obama are under Zionist control and I regret to say I voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils.

          In fact the Bushes were under Zionist control along with very POTUS since JFK, who was not under Zionist control and that is why he was taken out.

          1. Petra

            well, if you are voting for the lesser of two evils… make sure you choose the lesser… that choice is very important….


            those are just up today on… wow. that is not to mention the 4 people that I know personally nor the slew of people that have been murdered the the Clintons… Their murder for power day are numbered… they have lost their power but, it seems like they have not lost their lust for blood. God saved us.

  4. When I saw the HANDSHAKE between POTUS Donald John Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron I noticed that French President attempted to PULL our beloved President’s hand into his periphery. However, our clever President NOTICED this power play and countered it with THE TUG as if to telepathically communicate, “Don’t you ever try to do that!”

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump said that Macron s wife was in good shape. So I guess Macron thought Trump was also not normal, even Trump was just polite, not using word: relatively.

      1. Chia Cha

        It sounds traitorous, but CNN have best female squad… Infowars/FOX on second place. For others I do not know, because others I do not watch. Seems, simple.

        1. Grumpy Granny

          Those red-hot-sex-bombs might be nice eye candy, but they are all dumb as a box of rocks.
          Men can never hear a word a sexy woman says. Their minds are otherwise engaged.

          1. Chia Cha

            They do not have to be hot, short are also nice, because you cannot hear them.

    2. I may have watched that event wrong. OR a piece of the SPACETIME cloth was PHOTOSHOPPED. However FLOTUS Melania Trump also used her talent on charming the European couple

      1. Chia Cha

        Or they are just happy touching each others skin, because dark one is out of scene finally. Little things make people closer then it is usual.

  5. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please see me recent comments posted at your BOLG! As you should know by now, every comment that I post at your BOLG I try and post here at your new WEB PAGE! Hopefully, there has not been any manipulations, BY THE C.I.A., to any of my comments posted here or at your mentioned BOLG!

  6. Iggy B

    Mr. Pieczenik, when will your publishing company get updated files to Amazon Kindle? I’d like to read your books, but I only read ebooks these days, and the Amazon Kindle store says there is an issue with the quality of the files your publisher sent them…

  7. Chia Cha

    Bannon wants to tax rich, Bannon is good. Bannons also do not want genocide on either side so he is against centrally planned forced gene mixing by rich capitalists, Bannon is good.

    1. Chia Cha

      This is good also. This is essential if you want free markets. Free markets can be controlled to stay free only if you able to control markets. On global level you cannot control markets because you must share control with other entity (therefore it is impossible), called standing committee of communist party of peoples republic of china. Political power to control markets to be able to make them free is esential part of freedom.

  8. Chia Cha

    France and UK always had pro-serbian policy in balkan wars. French foreign legion masked as UN peace keepers would help moving serbs to commit war crimes, hiding them in french UN APC-s, then we croats would blow them with rpg-s regulary. They had to keep mouth shout all the time. They were pathetic. You would kill them for fun. Snipers were also good way. English under preassure by Clinton had to start listening their american masters later on in war. Teacher was good, she said bombard Belgrade, right away.

  9. Patriarch

    As an attorney for almost 70 years, when it comes to other megalomaniacs I can see the forest in the trees.

    Everything you wanted to know about Mueller’s Mens rea but haven’t been told:

  10. It is understandable that Dr. Pieczenik, being born in France and being involved in psyops for years, would see behind the pomp and circumstance of last week’s Bastille Day and know that the meeting between Trump and Macron was far more consequential than a military show. Many people have no idea of Trump’s shrewdness and his agenda. He has a very big strategy and goal, not only for America, but for Western civilized nations. There is a Trump Doctrine. One need only connect many seemingly disparate dots, read voraciously, have some analytical skills and a lot of intuition, and know Trump’s political priorities. For many, the Trump Doctrine remains opaque.
    Trump’s meeting with Macron, on the surface, was intended to honor the political symbiotic relationship between France and America since its political intimacy began during the American Revolutionary War. But, as Dr. Pieczenik very cleverly notes, it is what occurred behind the scenes that was of utmost importance for not only America and France, but for other countries.
    The meetings between Trump and other world leaders is not being done in a haphazard manner. There is a method and a definite long-term strategy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ugly France was able to sustain whole 4 days of US economic war, imposed in 2003. (remember freedom fries), when those french atheist leftards were trying to become slaves of nazi pagan Merkel and pagan commie Russia. Nations around world cannot be allowed to have own forign policy, they are unable to protect their own interests. Luckily we have USA to help them see.

      1. Chia Cha

        We in Croatia had first president who was WW2 Tito s general. He defetead Serbs in 1992-3, but he had to go with Serb president Milosevic to Moscow and they had to wait together for KGB officer to let them in room for further instructions (he commited high treason). (all Tito s generals had to be approved by Moscow especially until 1948.) (later by CIA also). That is evidence that only america can protect national interests of all nations around world.

    2. al


      both Trump and Macron will leave office as miserable failures.

      1. Chia Cha

        kissss, and what is your gender? brown, what?

  11. Trump has now met with a number of heads of state. Some of those meetings have been of greater importance than others. The meetings with the heads of Romania and Poland might appear, for example, to a novice or uninformed person, to be of little importance or consequence. That would be a mistake in judgment. And 2 of Trump’s wives are from Eastern Europe and these are the mothers of all but one of Trump’s children.
    Once one has reviewed the list of those leaders, then recall Trump’s words on Western civilization when speaking to the Polish people on July 6, 2017. Note the date—-July 6. America’s independence was formalized in a document on July 4, 1776 I rather think Trump’s speech was no small coincidence. Review what is significant about Poland in relation to what Trump considers important. Connect those dots and one will find the mutual interests and a piece of the puzzle of the Trump Doctrine.
    Then review the names and number of European countries that are rejecting, or want to reject, the EU’s demand to accept African and Middle Eastern immigrants. EU is an unelected, unaccountable globalist elite that has a Cultural Marxist ideology based on Critical Theory of deconstruction of sociocultural norms. It is an ideology from the political Left with its genesis in Frankfurt. Some notable Cultural Marxist theorists were Marcuse, Adorno, Horkheimer and Fromm. Sartre’s existential philosophy shared some intimacy with the theory. Oh, how the world is full of intellectual fools. Long on IQ, short on innate wisdom. But I digress. They had good intentions, but, as with all in life, when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, there is societal disaster, in need of correction. This is where we are today.
    In the broadest ontological and existential sense, Cultural Marxism, in my opinion, is the psychosocial pathology destroying Western civilization. I could write an essay on all the ways this pathology is eating away America, Europe, and Western civilization. All the tactical programs of the EU are the tentacles by which the EU deconstructs, destroys Western civilization, in order to reconfigure it with the Kalergi Plan. I suspect some members of the Committee of 300, like the Queen of England, have now had enough, however, after seeing the disastrous sociocultural and economic effects on Western civilization. With its austerity programs through the IMF and World Bank, its open borders and multiculturalism agenda, and its multi-lateral trade agreements which have legal contractual obligations under which many countries are sinking, the EU has become a Medusa of Europe. Territorial, economic, and legal sovereignty has been forfeited by joining the EU and, I suspect, the EU will no longer exist 20 years from now due to the aforementioned. The geopolitical spider web of the EU has now been exposed.

    1. Chia Cha

      That potato head g@y chimp shoulder Merkel, said she will NEVER, NEVER allow limit on refugees. She wanted to send them to all of us. Germany want domination of Europe by force, they cannot right now start with racial supremacy, they will go with tolerance this time. They will go in deal with Ottomans and their future arab slaves. Same policy for 600 years. Poland for them is servant country. They want Italy, VW wants Alfa Romeo, and they see Spain. France would go crazy. But because France always wants Serbs and Russians, I say French should crawn on knees and beg Trump for mercy. ychimp shoulder Merkel, said she will NEVER, NEVER allow limit on refugees. She wanted to send them to all of us. Germany want domination of Europe by force, they cannot right now start with racial supremacy, they will go with tolerance this time. They will go in deal with Ottomans and their future arab slaves. Same policy for 600 years. Poland for them is servant country. They want Italy, VW wants Alfa Romeo, and they see Spain. France would go crazy. But because France always wants Serbs and Russians, I say French should crawn on knees and beg Trump for mercy.

  12. Macron’s statement about Africa at the G20 summit is not only very accurate, but also extremely relevant to the Trump-Macron meeting. Yes, those meetings between French and U.S. intelligence agency heads was undoubtedly the covert part of the Trump-Macron entente. And let us recall that in 2010, Merkel gave a speech saying that “multiculturalism has failed utterly.” Then in 2011, both Sarkozy and Cameron gave talks daring to tell that unwelcome truth.
    How about another dot. Make note that China has now opened its military base in Dijbouti, Africa. This adds to the other countries there: U.S., Japan, Saudi Arabia. Next, note what valuable and coveted natural and mineral resources exist in Africa, and what countries have been exploiting those. Then, recall Macron’s statement about Africa last week at the G20 regarding the “civilizational” problem and then look at the history of the backward, uneducated, unsophisticated population in Africa, the rise of Islam in Northern African countries in juxtaposition to the mostly Christian majority nations in the Southern countries in Africa. Recall how brutal and/or corrupt leaders have usually surfaced. Idi Amin comes to mind, but there are others.
    Then let us review the projections of the Pew Research Center that, by 2100, half of all children on the earth will be African due to very high fertility rates, and that by 2100, 80% of all people on the earth will be either Asian or African, and that by 2050, Muslims will become the largest religious group in the world, overtaking Christianity. The number of Muslims in the world will more than the total number of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, and agnostics, all combined. Then review Merkel’s “Compact with Africa” in which the IMF and World Bank are helping “develop” Africa.
    Then review the background of the most significant terror group in the world today and what religion upon which it based. Then read these three extremely consequential and relevant documents: 1. “The Challenge of Dawa: Political Islam as Ideology and Movement and How to Counter It” is an essay written by former Muslim and former Dutch Parliamentarian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2. Team Jihad: How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy The United States, a book written by author, Matthew Vadum, Senior Vice President, at Capital Research Center for the Center for Security Policy, and 3. “A Window on the Muslim Brotherhood in America,” an interview between Ryan Mauro, The Institute for Religion and Democracy, and former Department of Homeland Security Advisor, Mohamed Elibiary, a current Muslim with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    There are many more dots to connect, but these might be sufficient to discover the emerging Trump Doctrine. It will remain elusive to those people who focus on the inane mainstream media distractions. Looking underneath the circus distractions is much more intriguing and intellectually stimulating. Not to mention, it is like unraveling an alluring, seductive mystery or like finding a hidden treasure. The clash between civilizations is very real. I want to be on the right side of history so that the world is not handed over to Stone Age people with barbaric, uncivilized traditions, customs, and values, whose nature and habits are unsophisticated and barbaric, who are uneducated and boorish, whose speaking skills are uncouth, whose behavior is governed by the inferior limbic system, and who lack the capacity to self-govern. Trump sees the risks these people pose to the world. He is planning and strategizing with keen foresight. As for me, I am putting my weight behind Trump.

  13. Chia Cha

    Soros news. (pro rich left media outlets, all are dominating one) in eastern europe, are all tellling all the time how Trump will leave. Same, all German outlets are telling same. Now some Columbia university proffesor is explaining how this problem with Eric Trump is reason why now Trump will have to go. Typical left behaviour from high and “respected” positions from “above”, they like also science to use. I am so envious on americans for having arms. Here, you can only puke.

  14. […] Completely unaware of the significance of what she had written, let me quote the following:“At the US ambassador’s residence… POTUS joined a lunch that was also attended by MIKE POMPEO [DCI]; Lt Gen H. R. McMaster [NSC], and Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr…Read More […]

  15. Chia Cha

    Polish politician is right 100%. 100%. This is sick nazi-neoliberal imperialism conducted by communist news network – CNN, british broadcasting communists – BBC and chimp shouldered Herr Merkel. Possible in colusion with Putin and KGB.

  16. Chia Cha

    But let s not get too euphoric. Satan rules among right wingers also. Let s look this his ideological orgy served by right. No sane person with less then 2$ M in cash would switch for free market healthcare, where 5 capitalists decide how their monopoly will look like. Be aware of Alex Jones also.

    1. Chia Cha

      In poor Balkan country of Montenegro (GDP per capita is 7 times less then US per capita), government helathcare provides full covereage for inteligent american chemo, and new american hep C cure, unavailable under any plan provided on terittory USA. But US capitalism is providing you with euthanasia program. Private providers just says hmmm, sorry you are denied we want more money and we write rules… Of course you can always sell house in SF bay if you have one or get this euthanasia.

      1. Chia Cha

        Pure propaganda works. People celebrating their certain preventable death up there in comments. I am amazed how people are so isolated in USA. Last month here 10 kids needed one new medicine (20% chance more to get cured by using it), it costed ten times more then budget of whole hospital, but government paid it. Even it is small market so you cannot get collective discount from producer. Invented in Austria, which, as whole Europe, have fully free soc. healthcare.

  17. Chia Cha

    If you do not like work with muslims, owner of company where you work, loves you working with them. Same with mexicanoros.

  18. Chia Cha

    Here we go. He also liked guys, for such, good looking females are very very threatening. That is why their dogs reacts very violently when such females are passing by.

  19. […] what the French and American delegations would have talked about during Trump’s trip. ‘Trump Meets Macron in Paris!’ is recommended reading. Excerpts follow, emphases in the […]

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