Trump! Let General Mattis pick his own People!

Trump! Let General Mattis pick his own People!

Trump: Let Secretary of Defense James Mattis Pick His Own People!

The other night, in a cursory conversation with a friend who had been a distinguished combat helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War, he asked me whether I envisioned any potential problems within Trump’s new administration. With no hesitation, I replied that Gen.James Mattis [JM] would have significant problems with the transition team, if in anyway they undermined his authority to select individuals who would best serve him and this nation.

Little did I realize that on January 7, 2017, news would come out that Mattis was annoyed by Trump transition team because they chose a billionaire businessman named Vincent Viola, without the approval of Mattis. Was I surprised by this type of haphazard assignment?

Unfortunately, no!
For some time now, I have been critical of the Trump transition team which had evicted a few managers until they obtained the services of Kellyanne Conway, a very talented individual. Yes, Trump and his team are going to make a few mistakes along the way to the White House.

Apparently appointing a billionaire businessman, Vincent Viola, to become Secretary of the Army without the consent of Mattis was a significant miscalculation. I don’t know Viola but from the Wikipedia he appears to have a very distinguished background. He graduated from West Point and even went through the Ranger School where he then served in the 101st Airborne Division of Fort Campbell. Subsequently, Viola made a killing developing high frequency trading instruments on the New York Mercantile Exchange [NYMEX].

Viola’s predecessor Lou Goodman said the following about him:

“Even if he did not know what he was talking about, he sounded like he knew what he was saying.” [Wiki]. One could infer that this man is a bit of a ‘bull-shitter’.

I don’t know Mattis or Viola.

However, I do know about how different personalities mesh or do not mesh together. This predictive capacity is part of what makes someone a successful “regime changer,” or a  ‘regime stabilizer’. One does not have to be a psychiatrist to realize that a highly educated and introspective/ pensive individual like General Mattis, who commanded hundreds of thousands of men during different wars and peace time, would never tolerate any outside interference within his own command and control structure.

Mattis carefully honed his polymath skills over decades of varying kinetic encounters. Like the medical profession, he had to make choices that involve life and death decisions in a split second. Leaders like him tend to determine who will work with them and when. He will not brook any interference, especially one that co-opts his own choices for key positions in the DOD.

If I were in the Trump transition team, I would carefully decide right now whether Viola or Mattis is more important to the future of a more efficient, smaller fighting force.
Mattis correctly models his career after my own military idol, General George Marshal, who defied FDR when he was ordered to enter WWII, completely unprepared. Marshall was the prime architect for two completely different successful wars: one against Japan and the other against Nazi Germany [both culminated within four years].

Potus Trump: please don’t mess with Gen. James Mattis!

“Mad Dog” could turn out to be a “junkyard dog”! He personally represents the voice of millions of us war veterans! Eleven millions of us are not wrong!

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16 thoughts on “Trump! Let General Mattis pick his own People!

  1. Chia Cha

    Job of general is to count resources, reserves, plan how they are going to be spent in upcoming action, where they are going to be situated, and how they are going to be transported… Putting some idiot (Viola) there is going to be dumb considering that era of collective online bargaining begins. And if vassals are going to have to pay for their defence in future, or if Mexico have to pay for wall, then there must be one there to count when you are in profit, and when you are not…??!!

    1. Chia Cha

      And now let’s mention Rome and Italy, Americans said to Italians in 1944, we are not going to bomb Rome to ground if you pay us dollars. Disappointed americans were disgusted when they found out that Mussolini succeeded in seducing his lover Hitler to abandon Rome and make it open city so americans cannot start bombing and asking money. Cowboys were cheated.

  2. Qualaud

    Interesting points, well taken.

    Different topic, Ft. Lauderdale shooting looks like yet another false flag–news crews pronto on the spot, shooter name released immediately, crazy crowd / situation control, and of course insane incompetence by FBI for interviewing and then releasing a disturbed person.

    What say you?

    1. Timothy J. Wulff

      For God’s sake we must support those who have saved us!

      ’11 million are not wrong’ is correct.

      There is a time to get in line and give support.

      This is it.

      Surely we All must show some gratitude to the power which has protected the Republic with honor – this includes the camp of Trump.

  3. LORD Anthony (Tony) Curtis

    G’day Dr. Steve
    I don’t know Mr Trump personally, however, from a former Military Intell. background myself & a human being so I believe, I’m sure Mr Trump will grow into a professional POTUS by learning as he goes. He has surrounded himself with good intelligent people who will assist him to become one of the best, if not the best POTUS ever. I think he needs to make the odd mistake along the way to rectify & settle his way of thinking… He’ll do good I think. The General in question will no doubt change his mind as time goes on I believe. Thanks for just being you, Dr Steve.

  4. Chia Cha

    Most shocking video ever, about for profit medical system, and where individuals are allowed to have capital (money) in their own private pocket.

  5. Tom

    Hey Doc, I’d like to hear your commentary on the latest intelligence report/dossier on Trump and the Russians, that turned out to be fake news on Trump hiring hookers to pee on the bed Obama slept in in Moscow. I’ve gotta believe you laughed your butt off when you heard it. Two thoughts came to mind…1) 10 year olds could have come up with that, 2) what a frigging embarrassment…I mean is that the brain power we have in intelligence protecting us?

    1. Sharon Lee

      It was a lesson in anatomy. What’s embarrassing about anatomy? I’m a 67 yr old grandma, and I thought it was hilarious. What is a frigging embarrassment is when a President needs an anatomy lesson and his entire legacy is a dream come true in a diaper. Putin is probably still laughing his butt off, so don’t get your fruit of the looms in a bunch.

  6. Chia Cha

    La la land… Rich are lowering taxes on rich so governments must borrow money from them to lower even more standards and rise taxes on rest of us to return debt to them. This is game over. They think they won cold war. Only solution is to kill rich and their families, how many times I have to repeat that.

    1. Embrey

      Your solutions are sociopathic

      1. Chia Cha

        They never get it, capitalists are much more dangerous then communists because they are more successful in finishing their ideas then communists. Contrary what people think, negative impact on nature and society in eastern block was much less evident then on west. For instance gay rights, feminism, internationalism, destruction of nature… Capitalists found way to have profit from it. For them it was not about ideology only. Globalism is good only for gays.

  7. A. Emery

    Dr. Pieczenik – I know you believe that the Sandy Hook shootings “event” was a cruel, self-serving hoax perpetrated by the Obama administration (with Eric Holder the likely main architect) on not only this country but the entire world. I have always felt that to uncover and report the truth that no one died that day in November of 2012, very shortly after Holder’s project was “green lighted” after the 2012 re-election of his boss, is even more important than revealing the truth about 9/11. Once the scales are lifted from the American people’s eyes that now blind them only then will they be able to see the truth in all the other false flags that this country and other countries have endured. Do you have plans to use your contacts to reveal the truth and bring to justice those traitors who did orchestrate Sandy Hook …. one of the most diabolical domestic terrorist actions every inflicted on this country? I hope the answer is a resounding and resolute YES !!!

  8. Carolyn Neal

    Could you give us some reassurance about Trump’s situation? Today’s news reports are that the CIA is planning to assassinate him ( Paul headline). Have you heard this? Is this something we need to be worried about? Is Trump sufficiently protected by other intelligence people?

  9. Sharon Lee

    We love GEN Mattis because he has the cajones of Godzilla. Any appointee that even thinks about diminishing that in any form is due for a big can of whoop-a$$. I recall GEN Mattis’s response when Force 21 proponents wanted to disband the entire Marine Corps. Then there was the Black Beret fiasco. GEN Sullivan, director of AUSA, was up to his liberal democrat armpits in all of this garbage. Letting GEN Mattis pick his own team will drain the swamp and make America great again. Trump cannot possibly know all the internal military leaders marching backward to a different drummer. Look at it this way, millions of cans of whoop-a$$ held by determined hands are at the ready.


    This great General said what was important during his confirmation. That is his intention is to build the most lethal military to protect America. He does not care what people do in bed. That was that.

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