Trump is President! Peaceful Transition of Power Prevailed!

Trump is President! Peaceful Transition of Power Prevailed!

The American Coronation is Over!
The Present Coup d’Etat Continues to be Successful!
When protestors rage about injustices in their respective countries, states, or cities it would be wise for them to first recognize a single fact. Thanks to their inveterate apathy and arrogance, we who initiated a long-awaited revolution, were successful without any semblance of street demonstrations or violence.

When this Trump revolution was conceived, way before the ascendancy of the viable candidate we now know, we on the alt-right realized that for the most part, the American-left had been bereft of any credible ideologies or viable candidates. The left ignored my warnings about dumping HRC. Donald Trump himself insisted that the true race for POTUS was between he and Bernie Sanders.

The millennials failed to support HRC, refusing to vote for her or any of her surrogates. The final nail in the coffin for HRC dysfunctional team came with the Uma Abedin/ Anthony Weiner farce. This signaled that HRC and her intellectually stunted advisors would be caught in an psychological warfare trap conducted electronically via “emails”.

Needless to say, it worked without the assistance of Russian hackers. I can assure all of you that despite the nonsensical conclusion of a distraught, dysfunctional CIA and DNI, there were no active Russian hackers involved in both our American coup and counter-coup. It was as American as Apple Pie! All the investigations will reveal nothing more than a chain of accusations and self-recriminations which btw is also part of a successful coup-counter-coup.

I am a very small part of a larger movement of gifted/committed individuals who represent a long list of military/civilian operatives are committed to the Republic and the peaceful transition of power. Thanks to the dedication of the Secret Service, local/state/federal police, and other military/intelligence operatives, Trump took the office at the White House on January 20, 2016 without incidence.

The ensuing violence on K Street was anticipated, if not even facilitated by easily recognized opposition members. Even the women’s useless march of solidarity was on our radars. It was the outcome of a completely outflanked and outwitted political movement, resulting from the arcane, stilted responses of the Left.

What we are now witnessing in America is the consequence of a nation that had been coddled by decades of Presidents and congressional leaders. These “elites” ensured that national desire was stunted and intellectual growth was impaired for most all citizens.

The notion of change had become verboten! Many of us are no longer part of the Republican/Democratic discourse. The notion of sacrifice for our Republic was completely erased from any mandate for citizenship. “Anchor babies” and “Sanctuary Cities” became the new shibboleths for the left, never fully realizing that true American citizenship was not an inveterate right for anyone who just happens to arrive in this country and then produces a scion.

Yet, hidden within the artifacts of contrived news and skewed polls were the secret elements of Nixon’s “Silent Majority.” Many who served overseas demanded our birthright for a change in the corrupted, stagnant leadership. President Donald Trump took on the mantle of authority wittingly. He and his remarkable family worked tirelessly to attain the necessary electoral votes all over the USA.

Were they in any way part of the coup and counter- coup? Not to my knowledge.Theirs was a hard worn effort to solicit as many votes as possible without utilizing the usual antiquated standards for success. Thus, the ‘twitter revolution’!

Now, Donald has made his selection of key advisors and Cabinet leaders. Am I in agreement with all? Not necessarily! Like many others who were part of this revolution/coup, we will wait to see what happens. I wish the best to him and his family.

Regime change is a subtle art which does not arise from the hysteria of the few. It is akin to a swift surgical cut orchestrated during the light of day even within the purview of a HRC, John Brennan, James Clapper and the IC/ FBI.

The great American anthropologist, Margaret Mead wrote the following:

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” 

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32 thoughts on “Trump is President! Peaceful Transition of Power Prevailed!

  1. Petra

    There is a saying to those Americans that have lived overseas. “Kiss the Ground USA.” That feeling has been gone for a long time. It is back again. We are free again. Trump has the courage of 30 of the best men. He stood there with all his enemies around him saying, No longer will a few reap the rewards in the government…. The government is back to the people… His courage is beyond anything I have ever witnessed. The courage of those that stand behind him are just like his. I am so grateful and in awe of what we witness. May we never slumber anymore. Where will the world go If we loose America? We have been spared of that answer.
    God Bless! God has Blessed US!

  2. meg-peg

    Thanks for letting us leave a comment, Doctor Steve! You, by the way, are a breath of fresh air.
    The first business day (today, Mon, 1/23) appears to be off to a good start with the cancellation of the TPP. The biggest danger to me appears to be if Kissinger talks Trump into siding in a big way with Russia, and we two nations go after China. Russia and China are doing all these positive things together, it appears. Can we let those 2 nations, and all the BRICS nations, be our FRIENDS?

    1. Sabine Sears

      I too worry about Kissinger being mentioned in regards to having been to Trump Tower.
      This man shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our new President!

  3. Carmen Maria (Borrego) Linne

    Such beauty as the highly intelligent,
    ever diligent, strategic, logical, molding
    of a citizenry sword,
    sharp and focused to cut out evil cancerous growths
    and reclaim vibrant powerful honor into our country.
    Clouds of confusion, betrayal by armies of non-journalists
    and evil politicians, throwing fiery lies upon the people.
    Yet good would not be vanquished.
    God replied.
    A clarity of mind and will rose above and beyond them;
    Nothing quite like it ever seen before in history.
    A citizenry across a land; from every walk of life came to vanquish.
    We lived to see this. Many of us were a critical part of it
    once we were advised.
    The ‘Bench Sitters and the Blind and the Evil’
    know who they are. They are done.
    How wonderful feels the sunlight.
    How awesome the smell of the breeze of freedom.
    The souls who fought so valiantly and won…can now rejoice!
    Carmen Maria (Borrego) Linne 1/23/17

    1. Sabine Sears

      Beautiful, Carmen! Thank you very much!

      1. Carmen – I would like to use your poem on my Facebook page. Please let me know.
        David Schnittger

  4. Tom

    Well, I’d like to leave a quote/lyrics from a great 60’s British Rock/Blues band, Ten Years After. “I’d like to change the world, but I don’t know what to do…so I’ll leave it up to you”. Well Alvin, 45 years later, we, the alt-Right figured it out. We voted Trump!

    Doc, when are going to be on Infowars again? I enjoy your commentary. Now if we can just get Alex to let you finish your verbalizing your thoughts without interrupting (lol). In his defense, he does apologize for that habit. But it’s frustrating to the listener.

  5. Chia Cha

    Obvisouly it will be about heath care. In next few days we will know in what way USA is going to exist next 12 years.

  6. Geoff

    I am surprised that dr P has praised the “great American ” anthropologist Margaret Mead. My understanding is that she submitted many fraudulent claims about the Somoan culture. She subscribed to a cultural relativism that sought to destroy morality as we know it. She was just another leftist radical and has no place being saluted as anything great!
    I am now very suspicious of dr P.


  7. Thanks Dr. Pieczenik.

  8. Donna

    Steve, it happened just like you said it would. Thank You All.

  9. Christine

    Steve, I bet you are chuckling to yourself as you are watching the daily b.s. on Fox.News. Krauthammer on O’Reilly saying Soros has nothing to do with all this, as the dems meet in secret with him planning their next hit against Trump. My question is this, why is Soros allowed to stay in this country and continue to cause the violence and havoc and pay for all of it? Russia wants him. Hungary wants him. Why don’t we give him away? When he stops financing them, perhaps it will all stop, eventually. Is Mr. Trump and his family safe? Though I feel safer as a citizen, finally, I feel uneasy about their safety. Thank you for continuing to reach out to us. Please don’t stop.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh you think when you remove Soros that there would no mutinies and everyone would be happy? Go work in McDonalds few months so we can hear you again, why they need Soros. I think they are not going to accept your advice…

      1. Embrey

        We don’t care
        Our system, when functioning, does not work like that.
        Charity is handled socially, not by the government.

        1. Chia Cha

          Whole Gulag system and system of Aztec temples was not so demanding for raw meat. It is bigger number then 45000 but this guy is bright, we are on same level. 😀

  10. Trump did swaure in on a masonic Bible or had a representative attend any osiris ritual in that masonic world headquarters before swauring in pledging allegiance to satan!!!!

    The 33rd degree masonic stronghold for 30 years is broken!!!! YESHUA Lord of Lords has raised HIS Annointed leader for this hour on the earth!!!! witchcraft and satanic powers will be off this land for years to come!!!! Goodness from FATHER YAHWEH GOD is here to stay!!!! As the rain fell into the faces of our leaders on inagauration day Angels rejoiced as FATHER and HIS New Model is now implaced upon this nation to change this world forever!!!!

  11. Trump did not* swaure in on a masonic bi le but a kjv Bible from The True Text of FATHER YAHWEH GOD of the three Heavens seen and unseen!!!! Amen the masonic neo con evil is off this land after 30++ years Amen YESHUA we Praise you for Your Strength and Power to defeat these people!!!!

  12. M Costa

    I was wondering what you thought about Trump keeping James Comey in as the head of the FBI?

  13. Serena

    The president said that he is working for the people. The people do not want oil pipelines.

    1. Donna

      Serena, I signed THAT petition to stop the pipeline before I found out the Tribe had been paid 50 million dollars to lay the pipeline by the U.S. Government. The Indian tribes in New Mexico have been paid 400 million dollars for the laying of oil pipelines. Trump said the deal would be “renegotiated.” Perhaps, the tribe should take the matter up with their Elders or the President of their Indian Nation on where that money is going.. NEXT time I sign any petition, I will check the facts out for myself.

  14. Chia Cha

    Paul Ryan need to be killed. He is going to stop all reforms unless he is killed as sign to Mike Pence and all those other bats. Trump is populist not some right wing scum. Or Trump shoud just resign. Why to play this stupid game, he have family, money do not move in that territory. Move away from them.

    1. Petra

      WOW>>> Please remove this Comment!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Embrey

        I hate to quibble but I disagree. Pass this comment along to the proper authorities, let our dear Chia receive a visit from the proper authorities and then we’ll see how much starch he has left in his ideology.

        1. Chia Cha

          But i do not see where is problem? Gee, you really live in some police state over there. But, he should be killed. Sadly I do not have material resources to do it my self so I am not going to pretend like I will do it my self. Also I am lazy, but I would pay someone to do it right away. I just do not have money 🙁

          1. Embrey

            Interesting. You consider a written expression of murder of a person as normal and when I suggest that might not be acceptable your response is I live in a police state?
            I believe that says a lot more about you than me.

          2. Sabine Sears

            You don’t count, Chia Cha! Idiots like you are a dime a dozen in libtard societies.

    2. Sabine Sears

      I agree, basing it on material I had read a few years ago about Margaret Mead.

  15. Duh. The right side of my brain has kicked in. Sorry for the delay. I thought the people might find this author, Dr. Stephen Jones to be of great interest. As for me personally, I study for the relationship with Christ the True Ruler of the Kingdom. I think the historical content and insight is well worth the read.
    P.S. Dr. Steve you are the man. I know you had mentioned your study of President Lincoln. There is information on this page about the Catholic Church attempts to assassinate him.

  16. rockpicker

    How come Trump’s oath did not include the phrase “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,”?

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