POTUS Trump’s Speech to Congress Harbors Well for his Presidency! 

Women Dems Dressed in White Lose Protest and Set Back Party!

In tuesday night’s speech to Congress, Trump transformed from a 2016 presidential candidate to POTUS. In eighty minutes, Trump enumerated the list of achievements he and his staff have already accomplished. More importantly, he continued to deliver a paean to America, the great! He rose the stakes of his four year term into a score card against which anyone can measure his future accomplishments.

The most important part of his speech was his reaffirmation that he will spend over one trillion dollars on infrastructure projects. If that is the only thing he does in his administration, I would be satisfied. But wait…next Donald pulled out a real Trump card. In a very emotional moment, Trump turned his attention to an attractive woman sitting next to Ivanka Trump. He announced that her husband U.S. Navy SEAL, William ‘Ryan’ Owens, who was killed in an attack in Yemen was “a warrior and hero battling terrorism and securing our nation.” All of the members of congress stood up and applauded as Ryan’s wife cried and prayed.

What made this moment quite moving was the fact that Ryan’s father, a former policeman at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department [mother was a detective] refused to see Trump because he blamed POTUS for initiating a faulty, if unnecessary raid, at a point in time when drones were far more effective in combatting insurgents/terrorists. Ryan’s father blamed Trump personally for his son’s wasteful death.
In contrast, POTUS stated categorically that the actionable intelligence gathered from this raid justified Ryan’s death.

Ballsy conclusion!!!

Trump invoked the name of Sec. Def. James Mattis [remember he was a four star Marine General] in order to assuage whatever guilt Donald may have felt for having given this highly controversial raid a ‘green light’. Counterpoised to this moment of sadness intermixed with jubilation was the lackadaisical appearance of a group of Democratic women dressed in white quietly protesting Trump’s verbal assault on their orthodoxy.

My not too subtle suggestion to the dying Democratic Party is to stop making believe they are vital and relevant to anything but their own dysmorphic narratives.

  • Give up the Russian BS stories! 
  • Give up the useless attacks on Sessions! 
  • Get back to work fixing this nation! 
  • Hello Chicago murder rate, Hello Oroville collapsing dam!  

I plead with those millennials who crowded around Senator Bernie Sanders [D-VT.] to stop their futile signs of discontent and begin the harder work of rejuvenating a party that refuses to give up the reins of power from the ossified leaders.

Ivanka Trump, once again, comes to the forefront on any major news story regarding her father. According to the NY Post [3/1/17] : “ …Ivanka worked hard on the speech.. especially affirming the president’s desire to have an uplifting and aspirational speech …”

“…she worked with Stephen Miller in his office the afternoon of the speech, including the paragraph on paid family leave… women’s health….. Clean air and water…” Now, after all the good words, it is time for POTUS to initiate the infrastructure projects. Stop the non-winnable wars. Increase the number of jobs. Decrease the size of the federal USG.

It would be wise to heed the words of the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche:

“The future influences the present just as much as the past.” 

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40 thoughts on “Trump IS POTUS!

  1. Chris judy

    Steve….what is happening behind the scenes with the false flag of Sessions and Obama?

  2. Jean-Louis Janchault

    Is “HARBORS” a mix-up for “AUGURS”?

    1. E.H.

      Maybe, but if you say a speech “AUGURS well” then people might think you’re calling it “BORING”. (No frantic mantic antics needed to see that pun coming.)

  3. susieq

    It appears to many that the globalists plan is to remove all of Trumps appointments by any kind of fraudulent charges and then remove Trump by impeachment. No doubt, many of the GOP globalists minions are on board with this too. It is highly disconcerting. It seems our nation is headed for civil war if this happens. Is this what the globalists want? I am reminded of Egypt and what the people did when Obama installed a leader no one wanted. Trump is wanted and supported by the people. If Sessions would start the arrests much of this attempted coupe could be avoided.

    1. Chia Cha

      It is about health care, and him, just look those city halls meetings… He will get what he deserves, depending on what law he have sign.

    2. TylerG

      It seems to me that Trump must make a power move very very soon to assert his authority and secure his Presidency. If he does not, i fear a takeover move is soon to come from the multinationals!

      1. TylerG

        As followup to my previous comment: Their are so many substantial and factual leaks being publicly published in regards to Obamas theft of money from publicly held financial institutions to fund Obamacare as well as illegal reaproppration of taxpayer money to fund special intrest groups. i find it alarming that Pesident Trump continues to remain silent! I believe that the time is now for him to address these issues and call for a grand jury(s) to be convened! The multinationl model must be exposed and openly presented to the American People. Only then will we begin to truly make America Great Again!

  4. Embrey

    The game is can the globalists bring on a recession before Trump’s agenda can bring about recovery and expansion.
    If the economy tanks, it will be an all out assault on Trump and his agenda, even if his policies did not cause the problems.

  5. Embrey

    If the globalists actually believed that Trump’s agenda would cause a recession they would sit back, risk nothing and watch it implode.
    They attack him because they fear a future where American voters understand that their success can drive the recovery and that many regulators and career administrators will be devalued.

  6. Embrey

    Dr. Steve, tell me which department should be cleaned out first.
    Wxplain why it is so important.
    Where is the biggest problem?
    Also, how can Trump shut down the leaks?

  7. Patriarch (age 94 next week)

    One FOREBODING major roadblock will appear on the Ides of March:


  8. Joseph Chiara

    Another “nail on the head” post…. I think POTUS’s administration should go after the Dems hard, starting with the Clintons who have indictable felonious actions galore, many within the statute of limitation, but that will not last much longer for some of these crimes.

  9. Ron Sanderson

    I agree. Increase the things we all need and decrease the things we are so very tired of or just keep on delivering the people of the world more shock and awe BS until we go bankrupt collapse and fall like all Empires.

  10. Ron Sanderson

    Stop the political infighting and get to work for the American people. The BS is nothing new. Just another distraction to deceive the people while they get back to work gorging on the blood of the innocent instead of getting back to work for our nations needs. The shadow crabs are in the buckets pulling us back in to the past and back into the buckets as we try escape the traps buckets and the shadows of our past. Move forward charge ahead and set a new historic never before seen precedent. Thank you Mr. President. I am very impressed so far. Great job. Keep winning.

  11. "E"

    What’s the deal with Carter page? He goes on CNN and confuses everybody. laughed my ass off because nobody really understood what he said when he really said nothing. It was quit amusing their hacks in a panel trying to figure out what he was there talking about nothing….Even I was confused. Did you see the former CIA jerk homo Cooper trying to get him to say something relevant or important. Carter Page PHD vs. Ex-CIA Homo want a be a spy…Give me a break…CNN is finished. Jeff Zuckerturd has “F” uped …What a loser and what a disgusting network…

  12. Chia Cha

    What kind of idiot you need to be to have such vote in your dossier going for ever. I mean, not because of you, but because of your family… We already said that goal of individual is genetic reproduction!?

  13. Chia Cha

    La la la la… From time of Reagan capitalist revolution number of whites in USA collapsed from 90% to 56%. Whites are too expensive for jungle s@it society he created. Whites do not like to buy s@it produced by smelly, race to bottom entrepreneurs, overpriced and poisonous. They are enemy of system. They also are not bowing to commercials “Gods” created to them therefore they are being replaced.

    1. Chia Cha

      And this is how is going to protect them, Barrack Sombrero & Sombrero Perez… Luckily white single mothers are not going to suck this s@it any more.

  14. Wolco

    Since Trump is in office now, he can court order a FISO wire tap of Obama, Clintons, Soros and all the senators who have meetings with Isis and Russians. Wonder if those would come up empty like his did…

    1. Petra

      The NSA has a recording of all those calls and communications… They exist… Trump just has to order the log of the recordings.

    2. Furtive

      FISA is foreign surveillance only.

      FBI is domestic surveillance.

      Obamas arrogance got him here, just like al Capone:

  15. Maggie

    I loved Trumps speech. Probably the first time many democrats actually heard what he has been saying. I would like to see him add Cynthia McKinney and Kucinich anywhere at the WH. I know they are democrats but they are such honorable, honest people. They were really pushed out so, not only would they be fantastic, but it would also be sweet justice. They would have to address McKinney as Dr. now. Hahahaha.

  16. Furtive

    Aka “Thomas Paine”



    PARTS I & II

    SPREAD FAR & WIDE.on youtube “right wing news!”

  17. TylerG

    Finally! it apperars this morning that we are beginning to see our President taking a serrious stand. He MUST USE ALL of his powers to expose and deliver justice within the highest levels of our government!
    It is IMPARITVE that he surrounds himself with only the few that are closest to him that he can trust! He must act swift, deliberate and completly transparent to the American people in order to succeed. If not, civil unrest is sure to follow very soon.
    The time to truly restore our Republic is here and now!

  18. TylerG

    No Probes! This is simply a delay tactic to further confuse the Anerican People.
    Thier is ample evidence via recent court rulings; both civel and governmental that is solid. As i have previously stated, Grand Juries MUST BE IMMEDIATELY convened!

  19. Chia Cha

    This is cool, I like how police stood aside. Why infowars and Breitbart are not reporting on this?

  20. Chico,Ca

    Trumps speech made me hopeful.
    Dr Pieczenik column was perfect. Oroville Dam is dire. I am a local and since I cannot post pictures here I ask anyone reading this that they search out the photos. Winter is (still) Coming! The Spillway has already been “sacrificed” there is no going back. The entire water system for the State of California and the Dept. of Water Resources have no further options for this particular winter. DWR will be forced to use what little is left of the Spillway and cross their fingers and hope!!
    I personally have known that the Spillway was inadequate since the 1990’s and said SO! …….crickets.
    The women in white giggling and elbowing each other like a Jr. High clique were ridiculous.

  21. Tom

    Well Steve, this wiretapping accusation raises the bar on the silent coup(s) going on. I find it interesting that the POTUS is getting attacked by such a variety of groups. From the Dems to the LGBT to the Pope to the EU to Hollywood etc etc etc. Why would that be? Well I’ll take a stab and say it has to do with the Podesta emails. Specifically the ones alluded to in your video – Why, because if true, the trail could very well cross political parties, religions, heads of government, CEOs, famous stars and more. Combined, a lot of power and influence whose lives and others would be ruined, therefore will do whatever it takes to stop the blood hounds. If true and exposed, the scarlet “P” will reduce their power and influence to the bottom of the cesspool where they will rot alone. it is the most disgusting of crimes so say the criminals. Families will be shamed. Oblivious friends and co-workers will be left in shock as will the world. And to those innocent anti-Trumpers who are left, he will have gained respect. And Trump, he will be a (yuge) hero for having the fortitude to challenge this cabal and win. It will be a new beginning…for years to come.

  22. Furtive


  23. Chia Cha

    Trump is great, he introduced again tax on those who buy s first home, and reduced taxes on those who own 10 already. They need more workers paying rents to rentiers who does not work.

    1. Chia Cha

      It is going to be hot spring, imagine to work for mid 30,000$, 60 hours per week, LOLOLOLO, I would rather go to prison… Soon we will all being selling fruits and carrying it on heads… We now have pandemic of cancer here… Poisonous vaccines, Fukushima, another rentier bubbles of those who does not like to work but to suck thsoe who work… Aaaaaaaa

  24. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Excellent speech!

    1. Chia Cha

      What is your socio-economic class position… You as supporter of Rand Paul should be at least 1M $ heavy. I know two fags in Germany, they rent out “their” 3 flats, they “have” as unnneded extra, and worse thing in their life is to have one flat empty to miss one payment. I hope Hitler will come on power again.

  25. Chia Cha

    In South Africa “ruling” “left wing” ANC rejects expropriation of land owned by white capitalists but again talks about feminism and gays, Julius Malema is rightly angered. The EFF wants land to be expropriated without compensation if it is in the public interest. Capitalism is capitalism.

  26. Greg Hunter interview with Clif High -March 4, 2017 “Chaos Starts Middle of March”

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be deceived by the media reports.

  27. Fivi Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik – I am not a person prone to be easily impressed. I’ve never been a “fan” of anything or anyone. Perhaps it’s my own ego that prevents me from assuming a degree of admiration of others. However, I find I am so intensely impressed by your revelations and, equally significantly, is the manner in which you make statements and patiently allow others to interrupt you while you’re in a flow of an explanation. Your facial expressions reveal a level of patience and the willingness to stand aside but correct others in a manner that allows them to express themselves while you do not pull rank. Your humble manner is astonishing in the face of what you evidently know and the vast knowledge you harbor.

    Despte a lifetime of never being an admiring sort – I confess I find your intellect and temperament to be awesome, if I may use an overused word. Thank you for what you have done, and continue to do.

  28. TylerG

    Wednesday March 8, 2017
    Today i am pleased to hear talk among some insiders within our intel agiencies of the need and push to appoint a special prosecutor and begin convining a grand jury! The President MUST direct his AG to do this at once! Its the only way!

  29. Sonja

    Dr. Pieczenik,

    Are you working with General Dunford to take back the Republic? Who in the military is going to assist President Trump in cleaning out the CIA? We the people desperately need to know that good guys, like yourself, actually exist in our military. Thank you for your service!

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