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19 thoughts on “Trump is NOT crazy!


    The war in Vietnam was started covertly in the 1950s by the CIA and the Dulles brothers among others, JFK was going to end our involvement in Vietnam and was assassinated by the Zionists who control the deep state before this could be done, see Col. L. Fletcher Proutys book JFK, the CIA and Vietnam, can be had on

    Trump is a Trojan horse for Israel and the Zionist neocons who control every facet of the U.S. gov and is a puppet under the direction of Netanyahu.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump is ok. He abolished obamacare mandate (which was keeping prices high), while keeping ban on pre-existing conditions. He is great president. Much better then any president so far. He is new Roosevelt. You are Nancy Pelosi.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      Trump is not a Trojan horse for Israel. He’s right out there in the open. The Trojan Horse enclosed hidden attackers, so you may need to find a more accurate analogy.

    3. Patriarch

      You are so deluded by D.C. corruption, you kick a gift horse in the mouth.
      You need to cleanse your “ID”. Ask dr.p. For a referral.

      Kelation therapy for your cognition.


      Please see the report on on the history of CIA intervention in Iran.

  2. Embrey

    Using your logic, ultimately, you are a Zionist tool.

  3. Chia Cha

    Poland is abolishing Marxism, here is list of all pedophilles, now it is public. Beautiful coutnry, full of future.

  4. Fivi Zogbi

    It’s always informative watching Pieczenik offer his highly-qualified opinion on the actions of lesser persons. He also seems to enjoy his authority and knowledge and that, too, is fun to watch. I do wish, though, that Trump would take just one of these presumptuous twits to court.

  5. Patriarch

    The only plaintiff who has “standing” is POTUS.
    CONSULT WITH a malpractice attorney.

    If the 25th amentment removal is attempted based upon a non intervention psychiatric evaluation, then the GOP can likely sue.

    A professional peer can file an ethics complaint with the Board., then file a civil lawsuit, if you prevail.

    One step at a time in the courtroom.

  6. Patriarch

    Sample Ruling from: ‘Birther’ bid to challenge Obama’s right to be president rejected DECEMBER 22, 2011

    “aside from the plaintiffs’ lack of standing, the challenge of Obama’s legitimacy to serve as president is a political question beyond any federal court’s power to decide. Any legal challenge would have to be brought by the U.S. attorney.

  7. Chia Cha

    Imagine having billionaries setting wrong cultural examples to your own kids. That is problem? Billionaries think it is not, as they will fund left as opposition which will openly build cage for you in which you will accept new culture of billionaries – paganism and satanism. Billionaries can only have role as shiney example of culture, that is their duty. But because they want power without duty they promote Marxist Hollywood actors and actresses which are not that (drugs, destroyed marriages…). That is why bureaucracy and media supports wrong examples so you little enslaved person will think that your own culture does not work, therefore you are powerless even culture is the only tool little person have. Left only exist in media and among paid intelectuals. Even that revolution in Russia was done by paid minority. That idiot Tzar did not have enough gold to pay off people he needed to pay to stop godless bandits in service of german secret service, coming on power.

    1. Chia Cha

      Look those tools of wrong and anti-culture policies set by 100 people before Trump. Banker’s tools. All tools are there, minute 4:15. They hate workers in suburbia because those workers are foundation of culture, for them their minds are much better source of culture. Tools do not even have to think that honestly, but they are paid to be such. They want all their viewers poor and retarded so that their minds are only one to be followed. Standard group behaviour.

  8. Furtive

    Make lemons from lemonade.

    Julian Assange post libelous book for free.


  9. R Storm

    Dr. P AGREED! I’ll roll up my sleeves and dig into the necessary paperwork to help determine merit for the case(s).
    I’m on board with your idea.
    The number of board certified/qualified psychiatrists I’ve worked with in NY I can count on one hand yet the ‘looney’ psychologists, social workers, and so called therapists are multitudinous. They multiply like bugs.

    1. R Storm

      Could this strategic constant pummeling of his ‘alleged’ questionable mental faculty, which we know is a blow back from communist China/Russia ops, be his Achilles heel?

      How does one maneuver this plan?

  10. Joseph Chiara

    I think the whole Mueller thing was a set up and distraction. Without this, there would have been far more attention of the crimes of the Clintons and Obama. But with Mueller, the attention went to this Trump crap, and nothing much will come of this, but it ate up nearly all the time. I think Trump, Sessions, Mueller were all complicit in this, knowing in advance that nothing would come of it except maybe a few low level indictments, but it would take the heat off Trump to uphold the rule of law when it comes to political criminal like Lerner, the Clintons, Obama, and their fellow criminals. From what came out the other day about Abedin, she should have been picked up, arrested, interrogated, indicted and jailed, but nothing happened at all and this is just how Trump is operating. He is full of crap on a lot of things, important things, like the rule of law equally applied. The statute of limitations is up some day this February. They are running out the clock. It was their intention all along, including Trump whose protest of why was DOJ paying attention to Clinton were completely insincere and a lie to the American people. All was prearranged. Trump could have appointed someone else as AG particularly after Sessions lied to him. Flynn was fired for much less. But the agreement to let the Clintons et al slide and run out the clock was made and the rest is just been theater.

  11. Patriarch

    1-8-17: Dr. drew proves bandy lee’s INCOMPETENCE IN A RADIO INTERVIEW.

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