Trump Dines with Mitt! Eating Crow? or Not!

Trump Dines with Mitt! Eating Crow? or Not!

The Phenomenon of Mitt Romney Dining with Trump: Eating Crow? or Not!
The nature of politics revolves around the personalities of the individuals pandering for public attention and if victorious; acquiescing to the demands of the job.

Easier said than done!
As I look at the picture of Mitt Romney sitting at the table of some fashionable three star restaurant located in one of Trump’s buildings, I wonder whether Mitt has understood the full meaning of his so-called “reconciliation”. Trump is clearly shown that he is a man who loves to compete and win. Yet, if he so desires, he can be merciful/forgiving.

Mitt is born to both the political/financial manor. His mother and father were remarkable people in their ascendancy into the forefront of both the Mormon theocracy and the American political mainstream. Mitt’s decision to meet with Trump after a vicious series of personal attacks on both sides; underscores an interesting dynamic of political defeat and reconciliation.


Mitt’s father, George Romney, the highly successful CEO of American Motors ran against Nixon in 1968 and was opposed to the Vietnam War. After losing the race, he decided to accept Nixon’s gracious offer to become US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in June 1970.The key to this unusual reconciliation lies in the dynamic within the moderate Republican Party that all fights are buried within the confines of “It’s all in the family!”

I have a feeling that both Trump and Priebus went back to their history books to recall this exemplary moment of Nixonian reconciliation. I commend all parties in this dinner scene for burying their respective hatchets and proceeding with the work of running the USG.

In the words of the famous mob boss, Bonaparte, in the Billy Wilder film, “Some Like It Hot”:

“Now some people say he’s gotten too big for his spats. But I say, he’s a man who will go far. But I say, you can’t keep a good man down. Of course, he’s still got a lot to learn…”

Then Bonaparte concludes with these words:

“… to err is human, to forgive is divine!”


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16 thoughts on “Trump Dines with Mitt! Eating Crow? or Not!

  1. Mike W

    Isn’t that before he gabs a bat and swings for the fences on George Raft’s head or am I confusing my movies.

  2. Petra

    OK.. but, Mitt is still not willing to go all the way and really give of himself. Mitt had the opportunity for 4 years to do great things for his country being a house hold name… but, all he did was whine and prepare to come in as a white Knight… which did not work.. then he went back to whining… he is not Sec. State material. The man in that position must be willing to give his all. Men that will give their all are special and really get who Trump is. They saw he put himself and whole family on the alter of America… that is exactly what we need in Sec. State position…. Mitt is a disgrace at best even with forgiveness. I am 1 person away from Mitt in several directions. My parents have vacationed with their clique. I know the Marriott’s and their Children that have known Mitt and grew up with them. Mitt does not truly ever give of himself. He only aggrandizes himself. I have SEVERAL examples of this. Trump can forgive but, it does not mean you need to pick an unfit candidate for such a valuable position. Dr. Pieczenik there better be 10 of you behind him if Trump does. Mitt is not a truther. From the words of a late friend who knew… he is a Pollyanna. Pollyanna’s don’t lead. In the end it will be all about Mitt not America. Those that have to be put in power now better put America first. Or this movement will fail. This fight is too important to negotiate. It is a mock of the sacrifices allotted to us to have Mitt in power.

    1. Chia Cha

      Do not worry, he have real candidates, Tom Price will repeal Obamacare, and high risk pool will go on states so fund for pool is going to be limited. Also medicaid will get reduced drastically. SS and medicare privatised and liberalized. It is going to be great for us white majority, because we are younger then minorities and we will be able to choose what we want to insure, (leg, eye…)

      1. Chia Cha

        Also all interstate roads, bridges and tunnels are going to be finally privatiesed also (toll booths). So 99% people could not go drive around for fun like before. It is going to be great for economy. Government will give money to rich and we are going to pay it back, so we can pay market price for our transportation to our rich job creators.

        1. Embrey

          Paul Krugman ha
          You do understand he is a joke in this country, right?

      2. ar

        I respected Krugman for his economic skills. His popular economics column in the NYT was very nice. But then when it came to Trump vs. Hillary, he cared about nothing but backing Hillary to the extent of saying obvious lies.

        He’s got his Nobel, maybe he doesn’t need his credibility any more, because in any case he has lost it. Above all he hates Trump.

        1. Chia Cha

          Listen, George Carlin was right 100%. Every word.

  3. truthandjustice

    I agree mostly with “Petra”. Far be it for me to know one’s “heart” 100%, but we can reasonably deduce a person’s character and motives from past actions, family, etc. His dad did all manner of “underhanded” shenanigans to his rivals and Mitt probably doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Seems to be yet another Establishment Elite type that would not want Trump to succeed.
    I’d expect him to try any underhanded trick, unbeknownst to Trump to harm his agenda as he has all the help he needs from all of the other Establishment Elites (NWO Globalists) to help him. They HATE him and his supporters.
    They NEVER give up and will try to destroy Trump in any way they can and try again in the future.
    This whole Romney/”Team of Rivals” idea is disastrous in my opinion. Especially now. I’m suspicious of those who are advising him this way. I know he’ll fire anyone who isn’t doing a great job, but I’m afraid these types will do harmful things covertly and it’ll be too late when he finds out.
    I do hope he really does what needs to be done to clean up the CIA/FBI and perhaps they’ll be able to prevent some.

    1. Petra

      The head of the CIA is my brothers friend from Kansas. My brother says he is top notch. We will see. I like that he understands a divided Germany. And that he has the ability to see a leaner CIA. We shall see. That is a tough job. The CIA is like a 12 limb octopus you never know where the arms are flying. They don’t work in sync.

  4. Serena

    What we need are people in charge who understand that we are on the brink of global environmental crisis. If we have no oxygen to breath, no food to eat, and no clean water nothing else will matter. Time is of the essence.

    Thank you for arresting the criminals responsible for environmental collapse. California’s 12 year drought is caused by the HAARP that is permanently located and running off of the coast of California causing the death of 100 million trees. Please blow this device up.

    Critical environmental collapse: Hundreds of millions of trees are dying in North America
    Tuesday, November 29, 2016 by: J. D. Heyes

    (NaturalNews) In addition to the mass death of bees throughout the United States, there is another potentially life-ending death epidemic occurring as well: the death of millions of oxygen-producing trees.

    As noted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service officials have documented and identified an additional 36 million dead trees across the state of California since their last aerial survey taken in May. The additional trees bring the total number of dead trees since 2010 to more than 102 million, on 7.7 million acres of the state’s drought-stricken forest land.

    This year alone, USDA and the Forest Service noted, 62 million trees have died, which is a 100 percent increase in dead trees across the state over the previous year. And what’s more, millions of additional trees are in a weakened state and are expected to die out in the coming months and years.

    Fast becoming non-renewable
    The loss of this vital resource isn’t just happening in California. It’s also happening near Fukushima, Japan, site of the worst nuclear disaster since the mid-1980s; it’s happening as fires rage through forest land in Indonesia; and it’s happening throughout North America, the Waking Times reported.

    Recently, a study published in the journal Nature, estimated that the planet has 3.04 trillion trees. The research further noted that 15.3 billion trees are cut down annually, and that 46 percent of the world’s trees have been cleared over the past 12,000 years.

    So clearly, a renewable resource is fast becoming non-renewable.

    “Trees are among the most prominent and critical organisms on Earth, yet we are only recently beginning to comprehend their global extent and distribution,” said Thomas Crowther of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, who conducted the research using satellite data and computer modeling.

    The Waking Times noted further that the tree deaths in Northern California have been linked to Sudden Oak Death, in addition to the ongoing drought.

    Elsewhere in the U.S., trees are becoming more scarce as well. For instance, in 2010, Hawaii’s healthy ohi’a trees began to die off on the Big Island because of what is now referred to as ohi’a disease. Scientists still do not understand its origins, and as such do not yet know how to treat or prevent it.

    Entire regions and mountainsides are losing trees, and in very short order. And while commercial logging operations include the replanting of harvested forests, trees take many years to mature. Also, some have speculated that the tree death is due to a confluence of issues – a sign that rugged trees, more hearty than any other plants, are in a generally weakened condition due to constant assault from pollution and even climate engineering projects.

    Never too late to preserve what is left
    As reported by the Christian-Science Monitor, today there are basically only two big forests left on the planet, according to research funded by the Natural Science Foundation. These are located in South America and Africa; the rest are isolated.

    “‘There are really only two big patches of intact forest left on Earth — the Amazon and the Congo — and they shine out like eyes from the center of the map,’ lead author Nick Haddad, a professor at North Carolina State University, told the New Yorker.”

    The remaining forests are relatively fragmented, the researcher said. And nearly 20 percent of forested land lies about the length of a football field away from its edge, while almost 70 percent of forested land is within a half-mile of the forest’s edge.

    The fragmentation takes a major toll on wildlife and other living things. Researchers said that they found that fragmented habitats, on average, lose half their plant and animal species within 20 years.

    Researchers noted that one way to reverse the fragmentation is to engage in a program to create corridors of trees, thereby connecting fragmented forestland.

    “It’s never too late to preserve what we already have,” said Doug Levey, program officer with the National Science Foundation, and co-author of the paper.


    Learn more:

  5. Mat Piekutowski

    Thank you Master Steve for – as always – a thought provoking material on a number of issues at once. I knew this excellent thought / quote as:
    “it’s human to err, divine to foregive”. Be with the Force, as Always, all of you here.

  6. Roberta Clark

    There once was a man named Romney,
    Who failed as Presidential Nominee.
    He acted like a cowardly nob,
    Then begged President Trump for a job.
    Hiring him would bring about a tsunami.

  7. Robin

    Jon Huntsman is a better choice for Secretary of State, and hopefully Trump chooses him. He has a lot of knowledge of the weakness in the Chinese economy which we can utilize for our country, In the end, repatriating jobs back into the United States would help China avoid, the greater problems they are already confronting internally with all of the displaced workers, already growing as well as the problems also with the water supplies,for their people. Hopefully China is being more proactive here than reactive, and looking for ways to bring those from the Inland back to some outcome of producing as they did before the migration to the cities. Mitt Romney, is too hard line against Russia, and I have a feeling Huntsman can work with both countries, in a more productive way. Btw, I appreciate you Dr. Pieczenik, and given your credentials, I really don’t belong here. But on the other hand, I am intelligent enough to know, who to read, and listen to.

  8. Bobbi White

    So, that’s definitely some humor from Trump, given all the hype about Pepe the frog.

  9. Patriarch

    Romney attacked. Trump responded: “touché”

    Groundhog Romney was not on trumps radar when he app prepared to see a shadow of himself

    The art of the deal is loyalty.
    Mitt doesn’t make the grade.

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