Trump Boots jared!

Trump Boots jared!

Trump’s Whirlwind Week Bespeaks Untold Truths!

Between Flynn’s indictment for obstructing justice and Jared Kushner’s blithe comment about Mideast Peace is ‘achievable’ [NY Times, 12/2/17], the unspoken reality is far more devastating. Unbeknownst to most of his immediate entourage, Trump has purposefully allowed the former FBI Director Robert Mueller whom he supposedly dislikes and distrusts to convict his former National Security Council Advisor, Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn. Mueller accused Flynn of lying about his meeting with high level Russian/Kremlin power brokers.

Why would Trump do this?

Trump knows all too well that one of the concessions that Mueller made in implicating Mike Flynn was that Mike’s son would not be indicted for any legal transgressions that he may/may not have made while working for his father’s consulting firm. In effect, Mike was willing to fall on the swordin order to save his son.


Trump knew that Flynn would have to reveal the key senior official who ordered Flynn to meet illegally with Putin’s henchmen.  That particular name was someone exceedingly close to Donald Trump, both professionally and personally.

Who is that person?

Jared Kushner!
For some time, I have been urging the administration to rid itself of this entitled, untutored Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner. Trump and some of his more personal friends knew that Jared was more pretense and posture than substance or accomplishment.

No fool was Trump! He could see that his son-in-law had consigned every manifest problem in WH within his own limited purview. In time, Gen. John Kelly and POTUS Trump realized that Jared was completely incapable of finishing any project. Jared became an embarrassing encumbrance to everyone who had to deal with him personally.

Jared turned out to be exactly what the senior Rabbis at his modern Orthodox Yeshiva High School, Frisch School in NJ, reported in 1999—‘Jared Kushner was less than a stellar student’. [Wikipedia]. Remember! that his father, Charles Kushner was a NJ Jewish Mobster who donated about $2.5million to Harvard University to get Jared into this prestigious Ivy League school in 1999.

Since that time, Jared has been expanding his real estate portfolio, bequeathed by both his grandfather and father, into a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme. At present, Jared is culpable for defaulting on a $1.8B loan on the landmark professional building, 666 Fifth Avenue. Jared turned out to be what many realized from the very beginning: a loser who could bullshit his way straight into the brig.

Thank God for the highly disciplined, astute General John Kelly who realized that Jared had to be taken off line and placed somewhere in the West Wing where he could do no harm to anyone but himself.True to form, Jared finally imploded!

POTUS Trump, no fool, realized that Jared had gone from the ‘glory boy’ to ‘the dunce’ who could do no right. Yet, like all loving parents and father-in-laws , Trump did not have the heart to fire his beloved son-in-law. Instead, he allowed Mueller to indict Flynn who would invariably implicate Jared for his foolhardy criminal behavior.

Does Trump sound like a mean, nasty President?

Not really!
For some time now, I have realized that despite Trump’s bravado and Twitter mania, he had a very hard time firing anyone close to him. He was wont to concoct a somewhat convoluted scheme to exonerate himself from any direct culpability.

How do I know?


Remember that in both actionable intelligence and psychology, patterns of behavior are not always evident. Yet they are present if one looks carefully enough. Mueller and Trump were and are in a highly productive, collusive relationship.Within a few weeks, Jared Kushner, Gary Cohen, Steve Mnuchen, Scott Pruitt, and several other prominent administration members will be exiting stage right or left, depending as to when and how they had entered the administration.

The great Italian artist, Leonardo de Vinci, wrote the following:

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”
Take heed Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump:

“The one charm about marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties.”
Oscar Wilde

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23 thoughts on “Trump Boots jared!

  1. Donna

    Finally, according to other sources the collusion by Flynn and Kushner was with Israel ..These 2tried to persuade Russia to vote with Israel on their illegal settlements..doesn’t Kushners “foundation” support those illegal settlements? Kushners is like so many rich privileged children of wealthy parents ..useless wastes of skin. Kushners family tree appears rotten so what should anyone expect. Now Jared and Ivanka can walk into the sunset and enjoy all the amenities their wealthy parents can provide.

  2. Joseph Chiara

    I have to disagree with you. The contact that Flynn made during the transition was not illegal, but SOP for incoming administration transition officials. He lied to the FBI about this and that was illegal and dumb since he did not commit an illegal act, until he lied to the FBI (strange law in my view).

    As for Kushner, he is an idiot and Trump’s daughter married poorly, but the more I learn about her the less impressed I am. She gathered the manners of the Swiss boarding school, but her mind also seems possessed by the rich NYC ultra liberal values and outlook. And anyone who has Chelsea Clinton as a good friend has questionable judgment.

    Both she and the idiot has never spent a day without the training wheels on and multiple safety nets under them, and this will continue. Neither has ever had to find a job, or compete, or not been rescued. I think Trump will discover that his smart and capable daughter is Tiffany who has the sense to further her education and live her life without seeking the spotlight. She may want it later when she has something to say that is her own.

    1. Donna It’s a bit long but it breaks it down..Flynn only got a slap on the hand…

      1. Joseph Chiara

        I have heard a lot of speculation about what is actually taking place that would make me very happy if true. But I see no evidence of any of it, and I see evidence which takes issue with these speculations, like the team of biased prosecutors gathered by Mueller to go after Trump. Sessions standing down from any attempt to apply the rule of law to any of these politicians and their corrupt employees.

        I wish to be wrong. If these speculations are true, then something will happen soon, probably before the end of Jan. If it goes longer than that the speculation is probably nothing or wrong. Sessions is corrupt and a coward. DOJ/FBI continues to be corrupt and compromised organizations. Sessions has continued the corruption of Holder and Lynch. I see no evidence to the contrary. He needs to be fired. He is unfit and acting criminally.

        1. Embrey

          I am glad I read your comment before posting. I also wanted to have Steve P. explain why he claimed it was illegal for the incoming National Security Advisor to speak to Putin’s “henchman”.
          The “henchman” add in was petty and the contact was not illegal. This makes Steve’s original premise total crap. He still makes his point but he didn’t need to attempt to mislead in order to get where he eventually went.
          Psychodynamic huh?

          1. Chia Cha

            One phychological profile is not manifesting all the time in manner to be caratheized as one even it is one. Therefore we have dynaimc there (it changes through time) even time does not exist, only space. In crucial moments profile tends to show more as one. 70% of profile you see by looking ears and hands, and forehead. 95% can be reached by studing more how person think, 5% it is almost never reacheble. But mostly important to get someone is to see his addictions. Then you have him as animal, then he is easy pray, you have him in space just how you predict.

          2. Fivi Zogbi

            This is one of many seeming errors by SP. In fact, he’s not nearly as knowledgeable about politics as he claims. In fact, SP is very much a boastful fraud – remember his claim that he almost single-handedly brought down the Soviet Union without a shot being fired.
            That’s a claim of self-aggrandizement; it’s egregious in its self-delusion and indicates SP’s statements should always be taken with great skepticism.

          3. Chia Cha

            Dear Fivi, Soviet Union had many elements of left ideology. And Dr. P. said on AJ show, that USSR fell, not because they were so good, but because everything left cannot stand more then average life span of human living in one of OECD countries. Communists were so tragic that even capitalists looked good and were able to beat them. Luckily here, labour unions are talking with Vatican now to protect workers and rise minimum wage. Whole left soon will cease to exist.

          4. Chia Cha

            And dear Fivi you are again talking wrong. Dr. P. was very possibly 1st in taking down of USSR. Defenetly, highest in hierarchy. I thought females from mid east knew how to behave. Globalism is destroying everything.

          5. Embrey

            Cite your source for knowing Dr. P. took down the Soviet Union.

          6. Chia Cha

            You need from Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper?

          7. Embrey

            As I supposed, you have no basis for your allegation.
            I don’t mind opinion or speculation. But, I do mind it when it is passed off as fact.
            Show me the proof Dr. P. took down the Soviet Union or we will know your allegation is false.

          8. Chia Cha

            Dr. P said it very humbly. And Dr. P is his own class. Plus he was on position. Therefore…

          9. Embrey

            Dumb answer from you Chia. I expect honesty.

          10. Chia Cha

            No it is not dumb, Dr. P is very smart. Plus I trust more Dr. P then CNN.

    2. MrTuvok

      This is what I have taken from this debacle, that Flynn’s lie was the problem, not his contact with the Russians. So how this will get Jared in trouble is not entirely clear.


    Trump is compromised by the Zionists who control every facet of the U.S. gov and Kushner is in the mossad and a close friend of Netanyahus, so expect to see Israels agenda of bleeding America dry to continue.

    1. RUTH


  4. Chia Cha

    They both are left. Left wants to change every fact existing on territory they operate. On one territory there there can be only one culture, every left wants to destroy that culture and because left does not exist, (they are anti-culture), change that culture with more anti-christian version of it. For instance when they operate in islam, they want atheism… If they would operate in atheism, they would start child sacrifice etc etc… That is only job of left. Official explanation why they are needed is lie that they care about workers.

    1. Chia Cha

      Left believe own brain, and how they are morally above because whole culture where they operate is evidence for them just how everything is bad and wrong around them, while they are right, smart and noble. They are full of them self, and hubris. That is horrible prison to live in, I feel sorry for those people. They are best agents of system. They are bureaucracy. For bureacacy, people are reason why something does not work.

  5. Chia Cha

    There are no cancer which cannot be destroyed from body for you to be cancer free. Even full metastatic one. But only question will patient survive. Someone said that leftism is mental dieasase, that is true, but left are also cancer but cancer for weak and stupid only. And those who worship money because they have lack of it (not engouh of it) (meaning they are part of that same system). It all started with french revolution. Trump can reverse all that to period before 1789, to 1776.

  6. Ron Sanderson

    I got banned from commenting on the INFOWARS site today because I think the informations I was sharing was to critical of Donald Trump on this very subject. Oh well

    1. Chia Cha

      Well share here please 🙂

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