To Hack or Not to Hack??

To Hack or Not to Hack??

To Hack or Not to Hack? That is the Question!

Were the CIA and Gen. Michael Haydn correct when they accused Russia of hacking the DNC?

Answer: Who really gives a damn?

With nothing else to lose, Hillary [and her $1Billion ELECTION FAILURE] is once again peeping up like an injured animal to reassert her last breathe of inanity. Over a year ago, I stated categorically that Hillary and company could not and would not win the election because she was physically/mentally incapable of sustaining any credibility other than appearing as a self-aggrandizing political wench. In plain english: Hillary was a lousy candidate.


In addition to witnessing Hillary in death throes, we are seeing the destruction of any legitimacy of the bloated CIA. This same tax funded organization orchestrated the 9/11 false flag against the American public. The CIA foolishly embraced the malignant narcissism of the draft-dodgers, neoconservative hawks. It was only a question of time before a Lt Gen. Mike Flynn and other scholar/warriors turned against the CIA for instigating faux wars in Afghanistan,Iraq,and Libya.

No one who has witnessed the chaos of counter-terrorism or the embedded horror of war becomes an advocate for attacking one’s own country. Or, unnecessarily invading another region of the world which has absolutely no national security interest for us. The list of DCIs read like an obituary column of political hacks who had been seconded to the civilian intelligence community:

  • George J. Tenet [1997-2004]
  • Porter J. Goss [2004-2005]
  • Michael Hayden [2006-2009]
  • Leon Panetta[2009-2011]
  • Michael Morell [July –September 2011]
  • David Petraeus [2011-2012]
  • John Brennan [2013-2017].

The aforementioned individuals were either ill-suited, disavowed, or compromised as DCI. None had been trained in psychology, national character, psychological warfare, economic warfare, or any of the more sophisticated areas of intelligence which would have made them the right candidate for DCI.

For too long, the unusually large budget and huge number of personnel ignored their major mandate for developing HUMINT or actionable intelligence that could have been used effectively in the terrorism arena and/or in the world of strategic thinking. The recent outcry about Russian hackers intruding into the DNC is nothing more than another false flag to compel us, taxpayers, to spend more needless dollars on a non-existing threat to our country.

Once again, Trump and Flynn are correct in pointing out the one salient fact about the CIA: it is inept! Subsequently, it does not deserve to exist anymore. All of this was basically coded in Trump’s laconic retort: “Russian hacking is ridiculous!”

Unfortunately for Americans, Obama would have been far more effective as a world leader had he personally paid his respects to the Russian people as well as President Vladimir Putin last year on the 75th Anniversary of the Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union. This was a time when 25 million brave Soviet soldiers/civilians died fighting for world freedom. Obama should have went over to Russia and recognized the amazing sacrifice of the great Russian people which still burns brightly into their souls, even now. Yet, Obama knows nothing of American history and neither does the current leadership of the bloated, corrupted CIA.

Putin’s own family lost several members during that horrendous war. His mother lost a young son [Viktor] to diphtheria during the Siege of Leningrad. His father was severely wounded in 1942.

The CIA’s job had been to provide POTUS with the aforementioned intelligence [OSINT]; as well as, insist that POTUS pay our country’s respects to the Russian people.  Instead, Brennan and company, contrived a nonsensical war scenario which claimed that Putin had invaded [annexed] Crimea and had to be punished accordingly. The fact that Crimea had always belonged to the Russian people seemed to become completely irrelevant. As a result, the neocons once again asserted their puny efforts to create another faux war a la Victoria Nuland [Robert Kagan husband].


At present, the Republican/Democratic politicians are pretending to be upset by a false narrative that was activated by the CIA in order to justify it’s existence. Neither the politicians, nor the CIA, should persist much longer in a world in which DARPA had made them irrelevant fifty some years ago with the development of the internet and social media.

It’s time to bid the CIA a fond farewell. I am smelling severe budget cuts in the name of #MAGA. Soon the men/women of our military will take over command and control of our disparate intelligence community and peace will finally reign over the realm.
I must end this blog with a Shakespearean quote [Hamlet]:
“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” 

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28 thoughts on “To Hack or Not to Hack??

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Thank you for your insights and thoughts. This is a very disturbing time. The globalists fascists (I don’t see how they can considered leftist or progressives, they are nothing more than thieves, murders, and corruptors of governments and institutions, who themselves make sure they become rich by illegal means, value subtracted, not added) are doing everything to stop Trump and honest, competent, trustworthy government from taking over on Jan 20th. It seems there is no limit to how far they will go. I am concerned for Trump’s life and corruption of the electors and the electoral college. I hope there are patriots in positions to stop any attempts to defraud the American people and have a fascist takeover.

    1. ajea

      This is a GREAT time. It’s called CLEANING HOUSE. And it’s about time.

  2. Frank Whalen

    Dare I say that the fact that with the Wiki leaks exposed not only the crimes of the Clinton Foundation but the back channels of child abuse and enslavement perpetrated by members of our government? Is this the last desperate act of the globalist elite to silence Trump? I fear for him personally because with these last desperate acts by the Clinton’s and Obama it appears that anything goes!!!

  3. June Paul

    I fear a counter-counter coup is underway right now. CNN mouthpiece, the far left ex-CIA propagandist Bob Baer yesterday called for new elections; MSM is hyping the heck out of the “Russia” scenario to de-legitimize the election results, and I fear what they have in mind now.

  4. Ronald Reisterer

    What are your thoughts on Rex Tillerson?

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  6. Embrey

    Russian hack rumors give cover to Republican politicians who want to challenge and defy Trump’s mandate but do not have the cojones to do so directly.
    Notice we have had the ’17 intelligence services agree’ statement a couple of weeks before the election. Recently, the 17 had been whittled down to 2: the head of DHS and the DNI. The quotes given by those two do not state categorically that the Russian government hacked the DNC. Tucker Carlson had a Dem. Congressman on who would had been ‘briefed’ and the Congressman would not say that the Russians hacked Podesta’s e-mails when given multiple opportunities. At that point, the credibility of the Russian hack had been neutralized.
    Guess who showed up to breathe new life into the Russian hack scenario?
    John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

    Trump is Caesar offering reforms to the masses. The elites are the Roman Senate and the landed gentry who stand to lose their politically acquired corrupt gains. The threat to Trump is from the elites, particularly the establishment Republicans.
    Et tu Paul Ryan?

  7. Patricia

    Hi Dr. Pieczenik, There’s a small typo in the following sentence (which should read: “Obama should have gone over to Russia…” :

    “Obama should have went over to Russia and recognized the amazing sacrifice of the great Russian people which still burns brightly into their souls, even now.”

    Thanks for your summary of the situation which is nerve racking to say the least. I really appreciate your blog.

  8. Marshall Smith

    The strong odor of Michael Morell is all around! I wish I knew the history of Morell. McCain and Graham must have puppet masters, since they substitute “bullying behaviors” for intelligence.

  9. dltravers

    It looks to me like the death throes of the Clinton Bush crime legacy. Their two wings CIA (Bush) and what is left of the Democrat party and the mainstream media (Clinton) are flailing around like a duck shot out of the sky and not yet put away.

    Hopefully Trump and company will survive long enough to rip it out by its roots in the bureaucracy and start over. We have a chance to reset the Republic, a chance I thought I would never see.

  10. Liz Rachow

    I have been watching the NWO take over for years. I supported Ron Paul and now Trump. I am an Australian but know we are in this fight together. To see your video describing the Counter Coup was a revelation and gave me such hope. I can see things happening – leaders resigning, and Trump is still alive!

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and to let you know how much you are appreciated by a lot of Australians. Every day I am amazed at Trump’s bravery as he comes under fire from so many directions. Take care.

  11. patriarch


    This latest scapegoat excuse is right out of the Script of a Hollywood writer-A version of “Yuri” in the Costner-Hackman movie, “NO WAY OUT”.

    OBAMA HAS BEEN STONED HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Consequently, he is cognitive
    Y disabled. His brain cells have disintegrated. He lacks “executive function”.

    That’s your area of expertise, Dr. P.

    You should expand upon it.

    Because off his cognitive disconnections, he has zero knowledge of world history (as he pardons hundreds of drug dealers), let alone american history.

    I remember well the Stalin-Hitler competition, not unlike the Clinton-Bush dreams of world power.
    There is nothing new under the sun.

    Hopefully, an independent prosecutor will confront the Clinton/Soros/Obama/Bush Cabal and inform them they have NO WAY OUT.

  12. HereWeAre

    It goes back hundreds of years starting with the Rothschilds. They are behind the NWO, they are behind the white genocide. They have stated what they want, world domination with the most threatening group, whites, destroyed. And their recent Awareness Act again proves it. Signed by EVERY senator with NO discussion.

    Half the people in this country who voted for the illegal usurper Obama don’t even understand the natural born citizen requirement.

    It has nothing to do with Dems vs Reps anymore. They own both through money & blackmail. The child abuse is known throughout the world to control all of them.

  13. Timothy J. Wulff

    Dr. Steve,

    Could you characterize for us the quality of confidence and the basis for that level that you have regarding our country’s capability to protect the election of Trump into the inauguration?

    I know this could be a complex response, but I am hopeful you could comment meaningfully.

    Thank you.

    Timothy J. Wulff

  14. John

    Thanks Steve for the positive feed back and analysis of the Russian hack propaganda. But I must say I am feeling very angry about now with this last ditch effort to disqualify DJT for president and some times think that if it succeeds there wil be a civil war to completely overturn this government . If not by demonstration possibly by violence.. Do you think this is a possibility?

  15. Furtive

    “This Phoenix-style network constitutes America’s internal security apparatus, and it is targeting you, under the guise of protecting you from terrorism. And that is why, more than ever, people need to understand what Phoenix is really all about.

    When the CIA created Phoenix in June 1967, it was called ICEX-SIDE: Intelligence Coordination and Exploitation—Screening, Interrogation and Detention of the Enemy. The SIDE function is often ignored as journalists and propagandists focus on the sensational aspect that involves the targeted assassination of terrorists and their sympathizers, often by remote-controlled drones.
    But in the first instance, Phoenix was a massive dragnet that packed South
    Vietnam’s prisons, jails, and detention centers to overflowing. The foundation stone of this network was a jerry-rigged judicial system based on Stalinist security courts that did not require evidence to convict a person. People charged with national security violations had no right to legal representation, due process, or habeas corpus.

    As Johan Galtung taught us, “Personal violence is for the amateur in dominance, structural violence is the tool of the professional. The amateur who wants to dominate uses guns; the professional uses social structure.”

    It was perfectly clear, following the terror attacks of 9/11, that America’s elite were creating exactly this kind of criminally legal social structure. Climate change, overpopulation, income inequality, dwindling resources, and other geopolitical factors are pushing the rich into gated communities in every nation in the world.

    The establishment is preparing for the dystopian future that lies ahead.

    How Illegal Operations
    Corrupt America and the World

    By Douglas Valentine

    1. Furtive

      All about the Clinton crime Family
      FBI anonymous answers ?.
      Q: I keep hearing about the FBI’s opinion of Clinton. But do you know what the CIA are up to in regards to this whole mess?
      A.No. The Intelligence agencies are like modern-day gangs, owing allegiance to no one and cooperating only when necessary and even then, only to a limited degree.

  16. Liz

    Fake Hacks emanate from the same source as Fake Recounts and Fake News. They are all interconnected and are a means to undercut the integrity of the United States of America and President-Elect Donald Trump.

    That these groups feel the need to keep shoving this kind of garbage at us means we are winning. Keep up the good work people and hang in there.

  17. Steve, are you certain this rogue CIA attempt to illegitimatize the entire election will not carry? It is already clear that both Repugs and Demons are lining up to steal this election from Donald Trump.


    1- Get electors to un-commit themselves to Trump (Pelosi’s daughter is leading that effort)
    2- Get Obama to declare – based on Russia having hacked the elections (no proof offered) – claim the elections null and void and demand new elections.
    3- Congress goes along. Obama declares his state of (globalist) emergency
    4- The people who voted for Trump – revolt
    5- Civil war breaks out and Obama postpones elections indefinitely.
    6- Globalists destroy what remains of America

  18. Petra

    I say we needed help and if Russia was the one to step in to get a Criminal Regime out. God Bless them. Well, whoever helped get these criminals out of power may God the Father pave their roads with rose peddles and gold.

  19. Dr. Pieczenik, I have posted a brief report on the current state of affairs regarding the alleged CIA report to the president on Russian interference in the presidential campaign. In it, I refer to your November 1 announcement of the Clintons’ attempted coup and the counter-coup you reported by the alliance of intelligence operatives. I include the link here for your information. Thank you for your efforts.

  20. Igor Ianov

    What are your thoughts on coming unannounced elector coup Dr.Pieczenik?

  21. Kevin McInturff

    Dr. Pieczenik, I am very concerned about the possibility that the CIA in conjunction with Christine Pelosi, will try to convince the Electoral College to overturn their votes for Trump and thus hand the election to Hillary Clinton. What is your take on this?

  22. tehila sunshine

    its like larry nichols says, the CF is the largest criminal organization in the world. what about the status of the coup, the good guys????? you did not publish my last comment with a referral to the videos about the oil. what’s up???

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