Tillerson is a Commanding Sec of State!

Tillerson is a Commanding Sec of State!

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: America’s 21st Century Talleyrand!
Last night I heard a brilliant analysis of the state of the world by Sec State Rex Tillerson. Of course, none of the mainstream media would have carried anything as important as what Rex had to say. Instead, thanks to the esoteric C-Span channel, I was privy to hear Rex deliver an incredible summation of what America was doing in all parts of the globe.

He was stately, measured in his speech, and quite impressive. POTUS Trump was right to pick the civil engineer who had scaled the parapets of competition to become the CEO of ExxonMobil, a $400B corporation. First and foremost, Tillerson looks and acts like a Secretary of State. Furthermore, he calmly described our relationship to the different parts of the world in a meticulous, sonorous voice that reinforced the image of a man who belonged in the most exalted positions of our government.

Rarely have I ever heard any of our past Secretaries of State discuss in a forceful, empathic way how we, Americans, were doing our best in exceedingly complicated foreign entanglements. He did not boast nor did he prevaricate. He did not need to do what John Kerry would do; insert his self-aggrandizement into every conceivable newspaper and TV show.

Rex Tillerson is the best of America. He is modest, unapologetic, and exceedingly smart. Unlike HRC, Condi, or Albright, he had no need to exaggerate his accomplishments with an assortment of meaningless words.

During the C-SPAN interview, he explained that we were working in concert with all of our allies overseas, be it in the Middle East, or the Far East. He admitted that he was reorganizing the bloated State Dept. [20,000+ employees] from the bottom up unlike his predecessors who could not even manage their way through the seventh floor.

Like the outstanding manager he must have been at ExxonMobil Oil, Tillerson explained his management philosophy which acknowledged that some FSO were not on the same page.That was fine with him. He emphasized that these malcontents were given an alternative: find another job within the building, or leave.

My kind of management!

He then thanked and named each of his Assistant Secretaries of State or Under Sec. of State who had helped organize his travels around the globe. He emphasized he could not have accomplished anything without these ‘talented FSOs’.

I never heard Kissinger, Shultz, nor Baker make such a public announcement of gratitude. The reason was simple. They never had the need nor did they know how to use a wide array of FSOs to help them accomplish their specific task assignments.

Tillerson was an Eagle Scout who played the kettle/snare drums at Huntsville High School and made it to the CEO of a major American corporation. He then went onto the Secretary of State. Rex has redefined the path of success that a true American civil engineer can take without having to kowtow to affirmative action nor prostrate himself in front of the political establishment.

Tillerson looks like the Secretary of State. More importantly, he acts like one of the finest Secretary of States we might have ever had. I would be so bold to suggest that when Trump decides to leave the WH, he would do well to pick Rex Tillerson as our next POTUS. He is a far better candidate than V.P. Mike Pence—a politico of little, nor real accomplishments.

In my novel, “My Beloved Talleyrand”, I pretended to be the mistress of Cardinal Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord. I wrote the novel from the perspective of an 18th Century French Countess. This what she [ I ] had to say about the most famous diplomat of his time:
“By necessity, life is a game of endless betrayals, deceits, and manipulations. Only a grand manipulator like Talleyrand can use these machinations to achieve his personal ambition, be they domestic politics or foreign affairs, or, above all else, in the sublime pursuit of amorous conquests.”  [Charles –Maurice de Talleyrand –Perigord, 1812].

Congratulations to America’s new 21st Century Talleyrand: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson!

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10 thoughts on “Tillerson is a Commanding Sec of State!


    Tillerson is a passenger on the Trump Titanic and the polices of the Zionist puppet Trump continue the insane war mongering that the Zionist controlled deep state and the MIC pushes.

    Not once has Tillerson said that he opposes the regime change policies that the Zionists have had America involved in in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and Iran. Millions of lives have been lost both American and Mideast lives and close to 7 trillion dollars spent with nothing to show for it except profit for the Zionist banking cartel and the MIC.

    Tillerson knows that Russia is not our enemy and he knows that Trump has made a huge mistake in signing the anti Russia legislation which has destroyed any hope of better relations with Russia and yet Tillerson never said a word.

    Telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act , said George Orwell , but Tillerson never stood up for the truth about Russia and America will suffer for it.

    1. Rosman Patterson

      Mr. Dessert Fox,

      I have read your posts for a few weeks now, though I disagree with your strategy, many points you make are founded in elements of reality. Your characterization of said reality remains your own, not mine. What I will say regarding your strategy to criminalize and marginalize President Trump is as follows.

      Your premise that banking forces rule the world and basically hand pick political leader – installing them wherever and whenever they wish – therefore according to you making President Trump a “Trojan Horse”, has a fundamental flaw within itself. You posit that President Trump’s associates (Israel and International Banking) naturally disqualify him from ever possibly being a good man interested in Making America Great Again, and further is therefore by association a glorified minion of Satanist. The flaw with your purported notion is this: The Nation of Israel and Global Banking have been influential in world affairs long before President Trump borrowed the million dollar loan from his father decades ago, and became a true player on the international scene. Thus, if you truly believe your rhetoric, then you would have to view Israel and the Bankers as America’s true enemy, and by causality and true conviction, you would be led to sharpen your attacks against Israel and the Bankers – not Donald John Trump. They would be your prime target – not merely a justification for President Trump to targeted. Your logic would lead to the position that the entire American political system is beyond repair and unable to be fixed from within by anyone. It would not be that President Trump is unworthy, or, guilty by association leaving room for the opinion that some other individual could wax more effective than POTUS 45 has done. His productivity thus far dissuades the former.

      [As an aside, the truth is that much of the middle east has suffered at their own hands for thousands of years. The region is challenged. Furthermore, because of the Moore’s zeal and butchery when they Colonized Europe, much of the Middle East would be foolish to expect the West to love them better than they have always been unable to love themselves.]

      Perhaps you feel that you have already practiced the above mentioned strategy. Perhaps you believe you have made it clear who America’s true enemy really is. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. But one thing that resonates with unwavering certainty, and is not given to happenstance, is that you have no love for America. No fondness. No kindred. No friendship have you with the land of the freer, and the home of the bravest. Undeniable.

      So, when you discredit the man who is obviously wrenching the Cabal’s Global system right our of their hands, and making America Great Again in the process, you must assuredly expect dilatory eyes that are calibrated see beyond all fronts, to take a good long look at you and your truest motives – calling both into question.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Pieczenik, for the heads up on Tillerson’s press speech. I listened to it. He acknowledged the fight against terrorism is “going to go on for a long time.” Sigh—not surprising, but sad to hear that. On a much brighter note, when I hear about building that wall and stopping these illegal immigrants, my heart dances! Common sense, logic, reason, pragmatism, respect for law and order—-missing for so many years in the White House, but returning under Trump. Yay! Good to hear about the focus on re-imagining and updating the relationship with China. Glad to hear about the sober thinking on North Korea and Russia. I do wish for rapprochement with Russia.

    I am very pleased with Tillerson as Secretary of State and, interestingly, I said in February of this year to a friend that I felt Tillerson was a brilliant choice as Secretary of State and that Tillerson might very well follow Trump as the next POTUS.

    I am so grateful this man is understated, methodical, and sober eyed. His engineering mind, his character and personality traits, and his CEO background make him perfect for his role. And no hubris there! I’m glad successful business people are in office since these people know the criticality of developing broad strategies, hiring competent people, creating a team, planning, focusing on efficiency, productivity, pragmatism, doing cost-benefit analyses, and executing, and achieving objectives. Oh, and holding people accountable for their job! Yay!! Imagine that in the federal government! I worked in corporate America for 18 years prior to entering the mental health field. The ultimate measure of success of a senior executive is whether they achieve agreed upon goals and objectives.

    I think it is extremely important that people understand that Trump can be viewed as an archetypal Hero for Americans who voted for him. Archetypal energy is extremely important to recognize in psychological-political success, and it is unfortunate that most people are uninformed about just how critical this is for a president.

  3. And, Dr. Pieczenik, I’m reading your book, My Beloved Tallyrand, and am about halfway through. First, let me say in reading your Forward, I share your sentiments about the events of 9/11 and pursuant to that. As for the book, how exquisitely delightful—-it arouses my mind and heart. It’s beautifully written, engaging, enticing, and an education on French Revolutionary history. I so value people who write well, especially since proper English and excellent writing skills are regrettably rare.

    The timeline of events is historically accurate, but I wonder if you present Tallyrand—the masculine psyche—-and the mistress—the female psyche—-as they were or as you imagine them to be. How intriguing and provocative that you are writing from the perspective of the female—–and a mistress, no less—her psyche, her consciousness, her needs and desires. Surely you are cognizant you have written about archetypal figures of the Older/Wiser/Intellectual/Worldly Experienced male lover and the Younger/Passionate/Impressionable/Loyal female devotee. And, to make things more alluring and titillating, he is her uncle—-a double forbidden fruit. When these two archetypal energies connect via anima/animus archetypal psychological energies between a male and a female, then it is no wonder that Tallyrand says, “We belong together” and pursues her, nor is it surprising that she cannot resist. These are, after all, extremely potent and passionate archetypal projections. The paintings of Boreas Abducting Oreithyia by Joseph Ferdinand Lancrenon which hangs in the Musée Girodet, Montargis which I am particularly drawn to, or The Rape of Oreithyia by Giovanni Battista Cipriani or The Flight of Boreas with Oreithyia by Charles William Mitchell, or Boreas Abducting Oreithyia by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, or even the painting of Boreas Abducing Oreithyia by Peter Paul Rubens, comes to mind as a mythical depiction of that archetypal constellation in the psyche.

    These represent mythical symbols for extremely powerful psychodynamic processes which occur when these archetypal constellations emerge spontaneously when the inner anima/animus archetypes constellate, and create enormous amorous emotions and passions. It is the Yin and Yang of Tao caressing. It is, quite literally, the Inner Beloved. What sophisticated and intelligent woman would not be enticed by Tallyrand as you and your co-author describe him since they represent these very real archetypes in the human psyche? History surely answers that question—-quite a lot.

    I wonder if you, as a psychiatrist, were able to write this substantially from your own knowledge or if your female co-author assisted you in understanding the female psyche and her consciousness, her phenomenological world. The mistress—or perhaps you?—–understands what allures and entices. For some, the sexiest part of the human anatomy is the mind, yes? As your write in the book, the mind is the enticing “aphrodisiac.” It is a sexy mind, not pulchritude, that generates arousal.

    Something tells me that there are some—-perhaps not all, but some—-psychological, political, and worldly intimacies between the mind of Tallyrand and the mind of Steve Pieczenik. I sense them! Congratulations on the book!

  4. Nini

    Steve, do you think the Deep State will be able to remove Trump. I’m praying that is not gonna happen..

  5. Chia Cha

    Tillerson is of Northern civilization, nordic one, that is not western. Western lacks solidartiy because of roman law system (still pagan)

  6. Bob

    Dr. Pieczenik, you are on YouTube. You don’t need C-Span, just subscribe to the Department of State’s YouTube channel!

  7. HRC

    Yes, we will remove him because he has made a blunder!

    Madam President!

  8. al

    Dr. P, you are losing it.

    CEO of a major old guard corporation like Exxon ?? this can only mean one thing. He is a corporate ass kisser extraordinaire. His rise to the top is a testament to his gender, his height, his race, and ethnic background……a good ole boy who knows how to fit in, not ruffle feathers, not be too smart, nor over obviously dumb…but clearly not the brightest bulb in the room. The one thing that doesn’t get you to the top in a behemoth like Exxon is merit. Its all politics, glad handing, ass kissing, backstabbing, being a non descript drone,……..and most of all “fitting in”.
    He is a big oil CEO straight out of central casting…………..Clearly he is the kind of guy who has benefitted the most from the most aggressive kind of affirmative action. Affirmative action for White men with the height, look, and demeanor ….. or do you mean to assume that a similarly qualified black or woman could rise to be CEO of Exxon ??? Bullsh@t.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You know better. Your last few posts are full of dishonesty ( I wonder why).

    you need to get over it. Trump is a colossal failure and will get worse. Anybody remotely affiliated with his administration will also be similarly tainted. For if they had common sense at all they would have refused to work for him. The day of the good ole boy is OVER. As we speak everyone is asking ” where can we find the next Obama?” ……..Deval Patrick ?? Kamala Harris ?? Booker ?? it appears that only they have the requisite psychological health, empathy, and breadth of though to lead this country at this point in time.

    dont believe me ??? Hasnt Tillerson already floated the idea the resigning ???

    stop the intellectual dishonesty – you are too smart for that.

  9. Your jealousy of these three successful men—Donald J. Trump, Rex Tillerson, Steve Pieczenik, MD, Ph.D.—-is so patently, painfully obvious that it generates more pity than venom, even perhaps from someone who would consider your rant above racist, odious, subjective, poorly written, and not credible. It does not present as coming from a mature, healthy mind, rather more from a jealous adolescent.

    These men have worked their entire lives to build and create their success. What have you done and built and created? They have not refused to become highly educated. They have not refused to take risks. They have not externalized blame onto everybody else for their own faults and deficiencies. They have not had a sense of entitlement, thinking that everyone owes them something on a silver platter, while they contribute little to society. I would say their success has been accomplished largely by looking in the mirror to evaluate their strengths, highlight them, downplay their faults, leverage and exploit opportunities, remove roadblocks, get a higher education than just high school, to utilize their intellect to achieve goals.

    Oh, and if you had not noticed, they really have achieved many goals and successes. What are yours?

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