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64 thoughts on “This is NOT #FakeNews! Hear me on Trump/Putin!

  1. Jason

    Is Trump Crockett or Tubbs?

  2. Petra

    Trumps meeting was far more significant than people think. It is a travesty that people don’t see the need, validity and vital importance of the meeting.
    God Bless those that do and thank you.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Petra, I agree. I am 100% supportive of a rapprochement between Russia and America. It is long overdue. It is also an existential imperative for the continuance of Russia and Western civilization. Of that, I am convinced.

  3. Chia Cha

    Russia once asked to join NATO, but proposal was declined by some past administration. Question was, has that been done politely?


    The U.S. is in Syria illegally and needs to get the hell out and all it is doing in Syria is destroying a country and its people and defending ISIS aka AL CIADA a creation of the U.S. and Israel and Britain with the help of the Saudis and NATO.

    God bless Putin and Russian and Assad and Syria for defending the people of Syria from the Zionist cabal that wants to rule the world.

  5. Iggy B

    Off Topic — Could Dr. Piecznik give us an idea of what things are going to look like during the reshaping of the Supreme Court that is ramping up and likely to continue throughout Trumps 1st and hopefully 2nd term…?

    1. Iggy B

      I noticed Jay-Z is putting out an agitprop documentary on the Trayvon Martin Shooting.

      That was a case study of the powers behind/within the Deep State destabilizing the nation: The shooting didn’t even involved a Police Officer. It was largely ignored for several weeks even in the regional media. — Then, Lebron James was tapped to lead the Miami Heat to do a photo-op (optics) over the shooting — and the Media was tapped to turn it into a Firestorm — and the Soros groups were funded and assigned to kick off riots in multiple cities across the nation —– which led to periodic Race Riots the next couple of years…

      Now, Jay-Z — of Spirit Cooking Fame — has been tapped to do a documentary — ahead of the Mid-Term Elections.

      Are the powers behind the Deep State going to go for broke this time? —- And put forward a Destabilization effort like they’ve used successfully in nations around the world…

  6. Donna

    James Forrestal had the knowledge and foresight to keep us out of the Middle East mess we are in today. He was too smart for the money- hungry, power-hungry villains in Washington so they murdered him and called it suicide. It’s in Wikipedia, “Forrestal had argued against the Partition of Palestine on the grounds it would infuriate Arab countries.”

    Let me paraphrase what’s in Wikipedia, Truman got death threats, threats to cut off campaign donations from wealthy donors, meaning Jews, and he got tons of hate mail so he got scared and backed off and did exactly what his “donors” wanted him to.

    Forrestal was later quoted as saying “no group in this country should be permitted to influence our policy to the point it could endanger our National Security.” It seems everyone except American citizens influence our policies in our country.

    And as for Truman, appearing to be Mr. Meek, nice guy, who played dumb, I have less and less respect for him the more I read about him. It was under his watch, that the Korean War started and when the National Security Act of 1947 was implemented, which according to Cathy O’Brien has less to do with National Security and more to do with covering up the crimes of the villains in Washington.


      Hell, the Zionists did 911 and got away with it, proving once again the total Zionist control of the U.S. gov and the Zionists are Satanists and the wars and destruction of nations are a sacrifice to their lord statan.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Desert Fox,
        I am aware of the Oded Yinon Plan by the Zionists, so you are partially correct. I would invite you to consider the following: I believe Trump, who is a Master Negotiator, has told the Zionists that the Yinon Plan has not been successful in its execution and that a new reality has to replace it. America and Europe will be destroyed if they continue to follow the Zionist Yinon Plan. If America and Europe are destroyed, there will be no more Whites, Native Europeans, and Christians to come to the defense of Jews and Israel because the muslims will take over and destroy Western civilization. I believe Trump has explained this to Netanyahu and some of the Jewish Zionists, and that Trump has worked out a different plan which will satisfy the needs of Jews and Israel, but some compromises will be necessary.

        So that is on the lunatics on the Far Right. I also believe that Trump has been working on the Far Left lunatics as well, to flush the communists out in the open, so the rot in the Democrat Party can be destroyed and so a new healthy Democratic Party can eventually re-emerge.

        That’s what I believe Trump has done behind the scenes and continues to do.

        1. DESERT FOX

          ISIS aka AL CIADA is a creation of the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN and created the terrorist wars in Iraq and Syria and this is all for the benefit of Israel and the Zionists who control the U.S. gov.

          I am sorry for saying this as I voted for Trump but he is totally controlled by Israel and the Zionists and his administration is flooded with them. Trump by his actions has proven that he is a captive of the Zionists and in fact they hold the paper on all of his properties, wish you were right, but the facts say otherwise.

      2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Desert Fox, I want to invite you to consider the following possibility. It is an existential imperative for Jews, Christians, Whites, and Native Europeans to unite, organize, and make plans for their survival as a race, culture, and religious heritage. Jews needs Christians and Christians need Jews. Israel needs America and Europe, and visa versa. Without this unification, Israel and Western civilization will be destroyed by demographics. This is not to overlook the past insane criminal actions of the Zionists, America, and Europe. But Trump is the new sheriff in town and he has a new geopolitical plan, economic plan, and a new world order—based on Trump’s worldview. I intuit it is a sane, common sense, rational, and logical worldview, based on realities. I want to also say that I believe Trump has sat down with the heads of the EU (Juncker, Tusk, and others) as well as spoken with heads of Germany, France, and Britain, to negotiate their agreement to go along with his plan of how to reorganize the world order. It will involve Russia. Merkel stated 3 weeks ago that Trump is “reorganizing the world” in real time. It is now THE WORLD ACCORDING TO TRUMP. And thank God for it. The days of the Yinon Plan and the insane Zionist Neo-Con rule are over. Trump has a new plan that will ensure the security of Jews and Israel, but compromises will be necessary. The muslims and Palestinians will be offered something, too, but they also will need to compromise. But America and Europe can no longer fight proxy wars for Israel because, if we do, America and Europe will be destroyed, then who will defend the small number of Jews against the hordes of muslims who will rise up? So Netanyahu surely has capitulated to the Trump Agenda. Wisely so.

        1. DESERT FOX

          I see the difference between the majority of jews and the Zionists and in fact the jews who were killed in the holocaust were sacrificed by the Zionists . Proof of this is the fact that Zionist bankers financed hitlers rise to power , read Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton and Hitlers Secret Bankers by Sidney Warburg, can be had on amazon.

          Christians in America are being used by the Zionists in the belief that the Zionists who rule Israel and the U.S. are doing GODS will, however these Zionists are a satanic sect that want a Satanist kingdom on earth.

          Trump is being used and is a puppet of the Satanists Zionists for their satanic NWO goal.

          1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Desert Fox, Yes, I am aware of all of this history. Have you listened to the Jewish businessman, Benjamin Freedman, in his 1961 speech in which he talks about the Zionists? Freedman is a Jew but converted to Catholicism. You can find the speech online. Basically, Zionists have a visceral hatred for everyone who attempted to genocide them off the planet. I can understand the emotions and have great sympathy for the emotions, but cannot condone the revenge to murder wide swathes of people in revenge for that.

            I connect dots and I rely on both objective facts and my intuition to figure out Trump and his agenda. I have not figured out everything, but I do believe, at this point, that Trump is doing some unprecedented, masterful negotiating behind the scenes. Part of that includes saving Jews and saving Western civilization. At some point I have to trust this man is not selling out Jews, Whites, and Native Europeans, since he and his children fall into those categories. I pray alot for him, his family, and his close allies, as well as for the U.S. military and the Jewish people. And I mean alot. This may seem callous, but I care about my own people and I do not care about all the hordes of low IQ, inbred Neanderthals that are making the Earth turn into the Planet of the Apes. Who that is sane, logical, and comes from a culture that has thousands of years of achievements that are universally envied would ever want this planet to be infested and overrun by low IQ, inbred Neanderthal apes? Roseanne Barr was right. So was Enoch Powell.

  7. Chia Cha

    Why should american president have some star in Mexico at all. Liberals do not exist. Liberals are g@ys wanting every other then dominant culture to exist. For them best situtation is when dominant culutre is in retreat while alien culture grows, in their false impossible hope that neither will exist ever again, even such transitional situation is nothing else then evacutiaon time period when families who are carrier of dominant culture, before members of new dominant culture in expansion takes square feet of that evacuated family, evacuate. G@ys like watching families retreating. Because they do not want any to exist. Always one culture exist on one territory. Borders between cultures are always defined, street by street, hood by hood, house by house, even room by room. Hitler was right about g@ys, they are 5th column, even his cutlure was putre satan’s worship cutlure. But everyone is right in 50%, even Hitler.

  8. R Storm

    Dr. Steve this addresses your professional expertise if I may-
    The travesty about POTUS accomplishments IMHO is that as they unfold their brilliance gets buried in the “Get Trump” movement, the TDS psychopathy, and the ironic soul lesson that both sides feel they are right therefore who is the one to back up a step to allow wiggle room?
    I saw 45 give wiggle room at Helsinki. THAT is a sign of strength not weakness..
    Who falls into the category of TDS and why?
    Is it mind control, billionaire funded social engineering, government take over from within, or just plain unresolved emotional conflict within one’s psyche and soul? It is easier to blame the pinata than to look at oneself.
    TDS is or should be diagnosable and put into the DSM -5 and treated; for example, when a sociopath takes a pick axe to a Hollywood star with Trump on it to let his pent up rage loose like punching a pillow. What is next?
    All too often recently not concrete walks but rather human bodies are punched, kicked, spit at, soft drinks/coffee splashed and worse. My hope is that doesn’t turn lethal like acid attacks, weapons or full out civil war.
    When does it stop and why is it that these emotional cripples are beyond reason, sound debate, negotiation, olive branch peace offers?
    Yes, President Trump disrupts, its his style and in his plan. I trust the plan. I see his results and appreciate his strategy. I’ve been begging people, lets all calm down and take a step back, blow off the steam with a deep breath and call upon our inner wisdom. Now its time to just walk away and let them know they are irrelevant to the bigger picture.
    Its what I would do to a child having a tantrum.
    I am reminded of a profound piece of advice written by Nobel Laureate, Rudyard Kipling in the 1890’s that applies to TODAY- I have it hanging on my wall given to me by mother when I was 13 years old. I’ve never forgotten its message.
    the first stanza-.
    “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:”

  9. Chia Cha

    Ocasio is pumped by scenario makers to be dumped, with word S, for ever from USA. Of course that she had to tell she wants to abolish ICE. Luckily in Norway they are nationalizing companies more and more. In Scandinavia private sector of economy is smallest on world, while economic freedoms are biggest on world. I next few years CIA will try to finish them also. I will have to go there and warn them.

    1. Chia Cha

      Americans have to understand that in California this is not question of Trump any more, this is now question of american capitalism vs aztec capitalism. American capitalists thought they can import cheap labour, condut genocide over americans and expect loyalty from imported, even they are nation over border. Ideologically capitalsits had to believe that and act accroding to such belief, their idology is that everyone always bows to their prodcut called US $ no matter of border, no matter of culture, no matter of nation, no matter of morality, no matter of decency. Everyone will be same and is same in front of american God named: ONE $. Well dear americans it does not work. And I am happy it does not work. Now in California, we need to finally get final nail in to capitalist mulitucltural s@it pasta, and kick americans out of NW Mexican province called California, so multiculturalism in California and Texas can be burried. Multiculutralism is tool to lower wages and destroy solidarity among working class and reduce their ability to resist genocide by rich. California and Texas are on good path to end multiclturalism. In California aztecs are majority group of 45%. Stronger private sector in economy, stronger multiculutralism.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Chia Cha, there is a difference between crony capitalism which has infested the entire world and capitalism as understood by Adam Smith. Crony capitalism is a system whereby capitalists engage in massive, international economic crimes such as offshoring to avoid taxes, money laundering, bribery, blackmail, and also utilizes what I call “degeneracy capitalism” which refers to hyperactivity in economic degeneracy which exploits sex trafficking, child trafficking, selling of body parts, slavery, pedophilia, Satanic rituals as forms of profit making and bribery and blackmail to keep players operating within this degeneracy capitalist system.

          Behind the scenes, Xi, Putin, and Trump, along with their close allies, have been working for several years to systematically destroy degeneracy capitalism and return the economic global structure to a more stable, sound, moral, reliable, effective economic system. Xi, Putin, and Trump all know that, if this is not done, the entire world will collapse. I’m reading Putin’s Valdai conference speeches (have read 2013 and 2014, still to read 2015, 2016 and 2017), and am definitely convinced that Putin needs to re-enter the Western civilized nations (he said it was priority of his in his 2013 speech), and I am equally convinced that Russia is moving further away from communism, towards democracy, and they are based on Orthodox Christian foundations. His comment about the existential necessity of a religious, moral foundation for a nation’s success is in his 2013 speech. Putin will be remembered as one of the greatest Russian leaders and world leaders. Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest American presidents and world leaders. He needs more time to allow more people to see it. I have intuited it since August 2016.

  10. Jason

    I eagerly await the books and movies to be made after the full restoration of the Republic becomes apparent for all to see. The greatest RICO case in history, and the global re-alignment that will follow. Will more people purchase microscopes and telescopes when the dust settles? Will we see our future differently?

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, I am a staunch supporter of Trump and I have already intuited most of the Trump Agenda long ago, but I do worry about muslims destroying America and Europe. This is not hyperbole. It has happened twice in history. It began again 40 years ago in Europe and America. Too many very educated people, many whom are former muslims have said that there is no difference between so-called “moderate muslims” and “radical muslims.” These leaders who lack knowledge of the human psyche, particularly the primitive psyche and the primal collective unconscious, as well as being largely ignorant of the virtual impossibility of changing religious prejudices, particularly in a primitive race/ethnicity/culture like Black African muslims and Middle Easterners and Southeastern Asians, as well as the basic knowledge of low IQ and mental retardation cognition, behavior, and emotions (operating from the inferior reptile brain and limbic system) versus the superior prefontal cortex cognition, emotions, and behavior, well, that ignorance and naivete has caused untold suffering over thousands of years. These ignorances (along with blackmail) are the cause of Europe’s demise with the invading muslims who are going to destroy Europe and Western civilization, as well as America, if they are not deported out of America and Europe. They have low IQs and very high inbreeding rates as well as hypersexual, violent, aggressive due to the consequent cognitive, behavioral and emotional deficits related to low IQ and intergenerational inbreeding.

    2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, I do see nuclear weapons as an existential threat to the world, but I also consider muslims to be almost as serious a threat to Western civilization as nuclear weapons and, potentially, Artificial Intelligence (depending upon who controls AI).

      My greatest fear is that America, Europem Australia and Canada will leave the muslims in their countries out of a naive belief that the moderate muslims and reform muslims will somehow change their position about wanting to destroy Western civilization from within, which will result in the demographic replacement of Whites and Native Europeans within the next 20-30 years. Then it will be too late to get the muslims out of Western civilized nations, without destroying these countries and Western civilization itself. Read Patrick Buchanan’s book, State of Emergency, which addresses the immigration and replacement problem.

      1. Jason

        I have read Pat’s book. I have always enjoyed his perspective on things. I used to read a ton about nuclear weapons as a kid. I am not concerned in the least. Mutually assured destruction works. We would not be gentlemen towards Russia if mutual death was not guaranteed. Within that line of thought, there is wisdom, if you are sober. Problem number one for me is corruption. Betrayal from within is far more dangerous than any other force I can think of. If you are suicidal, who will be there to stop you from slitting your wrists. Surely your enemies won’t stop you. Nukes are obsolete when compared to the newer methods by which to destroy the planet. Bioweapons in the form of pre-programmed groups of humans are external problem number one. They are the razor, but the razor cannot reach anything vital on their own. They require your own hand and desire to manifest your demise. Mission one is identifying and prosecuting the traitors from within.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, here are the existential threats (in no particular order of importance or level of threats): 1. nuclear weapons, 2. Artificial Intelligence, 3. anti-biotic resistance, 4. disease pandemics (manufactured or natural), 5. biological weapons , 6. climate change. 7. extreme global poverty. Yes, sane, sober minded people realize the serious threats that nuclear, antibiotic, biological, and pandemics pose. Many people still don’t know the looming threat that AI poses, but they can read Bostrom’s book, Supertintelligence, to get an idea. But the corporations will pay billions and billions of dollars over time for propaganda touting only the favorable aspects that AI portends for humanity, while deliberately failing to mention the EXTREME existential threat it poses.

          As for traitors within, yes, I agree that is an imperative. They are communists, muslims, Satanists/atheists, and generally people who loathe America and want her destroyed. I see a dual #1 priority of eliminating those people AND to reinvigorate/restore a robust, healthy U.S. economy with at least a minimum of a 3.5% GDP. All other goals, long and short term,, rely upon the effective achievement of these two goals.

        2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, other important goals are to return to a general non-interventionist foreign policy, eliminate the federal reserve and return to the Gold Standard, get out of the UN, WTO, and NATO, but especially the UN and WTO. The UN is now dominated by Third World countries of leaders who are not all that intelligent, but who loathe America and Israel, and, dare I say, want their destruction. Another goal is for America to STOP being the piggy bank for all these other nations. I am sick and tired of not having any say where my tax dollars go and Congress sending my tax money to Third World countries of people who hate America, and where the people will NEVER progress and advance to a significant level due to their relative low IQs, corruption, barbarism, and the culture that results from hordes of low IQ, primitive people. Another goal is to eliminate waste in the federal government including eliminating several departments and combining others. The federal government needs to stop getting involved in these assanine harmful programs such as No Child Left Behind under Bush II that did not factor in varying children’s needs and did not provide sufficient funding for the program, as well as the insane PBIS program under Obama that, essentially, allowed all these Black children to act like jungle animals in the classrooms because it took out punitive measures for behavioral problems. Violence, aggression, resistance, and oppositional behavior spiked after that program was implemented, and it demoralized other well behaved children and the teachers who had to tolerate it.

          Someone needs to do a Cost-Benefit Analysis of staying in versus leaving the UN. The same needs to be done regarding the WTO. Hopefully, while the dollar is strong, Trump is buying lots of gold back. I’ve read that Russia, China, and India are dumping the dollar for trade. So now is the time for the federal government to buy gold while the economy and dollar are strong. Fortunately, Trump is a business man so he’s probably already thought of all these things. I worked for 20 years in Corporate America before entering the mental health field, so I know all about how corporate executives think. RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS. INCREASE INCOME, DECREASE EXPENSES. ELIMINATING ROADBLOCKS TO THOSE GOALS. THAT’S THEIR ENTIRE FOCUS.

    3. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, My fear is that, due to the ignorance and naivete of leaders in the Western world who will somehow be convinced that moderate muslims don’t pose a demographic threat to Western civilization, will make the decision to allow all these muslims to remain in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia, and that, in the next 20-30 years, these muslims will outbreed Westerners, will demand the laws be changed to favor them and destroy the Western legal system, then infiltrate politics, government, academia, and brainwash our children to turn further away from our Judeo-Christian beliefs and values, and to, take over the Western civilized nations of America, Europe, Australia, and Canada, then to, ultimately, demographically replace us. This is called the Endarkenment with all that it implies on many levels.

      I fear that the leaders of the Western civilized nations will ignore the threat of Civilization Jihad and that the price that America, Europe, Australia, and Canada will pay is their complete destruction by muslims over the next 20-30 years. The ONLY way to prevent this is to get them out of Western nations. The ones from the Middle East should be returned there, with some compensation. The Black Muslim Brotherhood is more complex, but they have to be expelled someway. These people’s prejudices are visceral, long-standing, and involve not only hatred for Christians, but also Jews and Whites and Western civilization. That primal hatred is not going to be changed by appeasing them. Appeasing will be the death of America and Europe.

      1. Chia Cha

        Just here in one small town which had in 1991. (in soci@lism 44000 people, today have 25000, this years there are 30 shool classes of 30 pupils less there, and that is town on coast full of tourists (but without intentionally destroyed industry) then last year. West does not have future at all. Unless every moving rich person together with their offspring is not killed genocide bigger then any genocide in history of mankind will be conducted. Capitalists simply made breeding way too expensive for working class. And no this will not stop on some level, this goes toward 0, this is implosion, because number of those old farts will just grow and grow and they will have more and more property while prople less and less. Because it will not be allowed to kill rich people, and no soci. only compromise allowed is going to be that we will kill old white people. I am starting to think that we should abolish medicare and social security. Not because that would change something in economy (it would be even worse because rich would get more money) but because that is good path how to kill old white people. Now this is not any more question, will implosion happen, but who will die first. Young white people or old white people. Situation is developing that young white people will not survive. But on other hand we can be happy because people who are collectivly the must stupid race on world – whties, will not survive so this will never be able to happen to anyone else again.

        1. Chia Cha

          Old white farts needs to have full capitalism introduced on them, and we need to reintroduce preexisting conditions for them, total deregulation. Also SS must be privatized. We just have to kill them on time. But that is politically impossible because in capitailsm group which have more money then group which have less money, have more political power to not be selected for something which is not less nice then what is more nice. Ideologically, more money must mean more nice ALWYS. And for solution where we will introduce solution of Ocasio-Cortez is also too late, because of too many old whites. Theerefore I do not see any solution. Maybe because Jews are our Judeo-Christian older borthers, maybe we should take care that Jews goes down with us, as evidence of unbreakable bonds between us. We can kill them all before we implode (this time properly) so they will not have to cry for us when we are gone. We could make that sacrifice. For instance Hitler really wanted to make sure.

          1. Jason

            Ironically, the smartest thing that white people can do is to quit working, stop paying taxes, stop breeding, stop being civilized, and allow the rest of the world to have it their way. We will be missed when we are gone. There will be myths about the return of the White Buffalo, but we will be gone. Spiritually, I am just passing through. If white people vanish by choice, hey, that’s freedom of expression isn’t it? If people want to live in hell, by all means, enjoy it. It’s really not my problem. But like I said, when I do the math for a world without white Christians, I laugh heartily. I as one man have chosen to do one thing. Stand my ground until the end. After that, I’ll be elsewhere anyways.

    4. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, there are some cultures which will never, ever harmonize. Of that, I am 100% convinced. America and Europe have allowed Third World country people with cultures which are fundamentally incompatible with Whites, Native Europeans, and Christians. While I am extremely concerned about the existential threats of Artificial Intelligence and nuclear weapons, I believe the single most imminent threat with the greatest PROBABILITY to destroy America, Europe, Australia, and Canada from within is low IQ, inbred people from Third World nations of Africa, the Middle East, and Southeastern Asia. These people do not have the IQ, intelligence, foresight, insight, reasoning skills, logic, and analytical skills, along with innovation, creativity, work ethic, and meticulous work habits and efficiency to permit America and Europe to be highly competitive on an economic global scale. Additionally, their lack of refinement and sophistication in thinking, behavior, and emotions, seriously compromises an adequate, timely, and effective competitiveness with nations with substantially higher levels of IQ and refinement such as China, Japan, and Russia. The only X factor that is out there is what the consequences of AI will be on the lower IQ races and cultures.

      “The crisis Western civilization consists of three imminent and mortal perils: dying populations, disintegrating cultures, and unresisted invasions.” Patrick Buchanan, in his book, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America.

      “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities…” Theodore Roosevelt, the Knights of Columbus, 1915

      “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” Arnold Toynbee

      “Why was the border guard so thin? Did the Romans not notice…that their way of life was changing forever?” Thomas Cahill, 1995

      1. Chia Cha

        Patrick Buchanan is idiot. I am sorry but all known americans are morons which are stupid or are paid ideologues, paid to lie and produce bulls@it. Joseph Stiglitz is only exception. This is only reason why Scandinavian nations have even rise of whites. In Norway if we add by government recently nationalized corporations, 87% DO NOT WORK in private sector. Private sector is biggest problem. That is source of instability and poverty (simply they do not have needed scale to be profitable and they cannot have organization). Like I said, in Africa 99% people are entrepreneours while In Norway couple of percents.

        1. Jason

          Are you an agent of central banking tyranny? Within your waves of contradictions I only see the common thread of bowing before a human master in the hopes of gaining favor. It reminds me of Lex Luthor negotiating with General Zod in Superman 2. Would you like to own Australia too? In another lifetime, you would be a prime candidate for me to use and abuse through the S&M of tyranny. It’s not too late to break the cycle of abuse Chia. You re too smart to go out like that.

    5. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, many say demograhics are destiny. I believe Roseanne Barr did the world a favor when she had the guts to tweet what many of us know, but are not allowed to state, since it is an unwelcome, harsh truth. Based on current demographic projections, the Planet of the Apes is the future of Earth, most likely by 2100, according to demographers. As an American, I already feel like I live in Africa some days, in Mexico other days, and even in Iraq sometimes. All the major American cities are populated with very large numbers of Blacks and Mexicans. Just examine Chicago, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, St Louis, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Memphis, San Francisco, Bronx and Queens, Philadelphia, Houston, San Antonio, to name a few. Whites are being dispossessed of their land. I hear many, many people say they are glad they will be dead before America and Europe are destroyed, they say they stay inside their homes alot more, they don’t watch t.v. because of the invasion. It’s a very real phenomenon.

      1. Jason

        Roseanne was great right up until the nanosecond she started blubbering like a victim. She should have calmly owned it the way POTUS would have. No surrender, no retreat. Take one dollar from people, and their balls disappear. I have seen it often enough to know that the majority of people only have principles to the extent that it doesn’t cost them anything. By default, they are slaves to the religion of central banking fiat. We already have a one world religion. It’s called fiat currency. Do their bidding, rates lower, and doors open. Resist, and rates will rise while false flags increase. Simple but effective formula. Everyone these days has a lever on them. Few seem to care, and so the song remains the same.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Jason, Agree totally about Roseanne needing to just own it. We all know what she meant. She knew she was saying that Blacks + Muslims += The Planet of the Apes. And all sane, sober minded, informed White people, Jewish people, and Native Europeans, and Australians know it too. Can you imagine what all these Neanderthal savages are going to do when the high IQ people are all gone?!!!! Planet of the Apes = Planet Sh*thole. That’s all they know how to do—turn everything to a sh*thole. It’s unchanged for 5,000 years. And it doesn’t matter if they become wealthy. Either way—no money or lots of money—they can’t help but turn everything they touch into a sh*thole. It’s in the Neanderthal DNA.

          The fit currency is definitely real.

        2. Chia Cha

          She said she lives in town full of brown people. It was smart move to start retracting. Tactical reasons. Brown people would not be problem if that brown tone would not mean they belong to other culture. I do not have problem with somoones brown skin, I have problem when such are becoming political factor, when such have different culture and where they are becoming majority there where my skin colour was majority. That is problem. If would not even have anything against them becoming majoirty if they would not have own reserve continents where they are majority already. This will not pass.

    6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.


      And Enoch Powell was right.

      I’m reading half a dozen books including Breitbart London Editor-In-Chief, Raheem Kasam’s book, Enoch was Right, and Enoch Powell and the Making of Postcolonial Britain by Camilla Schofield.

      1. DESERT FOX

        In reply to your last post, I believe you will be disappointed by Trump as he is not his own man and is under control of the cabal and the cabal is satanic, wish it were no so, but it is.

        As Martin Luther King said, A time comes when silence is betrayal.

        As Orwell said, Telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act.

        I pray to , for peace.

        1. Jason

          Why would the satanic cabal self-sabotage by bringing Trump in when Hillary would have cemented the deal, thousands of years in the making? Without outlining the strategy, I see no logic to your conclusion. Why Trump instead of Hillary? You have to make that case for the action of the cabal, or your claim has little meaning. You don’t want to admit that Trump is on the right path. Why? If you fear disappointment, I totally understand. If you stand to gain by hurting the confidence of others, then…well I am sure you can figure out what I think of that endeavor.

        2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Desert Fox, I can sympathize with your visceral feelings about this and the 9/11 that was perpetrated by US CIA/Mossad/Saudi Arabia cabal under Bush and the mostly Jewish Neo-Cons. I, too, had those feelings at one time. I’ve shifted those feelings towards other objects because I happen to believe that Trump has been successful for changing the agenda of the Zionists so that the latter will achieve their most important goals of having Israel as a nation-state and Jerusalem as it’s capital, but the Oded Yinon Plan of destabilizing the Middle East, breaking up all those nations, and turning the region into an Israeli power region is dead, not to be resuscitated. As such, I now believe that it is an existential imperative for Jews and Christians and Whites and Native Europeans to unite, organize, and strategize to save Jews, Whites, Native Europeans, and Western civilization. I believe ethno-states—racial and ethnic homogeneity—is the sane, rational, stable way of a future of greater internal peace as well as peace between nations. Multiculturalism has “utterly failed” as Merkel said in her 2010 speech, and as Cameron and Sarkozy said in 2011. I believe the future lies in ethnostates so people of the same race or very similar races and ethnicities can live in relative peace, social harmony, and have relative social cohesion.

          1. Chia Cha

            Very sane proposal, and only possible solution. Everything else is not solution, because everything else would be pure genocide of someone. Offensive genocide or defensive genocide, in such situations it does not matter any more.

  11. Jason

    In a nutshell, Dr. Steve was correct when he said that the storm ended when Trump won. They destroyed our towers and tried to bankrupt us. Now, he has crashed into their tower of babble and will bankrupt them. His enemies are dead, they just don’t know it yet. For a ditch digging moron like me to recognize it, I rest easy. It’s time for America for once, to extend gratitude to our protectors and invest in ourselves, our own minds. Only with that wisdom can we hope to guide America’s children into a real, sustainable, and just future. When the cleanup of the cabal’s rubble is finally complete, we will have the big question left. What do we do now when the vast majority finally are awakened to what was a nightmare of their own making? We are all agents of karma. It is time we directly took control of our karma and served a higher, scalar form of spiritual enlightenment. It is an ever emerging pursuit, not a destination. Trump has brought the Fed forward into the public discussion. It warms my heart completely. The Fed in it’s current configuration is clearly the “false profit” coupled with the “Beast system”, and the machinations of “the whore”. To hell with any entity that is working against his efforts.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Jason, you mention often in your emails topics that are clear indications that you are an educated person, well read in mythology and watch alot of movies. So you can’t be a ditch digger. I agree America needs to be thankful for our protectors. But remember, Xi and Putin and America all benefit by this behind-the-scenes effort to rid the world of these Satanists, pedophiles, and transnational criminals. Yes, Xi and Putin have helped with that, but they, too, benefit. So it’s a win-win outcome for three superpowers. Having said that, I do agree that China does pose as the greatest economic and political threat to America and Western civilization of capitalist nations. As for spiritual enlightenment, I agree with that, but it defends upon how you define “spiritual enlightenment” and what strategy you suggest to achieve that. If your strategy involves multiculturalism, a melting pot of all different kinds of races, ethnicities, and cultures living in the same nation, FORGET IT. NO F*ING WAY. That is a disaster. It is an unmitigated failure and has brought abject misery and a hellish experiencing to people of all races, not just mine. That said, I would agree to ethnostates where there are racially and ethnically homogenous nations, in which each race, ethnicity, culture has its own protective nation and status, with each race allowed to live, grow, flourish within the safety and security of its own borders, so that no one race is dispossessed of its land. Japanese has 98.5% Japanese China has 92% Han Chinese, and then a small Tibetan population. Africa has 95%+ Blacks. Both Koreas have 98%+ Koreans. Vietnam has many tribes, but they are all Asian with 86% Viet or Kinh and a small Hoa Chinese group. Why can’t Whites and Native Europeans and Israeli Jews have their own nation? I believe a majority of Whites believe that White Culture and Black Culture will never harmonize. Sure, they can work together, but there is an underlying preference to be within one’s own In-Group, not to interbreed. Most Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, Asian Indians, Native Europeans—hell, most of the world’s races and ethnicities want homogeneity. That’s not to say that someone might choose differently, but my point is to say that it is a God given natural PRIMAL aspect of the Collective Unconscious of a race of people to want to remain racially and ethnically homogenous. Research has shown that mixing races, certainly races and ethnicities with widely divergent levels of IQ, sophistication, refinement, values, beliefs, traditions and customs creates chaos and social decay and destruction. No race or ethnicity should live in fear within their own nation of being destroyed, dispossessed, marginalized, or oppressed. so planning for ethnostates will create more harmony for the entire world.

      1. Jason

        Wanda, you have to give ditch diggers a little more credit. I am historically just a manual labor sort of guy. I love toiling under the sun, team work, and the satisfaction that every day, our work can be weighed and measured. There is no hiding from bad ideas, bad execution, or weak links within the chain. My proudest days are running projects at West Point and the reservoirs near the Connecticut border. Ironworker or not, I am still a ditch digger. You can’t have one without the other. A good laborer is worth his weight in gold. I attempted to get political within the union, but I have limits when people want me to sell them fairy tales. I can’t do it. So I am out and in between now. Free to live yet another lifetime, and develop new skills, but still manual labor. When it comes to spiritualism, I have no strategy to sell. I do have a little wisdom to offer however. The time has come for the individual to truly learn who they really are. What is truly in their heart. What their true talents are, and struggle to bridge that gap. Discernment doesn’t come easy. A nation of individuals who are in a sense, holographic sub-divisions of the nation are required. All should endeavor into physical fitness, some form of pugilistic development/competition. We must learn self restraint and patience. Develop the ability to mentally simulate the geometries of other people’s thinking, and be willing to learn. Everyone has at least some technique, or bit of wisdom to be analyzed. Wisdom must be mined first, but moreover, it must be sieved and captured. We must feed our hungry subconscious every bit of curiosity it has, and allow our subconscious to do what it does best. Autonomously model the universe from many angles. Our conscious mindset must be a strong template, sieve, to let flow the toroidal field of all that can be imagined, and manifest designs using the gold and symmetries that reveal themselves. Denial and self-loathing are our greatest enemies. The collective pain leading to national self abuse is rooted in this, as we know damn well that we have quit. Quit questioning, quit accepting that everything is a lie, or that the odd bits of truth we receive are worms on hooks to capture our spirit once again. Fear and self-loathing are killing us. Opiods in the middle schools, yet we accept it. We slowly die by tacitly approving all of this. Deep down, many of us know that we have failed because we surrendered without a fight. We have failed in our collective responsibilities. I am a strange sort of Christian. I don’t care at all about Jesus alleged miracles. The universe by definition to me is a miracle. Life on the whole is a profound miracle. Jesus to me is all about the fine line of compassion to all, while using violence when appropriate, and the willingness to be crucified for serving his own conscience. The miracle to me was recognizing the evil of the money-changers over their own people, and going to battle with them in the temple. He accepted those consequences fully, and never backed down. A life without principle is a life wasted. We have to be willing to go it alone in this world and let the chips fall where they may. As for the devil, that is an exercise in self delusion. God runs pay-ops, and satan is his chief in that role. We are to be tested at all times. Get over it, and deal with it. There is no defeating the devil when the devil is temptation. He doesn’t make you do a damned thing. The people who sell the notion of defeating the devil miss the point entirely. Those people think that they are entitled to heaven on Earth and want it easy. God doesn’t do welfare. To do God’s work, you have to manifest it from the inside out, and be willing to burn for it. God is helping America right now because of those men and women who have stepped up to master themselves, so that they can master the enemy, which is again our collective self. Without self-sabotage, we would not be in this mess. God didn’t just show up. He was summoned by those willing to be crucified for their fiery hearts, to fight for the children, for the US Constitution. I apologize for the long rant. I simply pray for an organic, authentic emergence of self-discovery, and development of truly our best, wisest, healthiest, and most dangerous selves.

        1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

          Greetings Jason, I really honor your thoughts, wisdom, and values. I share many of your thoughts and values. I was raised on a 300 acre working cattle farm with a very large pond and a 1.5 acre vegetable garden. I did many things including cut two yards that comprised over an acre, fishing for bass and bream, working in the garden, fixing wire fences, helping burn cattle with Black leg, picking blackberries and pecans, helping run the cattle, bailing hay by age 11, etc., etc. I love Mother Earth and all that she gifts us. The land is deep within me. I was raised Christian, too, but studied many other religions and religious traditions (Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Taosim, Kabbalh, Gnosticism, Hinduism). I moved towards Buddhism, only to return to my Christian roots over the past several years. I am thankful I have a broad knowledge of religions, but I am truly glad I have landed in the nest of Jesus’ manger. I do believe in miracles, but I think the miracles of the bible were probably intended as symbols. I’m more like Thomas Jefferson in the way I perceive the Bible. But I also believe in Angels and that our souls never die. My family has Irish/Scottish/German blood in our lineage, and we are an intensely honest, scrupulously hard working family. My mother used to say: “I hate liars, thieves, and cheats.” I have the same visceral dislike as well, so I find it difficult living in a world in which lies and deception are all around me, particularly having to live in a world around certain religions who actually have built into their religion a theological necessity to lie and deceive people as a way to gain control over others. I believe Satan is the great deceiver who seduces with truth and acts with evil, lies, and destruction. And that is exactly how I describe Islam, and it is also how every person that I speak with who is a Christian categorizes it as well. Islam is the only religion whose leader actually told his followers to murder, rape, pillage, destroy, lie, deceive. Based on that, it is the Anti-Christ. That is just one of many, many reasons I believe with all my heart that Islam is the Anti-Christ religion.

          I want to respond with more thoughts when I have more time. I have to scurry right now. May God bless us both, and our precious, beloved religion, values, moral foundation. And God bless America, President Trump and his family, his close allies, my ancestors of the Judeo-Christian heritage, and my people of my lineage.

    2. Chia Cha

      Grand Master of all lodges, meaning litteral actual living man, representative of great architect on Earth. Decided everything and all those going under him listened and did what he decided. Maybe somthing happened to him so planned changed.

      1. Chia Cha

        Maybe he fell of bananna peal so we were lucky. Imagine listening that anti-american anti-christian pro-chinese pro-buddhist cultural relativist genocidal religious fanatic all till end. That would be so unwestern and is unconstitutional. Who is now grand master? Maybe he have some new fantastic architectual idea again, and after Trump rebuilds america.

  12. Chia Cha

    We can say that USA entered full communist society and economy. Work is totally not connected with class position any more, which equals that working class is abolished (working class consciousness in non existant because work is not related with accumulation) making class system and classles society abolished. As full intention of Carl Marx, one of great architects. Also everyone lives according to own needs, and those needs are not set in capitalist way any more, by some central planners, we alone in american communism choose our own needs, only question are we willing to really choose such lifestyle or we are not, honestly and fully, and are we really deciated with full heart to enter full communism, because we all choose our lifestyle in this system. Having yacht or inheriting villa is question of someone’s private matter and that is his own choice or matter of someone’s other choice, therefore freedom is also full in american communism because it is invidual communism (american version). Rich people are right when they say that dirty poor people are such because they choose to not be rich. Especially because being rich does not have any connection with work but with willingnes to be free, fully enter with full heart american communism as person, and understand it, being willing to enter in full spectrum of choices. In american communism you can play casino or become female and marry capitalist. It is not question of work at all. America fullfiled all dreams of Marx.

    1. Chia Cha

      *correction— making class system abolished, and classless society reality. — Only problems are those poor people who do not want to become communists and fulfill all their dreams and choose lifestyle of rich person. Free mind and awarness makes you member of communist party. Same how Christians are those who understands. It is enough to believe. You have to understand to be free (i.e. be party member).

  13. Chia Cha

    Theoretically capitalism could work if you would be allowed to open your bank without having to have 10 000 000 $ to be legally allowed to open bank and then give credit to found new company which would start producing new medication under lower price. But problem is that capitalists do not want capitalism to work. For instance when medical company rises price of medication, competition theoretically should provide same for less, so sell it more. Why that is not happening, well there is not reason for that to happen at all. That is not profitable for rich to happen. Because they would have to more. Rich can buy that medication no matter price rich set, they do not care, plus rich them self owns both producers. Plust they are only one able to open bank which would be able to finance some new medical company. Plus rich takes how much they can from you, they hike prices of everything they can until moment of before revolution and violence. They do not take how much you tell them, they take how much you, and everyone else as collective gives you without having you taking guns in hands. Market is totally constructed hoax if you are owner of trade routes (controler of army controling trade routes). The more capitalsits are richer, the more they are able to stop other captialsits competing. Inequality destroys everything.

    1. Chia Cha

      So why I am not allowed in capitalism to open my bank just how any other company which is not bank is allowed to be open, and then give credit of 100B (even after I open small bank) to my company to start producing medication which was hiked up by some capitalist firm for 500000% in one day? My business plan is bad? What is problem? I would not earn money? Seems we have communism for bankers and those who were once filled with FED, and captialism for everyone else. You are allowed to do business as long as you are not bank. And even if you are bank you need to be good with FED if you really want to be able to finance competition which was filled already by FED. Fantastic. This is USSR but two party one and with ideologically accepted big economic inequalities.

  14. Iggy B

    I noted in a comment yesterday here that Jay-Z has a documentary coming about now about the shooting of Trayvon Martin — clearly to encourage the return to Race Riots in multiple cities ahead of the Mid-Term Elections – just like Lebron James was tapped to get them started in the election cycle of 2012 with the staged photo op the Media was ordered to run wild on.

    Now, we have Jay-Z in DC in concert —- with Obama…

    The Luciferians are gearing up….

  15. Iggy B

    –Correction — the meeting was not in DC — but Paris….

  16. Chia Cha

    I am sorry but UBI cannot work unless amount of UBI is not every mount counted with proclaimed basic set of needed monthly goods. If UBI would start as fixed amount then rich would just rise price of their products they do not need, but they own, until even larger point then before UBI. Wealth of society which controls trade routes, is not connected with wealth of society but with willing to working class to violently rebel and kill rich. Threrefore if UBI would start( as fixed nominally), rich would be able to take even more from working class, because rich would have propaganda on their side, therefore working class would be more prone to be pillaged even more with rise of prices needed for basic needs. This cannot work in capitalist society. What is going to happen is that rich will earn much more money and poorer are going to be much much poorer in absolute terms. Price of Rolls Royce would fall down, because demand would rise of Rolls Royce because more them are going to be sold, so price per unite will be more affordable. That is only goal of this. On other hand is not bad that people would learn that money rich have is their, not of rich, and not of government, therefore level of stupidity among western people would decline. Therefore just for educational reasons as most important one, I am FOR UBI.

    1. Jason

      UBI is another money laundering tactic to wash money through a swathe of people not related to production, but for the purpose of subsidizing the banks and corporations by subsidizing the consumers. Combined with social credit scores this exacerbates all that is wrong in current system. If UBI is such great idea, why not apply it to debt forgiveness? The answer is simple. Increase debt at all cost, and keep lucifer corporations in the black with more profit, more waste, more welfare. Free stuff for everyone. This is banker scheme that haters of western civilization gravitate towards. Another hook with a tasty worm on it to control your vote, debt, mind, soul. UBI is garbage. Why not write off the debts when that is the excuse to inflate prices through UBI/welfare? Why do you hate America?

      1. Chia Cha

        Money is also social score, but one where drug dealers and money changers have more of it then me. Therefore I am for chinese social score. I hate to work stupid jobs, amoral and criminal jobs is also not for me, and because I do not have capital to start smarter jobs, social score would be something I would welcome. Beside it is better to hunt other people for not being PC on street and in public and spy for government on them, and then get free flat from government, then work for some capitalist while you must follow his own PC rules he invented for his own stinky company amd never get free flat. Free market capitalism is slavery where PC rules depends on capitalist. I USSR I would already live in my free flat and would have car with fully filled tank.

  17. Jason

    POTUS is focused on energy. Will America lead the world in energy? More energy, cleaner energy, cleaner water, cleaner air, heirloom food, create our own “currency”, space shield over America with a great big beautiful wall equals garden of eden. Detox. Appreciation. A new beginning. Invitation, not coercion. When we forgive others, let’s remember that the greatest cross to bear is to fail in forgiving ones self. If you can forgive yourself, you can then repent and apply what you have learned. My advice to the bad guys, feel free to stop anytime you want. Why not today?

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalism was operating in way that new inventive product (Marx said that capitalists are destined to revolutionaze means of production, always) will cost more, as way of collecting capital. Today there is not need to revolutioniaze anything, you just rise price, and not allow competition to get funds from FED. You work less and you get more. No one can earn so much money how much money banks connected with FED can give. Banks must be automated and give new money everyone equaly if new capital in from of money is to be issued. This is not working any more. Of course Trump will never do that because I am not his advisor. Therefore USA will go down for ever.

      1. Chia Cha

        Finaly some good news. But is not enoguh. For instance I would get rich If I would write book: IT IS US OR THEM – Why killing of your old parents in capitalism from moral aspect is not wrong (for Christians). Those unable to imagine end of captialist state must die as genetic code. Hypnotized genes are lost for this world. Only God can help those. Simply there are not enoguh economic resources (in captialism) to wake them. All resources are taken. Problem is that capitalism is not stupid, all those venture companies exist only because capitalists dies also, so for capitalism to be ideologically existant (intergenerational), capitalists must produce new capitalists every generation. Capitalism is impossible without inequality (capital accumulation) – it must be produced under any price. That was only reason of bail out in 2008. Republicans live in fantasy world by thinking that you can artificially produce more petty rich people. You cannot, someone must work, system falls down.

        1. Jason

          A very wise man once explained the technique of paradoxical agitation propaganda.

          1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

            Jason, Are you referring to Mao or Lenin or Stalin? “Wise man”?

          2. Jason

            Dr. Steve did a great interview with Steve Quayle a ways back. It’s an important interview. Steve Quayle said it was part of the “?” files. Dr. Steve I believe made mention of life being a “continuum” at least once. Is hindsight 2020? Check out the video with a well prepared cup of coffee and a few hours to listen comfortably. God bless you.

          3. Jason

            In your question you perhaps assumed that it would be unwise to judge those three commies as unwise, but even there, I beg to differ. A warrior learns nothing useful without worthy adversaries. The trio of commies were very wise as they executed agendas of tyranny rather successfully using stratified social constructs of identity politics enforced by fear and death. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Their technique is clearly our technique, or at least until Trump got elected. The mind games have only gotten better. Adversaries expose your weakness. That is what they are there for. I don’t like it either, but it’s no different than our ancestors getting eaten by lions, tigers, bears and gators. “Improvise, adapt, overcome.” Gunny Highway

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