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121 thoughts on “There are a Few of Us DontBelieveIt!

  1. Larry Clifton

    Fog of war? It sure looks ‘real’. It’s the’why & how’ that scream odd to me. It will be a while before all the BS is filtered out. imho

    1. Petra

      Who owns the Mandalay Bay… MGM… Soros shorted the Mandalay bay a few days ago…

      1. Furtive

        Jim murren is ceo. Dingy harry reid gave his wife an appointment.
        It us a publisher traded co.

        Murren has caused himself great problems.
        He is afraid trump will ruin gambling in macau china.
        Wynn isnt worred.

    2. Steve you can not praise that kike Eisenhower. He was incompetent and he put 2 million German soldiers in an open field nd killed 1.7 million and then put blacks into our public schools. He was a worthless heb and probablyhad Patton killed.


    Las Vegas was a classic cia/mossad/mi6/OPERATION AMERICAN GLADIO. There is no way in hell that Paddock did this, he was killed and framed, a patsy.

    This was a DEEP STATE JOB.

      1. Furtive

        Sic: NOT MOSSAD

        1. DESERT FOX

          Thanks for the link, I agree with their thoughts. In regards to the mossad, I believe the mossad controls the cia and mi 6 and I believe our government is controlled by Zionists, and I believe this was Zionist operation.

          Hell the Zionists own Las Vegas.


      Pieczenik and Steele are right, this was a total fake deal , no one died , crisis actors, and the Zionist msm and Zionist government control all in action on a classic false flag.

  3. Doug

    Bump fire an AR15 at the distance he was shooting and see how accurate you are. Not buying he hit that many people. Maybe some people got shot but not in the numbers they are claiming. Looks to be a false flag.

    1. Furtive

      Multiple shooters….



    1. Chia Cha

      F O import. It is hard for few actors to get on floor and start panic in crowd? You hispanics are really of low inteligent culture. Hitler was right in sense of culture 100%. You and Chinese are only consumer of Hollywood movies right now. What is real here?

  5. Carol

    CIA/ Steele! Also! Says/There were NO Deaths/IF/that IS/True may G-d! Help us/ That/IS/What Two/Former CIA/ have/Said/This IS/an incredable! False Flag! and We Need to Wake-Up! America! PLZ before all our Kids! are Killed.

  6. Rosman Patterson

    When it comes to false flags, what is the psychology behind the decision to actually kill people vs. pretending to kill people? It seems to me that the persons organizing false flag events are not bound by the morality of good conscious. If that is true, and they are sociopaths, why would they not kill people in false flags as they did on 9/11?

    Clearly I do not know with eyes on & hands on observation what happened in Vegas. I do know that the combinations of global power are unlocked only by the cerebral locksmiths who first can pick the combinations of linear deception.

    1. Iggy

      Exactly… Why the Hades would someone wanting to generate what they see as the benefits of such an event not just bleeping do it for real…?

  7. dltravers

    Very few killed in Vegas? Nobody was shot, really? Nice psyop. Trying to discredit the questioners. It will not work. Nobody is that stupid.

    It appears with the VERY UNUSUAL release of the suicide picture that someone on the inside has sent a message that “we have the evidence, you cannot cover this one up”. The vacillation of the Las Vegas sheriff the next day makes me believe this may be true.

    Something stinks here, no doubt. The lid may be blown off this one in time. He may have been setting up samples for an arms deal and the terrorists buyers took over, shot for 10 minutes then exited. Others appear to have been set up in another area from the sound.

    The terrorist ANTIFA ISIS angle is a good one as well. We have to remember the sixties when various groups like the Weather Underground took training in Cuba to conduct terrorism here. They entered as agricultural workers. The sonic attacks to drive out the US mission ties into that theory. Drive the embassy out to make the work happen under the radar.

    IF this is the case then every law enforcement agency in the US is in grave danger going forward. It takes time to build a Marxist terrorist army. They do have an army of snowflakes to weed thru to find good candidates.

    The truth is always buried in the details and rarely emerges.

    1. Embrey

      Exactly. I also thought the leak of the picture was a threat to the narrative builders. Notice the police were very concerned about the leak. What is so dangerous for the public to see?
      I thought it was so strange I began to entertain thoughts of what could be so damning to TPTB that they openly break character.
      Any thoughts?

  8. Petra

    Look Hollywood knows how to create ANYTHING… Even Hologramed people… There is NO way that the dark side of the government will just go away.. They will destroy the whole humanity and their hearts as they go down the toilet. I saw deep state operatives in this election working in the Trump campaign. It was breathtaking how quickly he was co-opted. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL…. Even his daughter’s lust for power could become stronger to overcome her own father. Trump is not stupid… but, he can be unwise. Thank GOD that the movement behind him is more powerful than him now… Now lets get Paul Ryan out of office. This needs a nationwide effort.

  9. Jaxon P

    What a moron! My close buddy, who is anTrump
    Supporter, was working this even and was shot through both lungs. He lost 2/3 his right lung and nicked his vertebrae. He’s still in the hospital. And this mentally defective idiot wants to say no one was shot. A more likely conspiracy is that this guy is a raging leftist plant trying to make anyone who questions these events, and why they happened or why we aren’t getting the full truth, seem like a bunch of crazies so we are invalidated. Don’t listen to a word this pathetic old man has to say. I have seen with my own eyes the carnage of this event.

    1. Chia Cha

      You have some photo?

    2. Petra

      Hey buddy,,, it actually is a good thing if no one got killed…

  10. Iggy

    I don’t understand how someone with the background/education of a Dr. Pieczenik can lay out such a gigantic claim — like the whole thing was staged and not a single person died — then offer no concrete evidence to justify it. Irresponsible in the highest…

    1. Miss Bee

      There is no blood anywhere on that field that I could see. If 58 people were shot, that place would be filled with blood. Dr. P is right.

      1. Iggy

        That’s supposition – not evidence – and the collection of real evidence would be a minor thing to someone like Dr. Pieczenik…

        1. Chia Cha

          I guess you were alive in time when lobotomy was legal.

          1. stasia

            so fresh but funny

  11. Iggy

    2nd attempt at a comment – the other didn’t make it through the filter.

    If Dr. Pieczenik know this is a faked event, then he should feel honor-bound to really expose it, because it should be easy to do.

    Dr. Pieczenik, you know there is a man named George Webb out there. For almost a year, he has been doing more than just stating a claim online at a few well-known sites. He’s been out there day after day, every day, pounding the pavement, racking up frequent flyer miles, and burning a lot of gas ——— to layout what he says is proof of conspiracies he says he’s exposing…

    I get the feeling you have both the time and money available to blow this Vegas staged event conspiracy wide open. In fact, at some point, not doing so becomes a rather nasty smear on your good name…

    How many untold numbers of people must have been on hand at this event to have eye-witness testimony to give?

    How much would it cost in time and money to land in Vegas and spend some days interviewing dozens and dozens of EMT employees, nurses, doctors, orderlies, any simple receptionists at hospitals, morgues, funeral homes, the casino, employees of adjacent businesses, regular customers of the casino and those businesses, guests of the hotels, claimed victims, the family and neighbors of claimed victims and on and on and on…?

    There is no way any conspiracy of an event this size could hold up under questioning in today’s information age…

    In fact, anyone making such a gigantic claim as — nobody died; these were crisis actors — who only relies on googled footage and suppositions on what we are not seeing —- who also has the luxury of being able to do some leg work to prove the gigantic claim —– become contemptible on this issue…

    1. Embrey

      It looks to me like somebody has lost control of the narrative and its operatives are being deployed to muddy the waters.
      PS Getting your message out on David Knight’s show doesn’t count. I like David Knight. But, if you want full buy-in, go on InfoWars and let Alex cross examine your allegations. If they stand up to the scrutiny then people MIGHT pay attention.

      1. Iggy

        Something very curious happened a couple of weeks ago on IW: Dr. Pieczenik went off on Mr. Jones like I’ve not seen before. Dr. Pieczenik has always been very deft at taking the conversation where he wanted it to go while stroking Mr. Jones’ ego at the same time, but that day, he spent a fair amount of time slapping him around.

        Why? — Was he overwhelmed by the aftermath of the hurricane? Was he angry Mr. Jones was attacking the former military men currently surrounding Pres. Trump whom Dr. Pieczenik has supported? Mr. Jones had just gone into a big rant with the claim Pres. Trump was being drugged by those very former military men to control him and lay the groundwork to remove him from office if they can’t control him.

        I didn’t know what to make of it…

        Dr. Pieczenik went as he has before to Kennedy and Nixon saying basically they were taken out in order to protect the Republic…..which would tend to lean to the idea Pres. Trump might be a danger to the Republic and steps might need to be taken….???…

        It’s one thing to slap an Alex Jones around because you’re disgusted by the level of conspiracy he just claimed is happening — and to people you’ve championed on his and other shows —- it is something different to then go on to bring up examples in the past in which presidents were removed from office (assassination and impeachment) because each were damaging the nation……

        Highly curious….

        1. DESERT FOX

          JFK was taken out by the deep state because JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam which was the right thing to do and also JFK was going to dismember the CIA, which also was the right thing to do , and JFK was an enemy of the deep state.

          Nixon was framed by the deep state on WaterGate .

          1. Embrey

            And let me guess, Kennedy and Nixon were both Zionists.

          2. Struth

            JFK sealed his fate with Executive Order 11110

        2. Embrey

          He was acting like he was sending a message but I think he somehow is invested in the military/intelligence class rule rather than being invested in President Trump. Just my opinion. I think Dr. P. plays the enemy of my enemy is my friend with Trump and his agenda when it suits the military/intelligence cabal in the government.
          Where Dr. P’s logic failed was when he began analogizing the present (Trump) to Kennedy, Nixon, etc. As if Trump is a danger to Dr. Steve’s Republic. But Steve forgot that Trump is simply a figurehead/strongman that represents a movement. We are the majority. We are legion. Therefore, we represent the Republic, not the generals and intelligence operatives who think they are our gatekeepers. Again, just my opinion.

          1. Iggy

            Yeah, they way he brought up Kennedy and Nixon pointed to Trump being a president who needed to be managed and/or taken out, and in the past, when he’s brought up Kennedy and Nixon in the same way, I got uncomfortable, because it can begin to sound like military/intelligence cabals need to act as saviors of the republic when a “dangerous” president can’t be removed by legal means within the Constitution.

            But Dr. Pieczenik has also said repeatedly over the years that the CIA and intelligence community has been out of control for decades….

            So, I’m not quiet sure how to mesh those two strains of thought together.

    2. Chia Cha

      Oh cmon, and Hollywood actresses and wrestling mania divas visting bases in Iraq, what is that? You watch too much of WWF and cowboy movies obviously. Altough you are thinking good. This is false flag event for 1%. And status quo. Just look how system is breaking apart. You think owner of Ryan Air is able to keep his pilots, and pilots are talking on facebook… You think system can stand without this?

    3. Iggy

      David Hagmman of the Hagmman and Hagmman report went to Vegas and did a lot of legwork and even more on his first day back did not rush out claims. He dropped hints and said he’s still gathering confirmation on some items before openly reporting…

      If this were a staged event with no deaths, Dr. Pieczenik has it within his power to expose it convincingly with direct testimony and real fathered evidence….. The job is waiting to be done….

      1. Chia Cha

        Why Dr. P have to do that?? What stupid proposition… Because CNN said this was real?? System does not need to provide any evidence while Dr. P. must. You sound like american idiot. American idiot = average citizen of USSR.

        1. Embrey

          Young Chia, let me explain. There have been numerous false flags that have been brought to light. Therefore, it is conceivable that the public in the US has regained its skepticism.
          The terror attack in Las Vegas represents a coming together of fringe groups that are allying to bring down American liberty. Antigua, ISIS, Far-left Democrats and even some groups that you wouldn’t believe. Why wouldn’t you believe it? Because you thought they were on your team.
          The claim of false flag is an attempt to cover up the members of this alliance.
          This is how I see it.

          1. Chia Cha

            This is just little bit upgraded, now to suite both sides. In way how you described. But you do not you get it. Left will say this was done by white therefore while male racist, therefore right wing racist. This is operation of system 100%. This is typical system operation.

          2. Chia Cha

            This is two headed monster. You are just getting closer to other head. Plus, they are not on my team, I left that team. They are insane. They are anti-theists and anti-nationalist.

          3. Embrey

            They are no longer in control here. We are oblivious to being called racist because we know a secret – everybody is racist.

          4. Embrey

            And I agree they are anti-theist and anti-nationalist. They are satanist globalists attempting to consolidate one world rule.

  12. Furtive

    Are you ok Dr. Pieczenik?
    You are making predetermined erroneous decisions.
    Put on your psychoanalyst hearing aids.

    Steele is a psychopath, a thief & a conman. He’s desperate.

    Even Alex Jones is on to him!

    STAY AWAY!!!
    He has an attorney filing a lawsuit on his behalf who was disbarred for fraud.
    Listen CAREFULLY & follow the document links.

    1. Chia Cha

      You mean Steele is outside of seen economy. Respected Mr. Steele is telling that capitalist 1% elite are SATANIC HOMO PEDOPHILLES. And that is truth, and only truth. If all what you have said is needed to tell truth then I am also all that. In that case that is good.

    2. Chia Cha

      People able to so masterfully lie like Mr. Steele cannot be desperate. If that is case then we are really in deep s@it. If economy is in such shape, then we all better start buying some buckets of yellow paint while they are cheap.

    3. Iggy

      I don’t trust Steele based on some tid bits I’ve seen over the past year.

      1. Chia Cha

        Ye ye, he have half million video about satanic pedophiles therefore you have some tid bits on him. You are american granny. You are not american idiot. American idiot = average citizen of USSR, which makes you senior average citizen of USSR. If I were elite I would be scared how enslaved slaves are in their minds. You really scare me. You are evil.

        1. Embrey

          If you don’t trust Steele you are evil?
          No, that makes zero sense.

          1. Chia Cha

            I do not trust Steele also. Heck he said that he was assigned by CIA to go out among people and lie. But what Steele is doing right now is so important that to talk against him is at least act of stupidity.

          2. Embrey

            Explain this: ‘what Steele is doing right now is so important that to talk against him is at least an act of stupidity’.
            How is it stupid?
            Why is it stupid?

          3. Chia Cha

            It is stupid because Steele is doing good job influencing those who were so far influenced by those others.

          4. Embrey

            No offense Chia but your comment doesn’t explain why challenging Steele would be an act of stupidity.
            In fact, to challenge him and expose his story as false takes away his power.
            I suppose you are warning people that to speak against him is to speak against an extension of the CIA.

          5. Chia Cha

            Well yea. Any CIA extension talking against pedophilles is good extension.

    4. Marcus

      Wacky Robert David Steele lost everyone when he claimed NASA kidnapped children and sent them to Mars and created a slave colony.

      1. Chia Cha

        He got me there, that is lie which cures, what is alternative, belivining in to lies of system, that you can make it in business by beliving that s@it propaganda. You can make it in business ONLY AND ONLY if you DO NOT believe that capitalist propaganda that you will make it. If you believe it, you think you deserve it. If you think you deserve it you will not make ti. Therefore only by listening to respected CIA officer Steele you can make it in business.

      2. Chia Cha

        You are slave. And you will never make it in business. You are looking for truth served by others. And you think you desrve it. Only slaves think they deserve it from others.

  13. Chia Cha

    Without restoring cultural national apartheid this will not stand, sorry global capitalists. You are out. Any nation have right to decide who and what is basis to be part of group. Even racial one if that is what majority wants. Groups based on money (1%) cannot stand because such are against tradition. 1% worldwide against all of us is communist utopia.

    1. Chia Cha

      Money does not matter. Sorry cultural studies marxist. Culture is not for sale even your globalists are dreaming that. USA have business culture, as extension and that is passing in whole world. But that is not culture of money. Culture of moeny does not exist. Basing culture on something printed by vertical polit-bureau, or horizonatal oligarchical class is dream of such. But it does not work. That is totalitarianism. Bowing to dollar is totaly unamerican and unconstitutional. It is idiocy. Bowing to human creation… Ultimate act of stupidity.

      1. Embrey

        I say it is more simple than that. We have a generation of robber barons who, until recently, were never exposed for their psychopathy. They are getting old and they see their lives will soon end despite their advantages. Apparently they fear they may not be as important in heaven or hell as they appear here. Hence, the deals with the devil. They would sell their children for life/consciousness extension. Morons

  14. anda

    Trump sent a message through his tweet – he put the word miracle in quotation marks – why? He said it was a “miracle” how quickly the police responded – his way of saying false flag.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump with one tweet more, without quotation, can drain swamp for ever domestically. Internationally swamp will be drained only by demanding restoration of apartheid in South Africa, so that black people can finally get some job and housing there like they had before. Question is, has Aldenson killed those people to earn money or he just pretended he killed those people to earn money.

  15. anda

    I noted that the brother of the shooter said – it doesn’t take a village – odd thing to say. I believe it is a message to Hillarys’ lot to protect him.

  16. Chia Cha

    David Knight is against poor kids having medical healthcare because that is against Jesus. I think that is more because David is too much part of CIA – military/petrodollar system. Old brain. He is Christian adopting chinese kids and saving them from communism. I guess David is afriad his kids could be poor like some other kids and he does not want that little too much. Therefore let s play secure. That is why he does not believe Dr. P. Imagine, David Knight is thinking. 😀 Nevel liked that small city axe dwarf.

    1. Chia Cha

      Ann Coulter VS small salaries capitalist mexican advocate. Why those mexicans sounds like they are retarded and with lollipop in mouth especially those who are legal. I guess all economic intentives demands them to sound not like english speaking people so you destroy workers solidarity and salaries of working majority.

      1. Chia Cha

        Here we have it, rich vs americans, who will win? Rich people right now are leading. There are only two ways how to do economy, by planing or by planing. Plan of rich is import what ever they lower price of (arab spring, ISIS, subordinate capitalist elite in south america…) while plan of working class is to invest in to own (from point of use free) schools, kindergardens, old peoples homes, hospitals. streets, housiung). Rignt now rich are way too sucessuful.

        1. Embrey

          I agree it is rich versus Americans. I disagree that we are losing. We are the world’s last hope before total lockdown.

          1. Chia Cha

            They are leading with this terror attack they faked. Even you are believing this happened.

          2. Embrey

            They are trying to make a real event look like a false flag because if you investigate the event all roads lead to who needs to be stopped.
            The FBI did their best to muddy the water by releasing false statements but the sheriff would not comply 100%. Now the FBI is having to fight on more than one front.
            Mueller, who is actually running interference for the deep state with his endless ‘investigations’, is the actual head of the deep-state FBI. Comey was exposed. Lynch was exposed. Rice was exposed. Podesta was exposed. Hillary was exposed. All these expositions lead to the big enchilada.
            You don’t understand how close these deep state traitors are to being defeated.

          3. Chia Cha

            Well your now your theory stands. If this is internal conflict. I agree, one who holds narrative of this story, he rules USA. He is winner. I agree. Now they are looking who is ruler. And who rules with what…

  17. Tom

    Dr. Steve,

    I like many have questions as to the “real” story behind the LV shooting. However, before you claim no one was killed, shouldn’t you show proof. With 59 dead, 527 wounded/injured (I’m assuming these were faked also), it would take over 1,000 people to be in on it. Police, witnesses, family, hospital employees etc. etc. etc. I have a hard time believing you could keep all those people quiet. What about the dead, we fake their burial and put them all in a witness protection program? If you truly believe it then explain in detail how something of this magnitude is pulled off. Because at this point, your statement is pure conspiracy leaning toward nutjob..

    1. Chia Cha

      Ok, where are photos of those 527 in hospitals treated among regular doctors and nurses? All what you need is control over hospitals. If you are going to fake it. Did you see any photo from some regular hospital among regular (everyday) doctors and nurses? This is fake as hell. They say 527, but what if number is 100 who “went” to hospitals? Where are families yelling and screaming on CNN? Cmon get real.

      1. Tom

        Well Chia, I’d like get real. Help me out.ok. The coordination for a cover up would be huge.

        Here is a list of the victims. Go check them out and report back.

        1. Linda

          3000 PEOPLE did not die on 911. Morphed images from real people were made. Fewer people on 10/2/17 to make images.

          I don’t believe anyone was shot and that anyone died. Just as 911 was.

          Read The Vicsim Report. Learn how the 911 perpetrators fake people for the 911 Grand Illusion.

          9 | 11 | 9: The Vicsim Report – September Clues

 | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

        2. Chia Cha

          Ha ha ha, they always go over edge. Those victim photo now look too random, and too chaotic. They know their narrative is always too robotic and controlled, now it is too random. Their propaganda sucks. I would do it much better. Just look down there writen sources for pictures and quality of photos. Everything too random again. They do not understand statistic, and visual mathematics, they sucks. Again, it works for majority. Ok so they evolved from one classroom of buddies of 25 to two classroom of 59 in 4 years. They got more funding.

        3. Chia Cha

          Yes it is big operation, but when something is profitable, then complexity is not important. Only money matters at them. Beside how much excess capacity hollywood have these day.

        4. Chia Cha

          We should look at trucks going from holloywood studios to las vegas these days. Of course ownership/investor of/in field where concert was and ownership/investor of/in studio should be same. Easiest to notice propaganda is that propaganda have flaw, flaw is that propaganda is combination of wishful and realistic. Because system is stingy, so they always wants both. Propaganda to be real must not use wishful part.

  18. Iggy

    This is one supposition that is 100% clear and real: Any man like Dr. Pieczenik – someone with money and time on his hands – could blow such a conspiracy wide open with a little footwork if it was a staged event with nobody or almost nobody killed and injured.

    Anyone with some time and money could pile up a convincing mountain of testimony.

    If they truly care deeply about the nation, know it was staged, and don’t gather such evidence, what does that say about them?

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh my God, you really believe stupid propaganda hollywood movies too much, about Erin Brokowich, etc. Individual cannot do anything. Individual can do everything only if he is able to influence. You do not understand how system works. System works by building consensus among ruling class. Dr. P. showed he is there for this idiocy to stop, because it is idiotic and stupid, so if those who want this idiocy to stop will now have to move their azz little bit and say ok. Then others will move their azz, others follow and that is how things get done. Individual does not exist. “Individual” to make something, that work have sense only if it is in relation to others. American propaganda about individualism does not have any sense.

    2. Chia Cha

      You also does not understand RULE. RULE is RULE, if RULE says this was real then it was real. RULE sets RULES. RULE is that RULE is allowing oppossitions to be heard also so RULE can hear some good idea for RULE have RULES which are going to RULE even more. Evidence??? You really believe in evidences, you are real american victim of american propaganda. That propaganda makes people more stupid and poorer.

  19. Thanks, very interesting.

    I don’t take the point many have expressed that it is definitely not one of these crisis actors types of false flag. It may or may not be but I don’t know anyone who died there personally, so I don’t have any emotional connection to the event, and I will not pretend one!

    1. Iggy

      My point is – and I think it is the same with the rest – if you stage such an event, there would be evidence of it everywhere and easy to collect.

      The only way to hold onto the “nobody died; it was crisis actors” idea would be to dismiss each and ever eye-witness report that comes out.

      And denying the validity of evidence is —– not —— the same as proving your own case.

      And that is my primary point: Someone making the claim nobody died who has the means to do so either needs to invest his resources to do the leg work to prove his case or face criticism…

  20. Chia Cha

    Here are all evidences, provided in link by Dr. P. Luckily USA is big country and people have automatic rifles so they stil can think, even propaganda is SO strong in USA. You do not have any liberties in USA, nor any individual rights, you have only legal protection to collect rents (which is bad) and guns (which is good). All good comes from guns. Automatic one.

  21. Chia Cha

    We have material evidences that many nations survived or remerged because they had their own culture (religion) protected under rape by others, meaning they were not international. For instance Poland, which survived under Orthodox occupation (Russia) supported and helped by Germany. Therefore Trump by this move is protecting America and making america more eternal even when half of USA become Mexico and americans minority. Gays are international therefore they are unable to protect any culture. They simply need less material resources as such. Good move by Trump. Culture is everything which goes unchanged from one generation to next one. We have culture of different apples, oranges also… Culture is defined by religion, religion is any answer to question who are we as collective in relationship to those who died before us, and to those who will left when we die. Religion defines customs, customs define culture, culture define laws. We can say that internationalism is only tool to pillage others. When it is counterproductive, you must stop it, and you must remove those who benfited from that. We have evidence that working class (they are those who are only carriers of culture) internationalism is always counterproductive. Conquest or colonization is only what works for workers.

  22. Chia Cha

    We have material evidences that many nations survived or remerged because they had their own culture (religion) protected under r@pe by others, meaning they were not international. For instance Poland, which survived under Orthodox occupation (Russia) supported and helped by Germany. Therefore Trump by this move is protecting America and making america more eternal even when half of USA become Mexico and americans minority. G@ys are international therefore they are unable to protect any culture. They simply need less material resources as such. Good move by Trump. Culture is everything which goes unchanged from one generation to next one. We have culture of different apples, oranges also… Culture is defined by religion, religion is any answer to question who are we as collective in relationship to those who died before us, and to those who will left when we die. Religion defines customs, customs define culture, culture define laws. We can say that internationalism is only tool to pillage others. When it is counterproductive, you must stop it, and you must remove those who benfited from that. We have evidence that working class (they are those who are only carriers of culture) internationalism is always counterproductive. Conquest or colonization is only what works for workers.

    1. Chia Cha

      The most important policy right now for workers of USA (concerning expansion) is policy of president Wilson, which is policy of peoples self-determination like in Catalonia. People of Africa also must be liberated and people there must demand their national self-determination by abolishing those manufactured colonial borders and by demanding back return of apartheid. Even word international does not exist, but it had to made out of word national. Communism can work only in time of big wars, or in space stations, meaning when life of ruling elite depends on necesity of all departments to get all needed material resources. You cannot on space station have capitalism, by saying, ah those in warp department will get less food today, because then they (those who decide – elite) will die also if they stop working. Therefore communism cannot work in nature, only in artifical surounding where all parts of system needs to function 100% for elite and their offspring to survive. Ants live in total communism.

    2. Linda

      Huffington Post is a fascist liberal publication. Don’t ever use Huffpost as a source.

      1. Chia Cha

        I adore to track successes of president Trump. But I agree, someone could think we support liberalism aka. fascism. I also think that liberalism is pure fascism, just covered one while lies while they are still functioning. But that is same system. Fascism is system where economy is using politics to violently sell you stuff elite produced. Only anti-fascist economies were fascist Italy, and nazi Germany. In those two systems economy had to listen politics. Problem was that politicians were controlled imbeciles.

  23. John K

    I saw patients being interviewed. There is no way they took 3 shots to the chest with a .223 round and are ready to leave the hospital. Look at the interviews of the patients and see for yourself.

    1. Chia Cha

      Do you have link? They showed their wounds and names? Or that was Tom Cruise?

    2. Chia Cha

      Tom Cruise is good, because he can be broadcasted on smaller television sets also.

    3. Chia Cha

      I would believe this only if Tom would say on TV he had been shoot. Probably those patients were all shoot in head so they had to put them bandage on faces. More bandages makes care better and recovery faster. In USA you have to pay medical bills when you get hit by terrorists? Or government is paying only for bullets of terrorists.

  24. Chia Cha

    This is great. Now I can start working in restaurant for rich people as national-soc. terrorist and put HIV infected blood in to their food. If people would just follow me, we would be stars, and everything always legal.

  25. John K

    Listen to the description of the wounds, notice no swelling. One women was shot in the stomach and the leg and made to the hospital herself. She looks terrific, she could be an actress. Even though I know she is not one.Women are tough. Maybe the .223 rounds and .308 rounds are not what they used to be.

    Also, only 89 shooting victims out of 500 still at the hospital, that is absolutely incredible. The doctors in Las Vegas are the best. God bless them and all the pain their patients have and will go through.

    1. Chia Cha

      You believe this story?? I never saw kid who lost mother so calm and happy, like he is just reunited with his dog saved from tree by fireman. So much smiles and happines. Seems everything just went fine. Yes it is true that your whole propaganda machinery have ban on empotions (excluding AJ), but I see now why. Because it is much easier to act and lie when you do not have to pretend emotions. US internal propaganda would never work in Europe. It is totally robotical and controled. Problem is that people believe it.

      1. Embrey

        Do dogs live in trees where you come from?

        1. Chia Cha

          Dog ending up on tree is more pathetic.

      2. Chia Cha

        Also kid loosing his mother? How? Why kid was not taken by police right away and united with mother and why mother did not call police right away and requested police to reunite them right away? This is super false.

        1. Chia Cha

          I this mother story they are promoting Disney cultural marxism where we all are big family… You know those kids who are not kids of donald duck are not his kids, but he is uncle for them. I mean that all is nice as goal (when sp@rm is not imortant, but it cannot stand, no foundations there) just how Dr. P said.

    2. Chia Cha

      Oh sorry, I apologize, you were joking… Yep you are right everything.

  26. Mwolco

    Dr. Steve, I 100% agree with you on the Vegas shooting. However, it is one week later so do you still believe no one died? Since RDSteele aired the above interview, he has changed his position to “some people did die” in Vegas. He is calling it a “Hybrid false flag”. I wanted to know if you agree with him now on that point. Thank you!

  27. Chia Cha

    I am more disapointed by what how low level of belivable propaganda is needed for people to belive this,then by infowars ISIS story. I am not disapointed much by infowars, but I am sad, before Alex would say this was fake. Now we lost that. I hope not for ever even building of wall is the most important thing.


      Jones is a mossad agent provocateur and a total fraud and a Zionist tool.

      1. Embrey

        Of course he is. Who is not a JOO in your world?

        1. DESERT FOX

          Your sarcasm is duly noted, however the Zionists have controlled America since 1913 with the passage of their privately owned FED and IRS to force the people to pay for their wars that they forced America into, do some research.

          1. Patriarch

            Are these guys zionists?
            U R Such a coward.

            “we can’t explain how we have come to this terrifying situation of rule by a murderous, militarized national security apparatus serving the wealthy elites by concentrating on either individuals or structures. People such as Barack Obama, the Bushes, Trump et al. don’t emerge from thin air (though in Obama’s case it seems that way, and some have speculated on his CIA links). These people grow out of a system that has cultivated and nurtured them. They become spokesmen for the secretive and powerful moneyed forces some call the Deep State, the shadow government, the power elite, etc. ”

            Timeline of “zog”


      2. Chia Cha

        Zionists should act as Zionists, not as financial enterprise. Zionists should have their own universities and schools, just how catholics have on anglo west. I agree that zionists are not doing good job. They keep too much money for them self and too high up. People cannot like that.

  28. Chia Cha

    Nothing new under sun. When elite are degenerate you must replace elite. Many societies were unable so do that, therefore they decided to destroy them self. I hope USA made different decision.

  29. AL Tru

    narrative needs to connect Paddock with Antifa/ISIS boogyman. google John Beilman FBI raided his home. phone charger/Lithium battery. remember story about lithium mineral deposits worth trillion dollars found in Afghanistan ? gun deal gone bad ? hooker interviews ? old tricks are the best tricks.

    1. Chia Cha

      The best comment.

  30. John K

    Every time I see a LV victim family interview it is bizarre. The last one involved a deceased LV Police officer’s brother from Michigan. You come to find out they never met before as he just found out they were brothers. I am completely done with the media. I think I will watch reruns of the Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Leave it to Beaver, Green Acres, Big Valley and Stage Coach.

    Good Luck Everyone.

    1. yes, I am watching ” The Commitments” for the 20th time on Netflix, a human can only take so much bullshit in a day. Thanks for the support, stay cool.

      1. AL Tru

        ” I’m black and I’m proud”

        1. Embrey

          Say it loud!

  31. Chia Cha

    Yep Trump did this, question is did he killed those people or not? Like I said, if we want to stay in capitalism we must kill all rich people, because change of system is impossible unless you kill carrier of system. And those are 1%. Problem is structural. To restart capitalism we must kill every member of 1% and their offspring and create new 1%. Or alternative is confication of property and communism. But first step is for military to go on streets and arrest Trump, and then there must be blood. THEY NEVER UNDERSTAND and THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY. 😀

    1. Chia Cha

      Everything is not yet lost because american are luckily not so stupid like Romans were, because majority of military units are not in outer empire but on american continent. Romans were stupid one who were holding army on limes because rich did not want to pay for army any more (and that is happening again, let s just look VA)… Military must go on streets and arrest Trump and those rich who supported him and then blood must be on street. Without blood until knees there cannot be change. This what is happening is unconstitutional. President cannot be supported by rich people, that is against constitution, he must be supported only by US budget.

    2. Chia Cha

      All debts are toward 1%. They are drag on economy and on us 99%. If we would kill them and those who knows for their debts (kids, good friends…) then we would be able all to get rid of debts. Roman Empire fell because of debts rich created. Let s not forget that only 1% are able to issue debt, they are producers of debts. I call for oligarchy to kill off 1% and produce new 1%. There really is no any need to be destroyed. I believe members of oligarchy are stil white, therefore it will be hard for them and their families to buy buckets of yellow paint in chinese currency if they decide to love more 1% then 99%. Of course oligarchy you never touch. There must be control.

  32. Joseph Chiara

    There is scant visual evidence that I have been able to find of 59 people killed and hundreds injured…. very little blood on the street, no photos of people being rushed to emergency rooms, no photos of triage of the wounded, no pocked marked streets and structures from hundreds of rounds of high powered, large caliber ammo. And the official story is changing and changing again. I see photos of the destruction from the fires CA, but I don’t see photos of what we are told is a massacre involving hundreds of dead and injured in Vegas.

    I thought Dr. P was nuts when he made his claims, but where is convincing proof that he is nuts, it should be readily available particularly with nearly everyone having cell phones. Where are the conversations, the voice messages left, and where are the tens of thousand of photos from this many cell phones?

  33. Lil Timmy

    Some of the things that I complained about lacking in the initial vids, I’ve seen ‘some of’ in one today that was still fake. Just interesting that someone is still trying to counter criticism by creating more fake vids. The one today FINALLY had someone yelling someones name and a body in it and it was higher def. Still clearly fake, but again, interesting that they tried to supply one with a body finally and someone yelling.

    I came to the conclusion it was fake the first time I saw any vids. I thought it was just a literal joke of a training event. Even the shooter pic is horribly inaccurate.

    I think its also important to be clear that this is not a false flag but just an outright hoax.

  34. jjames-osbourne

    The David KInght interview has been scrubbed by Youknowwhotube.

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