The Unbearable Being of the POTUS

The Unbearable Being of the POTUS
The Unbearable Being of Lies, Incompetency, and Treason!
From the beginning of Obama’s tenure, the factotum of John Brennan and his misbegotten dwarf “Catholic Choirboys” [CIA], we have had nothing but lies disseminating throughout our Republic. Seems as if reality were a concept ill-suited to the present times. Every utterance of success was accompanied by lies, distortions, and massive deceptions:



  • Osama Bin Laden, already dead, was presumably killed by SEAL/ Admiral MacRaven.
  • Sandy Hook, a complete farce of the greatest order.
  • San Bernardino— Muslim husband/wife who never existed.
  • Orlando- Muslim-CIA-trained father/son team attack gays.


By now, such false flags have replaced the narrative for a Republic consecrated in blood and guts.The 1776 Revolutionary War was a prelude to the bestiality of those who would kill at any expense against those who preferred the status quo with England.During our Revolutionary War, no niceties of warfare were spared on either side. Atrocities included heinous acts of torture, poisoning, and mutilations.
Today, we are confronted, once again, by an imperial rule which blathers at length; while, at the same time, eviscerating the last remnants of decency, honor, or civility in our fading Republic. Each of the past three POTUS were guilty of crimes of state! Yet, neither one of those POTUSs has paid the price of accountability; instead, they fade into memoirs that will never be read and should eventually be discarded.
There was a time when the asymmetry of egregious Presidential power was swiftly realigned with little concern and much alacrity. The assassination of JFK was such an incident. He was completely incapable of functioning on a personal/professional level, fueled by amphetamines, steroids and other daily injections which literally made him psychotic.
Similarly, when LBJ could no longer maintain the lies of the Vietnam War, he had to resign.When Nixon had centralized too much power in the WH, he was summarily dismissed
with the sudden appearance of the Watergate Crisis,concocted by the IC. Even the beloved Ronald Reagan could not avoid the contrived wrath of a John Hinckley, a distraught member of a wealthy family closely allied with the nefarious Bush gang of criminals.
So the cycle of tyrants continues to end in abrupt moments of history managed by some unpronounceable stealth or connivance.Obama [The Black Narcissus] has tempted fate far
too long with his pathetic ineptitude and miscreant deeds.
Even his own handler, the DCI, John Brennan, has disavowed his allegiance to POTUS in a recent testimony in front of the legislative toadies of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.The DNI, James Clapper, skirts around his discontent with the WH strategy to combat terrorism by professing that he is simply “the lowly coal-stoker of the engine of policy-making” [nonsense].
Obama’s real civilian handler the egregiously fatuous, Sec. State John Kerry has disavowed his own former senate-servant, Barack Obama, by recently turning against his own mentee, to declare that bombing Bashar Assad is the right way to end the Syrian Civil War. This turbulent history of a Republic steeped in violence and lies has come to a tipping point of discontent, and even,rage.
What are we to do with this novitiate who had neither talent, nor past accomplishments to properly deserve the time-honored tradition of the Presidency? Obama and his WH advisors have brought us to the brink of domestic and foreign violence that once had seemed so far away.
Now, whether real or not, the Orlando narrative has called into question the far bigger dilemma of who should remain in power and who should not.
The FBI has demonstrated its gross ineptitude far too many times.The CIA has performed according to script—slipping and sliding; both fighting and abetting world/domestic terrorism,all at the same time. As for POTUS, his absence is far more important to the viability of the Republic, than any other factor. It will be up to his handmaidens to decide how and when he must leave.
Leave, he must!
Propagating lies after lies, constitutes tyranny and crime.There are no more options left for a gay sociopath hiding behind the walls of the White House. Either the Republic erupts in spasms of violence… or POTUS leaves!
Obama,like most men,is a highly disposable entity. It is now up to those who brought him forth to do what they must.
The brilliant British Foreign Minister, Benjamin Disraeli said the following:
“Frank and explicit—this is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the minds of others.” 

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